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[#] Fri Aug 23 2002 16:20:42 EDT from nadia @ Uncensored

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metropolis has got to be a few orders or magnitude below that list, thankfully.

[#] Thu Aug 29 2002 01:39:33 EDT from necKro23 @ Uncensored

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I'm sure Metropolis isn't anything associated with the RIAA. Not that I particularly _like_ them as a label, but I do have a lot of their releases.

Mr.T (re, haha, a week ago): I'm well aware of the practice of major labels masquerading as indies. The labels I'm mainly concerned about are TVT/WaxTrax (like Metropolis, dislike them as a label, but some good releases) and Mute (lots of great releases).

Then again, a good many of my discs are imports. No worry there.

[#] Thu Aug 29 2002 07:33:40 EDT from fleeb @ Uncensored

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Heh heh heh...,10801,73830,00.html

Probably the most traffic the RIAA web site has ever had.

[#] Thu Aug 29 2002 17:47:23 EDT from Time Bandit @ Dog Pound BBS II

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"Where can I find information on giant monkeys?"

heh heh...

[#] Thu Aug 29 2002 21:50:43 EDT from flynn @ Uncensored

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This is good news...hope it continues.

[#] Thu Aug 29 2002 21:53:57 EDT from fleeb @ Uncensored

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Actually, it worries me a little.

Folks tend to respond to this sort of thing less with reason and more with larger guns.

[#] Sat Aug 31 2002 12:26:16 EDT from flynn @ Uncensored

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The RIAA already has the big guns out and all its arguments are with no reason. They need to have someone or something come down on their arrogant asses.

[#] Sat Aug 31 2002 12:38:45 EDT from fleeb @ Uncensored

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A military strike might be nice...

[#] Sun Sep 01 2002 13:56:59 EDT from flynn @ Uncensored

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I'd contribute for that. Or else to see them get sued. When does music enter the public domain?
I swear, if the RIAA had been around in the time of Beethoven, Mozart, and the like, then would still be copyrighted.

Disney is one of the worst of the "anti public domain" since their first Mickey cartoon, "Steamboat Willie" was released in 1928, and would have been public domain originally in, I believe 1978.
They suceeded in pushing copyright to 75 years, which means in 2003 "Steamboat Willie" should be public domain. Can anyone confirm this?

[#] Wed Sep 11 2002 10:15:18 EDT from Malachi @ Uncensored

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I believe there's some additional loophole to that whole deal, where they can re-release in one for or another (possibly even just excerpts) and renew copyright. Steamboat Willie will NEVER be public domain, same with all Disney intellectual property, even the stuff that isn;t Disney's (Gargoyles, Sixth Sense, Lion King, etc.)

[#] Wed Sep 11 2002 15:32:42 EDT from ParanoidDelusions @ Uncensored

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I don't think so. Copyright law was designed to insure that there is an incentive for creators to create. The concept is that works of creation are public domain, they exist for the common good of society at large, to enrich and expand the experiences and expressions available to that society. But unless you reward the artists, the creators, then there just isn't much reason to create.

Of course, who knows how it got butchered over the years.

[#] Wed Sep 11 2002 15:57:21 EDT from necKro23 @ Uncensored

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Public domain law seems mainly geared towards not letting copyrights fester for decades and works possibly not ever seeing the light of day again.

[#] Wed Sep 11 2002 17:04:19 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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I suppose your outlook on the situation depends on whether you consider PD or Copyrighted to be the "natural state" of a work. I thought the whole point of copyright (and patents, for that matter) was to give the creator a temporary monopoly on his/her creation in order to profit from it, and thereby giving an incentive to create.

[#] Wed Sep 11 2002 19:55:51 EDT from setho @ Uncensored

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While this is on MSNBC's website, it's something I came across earlier this year and really liked regarding the Founding Father's view of copyrights....

[#] Wed Sep 11 2002 21:39:44 EDT from fleeb @ Uncensored

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Jefferson had foresight.

[#] Wed Sep 11 2002 22:10:26 EDT from Bionic Slasher @ Uncensored

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Sure, when you selectively quote him.

Remember, he also thought that we should remain an agrarian nation. Forever. And we'd all go to hell if we didn't.

Oh, wait, nevermind. Let's try that again...

He was against a central bank. That was dumb.

[#] Wed Sep 11 2002 22:28:39 EDT from setho @ Uncensored

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Jefferson's opposition to a central bank was brilliant. You don't want a private organization controlling the finances of your country.

The Federal Reserve is a private bank, who loans money to the government.

The Rothschilds and the Bilderbergs CONTROLLED Europe completely.

[#] Wed Sep 11 2002 22:53:38 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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Wow. A shockingly relevant piece. Well-written, too. I don't particularly agree with its implication that the Clinton Administration is the party primarily responsible for the DMCA, but it really does cover all of the problems with it.

[#] Wed Sep 11 2002 23:33:11 EDT from ParanoidDelusions @ Uncensored

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Right, Ig. A limited monopoly to profit from creative works that will ulitmately benefit all of society.

[#] Thu Sep 12 2002 06:01:08 EDT from fleeb @ Uncensored

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Oddly, I'm with setho about centralized banking... very bad idea. Works against principles of chaos (and remember kids, a chaotic system is a stable system). When the bank falls, your economy crumbles all at once. Decentralized banking offers hope for recovery, and promotes less chance for rampant corruption.

Jefferson had his problems, but he had plenty of foresight about our country's future.

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