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[#] Fri Nov 03 2017 01:08:17 EDT from rss

Subject: Bro No Mo

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The Flyers won 2-0 over the Blues, which was shocking.

The Philadelphia Flyers won a hockey game tonight that they weren’t supposed to win, beating the Blues 2-0 in St. Louis. Despite playing a sextet of men on the blue line who are probably just as suited to freighting pianos as they are to playing NHL-level hockey, the Flyers shut out one of the best teams in the game.

It was glorious and mystifying and here are some bullets.

  • Older BSH readers may recall when I introduced you to Brayden Schenn all those years ago. He was a beacon of light and purity. “America’s Little Brother” (it was somewhat less clunky than the better nickname “Luke, I Am Your Brother"). But then Brayden got traded to a city far away in a whole different timezone and his soul was apparently reset along with his watch. Tonight he leveled a dodgy second-period hit on affable seahorse Sean Couturier which initially looked terrible and devastating and treacherous and do you even know a person when they change jerseys?
  • Then Couturier was apparently fine and all was better but still, we were all so shook, you guys.
  • The most meaningful goal of the game was scored by Brandon Manning, a defenseman who usually occupies a small part of the box score (but resides permanently in the darkest depths of Connor McDavid’s mind). There were a bunch of reviews because some thought Jake Voracek might have become too intimate with Blues goaltender Jake Allen, but it stood.
  • And that 1-0 lead stood through the rest of the game until Claude Giroux iced it like an office birthday cake with an empty netter. It was a tasty ending to a real sweet performance.
  • Who are these children whom the Flyers won this game with though? Are they actually in the team’s payroll system or were they independent contractors found this afternoon on some Missouri-region TaskRabbit? But for real, congratulations to “Will O’Neill” for playing his first NHL game tonight at 29, an age at which you are no longer supposed to be able to achieve dreams. His appearance tonight was as plausible as the “designated survivor” becoming president after the State of the Union blows up, but hey, it happened.
  • Alt, however, has so many uses. While O’Neill was on the left, Mark Alt(-Right) found all sorts of uses. Which is a great time to share with you all the wonderful uses for the Alt in your own life: the one on your keyboard! If you’ve ever sat near a keyboard wizard, you will have blown away. Here are four Alt-using Windows shortcuts to improve your productive life:

    Alt + F4 [Close active item, or exit active app]

Alt + ESC [Cycle through items in order they were opened]

Alt + Tab [Switch between open apps]

Alt + Win + (NUMBER 1-9) [A bit tricky but bear with me here...Open the desktop and open the Jump List for the app pinned to the taskbar in the position indicated by the number. Like if you have Chrome, iTunes, and Evernote in your tray, then Evernote is 3. Thanks, Mark!]

  • Neuvirth got a shutout and is thus the player of the game but I wanna go back to Brandon Manning because I became aware tonight that he earnestly refers to himself as MANDOG. This is spectacular behavior for a 27-year-old adult. It’s a spectacular nickname: half CatDog, from the terrible Nickelodeon cartoon; half Manboy, like this 2010 Eric Saade song I’m guessing too few of you have seen.

The Flyers, again a .500 team, host the Avalanche on Saturday. Go Flyers.

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Subject: Friday Morning Fly By: Wrap them all in bubble wrap

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Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

*The Flyers won the game last night! And somehow, didn’t lose Sean Couturier after that gross hit by Brayden Schenn, who is now dead to us all. Good things all around. RECAP.

*Anyhoo, what’d we learn from Wednesday’s big fat stinker of a hockey game? Some stuff, it turns out. [BSH]

*We must stay strong in these dark times, so let’s focus on some good stuff. First up, Mike Vecchione, who is killing it with the Phantoms right now. []

*Philippe Myers might not be ready for a call-up just yet, but the Phantoms believe he’s on the same path as Travis Sanheim. Which would be very good for us. [Courier-Post]

*But yeah we’re going through a bit of a rough patch here with this team thanks to injuries. As demonstrated by last night’s defense which was uh...just a little green. [BSH]

*The rest of the Olympic hockey jerseys have been revealed and it would appear only Sweden has escaped unscathed. [TSN]

*Former goalie Corey Hirsch talked to some current NHLers to learn about the importance of being a backup goalie. [Sportsnet]

