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[#] Fri May 10 2002 12:27:15 EDT from Ygorl @ Uncensored

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May 10 2002 12:15pm from Ford II @uncnsrd
You need to go to a bumfuck theature in the middle of nowhere.

I suppose I should flap my wings and fly there?

Good luck finding a theater with digital projection and THX-certified
sound in the middle of nowhere...

[#] Fri May 10 2002 12:31:05 EDT from D'oh @ Uncensored

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I donít remember how many times for any of the first releases. It wasnít many, I just donít remember.

I only saw ANH with the re-release
EP 1 only once

Iíve seen them on TV & video many time

[#] Fri May 10 2002 13:07:02 EDT from Icebreaker @ The Metal Shop

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Star Wars movies:

I was very young when the first movie (part 4) came out. Saw it at the drive-in theatre in Everett, WA. partway through the movie i was walking back to teh snack bar to go to the bathroom and heard explosions. It was like surround sound coming from the speakers in all the cars (the speakers on the poles). It was a summer night so the stars on the screen seemlessly blended in with the stars in the night sky and it looked like a TIE fighter was flying out of the screen to attack me. Cool.
I saw Empire Strikes back in an indoor theatre with my Aunt and I barely remembered it, until the 2nd time i saw it on Tv years later
Return of The Jedi came out the last day of school in 1983. My friends and i walked from Cascade High in Everett to the Everett Mall. people were lined up all the way around the mall to get tickets. we waited 4 hours and got tickets. It was pretty cool.
Episode 1, saw at 2:00am because my wife bought tickets, or rather was given them by a friend at work, so we went. I fell asleep bnot because it was a bad flick but because it was 2:00am and i had been up since 5:00am the day before. Watched it a second time a week later and really enjoyed it.
Attack of the clones... well havent seen it yet but it looks good.

[#] Fri May 10 2002 19:26:29 EDT from nadia @ Uncensored

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was given them by a friend at work, so we went. I fell asleep bnot
because it was a bad flick but because it was 2:00am and i had been up

are you sure about that?

[#] Sun May 12 2002 22:32:24 EDT from Icabod @ Uncensored

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Well I already have a preliminary count for Episode II.... so far I am seeing it four times... once Wednesday/Thursday morn at midnight, again friday when my Sister-in-law is visiting. Then once when I can see it in the digital theater north of chicago, and then again with a couple friends of mine when One is visiting rom Michigan (his wife doesn't like star wars)... I pitty him.

[#] Mon May 13 2002 01:29:48 EDT from Centurion @ Uncensored

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Any digital theaters in the Westchester Area? Even Rockland or Dutchess would do....don't get to the city very often tho....but might consider a special trip if I must...:->

[#] Mon May 13 2002 12:06:43 EDT from Ford II @ Uncensored

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Good luck finding a theater with digital projection and THX-certified

sound in the middle of nowhere...

You're talking to the guy who watched time machine in a window on his 14 inch monitor with sound played out of a sb16.
Ford (have low expectations and you'll never be let down.) ][

[#] Mon May 13 2002 17:18:52 EDT from WhitShadoSoCal @ Haven BBS

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Nearest theaters to Westchester are The Bridge in Culver City, and Pacific Beach Cities in El Segundo/Manhattan Beach...

Oh wait, wrong Westchester. Sorry.


[#] Wed May 15 2002 11:07:34 EDT from azure @ Haven BBS

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I can't go tomorrow.

[#] Wed May 15 2002 12:51:08 EDT from Icabod @ Uncensored

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My Wife just scored tickets for the 12:07 showing our theater here in teh middle of nowhere turned up all three of it's THX theaters for the turnout waiting for tickets this morning. Woo!

[#] Wed May 15 2002 15:05:24 EDT from WhitShadoSoCal @ Haven BBS

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I'm going to wait until Monday to see it.

