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[#] Fri Sep 24 2004 00:39:02 EDT from wizard of aahz @ Uncensored

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There have been authors who have gone back and made changes to books 20 years later after they wrote them where they felt they could be improved. Is this really any different?

[#] Fri Sep 24 2004 05:38:19 EDT from Patriot @ PixelBBS

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It's different because the books are at least the same media. Lucas moved the original series (FINALLY) to DVD which is one HELL of a lot better format than VHS. At least in the book example there's not much difference in quality, other than possibly the paper it's printed reading the original isn't really any kind of issue. If you don't want to see the changes you read your original copy and move on. Here we have an entirely new format to watch these movies on, better sound, better video, etc, except that the movies have been changed in some pretty major scenes. I'm not upset about the additional scenes.
My real issue is removing the original actors, in several cases, and replacing them with actors from Ep I, II.

[#] Fri Sep 24 2004 15:57:25 EDT from wabewalker @ Uncensored

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"The 'StarWars Trilogy DVD' (video/movie DVD) has an 'Extra Special Features Disc'. If you try to launch this on your Xbox it will automaticly update your dashboard ... NO confirmation will be asked. The bonus disc has extra features including a documentary on the star wars saga, footage from the making of all three films and a preview demo of the new 'StarWars Battlefront' Xbox game (that's why there's a default.xbe, dashupdate.xbe and update.xbe on the disc)."

so I wonder how that spyware legislation will affect this kind of thing if it goes through?

[#] Thu Sep 30 2004 09:58:03 EDT from fleeb @ Uncensored

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*returns to zForgetting this room*

[#] Thu Sep 30 2004 10:39:07 EDT from penguinkraft @ Uncensored

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that is so beautiful. :)

[#] Sun Oct 10 2004 23:32:06 EDT from Patriot @ PixelBBS

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Ok. WAtched the new release DVD trilogy this weekend (rented it from blockbuster).
The ONLY thing that irritated me was Hayden Christiansen as the ghost of Anakin at the end of Jedi. The rest of the changes were minor irritants.
I'll have to buy it.

[#] Sun Oct 10 2004 23:34:59 EDT from Zaya @ PixelBBS

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That is bizarre, we simultaneously posted similar messages in different rooms... My remark was that change is just WRONG! I bought the movies, haven't had a chance to watch them yet though... I just noticed it from this page that Baf posted:

[#] Tue Oct 12 2004 23:32:16 EDT from Ford II @ Uncensored

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His point, which he's said several times, is that he's releasing the
movies the way *he* believes they should be seen. He's said if he'd
been able to make them this way from the start he would have.

Whatever happened to "what the customer wants?"

[#] Wed Oct 13 2004 05:47:04 EDT from Patriot @ PixelBBS

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He doesn't give a flying fuck what the customer wants. He's already MADE his pile.

[#] Tue Oct 19 2004 19:02:41 EDT from Ford II @ Uncensored

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Sep 23 2004 1:16pm from silver bat @haven (Haven BBS)
Exactly. And now, 20 odd years later, it seems as if he's saying
"Right, I've made most of my money off of you folks, now you can sod
off, because I'm going to do whatever I want because they're mine,
and I don't care if you buy it or not. I'm rich, bitch!"

and you can DO that, and that's fine, nobody will complain.
it's when you SHOVE IT in everybody's face that people get upsert.

[#] Wed Oct 20 2004 05:40:56 EDT from girthta @ Uncensored

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Upsert... I like that word!

[#] Mon Nov 08 2004 11:57:06 EST from Chickenhead @ Uncensored

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(no text)

[#] Wed Nov 10 2004 12:22:53 EST from Ford II @ Uncensored

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to see him again. Even the line he uses directly after, "Funny, I don't

recall owning any droids.." seems to be a clever lie...of course you didn't

Ben, Anakin owned them.

Yeah, I watched ep 4 a few weeks ago and noticed that too. I think they just screwed up.

of course you can blame it on old-mannessship but I like lucas just screwed up.
Same thing with "the millenium falcon is the ship that did the kessel run in 12 parsecs" and a parsec is a measure of distance not time.
It was just a mistake.

[#] Wed Nov 10 2004 12:24:27 EST from Ford II @ Uncensored

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my mistake.
I just read a thing on redhat of all places where they describe why that comment makes sense. Bit of a reach, but isn't all sci-fi? #16

[#] Wed Nov 10 2004 12:37:17 EST from LoanShark @ Uncensored

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Right, isn't it supposed to be a measure of distance through hyperspace - the capability of the ship's engine to warp hyperspace.

Or something like that.

Otoh, they may have just screwed up and invented that justification after the fact :)

[#] Thu Dec 30 2004 16:15:34 EST from penguinkraft @ Uncensored

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[#] Fri Dec 31 2004 13:26:35 EST from silver bat @ Haven BBS

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I *think* that's a fake... there was a fake version of burned Ani that run in british tabloids several months back. I think that's part of it, cut and photoshoped over a new background. COuld be wrong, though.

[#] Mon Jan 03 2005 12:53:47 EST from Patriot @ PixelBBS

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Supposed pics from Ep III. Pretty cool, if they're accurate. ;)

[#] Mon Jan 03 2005 15:00:47 EST from Freakdog @ Dog Pound BBS II

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Too bad the site's not up anymore.

[#] Mon Jan 03 2005 14:52:35 EST from silver bat @ Haven BBS

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Been trying to get into that site all morning. Have you got the pics cached anywhere?

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