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[#] Fri Jul 22 2005 11:07:01 EDT from fleeb @ Uncensored

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Now, where to find it?

[#] Fri Jul 22 2005 17:50:18 EDT from Yellow Dragon @ Uncensored

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I'm playing GTA Vice City on the PS/2, and enjoying the hell out of it.. I have completed the 'main storyline', but there are (as Spell Binder mentioned) a great amount of little other things to do. I've found only 64 of the 100 hidden packages, for example.. there are 36 locations that I have yet not explored fully.. Unbelievable.. And I've probably actively searched for them for .. what, 40 hours at least..

[#] Sun Jul 24 2005 07:06:53 EDT from doublethink @ Uncensored

Subject: SWAT4

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so I've gotten my new gaming rig (nothing special, but decent enough) and picked up SWAT4. so far, I'm quite impressed. no-cd crack from gcw works a treat (hate having to stick a cd in to play a game I own).

I quite like the 'episodic' nature of swat4. you can do a mission (usually quite a few times to get a good result) and feel happy after completing it, then come back another time and crack another one.

I've not tried any of the MP, but there's coop/adversarial modes etc, looks pretty complete which is a Very Good Thing

Your team's AI is pretty good, but sometimes they get nailed far too easily so it's better if you go first, usually.

Lastly, the sound and music was done by Eric Brosius, of Thief fame! yay.

[#] Mon Jul 25 2005 09:59:46 EDT from The Outlaw @ PixelBBS

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Yeah I think I'll be picking up GTA San Andreas this weekend. Was going to wait for the price to fall, but now I can only seem to buy it in Game Stores,
now, I guess I'll have to fork over the $40...

[#] Mon Jul 25 2005 10:17:42 EDT from fleeb @ Uncensored

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You can get used ones for less.

[#] Tue Jul 26 2005 12:24:44 EDT from The Outlaw @ PixelBBS

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Yeah just picked one up last night for $35. It closes early on Thrus, so figured I'd get it while I could. Played it for about 4 hours yesterday...

[#] Thu Nov 03 2005 10:44:55 EST from wizard of aahz @ Uncensored

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Civilization IV is out???!?!?!?!

There goes any free time I thought I might have for the next three months.

[#] Wed Dec 14 2005 11:34:57 EST from fleeb @ Uncensored

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I didn't realize Robin Williams plays video games online:

[#] Mon Mar 27 2006 12:21:02 EST from fleeb @ Uncensored

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My copy of Oblivion has finally arrived today.

This is the sequel to Morrowind, which was a very impressive computer game in its day. Even today, I love the background graphics you see in Morrowind, and enjoy much of the gameplay, despite its age.

Oblivion promises to be much more than that. I've heard really great things about it, even from folks I chatted briefly with on World of Warcraft.

[#] Thu Mar 30 2006 09:53:55 EST from fleeb @ Uncensored

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Um.. yes.. I have been enjoying Oblivion quite a bit.

As before, the graphics are stunning. As you walk about the woods, the grass sways in the breeze together, and is quite lush. Sometimes, it's hard to find things you've killed because the grass hides it, which adds another dimension to the game. The game physics are impressive; when you kill something that has a weapon, if the weapon falls out of the foe's hands, it falls in a natural fashion... not some pre-determined spot relative to where the body winds up.

You can use strategies for killing your foes; I found myself pitted against some very difficult trolls... trolls I could not simple engage in melee combat.
So, having relatively strong acrobatic skills, I jumped upon some rocks and flung fireballs at them. They couldn't get at me, since they couldn't jump upon the rocks, and through alchemy I had created several potions to regenerate my mana.. so I never ran out of mana. All-in-all, what would have been a very difficult battle (I had tried a few strategies, unsuccessfully, prior to establishing this one) wound up being rather simple.

