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[#] Sun Mar 07 2004 15:14:41 EST from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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That's absolutely correct. And although user directories on a Mac are in /Users/xxxx, all of the usual API functions are available, and they do tend to do the right thing.

I don't have any local users defined on our Mac except, except for a local administrator account. We all log into it using NIS, and since the server is Linux, the home directories are /home/xxxx instead of /Users/xxxx. /home is NFS mounted from the server.

I've found that pretty much everything (definitely all of Apple's software) works as expected. Just to be safe, though, I made /Users a symlink to /home, in case any naive programmers out there try to construct the name of the home directory on their own.

[#] Mon Mar 08 2004 08:16:28 EST from IO ERROR @ Uncensored

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Heh. I'm the kind of person who would remove /Users just to see what breaks, and then go report bugs.

[#] Mon Mar 08 2004 09:24:20 EST from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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What would break is the /Users/Shared folder, which might just be hardcoded.

[#] Mon Mar 08 2004 09:27:38 EST from IO ERROR @ Uncensored

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Eh, that's Apple for ya.

[#] Mon Mar 08 2004 10:41:01 EST from athos-mn @ Anansi-Del

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Yeah, well... they're new at this stuff.

[#] Mon Mar 08 2004 11:31:30 EST from Tony Preston @ Uncensored

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I have an HP Unix question.... I know that HP Unix is like a BSD flavor...
On the SUN, there is a command "trace" and on Linux there is "strace".
What is the equivalent HP Unix command.... I "rooted" around and did not find an equvalent that would show the syscalls and such during execution.

[#] Mon Mar 08 2004 11:50:04 EST from IO ERROR @ Uncensored

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[#] Mon Mar 08 2004 12:17:35 EST from Tony Preston @ Uncensored

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Thanks, I will give that a look.

[#] Mon Mar 08 2004 14:20:27 EST from IO ERROR @ Uncensored

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Well, installing Oracle on gentoo was an adventure (since this platform is NOT supported in any way by Oracle, and their installation makes assumptions about the system being RedHat-like). But it's finally installed and up. If anybody wants to try this, let me know; I have some gentoo-specific scripts that can help you. (Like the startup script for /etc/init.d; the one from the Oracle Administrator's Guide won't work.)

[#] Mon Mar 08 2004 18:51:10 EST from georbit @ Haven BBS

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IO ERROR: Submit an ebuild for it. :-)

[#] Tue Mar 09 2004 08:12:37 EST from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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[#] Tue Mar 09 2004 08:32:58 EST from Nite*Star @ Uncensored

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um, maybe it's ~username ? On my RedHat install, I was able to cd ~username and be taken to the user's home directory .... or if I wanted to go to *my* home dir, I just did cd ~
Of course, I no longer have my redhat install to check this on (as it was installed on my TP, which was stolen) but ... I think that's what I did. Was this specified to RH?

[#] Tue Mar 09 2004 08:42:19 EST from IO ERROR @ Uncensored

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~username will take you to a user's home directory using the BASH shell. It stems from an old convention of using the ~ symbol to refer to a user's home directory, which originally found its way into software in the NCSA web server (which later became Apache).

georbit, I'd love to do an ebuild for Oracle, but it's an incredibly large and complex install and I don't know right now if an ebuild can really encompass the whole thing, especially with some of the strange stuff that Oracle does.
I think it's POSSIBLE, but I'd have to have a good reason to do it, and right now I don't.

[#] Wed Mar 10 2004 04:15:33 EST from Mr.T @ Uncensored

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If you grab Oracle 10g for OS X, ylu don't have to install. It un-tars a working orahome, and then you just have to run createdb.

It does have some weird lib issues on OS X that are really pissing me off; I can't get DBD::Oracle to build properly.

[#] Wed Mar 10 2004 10:20:34 EST from LoanShark @ Uncensored

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T, can you get anything that uses the client shared libs to build?
i seem to remember there are some weird library-model things with Perl on OS X, which may conflict.

[#] Wed Mar 10 2004 14:38:22 EST from IO ERROR @ Uncensored

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Shared libs on OS X are* weird. This much I learned when Citadel was still dynamically loading modules. GNU libtool still doesn't have proper support for it, last I checked, so most Unix stuff that uses shared libs (and libtool) isn't going to build right unless it's built statically.

Here is a hint: Check the shared libs you got from Oracle and make sure they have the .dyld extension, NOT the .so extension. Run 'file' on them and compare the output to the output from known working shared libs, such as those that came with Apache. You'll find some serious differences, likely.

The secret is that Apple has several different KINDS of shared library files, each with different attributes and capabilities, and only one of these kinds is the one you really want. How to build one? Or link against one? I've forgotten, unfortunately, but I seem to recall it involved some really strange gcc invocations.

[#] Wed Apr 14 2004 11:38:09 EDT from grey elf @ Uncensored

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Anyone happen to have a server on the net they'd be willing to give me an account on? :>

[#] Wed Apr 14 2004 16:24:44 EDT from Ford II @ Uncensored

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Let me rephrase that for you junior administrators.
"can somebody open up a security hole for me on their box?"

[#] Wed Apr 14 2004 17:27:11 EDT from grey elf @ Uncensored

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*flips the bird to ford*

If I had never had to take my box off the net from my old job, this wouldn't be a question.

[#] Wed Apr 14 2004 17:45:28 EDT from IO ERROR @ Uncensored

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I'd give you an account on my box, but you wouldn't be able to access it while it's in the leather carrying case. <GRIN>

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