[#] Wed May 15 2002 16:43:23 EDT from Ford II @ Uncensored

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I read a review of it yesterday. The guy said it's not ep4. I guess it never will be again.
lucas is all about technogizmo's and not about script or plot.
But unlike ep1, the 'last reel' however long a reel is, is really really good and makes it much better than ep1.
I've noticed the trend that the end of movie fight/battle scene is a composite of a spaceship battle, and some related group fighting on the ground or somewhere else.
It's getting a little old.
ep1 had the ground fight while vader was in the mothership blowing things up. jedi had the ground battle while trying to blow up the death star. ep4 at least had the cool trench fight scene. whatever. we'll see in a few days.

[#] Thu May 16 2002 04:16:31 EDT from Icabod @ Uncensored

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The only thing I had a real problem with was some of love scenes, a little drawn out in my opinion. Otherwise... first impression... WOW! Took someone fairly new to Star Wars in general, only saw the original trillogy after she had seen TPM (ep I) so she really didn;t get why star wars was cool and a good thing... she walked out cheering where everyone was cheering during the movie and saying she finally understood the "magic". Very cool...

[#] Thu May 16 2002 16:31:39 EDT from Quagmire @ Uncensored

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Hoping not to spoil anything for anyone, but this is common knowledge by now...Yoda kicks AAAASSSSS!

Saw it at midnight Wed night. I'll probably go again when the hubbub has died down. It wasn't Empire, but much better than Ep. 1.

[#] Thu May 16 2002 22:30:41 EDT from felix @ Uncensored

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Apparently there's one digital theater showing it in Arkansas. I'll head
that way same time in the next week or two and see it.

[#] Fri May 17 2002 10:45:47 EDT from Bafleyanne @ PixelBBS

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SAN RAFAEL, Calif. (AP) -- The new "Star Wars" movie is hitting DVD at
light speed compared with "The Phantom Menace."
"Star Wars: Episode II -- Attack of the Clones" will be available on DVD
this fall, the franchise's creator, George Lucas, said last week in an
interview at his film headquarters, Skywalker Ranch.
"Episode I -- The Phantom Menace" came out on videotape early in 2000,
about 10 months after the film's theatrical debut, but the DVD version was
not released until a year and a half later. The delay resulted because
Lucas was particular about refining deleted material and other DVD bonuses
and was busy working on "Episode II."
Lucas said he'd rather hold off on the "Attack of the Clones" DVD, as
well, so he could spend more time tweaking the bonus material.
"But everybody says, `Oh, it's so much more powerful if you bring it out
in the same year as the movie,"' Lucas said. "So we're doing our best to
do that."
Unfortunately for "Star Wars" fans, the original trilogy will not land on
DVD until after Lucas finishes "Episode III," due out in 2005, he said.

[#] Fri May 17 2002 16:02:48 EDT from Peach @ Uncensored

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Maybe he will continue to torture us until his ego is repaired (DivX anyone?)

[#] Fri May 17 2002 21:48:55 EDT from Dirk Stanley @ Uncensored

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I just saw it. It definitely had special effects, yes Yoda kicked ass, yes it explained a lot, but the ACTING... I've seen better actin' on a can of tough-actin' tinactin! (Stolen from Chris Rock.) Anyway, seriously, George Lucas needs to do a little in the way of getting some better actors. Just having everyone speak in a weird accent does not a make a movie. If only ONE person could be fairly believeable, I would be happy. Actually, wait, I take that back. Samuel Jackson was probably the best actor in the movie, followed only by Yoda, which almost shouldn't count. Is it THAT hard to act in a science fiction movie? I think about how Harrison Ford did in Star Wars -- There was at least a human element -- He really conveyed jealousy, pride, pomp, and vulnerability all at the same time. I think this movie could have benefitted from a Han Solo, quite frankly.

[#] Fri May 17 2002 22:31:17 EDT from nadia @ Uncensored

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right, but we already knew that harrison ford could act...

[#] Mon May 20 2002 08:57:36 EDT from Mr.T @ Uncensored

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Look at 4, 5, and 6: The acting is horrible, the dialog is horrible...

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