*And speaking of goalies, let’s look at a few that you’re likely to be underrating. [ESPN]

*And finally, did you catch this week’s BSH Radio? If you haven’t you’re missing Bill say “Reese’s” correctly. Slide on into the weekend with us. [BSH]

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Subject: Crossing Broadcast: Coconut Oil and The Next One

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Kyle, Adam and Russ discuss Gabe Kapler’s introductory press conference, being a hardass, whitewashing Hinkie and ostracizing Okafor, Simmons and LeBron, and the Eagles game. Brought to you by Cozzi Jewelers.   We recommend subscribing in Overcast, the best iOS podcast player, and using the Voice Boost and Smart Speed functions, which improve sound quality…

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Subject: Broncos writer gives 3 reasons why the Eagles will beat Denver

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Focusing on the enemy’s weaknesses.

The Eagles are favored by 8 points heading into their Week 9 matchup against the Denver Broncos.

Despite the fact their offense has been horrible recently, his might not be an easy game. The 3-4 Broncos are going to be desperate to keep their season alive. Denver’s defense is still very tough.

If you’re feeling worried about this game, today’s post might have you feeling a little better about the Eagles’ chances.

Bleeding Green Nation already took some time to chat with Mile High Report in order to preview this week’s matchup.

Today, we're back with three reasons why each team might lose. This format forces us to consider each team's weaknesses, rather than just think of why each team is awesome.

So here are three reasons why Washington could lose, as written by MHR’s sadaraine. Stay tuned to Mile High Report to see why I think the Eagles could lose.

The Broncos team is in a completely different reality than what the Philadelphia Eagles are at 7-1. This makes an article like this one pretty darn easy to write as I could probably give you 5 reasons without breaking a sweat. But let's keep it simple and focus on the biggest 3 reasons the Broncos will lose this game.

1) The Eagles defensive strength shuts down the Broncos offensive strength

This year the Broncos have made some really strong steps in improving their offensive game on the ground. We've got 3 backs in C.J. Anderson, Jamaal Charles, and Devontae Booker who are all contributing solidly in their roles and helping the Broncos team to be a top-10 rushing attack in ypg.

But the Eagles have the best run defense in the NFL and I don't see the raw talent of anything on Denver's team as being able to overcome this strength. It is likely going to force Denver's offense to pass more which is going to be a hairy endeavor when the guy starting has had only one week of prep with the 1s to get ready to play.

2) The combo of Carson Wentz and Zach Ertz is going to leave a burning crater in the middle of Denver's defense

I talked about this a bit in our Q & A. The No Fly Zone has a very exploitable weakness at the pass coverage of their LBs and Safeties when matched up on TEs.

Couple that with Carson Wentz being very comfortable with using his tight ends in the passing game and I foresee these guys having career days against this defense as a very plausible possibility. Just looking back at the Eagles stats this season to see who gets the most targets makes me sick to my stomach. Ertz is a big time weapon that your offense knows how to utilize.

At the very least he's going to get multiple first downs by just getting one step on Davis or Marshall and catching an easy pass in the seam. It is a vision Broncos Country has seen from almost every team we've faced this season multiple times a game when our opponents have even a half way decent tight end.

3) The Broncos offensive skill players have taken a step back

I hate to say it, but many of our guys have lost track of how to do simple things like catch a football. The Broncos desperately need Emanuel Sanders on the field and healthy as we've had the likes of Jordan Taylor and Bennie Folwer having passes hit them in the hands or chest and fall uselessly to the ground like many of the hopes and dreams of our fan base in the past 4 games.

Denver also has a slew of JAGs at TE who flash here and there, but for every good play they make, there are least a couple of drops or missed assignments. Add to that the reality that Denver has no home-run hitting back on its roster, and there's just not a lot of firepower on this team that can keep up with the Eagles or threaten their defense in the passing game.

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Subject: Your Friday Morning Roundup

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Yo, the Flyers. After getting shut out by the Blackhawks the night before and losing to the Arizona Coyotes in overtime Monday night, the Flyers got a much-needed 2-0 victory over the Blues in St. Louis. Michal Neuvirth had a night with stopping all 33 shots on goal, but the biggest star of the night has…

[#] Fri Nov 03 2017 10:07:01 EDT from rss

Subject: Eagles News: Von Miller says Lane Johnson is the best right tackle in the NFL

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 11/3/17.

Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Jay Ajayi and LeGarrette Blount: Deploying Philadelphia’s Running Backs - BGN
How to divvy up Eagles RB touches in a suddenly crowded backfield.

Eagles vs Broncos Preview Show -
Vince Quinn, Turron Davenport & Barrett Brooks take a look at the mighty Brock Osweiler takes the helm for the Denver Broncos as they stroll into the Linc on Sunday. Will it be a defensive battle? Barrett seems to think so and Vince isn't sure if you can really gameplan around anyone on this Broncos D. Plus Turron breaks down the newest addition to the Eagles, Jay Ajayi and a lot more on Ep. 275

Brandon Brooks: Ajayi trade shows players Eagles' front office is all-in - PhillyVoice
We’re joined this week by a special guest, Lane Johnson, so we have the complete right side of the Philadelphia Eagles’ offensive line. This took place a few hours after the announcement that the Eagles acquired running back Jay Ajayi from the Miami Dolphins for a 2018 fourth-round draft pick. Here's what Johnson and Brooks thought about the acquisition and more.

Howie & Joe Getting It Done - Iggles Blitz
I know Howie remains a polarizing target. Sure he drafted Carson Wentz, Fletcher Cox, Brandon Graham, Lane Johnson, Mychal Kendricks and Jason Kelce, but he also had Marcus Smith and Danny Watkins. He signed Malcolm Jenkins, Connor Barwin and Nigel Bradham, but also had his hands all over the 2011 Dream Team failure, as well as 237 mediocre CBs. It is fair to say that Howie needs some postseason success (no playoff wins under him) before we praise the moves too much, but I think it is fair to say that he has learned some valuable lessons from the past and they are serving him, and the Eagles, well. At this point, it looks like Howie’s resume will be defined by Carson Wentz. Right now, that seems like a good thing for the Eagles GM (or what the heck ever his exact title is these days).

Film Room: Carson Wentz - Football Outsiders
Perhaps as interesting as Wentz's personal development is the expansion of the offense. Last year's offense was terribly conservative. Wentz's 7.5 average air yards ranked 30th among 34 quarterbacks. Wentz hardly pressed beyond the sticks on third down, too. He ranked 27th of 34 eligible quarterbacks in ALEX, which measures how quarterbacks are attacking the sticks on third down. Fear and caution no longer plague the Eagles in 2017. Wentz has jumped to fourth in average air yards this season; his 10.5 average air yards is up a full 3 yards from last year. Additionally, Wentz is throwing an average of 3.3 yards beyond the sticks on third down in 2017. Wentz is being asked to play a completely different brand of football, and he is taking to it well. Philadelphia's offense is not aggressive just for the sake of it, though. This is now a creative offense. The Eagles have done a better job of mixing up certain concepts to be ran out of multiple formations. Defenses have to stay on their toes.

Eagles' plan for Brock Osweiler: Make him uncomfortable - ESPN
"He's a tall guy. He stays in the pocket," defensive tackle Fletcher Cox said of the 6-foot-7, 240-pound Osweiler. "He can make the throws. Being his first game in a while, it's going to come down to us hitting him early and making him uncomfortable in the pocket."

This No-Name D Is Playing Its 'A' Game -
Some of the pieces were already here – Fletcher Cox and Brandon Graham up front, a linebacker corps that returned intact, and a safety duo of Malcolm Jenkins and Rodney McLeod that only figured to improve. Otherwise, as the Eagles entered Training Camp in late July, there were questions about the defense ...

Takeaways will be the key for the Eagles against the turnover-prone Broncos - Inquirer
The statistic you’ll need to examine after Sunday’s Eagles-Broncos matchup will be turnover differential. It will likely determine whether the Eagles win their seventh consecutive game and enter the bye week with an 8-1 record, or whether Philadelphia fans will have two weeks to complain about a loss. The Broncos are a formidable opponent with perhaps the best defense the Eagles will face all year. But the reason they don’t share the Eagles’ record and they made a quarterback change this week is they rank 31st in the NFL with a minus-11 turnover differential. The Eagles rank sixth with a plus-five turnover differential. Eight of the 10 teams that have the best turnover differentials in the NFL have winning records. Eight of the 11 teams with the worst turnover differentials have losing records. This is not a coincidence. Denver’s 17 giveaways have led to 58 points.

