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[#] Thu May 24 2001 17:07:03 EDT from Xitron @ Uncensored

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Better leave a slit between the big toe and his neighbor on those webbed toes, Curly! Otherwise, you'll never be able to wear flip-flops again!! :-D

[#] Thu May 24 2001 17:23:16 EDT from .azure @ Uncensored

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Thatat could create a whole inew industry in piercings.

[#] Thu May 24 2001 17:23:43 EDT from Curly Surmudgeon @ Uncensored

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Increased visual spectrum including infrared and ulta-violet, a sense of smell as good as a bear's and hearing equal to a snow fox would be nice too.
Extra eyes and increased spectrum demands sub-processing, add another 100cc of brain. More acidic digestive system, better immune system, ability to regenerate any tissue, poison glands in the longer canines.

Can't over emphasize, read "Man Plus" and it's sequel.

"Flip-flops?" I only wear shoes when mandatory and walk on hot California blacktop barefoot, albeit quickly.

[#] Fri May 25 2001 04:17:49 EDT from Dirk Stanley @ Uncensored

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Feeding another 100cc of brain would require considerably more blood flow, so add a bigger heart in there too. :)

[#] Fri May 25 2001 08:46:23 EDT from Freakdog @ Dog Pound BBS II

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Whic book was the sequel to Man Plus, Curly?

[#] Fri May 25 2001 12:01:00 EDT from l'etranger @ Rundale

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I suppose I should watch the last Voyager, rather than wait on the reruns...

[#] Fri May 25 2001 08:30:53 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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Why not throw in a small nuclear reactor while you're at it...

[#] Fri May 25 2001 08:32:34 EDT from Peter Pulse @ Uncensored

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Rather than a bigger heart, two hearts, for redundancy.

[#] Fri May 25 2001 09:58:48 EDT from WhiteOwl @ Uncensored

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Hmmmm...Tin Man, Scarecrow or Lion?....

[#] Fri May 25 2001 15:38:01 EDT from Curly Surmudgeon @ Uncensored

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Was wrong about the sequel, it was by Kevin J. Anderson, called "Climbing Olympus," Warner Books, 1994. "A small band of surgically adapted humans hide on Mars, resenting the terraforming process which is taking the planet away from them. The author acknowledges his debt to Frederik Pohl's Man Plus."

[#] Sat May 26 2001 11:14:00 EDT from TONY PRESTON @ The Amiga Zone

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No need for a bigger heart, just greater blood flow.

[#] Mon May 28 2001 12:41:58 EDT from Hegeomai @ Uncensored

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Well, yesterday I went to the NW-B5 Gathering, it's not a convention, they call it a private party but I think calling it a gathering by invitation only is the best description. It was great! We had a cosey group of about 200 B5 fans. JMS was there and he talked about B5, how it all got started, behind the scenes stuff, etc. The problems he had to battle. He talked about B5-Crusades, what it was supposed to be, what happened to it, why he shut it down, etc. We watched the episode which JMS wrote as the pilot for Crusades, it did air but only after 4 or 5 episodes that TNT insisted on which JMS had never wanted and I have to say that Racing the Night WAS a far better pilot. But then, TNT had a very different idea of what the show should be, that was why it ended, JMS had been unhappy with the scripts he had to write to make TNT happy, but he thought that at last he was going to be able to do the show his way, then he was called in and told that TNT didn't like the episodes he had written "without their guidance" and pointed out that Bay Watch was the most popular show on TV so they wanted a sort of space born Bay Watch because they were sure that would get higher ratings. That was when he pulled the plug. (Ok, many here may already know that, sorry, got carried away)

Then we got to the new show, B5-Legends of the Rangers. It's a 2 hour TV movie that will air on the SciFi channel and which is intended as a pilot for a new series. No confirmation on the series yet, the SciFi channel is waiting to see how the movie is received and if it goes well, they will pick it up as a series. We saw a trailer for it (no one had seen that before last night, just JMS and his 2 top people, the network sees it next week) and it looked real good. Then he showed us 2 of the scenes that have already been shot and it looked REAL good. Then he introduced us to the cast and we had a wonderful Q&A. I'm looking forward to this one, it looks like it will be as good as B5 with all the learning they did by doing B5. Sets are better, more detailed, the CGI is MUCH better and it is obvious that the new cast clicked right away, they are already acting like long time vets of a series, more like family than like co-workers.

I have to say, what I saw and more importantly what I heard is extremely positive!

[#] Thu May 31 2001 12:55:13 EDT from lysdexia @ Uncensored

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Read "Man Plus" in middle school. I still get the heebie-jeebies when I think about chapter when the protagonist awakens to find that "They took my dick and balls this time."


[#] Thu May 31 2001 13:40:09 EDT from Xitron @ Uncensored

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WTF?! I guess I need to add that one to the list of books I want to read!
Man Plus, huh? Sounds like after that chapter it should be Man-Minus!!

[#] Tue Jun 05 2001 00:12:26 EDT from Ford II @ Uncensored

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Increased visual spectrum including infrared and ulta-violet, a

Erm, wouldn't you just end up seeing a big cloud of 'white' everywhere?
Eyes in the back of your head is also a good ida, but I don't think our brains are big enough to deal with all the information. Somebody drew a picture once scaling the size of all your body parts in relation to how much information you get from that part. They had to cheat and make the eyes small or it would fill the entire page.

[#] Tue Jun 05 2001 00:13:55 EDT from Ford II @ Uncensored

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Pete's got a good point. We have redundancy in a few parts, lungs, kidneys why not heart?

[#] Tue Jun 05 2001 11:39:46 EDT from WhiteOwl @ Uncensored

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I think eyes in the backs of our heads would work out OK - our brains are plenty big enough (Hell, insects have eyes that can see *everywhere* and they have tiny brains!) I think we have them in the front and not the back because we used to have them on the sides, then they drifted to the front.

[#] Tue Jun 05 2001 12:14:00 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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Isn't vision handled by the back of the brain anyway? Shorter path, there...

[#] Tue Jun 05 2001 13:22:37 EDT from Curly Surmudgeon @ Uncensored

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A lot of signal processing occurs in the optical nerve. And "another 500cc of cerebral matter" was one of my criteria. Frog eyes operate almost entirely independently from its brain but they lack information procssing capability and only trigger the tongue and mouth.

Hmmm, same happens in some people...

[#] Tue Jun 05 2001 16:01:04 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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Sounds like a mainframe. Channel-attached organs!

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