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[#] Sat Sep 23 2006 21:05:40 EDT from harry @ Uncensored

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2Dog - Kindly go fuck thyself, but first you'll need to take your head out of your ass.

[#] Sun Sep 24 2006 00:38:44 EDT from 2Dog @ Uncensored

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Interesting response, however it was (to my dismay) kinda what I expected.

I have to open a seperate browser window and then smallify it to properly
address the concern(s) at hand so please pardon my seemingly "common" multiple
who-list "listing"

My Dearest Harry, how shall I put this?... (you know, I'm gonna take a bathroom break
first. I really am. I honestly don't care what you think about that.) Then I'm going to the kitchen
for whatever; hell, I don't know what, maybe a glass of chablis, but if this piece-of-shit browser
hasn't crashed on me in the interim I'll address your comment.

(no, not fudging, I really need to go!)

O.K., back now... and back to the point... Harry, you seem to be lacking in the ability/intuition
(Oh See! That's his defense! He throws out edumacated words!) to discern between satire/tounge
-in-cheek/and just plain fun in the form of "severe harrassment"; and an actual attack on your
personal character. Nobody here has *ever* attacked your personal character! Well, maybe...
Dude- I got ripped right and left my first 2 years. I learned. I'm still here!
Quite frankly I'm surprised (proud? nahhh...) you've lasted this long! :^) You are always fair
game in the beginning. How about this?.... Do you still have a Kapro? I actually do. Nuff said on
that. But seriously, "lighten up". You're gonna get slammed beyond your imagination if you
say the wrong thing in The Cafe. Most of the other rooms are slightly more forgiving.
Good to have you around.

P.S. My head can't possibly be up my ass as long as yours is up there nosing around. ;^)

[#] Sun Sep 24 2006 16:13:02 EDT from nadia @ Uncensored

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say the wrong thing in The Cafe. Most of the other rooms are
slightly more forgiving.

there was a time when i don't know if that was true at all

[#] Sun Sep 24 2006 21:29:17 EDT from arabella @ Uncensored

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But now you know...
















it's all horror 

[#] Mon Sep 25 2006 15:54:48 EDT from harry @ Uncensored

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2Dog - To give you a more rational response, and one typed while much less angry, at what university did you earn your PHd in Psychology or Psychiatry ?? You seem to think that multiple personality disorder and/or schizophrenia are not valid psychiatric diagnoses. You don't know me in any way outside this BBS and have NO WAY of knowing my psychiatric diagnoses.

So, In Short, You are most likely full of shit.

[#] Mon Sep 25 2006 16:22:50 EDT from 2Dog @ Uncensored

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Nope. Not at all. In fact it is actually *you* who appear to be trying to diagnose *me*, thus
making YOU the doctor. So, in keeping with your *disorder* I would reccomend a healty dose
of phenolphthalein. But hey, I'm not the doctor. ;^)

[#] Mon Sep 25 2006 16:26:48 EDT from 2Dog @ Uncensored

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and BTW, where in the hell was this -->multiple personality disorder and/or schizophrenia are
not valid psychiatric diagnoses.<-- mentioned in any of the last dozen or so posts in this room????

~Befuddled in Arkansas

[#] Mon Sep 25 2006 16:30:15 EDT from 2Dog @ Uncensored

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Ok, I found this one -
Sun 17 Sep 2006 10:08:40 PM EDT from harry @pixel (PixelBBS)
But you don't mention any specifics. I still hold that you are being unfair.

[#] Mon Sep 25 2006 17:56:54 EDT from harry @ Uncensored

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Sep 25 2006 4:22pm from 2Dog @uncnsrd

But hey, I'm not (a) doctor. ;^)

Since you admit to not being a doctor, I'll continue to ignore any and all medical statements you make in a similar manner to my ignoring statements made by grelf.

[#] Mon Sep 25 2006 20:26:53 EDT from 2Dog @ Uncensored

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Why did you intentionally misquote me? The actual text from the post is -
"But hey, I'm not the doctor. ;^) (not that it matters anyway)

But I like your style in that last post... Genuine sarcasm from the heart! :^)


[#] Mon Sep 25 2006 20:29:25 EDT from nadia @ Uncensored

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[#] Tue Sep 26 2006 08:10:07 EDT from fleeb @ Uncensored

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It feels a little strange to me that this all started between 2Dog and harry because of a passing comment I made to arabella.

harry saw something kind of familiar in this 'third person' comment I made, having to do with multiple personality disorder.

I was actually thinking of something extremely different from that... the whole idea of always seeing your body as not belonging to you.. not fitting you.. as a transgendered person feels.

This said, since the topic came up, I'll admit that some time ago, I read an awful lot of information about multiple personality disorders (collectively known as dissociative disorders). Like any mental disorder, these range from minor situations like moodiness to medium-grade problems like ego-state disorder, to full out multiple personality disorder.

