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[#] Wed Oct 13 2004 14:50:32 EDT from fleeb @ Uncensored

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That's just one API, and you'll notice a lot of games will provide options to use different API sets, so that doesn't always hold true.

It doesn't account for processor differences (how the instructions kick off), hard-drive differences, the difference in CD-ROM speeds (for accessing information in time-critical fashions), and so on.

[#] Wed Oct 13 2004 15:20:02 EDT from fleeb @ Uncensored

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(no text)

[#] Wed Oct 13 2004 15:20:34 EDT from fleeb @ Uncensored

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Oh, and the technique I've come up with won't lead to crashes.

[#] Wed Oct 13 2004 15:43:34 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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DirectX is *not* available on Linux, unless you're using TransGaming's WineX product. DirectX is only available on Windows and Xbox. The portable API you're probably thinking of is OpenGL.

[#] Wed Oct 13 2004 21:48:45 EDT from Nite*Star @ Uncensored

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IG, you're right. OpenGL is cross-platform. But I also remembered being able to run DirectX games under Linux, using WineX but I couldn't remember its name. And from everything I've read about WineX, when it *does* work, it runs Windoze games-under-Linux/WineX better than the games run natively under Windoze.

[#] Thu Oct 14 2004 07:44:00 EDT from doublethink @ Uncensored

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Or SDL, which NWN1 uses, and runs on win/linux/mac/bsd I believe!

I think it's only for 2d, however, for 3d rendering you need OpenGL, but I'm no gfx programmer.

Was playing halo1 last night on legendary difficulty - never had to much fun having my ass handed to me by AI!

[#] Fri Oct 15 2004 11:04:13 EDT from Chickenhead @ Uncensored

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I was excited about the Bard's Tale, then I found out that they're doing
the "console exclusive" bullshit and freezing the PC version out for
several months.

Fuck that. Brian Fargo should know better.

Oh and fuck Microsoft for bringing this "console exclusive" shit to a
fever pitch.

On the other hand, Irrational Games announced a new game called "BioShock".
Sadly it's not the much-desired sequel to System Shock 2, but it will be
similar in concept to SS2 and DX (the original, not the dismal sequel).
And it's going to have the same team that did SS2--I'm drooling already.
The spirit of Looking Glass lives on at Irrational...and the sound guy
responsible for the Dark Engine's sound engine is working on it too.

(BioShock...given how SS2 ended it could have been the perfect name for
SS3...but alas, Electronic Borg is still sitting on the System Shock rights.)

[#] Fri Oct 15 2004 14:00:41 EDT from Oppie Taylor @ Uncensored

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A place where you can join Beta Testers of all sorts. And even Beta Test some games.

[#] Sat Oct 16 2004 21:54:01 EDT from 2Dog @ Uncensored

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Dang - I really wanted Myst IV revelation, but due to certain circumstances I chose a different kind of b-day present this year from my parents.

I can semi-easily download the package but because it is on two dvd's, well, my G4's drive isn't large enough to host it. (sure, the G5 has a 180GB hard drive but I'm not allowed to use it 99% of the time so forget gaming on that box! :^/

[#] Tue Oct 19 2004 06:52:40 EDT from doublethink @ Uncensored

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yes, Eric Brosius ROX :),5429/

I actually haven't finished SS2, I don't know why - rampant AI taking over ships excites me in a way no female would ever understand. Combine that with the many or whatever those freaky mofo's were called, add a dash of walking servings of chilled monkey brains (indiana jones style, except they're still alive and trying to kill you with freaking brain rays and you get the idea) and you have me reaching for the tissues...

So yeah, I'm excited about "BioShock" as well.

[#] Tue Oct 19 2004 09:55:51 EDT from Chickenhead @ Uncensored

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...especially if that AI taking over the ship is "female" and quite insane
at that. :) The part where SHODAN reveals herself to you is probably the
best part of the game (and pretty damned chilling played at loud volume
in 4-speaker surround). Actually all of her comments to you after that point
get progressively more disturbing. Best video game villain EVER! The
stutters and distortions in "her" voice really gives me the chills.

(And for that, Eric's wife Terri gets the credit since she's the definitive
voice of one else could do it better. What a team!)

[#] Tue Oct 19 2004 09:56:47 EDT from Chickenhead @ Uncensored

Subject: HL2 Gold...again.

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Everyone is reporting the big news: Half-Life 2 has gone gold...again.

My excitement for this game dropped to almost zero after they announced the
"multiplayer" aspect would be limited to Counter-Crap.

[#] Tue Oct 19 2004 09:59:00 EDT from doublethink @ Uncensored

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Please go easy on the spoilers! :)

I quit work next week, which means ample time for gaming, which means SS2 might be re-installed once I 'find' it online again (My copy is back in australia)..

Especially since I found this:

[#] Tue Oct 19 2004 10:08:12 EDT from Chickenhead @ Uncensored

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Whoop! I thought you'd reached that part for some apologies.
(But it is a given you'll run into her...she's on the box cover after all. :)

I have the original System Shock (the enhanced CD version) but I never quite
finished it. I still want to but damn is the interface archaic. And
the music is probably the worst I've heard in a video game, ever.

[#] Tue Oct 19 2004 10:09:07 EDT from Chickenhead @ Uncensored

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OH and if you're planning on playing SS2 on anything other than Win9x...
good luck to you. I tried running it on Win2K and it didn't work. From
what I found out, it may not work on anything other than Win9x. :(

[#] Tue Oct 19 2004 10:16:54 EDT from Chickenhead @ Uncensored

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Re: the "Rebirth" project...holy shit, those screenshots! Now I MUST
download this and give it a try again. Looks like they got it working on
WinXP, maybe it will work for Win2K as well now.

Those new cyborg midwives...they look terrified and horrible! Although the
"flayed" look of the original face is a bit better...and the new assassin, it made me stop and say "what the hell is that?" Awesome!

[#] Tue Oct 19 2004 10:33:03 EDT from doublethink @ Uncensored

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I got it worknig no troubles on winxp before. I patched to the latest version as well. I even got rebirth going, then for some reason I lost impetus and sacrificed the game for HDD space :)

[#] Tue Oct 19 2004 11:07:28 EDT from Chickenhead @ Uncensored

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I must try again. Maybe it just won't work with installs and
I did patch it, but when you try to start a new game it just stays at the
"spinning/loading" screen forever. I've played the game a dozen times now
but I just can't get tired of's such an experience!

[#] Tue Oct 19 2004 19:34:57 EDT from doublethink @ Uncensored

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are you based in the UK Chickenhead? Any interest in getting a weekly game of coop going? That'd be pretty cool.

[#] Wed Oct 20 2004 02:27:10 EDT from Oppie Taylor @ Uncensored

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What is SS2?

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