Mood lights in Wesley’s Room

This is insane! Wesley now has mood lights in his room! Ho ho!

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Big Butt Bear introduces Pumpkin Pig

New guest today! Here is Pumpkin Pig, one of our favorite fall guests around here. Today we get the oppurtunity to interview Pumpkin Pig, ho ho!

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The Massive Boeing 757-232 Airplane at the small Westchester County Airport

Before the year 2017 had came to a close, we decided to go do some plane spotting at the Westchester County Regional Airport in the town of Harrison, New York. When you book flights to this airport the city the airport is refereed to as is White Plains since that is the closest city to this airport. This airport usually almost always flies regional jets in and out of this airport on a daily day to day basis. However we saw this massive charter jet on the airfield when we came here.

DELTA flew one of it’s private flights into this airport. The aircraft DELTA flew was this giant Boeing 757-232. This plane originated from Bedford, Massachusettes. Later on that day the plane returned to it’s home in Detroit, Michigan. This is something you don’t see everyday at this airport. This was an amazing catch of the day and made the visit worth coming in for. Ho ho!

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Gyro Platter

You know, greek food is amazing! If you want a good greek meal, a tremendous amounts of diners all of the United States provide you with that great grek food. This one is a gyro platter. This consists of Tzatziki sauce, gryo meat, chicken and french fries. Gyro meals are always served with potatoes so it is very common for gyro meals to be served with french fries and no it’s not just an American thing.

I had this meal at the 202 Diner in the town of Yorktown Heights, New York. This diner is located about five minutes west of the Taconic State Parkway which is the only major highway in this part of northern Westchester County.  I Recommend coming to this very good diner and having the gyro platter here at the 202 Diner in Yorktown Heights. Ho ho!

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The Weird Thyssenkrupp Elevator

So recently I rode this weird Thyssenkrupp elevator. I will describe it to you. This elevator was located at the Humanities building at SUNY Purchase College in Purhcase which is located in the town of Rye, New York. The call station on the first floor is what made this elevator weird. If you pressed the up button the direction the elevator would go is down. And then if you pushed the down button the direction the elevator would go is up. The elevator call station was wired backwards. I don’t understand why this elevator was set up like this. That is very confusing to not only myself but to all of the people who use that elevator everyday. Ho ho!

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Schindler HT Elevators

We stayed at a Hampton Inn hotel last year. This was the Hampton Inn in Royersford, Pennsylvania. We had a great stay here! But most importantly we checked out the elevators at this fine hotel. The elevators were Schindler HT. These elevators were probably installed around mid 2008 but I don’t know for sure. This hotel has a lower level where most of the amenities are located. Overall these elevators are good elevators and they serve the hotel well. Ho ho!

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The Boeing 737-823 Shuttle

So we did a trip report video from White Plains, New York to Raleigh, North Carolina. Since there is no direct flight to Raleigh from White Plains we had to make a connection. We flew on American Airlines for this trip. The first leg of the trip was in a Bombardier CRJ 900. We flew this aircraft from White Plains, New York to Charlotte, North Carolina. We change to a flight to Raleigh after arriving in Charlotte. Charlotte is located in western North Carolina while Raleigh was located in eastern North Carolina. Therefore the flight would be a short flight. However, this plane we flew from Charlotte to Raleigh was big! The plane was a Boeing 737-823. The reason why American flies big airplanes between Charlotte and Raleigh is because it’s a high demand route for American. That’s why American uses big planes such as the Boeing 737-823 for that route over a small Bombarder or Embraer regional jet plane. This was a very cool flight. Ho ho!

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86th Street Subway Station

This is the 86th Street Subway Station located on the Upper West Side of New York City. This station services the B and C trains. The B train operates Kawasaki R68A Trains while the C train operates two different kinds of trains such as the R32 and R160. This is one of a couple of 86th Street stations on the MTA New York City Subway. This station is just across the street from Central Park. This is a nice and convenient station right here in New York City.

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Elevator with Searsline Fixtures

So this is the elevator at Sears in the Jefferson Valley Mall. This elevator has Adams fixtures. However this exact fixture brand is seen in Sear’s elevators all over the country. So they are refereed to as “Searsline”. Wesley decided that would be a good fit for these fixtures because most Sears elevators look like this. This fixture is used everywhere in Sears stores.

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Croton-Harmon Station

Here I am at the Croton-Harmon station in Cortlandt, New York. As you can see I am on the sign! Croton-Harmon is a big deal station. Not only is this station for the Metro North Railroad Hudson Line, this station is also a hub for the Amtrak Empire Corridor. On Amtrak you can go to a lot of places such as Albany, Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo, Erie, Niagara Falls, Toronto in Canada, and even far away places such as Chicago, Illinois! This is a big deal station for Amtrak. Watching trains here never get’s old. There are just so many of them! Third rail also ends at this station so all of the northbound trains that continue north of this station are diesel. Unlike the Wassaic, Danbury and Waterbury branches of the New Haven and Harlem lines, Metro North operates diesel trains on the Hudson Line all day every day. Ho ho! That’s awesome!

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