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[#] Tue Jul 08 2003 22:31:00 EDT from Freakdog

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Is it?

[#] Tue Jul 08 2003 23:29:08 EDT from terrorist

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Yes. Thought they'd gone out of business:

[#] Wed Jul 09 2003 08:05:18 EDT from Freakdog

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Oh, wow...never knew that.

[#] Wed Jul 09 2003 13:38:06 EDT from Freakdog

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Welcome, festus.

[#] Wed Jul 09 2003 16:30:25 EDT from IU King

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Jul 21 2002 3:31am from Freakdog Read Reply

Welcome, IU King

I guess this means "I'm back"

[#] Wed Jul 09 2003 16:51:46 EDT from Freakdog

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I would say so, yes...and you even made it in just under a year.

[#] Wed Jul 09 2003 18:14:02 EDT from IU King

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I knew it was sometime around this point last year, but I guess I was too anxious. Let's see if I post tomorrow or if it will be another year.

[#] Wed Jul 09 2003 22:04:49 EDT from Freakdog

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Heh...we shall see, indeed.

[#] Thu Jul 10 2003 08:16:00 EDT from IU King

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What can I say... I'm a glutton for punishment.

[#] Thu Jul 10 2003 08:30:51 EDT from Freakdog

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You too?

Wait until you're married.

[#] Thu Jul 10 2003 18:57:23 EDT from terrorist

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If your marriage is punishment then I suggest you divorce. Never understood the joking which denigrates our life-partners. Mine has seldom been less than delightful after 34 years next week. I'd do it again in a heartbeat and I'll never do it again with anyone else, I'm spoiled by my wife and love every minute of it.

[#] Thu Jul 10 2003 22:24:12 EDT from roue

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does she know you're a terrorist?

[#] Thu Jul 10 2003 23:18:10 EDT from Freakdog

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I can't say that I'm spoiled by my wife. I can say that I'm lucky to have her. That doesn't mean, for a second, that we haven't had our differences or problems. We're coming up on 10 years in November, but it hasn't been all roses. But, I've not seen a marriage that has been. The difference is in how you react to those tough times.

I don't make any jokes, however, behind my wife's back that I don't say in front of her, and vice versa. The humor is part of our marriage, and it's one of the things that makes our relationship work. My in-laws, on the other hand, don't have a working marriage. There's no humor in their relationship...hell, there's no relationship in their relationship. The problem is that they're too stuck in their ways to even try to compromise, at this point.

[#] Fri Jul 11 2003 10:27:35 EDT from terrorist

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Yeah, I've seen that and it's pitiful with both unhappy for years or life.
Yet another thing that belief in a god encourages, "the next go-around will be better, tough this out."

You're absolutely right, marriage _is_ a bed of roses thorns and all. There will inevitably be problems but there's a fine line between dumping your mate and living in distress. On one hand I see a lot of people who demand immediate gratification and divorce at the first conflict which is apparently the opposite of your in-laws. But there is a path inbetween that is intensely rewarding if followed.

It just gets in my craw when I hear spouses chopping at each other verbally.

[#] Fri Jul 11 2003 11:26:05 EDT from Freakdog

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Oh, then you don't want to be around them. They don't get nasty with each other that often...but when they do, it's worse than when my wife and I argue (and we've had some doozies, believe me). The pisser is that the last one, for which I was around, was in front of my 4 year old son. I'm still waiting to have a little discussion with them about that incident.

[#] Fri Jul 11 2003 14:21:31 EDT from terrorist

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Kids should not watch such a circus, they might think it normal. Besides, it's just embarassing to watch people air thier dirty linen in public.

I have some 3rd cousins of Irish extract who literally scream at their mates.
Not one of the litter of 8 has had a successful marriage yet they insist upon blaming their ex's one and all refusing to realize their problems are of their own making.

Disagreement is fine, just do it in private and never go to be angry.

[#] Fri Jul 11 2003 17:28:41 EDT from Freakdog

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[#] Sat Jul 12 2003 13:34:22 EDT from terrorist

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er, "Never go do _bed_ angry." Using sex, or withholding sex, as a weapon is intolerable among people of good will, don't fall into that trap.

[#] Sat Jul 12 2003 15:10:28 EDT from Freakdog

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Oh, no...we both enjoy it too much to attempt to withold it from each other. <g.

[#] Sun Jul 13 2003 01:31:45 EDT from terrorist

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Sorry, didn't mean to imply that you(plural) do, was just general advice.

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