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[#] Sat Feb 21 2009 11:33:26 EST from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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Many consumer grade broadband termination devices are capable of running in either router mode or bridge mode. Check your documentation; you may be surprised.
That's definitely the case with the modems that Verizon was distributing for their DSL service a couple of years ago, anyway. (Yes, they're still pushing DSL pretty hard in markets not yet served by FIOS.)

As for Cablevision's offerings ... Boost gives you unblocked ports, but it does *not* give you a static IP address. As far as I can tell, the network simply doesn't have that ability. When you buy the "business class service" with "5 static IP addresses" they give you a router, and you *must* use it, because it builds a VPN tunnel back to their network core, where they route a /29 to you. That's the only way they seem to be able to do it -- they can't do static IP directly on the DOCSIS plant.

[#] Sat Feb 21 2009 19:00:53 EST from Nite*Star @ Uncensored

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IG, then what's this article all about static IP for Optimum Boost customers? (or if you prefer that method of URLing)

[#] Sat Feb 21 2009 23:24:16 EST from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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That's the service ... and from what I've read and heard you need their router.

[#] Sun Feb 22 2009 20:07:20 EST from Dirk Stanley @ Uncensored

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So am I understanding this right - If I want a better chance of holding onto my IP address, I should renew the lease more frequently? Orless frequently? My router has a setting that lets me set the DHCP lease time... (can do like 1-2 minutes up to hours) - But what's the point of having a setting for this at all? What's the difference if I set it to 4 minutes or 10 minutes?)

[#] Sun Feb 22 2009 21:42:28 EST from rod @ Uncensored

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Why don't you just use and be done with it? That way you can just use the domain name you pick and it figures out what the IP is. Works from inside your network too.

[#] Mon Feb 23 2009 04:40:04 EST from dothebart @ Uncensored

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hm, the rss reader should crawl the page for a tag like 'full story' as thats what you have to search for on that linux site..

in there... 200MHz ARM5  procesor for a netbook? my mobile has a 400 MHz ARM4...


[#] Mon Feb 23 2009 09:07:40 EST from rod @ Uncensored

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What stops me from running android on whatever? Can I just compile it for x86 too or does it HAVE to be ARM?
Not that I would, but it might be a neat weekend project.

[#] Mon Feb 23 2009 09:44:03 EST from Peter Pulse @ Uncensored

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Technically nothing is stopping you since it is a linux kernel. But I beleive is it a customized, stripped down kernel, plus they have some of their own device drivers. You would need to deal with the fact that you are not using the same I/O devices (different touch screen, no GPS, no radio, etc, etc).
Also from looking at their developer kit and examples, it does not seem like Android is really set up well to scale to different sized screens.. I think most of the apps would look really bad on a large screen, or even on a somewhat different resolution small screen, they are making assumptions on screen size right now.

[#] Mon Feb 23 2009 12:38:13 EST from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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Still, it's been tried, and with some amount of success. Google "android on a netbook" to see what some folks have been doing with it.

Android could potentially be the *perfect* netbook OS ... at least for those people who use netbooks the way they were intended, not for the morons who think they're just small laptops and buy them with Windows.

[#] Mon Feb 23 2009 16:29:27 EST from rod @ Uncensored

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Dirk Stanley was talking about extending the life of his IP, nothing was mentioned about running a server. I would imagine that the service would provide IP addresses that are not marked in residential space if you were allowed to run servers. Otherwise, what would be the sense of paying for the "optimum boost" package?

[#] Mon Feb 23 2009 17:49:50 EST from fleeb @ Uncensored

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The only problem with renewing your IP address quickly, as far as I can figure, is that it leads to a little more traffic on the network.

The advantage is in reusing the IP address sooner should you have a bunch of machines that go online and offline fairly often (and if you have a lot of them, more machines than IP addresses).

[#] Mon Feb 23 2009 20:49:18 EST from Dirk Stanley @ Uncensored

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So if your brother-in-law played WoW and afterwards you notice your connection seems to go quite slow - (Even though he took his notebook with him) - Is it worth trying to reset my IP address? Or is this something else?
(If I'm going to do this, I want to do it now, because I'm trying to set up a secure mail client with our hospital that checks what IP address you're coming from - It's actually a secure portal to our hospital network.) :(

[#] Tue Feb 24 2009 13:12:19 EST from Peter Pulse @ Uncensored

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It's finally happened.. after years of construction... The L train has gone automatic.

[#] Tue Feb 24 2009 17:58:29 EST from Ford II @ Uncensored

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disparity. Your cheap parts are made by slave labor in China. If we

Yes, but that's not the only reason.
The slave labor costs the same, but equipment gets cheaper anyway, because of eceonmies of scale and cheaper parts and better design and what not, without paying the slaves less. So the price will go down anyway for market reasons other than labor costs.

[#] Wed Feb 25 2009 16:27:12 EST from Ford II @ Uncensored

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single ethernet interface bound to 65 different networks. It's
providing firewall and VPN services for dozens of different
subscribers, each on their own private VLAN. Wild stuff.

Doesn't that mean it's handling ALL the traffic for those 65 networking? And isn't that a bottleneck or single point of failure?

[#] Wed Feb 25 2009 16:31:00 EST from Ford II @ Uncensored

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to get it from them. What you do is get a simple cable modem.. then
after the installer leaves, you clone your computer MAC address into
the external interface of the router.. because they will lock your IP

address to your MAC address.. so that you cannot simply change your IP

to some random one and mess with other subscribers on the network.

Yes. Found this out the hard way. Always take note of the first mac address you touch your provider with, FIOS does similar.

[#] Wed Feb 25 2009 16:32:17 EST from Ford II @ Uncensored

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What if you buy a new computer? You have to pay to have an installer

come back out? That's ridiculous. you should be able to just pick up
the phone (which is still evil)

I originally hooked up my linux box to my fios. then due to marriage considerations, I put the wireless router on the fios connection, and I couldn't get it to work for days until I heard about the mac address thing. I typed the mac address of my linux box's ethernet card into the router and voila worked like a charm.

[#] Wed Feb 25 2009 16:37:27 EST from Ford II @ Uncensored

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It should have been an eclipse plugin.

[#] Wed Feb 25 2009 16:38:18 EST from Ford II @ Uncensored

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Oh godz.. I'd rather discuss religion.. (Yes I know EMACS and vi is a

religious discussion but still.. Let's talk politics instead)

That's because the vi and emacs users haven't tried eclipse yet.
If they did, there'd be no discussion.

[#] Wed Feb 25 2009 16:39:14 EST from Ford II @ Uncensored

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vi is the One True Editor! All else is inferior!

(except for joe)
Does vi still wrap lines at the screen width? Sigh. :-)

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