I've always loved their spell system. You can eventually create your own spells to work in a variety of ways; damage over time, instant damage, damage requiring you touch the creature, damage requiring you target the creature, healing spells (touch/target/over time/instant), spells to camoflauge you, spells to camoflauge others, invisibility in the same way, spells to manipulate mana (yours, someone else's, DOT or instant, increasing or decreasing), and so on... extremely flexible. I haven't managed to become well-liked enough by the Mage's Guild to be able to create my own spells, but I am working on that now.

My initial character in this game is an 'Agent'... he levels up when I use skills associated with stealthy activities similar to what you'd expect from a spy-like character. The only weapon that levels me up is a bow, which offers rather a challange. Sneaking around levels me up, as do bartering and speechcraft (which is kind of amusing, as in most of these games, I've always sucked at speechcraft-like skills). I am trying to prevent myself from levelling up too quickly, so I try to focus on using spells. Unfortunately, I use sneak an awful lot in my natural play-style, so it's hard to prevent myself from levelling.

The game has several races.. basically the same ones as before. And, as before, I like the Argonian race; lizard creatures that are immune to poisons, and very resistant to disease. This time, however, the Argonians can also breath underwater. I have only exploited this once, when dealing with a quest involving what turned out to be an underwater adventure (although it involved no fighting)... made the quest trivial, since I didn't have to worry about drowning.

As with Morrowind, there are a *lot* of quests in the game. Sometimes, I break off from one quest so I can work on my skills or such before continuing.

It's also interesting to hear the townspeople occasionally mentioning some amazing deed you performed, without knowing that you performed the deed. You gain reputation for some deeds over the course of the adventure, and the things you do affect the overall game.

Easily, the hardest thing I've done in the game, to date, involved going through a gateway into a hellish dimension, and destroying that gate. In the game, people have been talking about that feat wherever I go. The feat is all the more amazing because I had such poor skills going into it. There are more of these gates for me to enter, but I haven't braved doing so yet.

[#] Thu Mar 30 2006 10:25:59 EST from wizard of aahz @ Uncensored

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That was quite the writeup.. Methinks fleeb may be suffering some addiction or obsession.

[#] Thu Mar 30 2006 13:55:26 EST from fleeb @ Uncensored

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I had to cut it off, since I'm at work.

[#] Thu Mar 30 2006 22:19:00 EST from bookworm937 @ Uncensored

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Thu 03 Nov 2005 10:44:55 AM EST from wizard of aahz@uncnsrd

Civilization IV is out???!?!?!?!

There goes any free time I thought I might have for the next three months.

I know I'm a couple months behind and repeating but:

 CIVILIZATION IV IS OUT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

No one ever tells me anything.

[#] Thu Mar 30 2006 23:51:04 EST from wizard of aahz @ Uncensored

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Bookwork - I don't think it's made it out on the Mac yet, but I had some fun with it on Wintel.

<laughs> Yes. There are certain game types that are jsut the worst kind of deadly.

[#] Fri Mar 31 2006 09:42:59 EST from The Outlaw @ PixelBBS

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I would want to try out Oblivion if I knew my system could handle it. I just got a new computer, but the requirements for Oblivion might be way to high still. Can anyone give me examples of their systems so I can compare?
In the meantime I've gone back to playing Morrowind, now that my new system can actually do it with full graphics and no lag...

[#] Fri May 19 2006 15:02:27 EDT from fleeb @ Uncensored

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A paper submitted to the ACM regarding social interactions on MMOGs, based on statistical evidence gathers from WoW.

It's an interesting read, both in terms of the paper itself, and the various responses on the web site.

[#] Thu Jun 08 2006 13:38:27 EDT from fleeb @ Uncensored

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There are some headlines that, when uttered, don't quite sound right at all.

This is one of those.

"Nintendo believes 'Wii' will grow on you"

Bad, bad headline.

[#] Thu Jun 08 2006 13:49:46 EDT from fleeb @ Uncensored

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I'm tempted to do something really stupid for at least one day, and spell 'we' as 'wii' just to see how people will react.

[#] Thu Jun 08 2006 13:51:18 EDT from LoanShark @ Uncensored

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Bad, bad headline.

no donut.

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