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[#] Mon Jul 26 2004 10:19:35 EDT from grey elf @ Uncensored

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The random encounters are all randomly generated, but there are plot lines at various points of the game. I've just not gotten around to getting it to actually play.

[#] Mon Jul 26 2004 13:33:18 EDT from Chickenhead @ Uncensored

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There WAS a hairline-thin plot to Daggerfall too, but it was impossible
to follow due to the fiendishly bad coding that went into the game. I think
Daggerfall has the world record for the number of patches that went into
fixing that crap game.

(And the vexing part is it could have been damn good...almost Ultima Underworld

[#] Mon Jul 26 2004 23:12:32 EDT from Sig @ PixelBBS

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I bought an XBox solely to play Morrowind, since it was cheaper than upgrading my PC. It is hella shiny. The plot is decently engrossing--AND LONG--and the side quests and such are quite enough to entertain if you decide you have no intention of saving the realm or whatever. The downside to the XBox version is that you don't get the expansions, unless you buy the newly released version that includes them, but I can't quite justify that expense yet. =)

[#] Tue Jul 27 2004 07:09:48 EDT from doublethink @ Uncensored

Subject: Morrowind love

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(no text)

[#] Tue Jul 27 2004 08:44:14 EDT from doublethink @ Uncensored

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Depending on your ethical standpoint, you can always download it. I'm not sure if save-games cross over between regular and GOTY editions, but I'm sure (if your xbox is modded) you could just copy the save games over.

[#] Tue Jul 27 2004 16:47:40 EDT from Law @ Uncensored

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nwn is definately a masterpiece

[#] Tue Jul 27 2004 19:52:56 EDT from fleeb @ Uncensored

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NWN is the only game that has managed to maintain my attention span for literally years. I have simply not been tired of it in all this time.

[#] Tue Jul 27 2004 21:16:54 EDT from Ygorl @ Uncensored

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I scored the HotU expansion today, so now I can check out all the cool crap.

[#] Wed Jul 28 2004 07:39:53 EDT from fleeb @ Uncensored

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The stand-alone adventure within HotU isn't bad, either. As opposed to SoU, which had a terrible stand-alone adventure.

[#] Tue Aug 03 2004 11:11:27 EDT from Chickenhead @ Uncensored

Subject: Far Cry?

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So has anyone tried Far Cry? What's it like? I hear it's really good with
graphics to rival Doom3 or Half-Life 2.

[#] Tue Aug 03 2004 11:16:59 EDT from grey elf @ Uncensored

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Final word on KoToR. Was mad fun, but way too short.

[#] Tue Aug 03 2004 15:06:43 EDT from Chickenhead @ Uncensored

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What side of the Force did you play?

I was Mr. Goody-two-shoes the whole way...maxed out my "light-side" points
(when that happens the blue-cloud background turns to some angelic glowing
background...wonder what the dark side equivalent looks like :).


I didn't succeed in winning Bastila back to the light side. Had to kill
her since she wouldn't listen (damned weakling, giving in to the dark side
like that...)

I also failed to redeem the shade of the Sith founder I found in the crypts.
Couldn't convince his ghost that even dead, the light sight would still
accept him.

The final battle with Malak was tedious.

What I want to know is...if Dantooine was razed by the Sith, how exactly did
the little Yoda guy escape to show up at the end-game?

[#] Tue Aug 03 2004 15:20:32 EDT from grey elf @ Uncensored

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He's wiley that way.

I played middle of the road all the way through until the scene with bastila atop the temple. I saved RIGHT before that point so I could do both dark and light endings. Personally, the Sith Ending was a LOT more enjoyable, but I'm a Sith Lord at heart.

As for Malek. he was friggen easy. Just pulled his ass to the top corner of the room, and everytime he ran away to regen, I'd just repop some kits, re-buff, and then proceed to school him in the way of two saber asskicking.

[#] Tue Aug 03 2004 17:03:32 EDT from Chickenhead @ Uncensored

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I had the super-jazzed-up lightsaber too (the one that glows bright
orange). I gave Jolee the other super-power-up from that space station.

Also, did they say exactly what HAPPENED to Malek's jaw anywhere? In one
of the Reven flashbacks he clearly has his jawbone.

Canderous & that evil droid were a riot. I loved Canderous' battle cry of
"DIEEE!!!" and the way the droid kept calling people "meat bags". I never
did find out what his story was either (I kept failing to do the "operation"

I wasn't fond of the predictable Bastila subplot. You could replace "Bastila"
with "Aribeth" without even blinking. :)

[#] Tue Aug 03 2004 22:58:47 EDT from Chickenhead @ Uncensored

[Reply] [ReplyQuoted] [Headers] [Print] who's got it? I've been reading the impressions over at slashdot
and while there are raves, there are lots of rants about it (typically from
people like me that have been spoiled by games like System Shock and Thief).
Some smart cookie even brought up "Shalebridge Cradle" from Thief 3 as an
example of a TRUE horror mission. I still get shivers thinking about that

Sadly, I wasn't expecting much from ID. Great engines, yes...but they've
never delivered a game with an actual decent plot.

Eh...I'll probably get it and check it out anyway. :)

[#] Wed Aug 04 2004 09:35:03 EDT from grey elf @ Uncensored

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From all I've heard so far, it's a great engine, first 20 minutes of gameplay is scary as all hell, and then it gets predictible, and boring afterwards. It doesn't have the overpowering waves of baddies the doom liscence is known for, and is usually pretty dark everywhere in the game.

Some people hail it as the second coming of cthulu, others give it a 'eh'. So, I'll wait on getting it for awhile, like I do all my games.

[#] Wed Aug 04 2004 13:36:56 EDT from Chickenhead @ Uncensored

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That sounds like a good plan. I think I'll check out Far Cry before Doom 3.

Doom3's multiplayer isn't worth the money either...I think it's limited to
4 players, deathmatch. May as well stick with UT if I want that!

[#] Fri Aug 06 2004 01:44:33 EDT from Thanatos @ Uncensored

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I'm still pretty much in the scary first 20 minutes part, though I have played it for about an hour. It is nice to see the old baddies all dressed up in shiny new graphics. So far so good.

Though BF Vietnam still takes the cake for me. I just love the fury of a good 9 on 9 match.

[#] Fri Aug 06 2004 03:37:03 EDT from Nite*Star @ Uncensored

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NWN: Platinum Edition

[#] Thu Aug 19 2004 08:45:10 EDT from Chickenhead @ Uncensored

Subject: Super-intrusive copy protection

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Ok, this is going way too fucking far. Slashdot has an article on a "new"
copy protection scheme being put on PC games that invisibly and intrusively
installs a fucking DRIVER on your machine to keep you from "casually
copying the game":

I've put up with SecureROM and SafeDisc, but this is going too far. How is
this different than a trojan, or some other kind of spyware? There hasn't
been a single copy protection scheme that has EVER worked over the last
25-30 YEARS of computing. This bullshit needs to stop.

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