All-22: Eagles offense looks to find solutions to new problems - The Athletic
All last week, Jason Kelce and the Eagles' offensive linemen prepared for the 49ers' blitzes and line stunts. Then with 2:46 left in the first quarter of Sunday's game and the offense facing a 3rd-and-8 from the San Francisco 22-yard line, the defense got to Carson Wentz with a new maneuver it hadn't previously shown on film. “That’s the NFL for you,” Kelce said. “When you think you’ve got one of them figured out, they’ve got another one dialed up.” With the Eagles' offense having had so much success this season, defenses are getting more creative on a weekly basis to try and slow Wentz down. One tactic the 49ers used was three-man line games. Rather than just having two players stunt, they added a third defender to create confusion on the offensive line.

32 NFL observations, Week 8 - PFF
Philadelphia Eagles: Defensive end Vinny Curry has 12 pressures in the fourth quarter. That is tied for third-most among all edge defenders.

Alshon Jeffery, Carson Wentz finally connecting on '80-20' balls - NBC Sports Philadelphia
Carson Wentz and Alshon Jeffery finally connected on a 50-50 ball on Sunday against the 49ers. Only Jeffery doesn't like the term 50-50. He calls them 80-20 balls. "Eighty percent chance I'm gonna catch it," Jeffery said. "Twenty percent chance it's going to be incomplete." Where did that expression come from? "That's something I pride myself on," he answered. "That's what I live on."

Broncos-Eagles preview: Defense and no turnovers remain the keys to victory - Mile High Report
The task is far from simple as Denver (3-4) completes the final leg of its three-game road trip against the Philadelphia Eagles (7-1). For some historical perspective, the Broncos have never fared well in the City of Brotherly Love. In the all-time series, they are 1-5 in Philly. Not that it matters, but the last and only time Denver beat the Eagles in Philadelphia was Sept. 21, 1986, when it won 33-7. Now the Broncos will try to accomplish on Sunday what they haven’t in 31 years. At least Osweiler is the one who will take a stab at defying history, as opposed to Siemian.

'They've taken care of me': Eagles' Nate Sudfeld spurns Colts for promotion in Philly - PennLive
"It wasn't a very difficult decision," Sudfeld said. "It's obviously flattering to get interest from anywhere, but I've wanted to stay here since I've been here. They've taken care of me, and I really see a great future with the team."

Fletcher Cox clears air with Joe Staley, won’t be fined - PFT
“This game is so fast, most people don’t understand,” Cox said. “He was frustrated at the time, thought it was a dirty play, but honestly, who goes out and pokes people in the eye on purpose? “I reached out to Joe and we talked through it. He did tell me that he’s been on the opposite side of that situation. . . . I checked on him, he’s fine, and we have no beef and nothing going on.”

San Francisco 49ers Get Best of Both Worlds With Jimmy Garoppolo Trade -
So our Lesson of the Week could be the lesson for any week, but is relevant now because of the trade of Garoppolo and the massive trickle-down effect it might have. That is: If you get the quarterback question right, like the Eagles have, whatever you paid doesn’t matter. “You gotta have that quarterback on your roster, a guy you can trust and you can do a lot of things with. And then, you just build around him,” said Pederson, and you can almost hear him beaming through the phone. “It’s been fun.”

The most important game left in 2017 for each NFL team - SB Nation
Philadelphia Eagles: Week 17 vs. Dallas: Carson Wentz went 1-1 against the Cowboys as a rookie, but the win came in a meaningless Week 17 showdown after Philadelphia had already been eliminated from playoff contention and Dallas had already locked down the top seed in the NFC. 2017’s final-week replay should carry some more drama. The two teams meet in Dallas in Week 11, and that game could have major repercussions on how important this New Year’s Eve game becomes.


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Subject: Philadelphia Eagles bring defensive tackle back to practice squad

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Welcome back.

The Philadelphia Eagles re-signed Justin Hamilton to their practice squad on Friday, according to an official announcement from the team.

