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[#] Fri Aug 18 2006 09:04:25 EDT from Peter Pulse @ Uncensored

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Aug 17 2006 8:35pm from wizard of aahz @uncnsrd
But PP - In that case, didn't the game computer stop the cheating too?

No, I was just saying the game in Split Infitinity crosses over into real life. But yea the computer stopped cheating.. but it didn't stop bending the rules a little or finding unintended loopholes...

[#] Tue Aug 29 2006 14:19:16 EDT from Ford II @ Uncensored

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ahh, the book, I remember the book, have no idea what its about though I have it so Im ust have read it.
I'll just trust you on this one until I rad it again.

[#] Tue Oct 10 2006 10:25:39 EDT from fleeb @ Uncensored

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Work safe, amusing comic topical to this room.

[#] Mon Oct 16 2006 14:14:26 EDT from fleeb @ Uncensored

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Anyone else heard of Jack Thompson? He's this lawyer who has some strange beef against several video game titles.

He tried to sue to prevent Rockstar from releasing Bully... but the judge disagreed with his assessment of the game's issues.

Mr. Thompson really hates Rockstar, I think. He has been picking on that company for rather a while, generating more advertising than hate for the game manufacturer.

[#] Wed Oct 18 2006 11:56:47 EDT from Ian M. Shot @ Haven BBS

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Mr. Thompson hates all games. I'll have to go digging but he said that Pac-Man has corupted our youth. He has a special mad-on for Rockstar, but he has gone after the gaming industry.

Mr. Thompson is a favorite of Penny Arcade's. They even donated some money in his name to a Video Game industry Charity.

[#] Wed Oct 18 2006 22:32:29 EDT from Groo the Wanderer @ Uncensored

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oh yeah that nazi.  He wanted to stop the game "bully".  But the courst let it through for now.  This guy needs to be stopped somehow.

[#] Thu Oct 19 2006 04:21:00 EDT from Ian M. Shot @ Haven BBS

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There have been various efforts to get Jack Thompson disbared. There have been a few judges that have not been happy with Mr. Thompson. At one point Mr. Thompson was working a case in the Carolinas, the Bar in which ever state it was pulled Thompson's license to practice in that state (it was some sort of reciprocal deal that state had with Florida). A couple of Family groups that Mr. Thompson has put his support behind have rejected his support because he is a loon.

[#] Thu Oct 19 2006 19:39:59 EDT from Groo the Wanderer @ Uncensored

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This almosts reminds me of the case where a lawyer was making kids admit faulsely that their parents were molesting them.  This was because the lawyer himself was molested when he was a child and was seeking revenge.  Sick guy.  He destroyed a lot of families.  Fortunatly he is in prison now.  Unfortunatly these families will never be the same again.  Also unfortunatly Jack Thomson will not have this happen to him.  But it goes to show you that lawyers tend to take themselves way to seriously.

Kind of like actors.

[#] Thu Jan 04 2007 16:37:11 EST from Ford II @ Uncensored

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maybe he secretly works for the video game industry because he generates so much press for them.

[#] Fri Jan 12 2007 11:28:02 EST from fleeb @ Uncensored

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World of Warcraft can now boast 0.1% of the human population playing it.

That's amazing.

[#] Fri Jan 12 2007 12:03:12 EST from Ford II @ Uncensored

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What that says to me is that there's a market there.

Consider though, a noticable percentage of that .1% are game farmers in china.

[#] Fri Jan 12 2007 13:17:53 EST from fleeb @ Uncensored

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A sizeable percentage are Chinese gamers, yes... as to how many of those guys are farmers, I couldn't say, but it's probably quite sizeable. Certainly, we joke about that an awful lot in the course of playing the game.

[#] Fri Jan 12 2007 15:45:46 EST from Ford II @ Uncensored

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can you tell by a character if they've been brought up by chinese? Or is the game not diverse enough to create a 'personality' like that.
If not, that's the next generation of game character, I'd think.

[#] Fri Jan 12 2007 15:46:20 EST from Ford II @ Uncensored

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heh, then they'll make basyian filters so your console will float a little sign over character's heads that it thinks were "made in china"

[#] Sat Jan 13 2007 02:23:06 EST from Grey Wolf @ PixelBBS

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That's probably where games like the BF titles are better, since you always know where the servers are located, plus you can chat with folks online. I've never played them but I figure you can probably chat at least to some degree in World of Warcraft, but unlike there, in the BF world you know if you're joining a server in the US, UK, Russia, Turkey, South America, etc.

[#] Sat Jan 13 2007 18:56:27 EST from fleeb @ Uncensored

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In WoW, the only way you can tell if someone is Chinese is if they start speaking in Chinese... which used to happen far too often.

Used to be, you could figure out if someone was a bot (and therefore, a farmer) by tagging their target before they do, then waiting to see if they finish the target off.  If they did, and they did that consistently, you knew it was a bot.  Otherwise, it was a real person (and you probably just pissed the person off).

However, recent changes in the game make the creation of bots much more difficult.  I'm not so sure someone could effectively do that anymore. 

[#] Sun Jan 14 2007 18:07:12 EST from Animal @ Uncensored

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NSFW.... Dude Caught Jacking Off to World of Warcraft - Video

[#] Sun Jan 14 2007 20:18:05 EST from fleeb @ Uncensored

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That's remarkably pathetic.

[#] Sun Jan 14 2007 20:38:04 EST from fleeb @ Uncensored

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In another room here on Uncensored, Peter Pulse touched on how amusing it is that Nintendo went in such a different direction than Sony and Microsoft, and seem to be kicking ass for it.

I wanted to expand on that a little.

Yes, Sony and Microsoft opted to go after the superior video angle, which has been a consistent theme.  However, both of these companies are increasingly competing against something other than games... I think they're trying to create a media station, masked as a gaming platform.  That little bit of confusion there probably will prevent either of them from really pulling it off, at least until they figure it out.

Nintendo, by contrast, isn't even remotely confused about what they want to do; they want to continue creating a gaming machine.  And I suspect they know that most people are not going to want to shell out over $500 for a console on which to play games, so they're carefully designing their machines to be competitive, but focused on being fun.  The Wii, it appears, has done just that.

Still, I suspect there's room for both Wii and either a Sony or Microsoft machine.  It's really a shame that either Sony or Microsoft have entered into this stupid race; they're both shitty companies that deserve contempt for their consumer-predatory behavior.  If I had to choose between these two evils, though, I think I'd prefer Microsoft.

I really hate Microsoft.  That company has almost single-handedly fucked up the computer industry with its evil marketing ploys and anti-competitive practices.  They've helped businesses to understand that, apparently, marketing wins over engineering (something that disgusts me).

However, Sony is quite possibly worse.  Sony has utter contempt for their customers.  They are rapacious consumers of consumers, extracting money in a Wall-Martesque fashion, sucking you as dry as they possibly can with no regard for what they're doing... at least until it may potentially affect their bottom-line.  They are completely without conscience.

Microsoft at least has one on loan. 

[#] Sun Jan 14 2007 22:09:20 EST from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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Sony and Microsoft ... typical BigCo behavior, so interested in THEIR needs, that a much smaller company who only gives a little bit of thought to what consumers might actually enjoy, lands the smash hit.

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