It's a rather controversial topic, though, MPD. Some people think that there are far more cases of MPD than most people are aware. Others think there are far more misdiagnosed cases of it than people are aware. I couldn't really say.. I program computers.

I have, however, met a lot of people who claim to have multiple personality disorder who didn't seem to have it (to me). This isn't to say these folks didn't have *some* kind of dissociative disorder, but they seemed far too together for full-out multiple-personality disorder. I think most of these people probably have a really strong case of ego-state disorder, bordering on MPD. But, again, I'm just a very well-read person on this topic. And I'm rather intuitive.

I dated someone who seemed 'shattered' to me. He always thought of himself as 'moody', but his moods seemed beyond mere moods, as his memory was clearly affected. He would forget and remember things within a minute in the course of a conversation.
Sometimes, conversations with him tended towards speaking in poetry, as our words would have layers of meanings between them (something I can't explain very well). When he wrote a grocery list, often each line had a different handwriting style to it (although I could still see something in common with each line). And for years, he didn't have a mirror in his bathroom, which I thought was really odd until I read some more about dissociative disorders (a lot of people with strong dissociative disorders do not like to view themselves in a mirror... perhaps because it's confusing).

I've read of 'integration', helping shattered people try to get their respective personalities merged into a single, strong personality. It's usually a long, difficult process involving years of therapy. It's especially difficult in strong cases, where the personalities do not get along (resentment between personalities can easily arise due to how people become shattered in the first place.. usually through an ongoing series of traumatic events over a long period of time).

People joke about MPD and such, because it really piques the imagination, but these people's reality is often pretty awful.

All of this said, harry, really, 2Dog is joking around. I know it might be hard to see it that way, but I've never known the guy to be intentionally nasty to anyone.

[#] Tue Sep 26 2006 16:42:57 EDT from nadia @ Uncensored

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release the (2)Dog(s)

[#] Tue Sep 26 2006 17:04:32 EDT from wizard of aahz @ Uncensored

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Who let the dogs out??

[#] Thu Sep 28 2006 01:27:38 EDT from harry @ Uncensored

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Thanks, Fleeb. In my case, through years of therapy and years of fine tuning my psyche meds (all 5 of them now) I have been able to develop the one I call "the manager" or "the supervisor" who is generally the one whom anyone who doesn't know me better sees and hears.

My sister also has MPD type stuff. I have spoken to at least two of them who are distinctly different from the "her" that I normally talk to and hear from.

So Yes, it does exist, it is real, and it is NOT a whole hell of a lot of fun. Near as I can figure it, different life experiences broke out different "ones" of "me/us".

Having a committee of assholes in my head all arguing with each other is an experiance in and of itself. Let me tell you that living as "we" is not a fun "me" to be a lot of the time.

So thanks, Fleeb, for treating my issues as a real phenomoena. It is VERY real to me. And I do NOT appreciate bad jokes about it. It is VERY real.

[#] Thu Sep 28 2006 07:32:04 EDT from fleeb @ Uncensored

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Well, the bad jokes are going to happen.

I'm gay, for example. There are plenty of jokes to go with that. I've found life to be more enjoyable if I just laugh along with the jokes rather than take myself too seriously. But, it does take some time to learn how to do that, if you're struggling with a problem.

It is, however, a first step. If you can learn to laugh at your problems, you will go a long way towards feeling better in life, in general. And solutions, for some reason, seem to open themselves up to you.

[#] Thu Sep 28 2006 08:49:56 EDT from triLcat @ Uncensored

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It's hard to be the butt of a joke, but it happens to EVERYONE.

 Fleeb gets his share because he's gay, I get mine for being overweight (and I doubt I'm the only one around here who gets that), nadia gets her share for being a genius and female, Aahz gets his for being bald and loving elmos, and grelf, well, grelf is usually the one dishing it out.

The point is, everyone takes some abuse now and then, and the best way to deal with it is to laugh it off. I sometimes call myself a Buddha, because I figure Buddhas are cool and they're fat (I'm not big enough to go Sumo). Sure, sometimes it hurts, but if you can't laugh, you might as well just curl up into a ball and cry your eyes out.

The world is not packed with cotton balls. Stuff hurts.

 Do you want to live in this world?


[#] Thu Sep 28 2006 09:55:30 EDT from Ragnar Danneskjold @ Uncensored

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Sep 28 2006 7:32am from fleeb @uncnsrd

Well, the bad jokes are going to happen.

I'm gay, for example. There are plenty of jokes to go with that.

You're GAY?!?

That explains everything!

[#] Thu Sep 28 2006 09:57:18 EDT from fleeb @ Uncensored

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Don't make me redecorate your home.

[#] Thu Sep 28 2006 10:43:29 EDT from nadia @ Uncensored

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