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[#] Sat Mar 10 2007 08:43:43 EST from Ian M. Shot @ Haven BBS

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It was mid 60s yesterday in Indy.  Today's high is mid 50s, and it might rain.  It looks damp outside, but not like it has rained.  If that makes sense.

[#] Sat Mar 10 2007 11:52:36 EST from harry @ Haven BBS

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It does.

Definitely rain in the forecast today and moreso tomorrow.

Blows a perfectly good weekend.

[#] Mon Mar 12 2007 07:25:59 EDT from Ian M. Shot @ Haven BBS

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It ended up being Mid 50s on Saturday, we did not get rain.  Sunday it was colder, in the 40s instead.  High today of mid 60s, and low 70s tomorrow. 

[#] Wed Mar 14 2007 03:52:47 EDT from harry @ Haven BBS

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Mild today in Seattle. CLear and sunny. Little drizzle, but not much. Nice "winter" day that was cold but clear.

[#] Wed Mar 14 2007 19:45:47 EDT from Ian M. Shot @ Haven BBS

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It was again up in the 70s today, but it rained for a few minutes this evening on my way home after work.  However it is supposed to rain tonight. 

[#] Thu Mar 15 2007 10:37:06 EDT from wizard of aahz @ Haven BBS

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I'm looking forward to potential snow in the next couple of days.. It was in the 60's yesterday.

[#] Thu Mar 15 2007 10:58:48 EDT from Ian M. Shot @ Haven BBS

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Earlier this week I guess it hit 80.  Today the high is supposed to be 40.  I did something dumb this morning.  I had heard it was supposed to be a high in the 50s (or so I thought I heard), so I had Sparky put on his spring jacket instead of the winter one.   On the way into work I hear the real weather report, and realize my mistake.  CRUD!

[#] Fri Mar 16 2007 10:30:46 EDT from wizard of aahz @ Haven BBS

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Snowing hard here. w00t!!!

[#] Sat Mar 17 2007 01:03:05 EDT from harry @ Haven BBS

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The high temp for today matched the record for Seattle - 66, sunny and clear, just a little bit of very high clouds and no rain, no precip at all. :-)

[#] Mon Mar 19 2007 10:21:03 EDT from Ian M. Shot @ Haven BBS

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Rain and storms today and into tomorrow.  High this week is supposed to be in the high 60s. 

[#] Sun Apr 01 2007 17:52:53 EDT from Uncle Dave @ Haven BBS

Subject: Kalamazoo

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Currently here in Kalamazoo Mi it's 62 degrees and spitting rain.  Should be warmer and clearer tommorrow.

[#] Sun Apr 01 2007 17:58:13 EDT from harry @ Haven BBS

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Here in Seattle, Washington, the Pacific North-Wet, is is NOT raining so far today and that is noteworthy. :-)

[#] Mon Apr 02 2007 09:44:45 EDT from Ian M. Shot @ Haven BBS

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High in the 60s today, but then the rest of the week is starts cooling off.  High of the 40s by end of the week. 

[#] Wed Apr 04 2007 04:37:18 EDT from harry @ Haven BBS

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We're wet right now but we're supposed to get a warming trend so at least it will be WARM rain.


[#] Wed Apr 04 2007 10:17:14 EDT from Ian M. Shot @ Haven BBS

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I was seeing snow flakes on the way into work today.  Not a lot, no accumulation, but it was snowing. 

[#] Thu Apr 05 2007 17:14:25 EDT from harry @ Haven BBS

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An EXTREMELY nice day today here in Seattle. Dry, (that's the most important) and WARM, like 63 degrees F in Downtown Seattle. I am sitting with my Computer Room window wide open and have a fan in it, though the fan is NOT running right now.

The living room door to the front porch is open and has a fan in it that IS running. It just got too warm in there. It's cooled off now, so I may turn off the fan, but keep the door open, with the fan in it, to keep our kitties from going out the door.

AND !! They're forecasting 70+ degrees for Tomorrow (Friday) and for Saturday as well. They think that it will get cooler and showery for Easter Sunday.

I *LOVE* IT !!! :-)

[#] Thu Apr 05 2007 19:04:44 EDT from Uncle Dave @ Haven BBS

Subject: Kalamazoo

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  Kalamazoo Mi.

  Snow!  Snow!  Everywere!...and not a drop to drink.  Egads, I say!  Who ordered this lousy weather!?  When I find the culprit, I shall immidietly have them confined to a small room with a skipping disco record.  That'll teach them!

  Woah.....disco record.....that dates me.

[#] Fri Apr 06 2007 03:33:49 EDT from harry @ Haven BBS

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It's ok. I'm getting "long in the tooth" myself. Started computing at 16. Now, 32 years later, I'm still at it.

That's 1975 or there-abouts.

I wrote my first computer program in interpreted BASIC on a school time-sharing HP system, typing it into an ASR-33 teletype, and saved the listing of the source onto paper-tape. Really!! :-)

[#] Sat Apr 07 2007 03:05:54 EDT from Ian M. Shot @ Haven BBS

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It was in the 30s yesterday.  So not the best day outside.  Dad said up by his work they are expecting 3" of snow this weekend. 

[#] Sat Apr 07 2007 03:37:30 EDT from harry @ Haven BBS

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Well, You're gonna hate this then:

We broke a record today for Seattle. 78 degrees F
at the Sea-Tac airport. Sea-Tac is the official
weather site for records in the Seattle area. The old record was 73
degrees F.

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