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[#] Wed Apr 18 2007 15:51:49 EDT from Pandoras Box @ Haven BBS

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All this and oddly enough I see really nice, jigh property value, expensive places popping up all over coastal areas. I mean... I wouldn't build my house on the edge of a volcano either.

[#] Thu Apr 19 2007 00:22:14 EDT from harry @ Haven BBS

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A noteworthy day here in Seattle - No measureable precip fell today here at our place. Supposed to be like that tomorrow and the next day too.

I like the 50+ degrees weather that goes with it. I love days like this. :-)

But my apologies to anyone who is still either digging out of snow or flooding.

[#] Thu Apr 19 2007 08:36:46 EDT from Pandoras Box @ Haven BBS

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We will see sun, blue skies, and maybe even hit the 70 mark here in Michigan over the next 4 days. However, I fully expect that to be the entire summer... 4 days. Then we'll go back to snow. LOL

[#] Thu Apr 19 2007 15:25:01 EDT from Ian M. Shot @ Haven BBS

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IT should be nice this weekend.  I am not sure what it is like today, I haven't been outside or near a window all day. 

[#] Thu Apr 19 2007 19:18:49 EDT from wizard of aahz @ Haven BBS

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There was plenty of flooding in the northeast in the places that flood every time it drizzles, but there was also great amounts in inland places (20 miles south of Albany) where there really isn't a flood plain. Just all the riversw and creeks having a whole lot more water than they knew what to do with.

[#] Fri Apr 20 2007 07:58:32 EDT from Ian M. Shot @ Haven BBS

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Sunny and 70s this weekend.  High of mid 60s today.   Should be a really nice weekend.  I plan on mowing the lawn tonight after work. 

[#] Fri Apr 20 2007 14:30:14 EDT from harry @ Haven BBS

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Supposed to be even better today, here in Seattle, sunny and near 60, like 58 or 59.

I live for days like this. I must be in the wrong state for craving sun and blue skies like I do, but I doubt that I would feel at Home anywhere other than Puget Sound.

[#] Sat Apr 21 2007 18:44:34 EDT from Curly Surmudgeon @ Haven BBS

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Thursday was sweaty hot, Friday cool, today chilly. Weather changes rapidly here.

[#] Sun Apr 22 2007 20:14:30 EDT from harry @ Haven BBS

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Seattle is having a really nice day today, sunny and like zero precip. But sadly today I am plagued with PhotoPhobia.

And it is NOT accompanied by a concurrent migraine headache.


I looked it up and it suggests talking with an eye doctor.

I'll call my eye doctor tomorrow.

[#] Mon Apr 23 2007 08:58:46 EDT from Ian M. Shot @ Haven BBS

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Well it was nice out here in Indy all weekend.  However I was at the shop all weekend and inside most of the time. 


It is supposed to rain today and tomorrow.   

[#] Mon Apr 23 2007 13:54:29 EDT from Pandoras Box @ Haven BBS

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Michigan was great Saturday and Sunday... not too bad today. Cloudy and realyl windy... but not cold. Also, it's not raining yet. I hope it holds off until I get out of work.

[#] Tue Apr 24 2007 07:59:38 EDT from Ian M. Shot @ Haven BBS

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This mornings weather report is that the rain won't start till midnight, and will last to Friday.  Thunder and Lightning, oh so frightening. 

[#] Sat Apr 28 2007 12:18:51 EDT from harry @ Haven BBS

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A sunny and mostly dry weekend here in Seattle. 60+ degrres F both days, with just some occasional light sprinkles in the mornings. I love it.

[#] Sat Apr 28 2007 18:23:48 EDT from mightbme @ Haven BBS

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Just spent three days camping at Fort Massac Park, Metropolis IL. It conveniently rained only after I had gone to bed.

[#] Wed May 02 2007 07:57:42 EDT from Ian M. Shot @ Haven BBS

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It has been in the 80s this week.  It should rain Thursday though. 

[#] Wed May 02 2007 12:20:29 EDT from harry @ Haven BBS

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back to rain in Seattle. But the coming weekend looks like we might be sunny and warm again.

[#] Thu May 03 2007 22:32:31 EDT from Saranac @ Haven BBS

Subject: weather (to take it or leave it)

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  I wasted three days of my life to help a friend.  All that was accomplished were about 200 bruises and sore soles.  The dock got put in, the weather was wonderful (except when it rained - to clean the dock!!) and nothing went right after that happend.  Oh, wait.  that's right.  I was outside in the nice weather, in the water (no leeches, thanks for asking) {yes, even under >there<}, and I spent time with friends.  I should call that gooood.

[#] Fri May 04 2007 09:06:20 EDT from Pandoras Box @ Haven BBS

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The weather up here is going to be LOVELY this weekend. Saturday is work on the boat. Sunday is go fishing. *finally* some nice weather.

[#] Fri May 04 2007 09:30:12 EDT from Ian M. Shot @ Haven BBS

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Sunny and 75 on Sunday, rain today and Saturday.  I am working Saturday anyways, so it won't matter much to me. 

[#] Sat May 05 2007 04:16:55 EDT from harry @ Haven BBS

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Here in Seattle, we're supposed to have OK weather for Saturday, still a slight risk of some showers but also a likelyhood of blue skies part of the time.

And on Sunday, it's supposed to be sunny and 60+ or so.

I crave blue skies. :-) It's my favorite color. :-)

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