Hamilton was released by the Eagles earlier this week when Philadelphia cut him in order to make room for practice squad Nate Sudfeld on the 53-man roster. The Indianapolis Colts — who recently put Andrew Luck on injured reserve — wanted to sign Sudfeld away from Philly so the Eagles had to promote him.

Hamilton wasn’t a tough cut because he was a healthy scratch at this point anyway. Now he’s back on the practice squad, which is where he started the season.

Hamilton played in three games with Philly after being called up to the main roster. In 44 defensive snaps played, Hamilton logged two assisted tackles and 0.5 sack.


DT Justin Hamilton

LB Don Cherry

WR Rashard Davis

CB D.J. Killings

WR Greg Ward Jr.

CB DeVante Bausby

C/G Josh Andrews

TE Billy Brown

OT Dillon Gordon

RB Byron Marshall

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Subject: Flyers 2, Blues 0: What we learned from a gutsy road win

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Neuvirth stellar as Flyers steal one

Michal Neuvirth made 33 saves and Brandon Manning’s second period goal held up as the Flyers shutout the Blues with a 2-0 final on Thursday night.

It was a big win for the Flyers on the road against a good team, and here are some more things that we learned from a hard-fought two points against one of the best in the West.

1. Ivan Provorov is a machine, confirmed

The Flyers’ 20-year-old stud defenseman logged 27:08 of ice-time a night after chipping in 29:51 against the Hawks. But not only did he played 27 minutes, they were all good minutes, with a game-high 10 blocked shots. Provorov was constantly singled out by the Blues’ broadcast team for his work in front of Neuvirth in terms of both positioning and shot blocking.

We already knew that Provorov was the Flyers’ best all-around defenseman, but given the mass of minutes that the youngster is racking up it calls into question whether he is actually human.

2. Michal Neuvirth stole two points

Neuvrith kept the Flyers in this one early with some key saves among the 14 stops he made in the first as the Flyers were outshot 14-8. But the veteran wasn’t done there. He made another eight saves in the second as the Blues kept the pressure on, and then added 11 stops in the final 20 as the Flyers were on life support in front of him.

Perhaps the best of Neuvirth’s 33 saves came on his last one, a robbery of—you guessed it—Brayden Schenn right on the doorstep with 33 seconds left. It was a beautiful setup from Vladimir Tarasenko behind the net to spot Schenn, but it was Neuvirth who had the answer to preserve a hard earned two points on the road.

3. Simplified game help inexperienced defense

Coach Dave Hakstol’s game plan with such an inexperienced defense group had to be to keep things simple. Easy breakouts, not doing too much with the puck in their own zone and to being careful when engaging offensively were staples of the defense (sans Ivan Provorov, of course) on the night.

Though Hakstol relied most on Provorov, Robert Hagg and Brandon Manning, when called upon both Mark Alt and Will O’Neill (in his NHL debut) avoided making big mistakes. With Alt and O’Neill playing so few shifts, a lot more was expected of Travis Sanheim and Robert Hagg, and they both responded with solid overall performances against good competition.

4. Brayden Schenn and the terrible, no good hit on Sean Couturier

Former Flyer Brayden Schenn took out Sean Couturier with a blindside hit after Couturier had passed the puck and got a shoulder to the jaw for his trouble. Schenn tracked Couturier for a bit of ice and still went for the hit even after the puck was gone. It looked worse in slo-mo, but it wasn’t great in regular time, either, and shows a hit the league says it is trying to get rid of.

Schenn was assessed a two minute minor for interference only. For a league that says they care about these kind of plays and injuries, they’ve simply got to do better.

Couturier would return to start the third period, which was a great sign given how badly the replays looked with his head bouncing off the ice.

5. Third line life

Largely invisible for much of the season so far, the third line of Jordan Weal, Jori Lehtera, and Dale Weise contributed some meaningful minutes on Thursday night by generating a few good scoring chances. Weal had a couple nice looks, as did Lehtera in his return to St. Louis, the only other NHL team he’s played for.

The advanced stats weren’t kind as the trio combined for a sub-50% Corsi For on the evening, but most of that could be attributed to the way the game flowed as the tired Flyers were pushed around late by a rested Blues team. It was more the chances created by the line that caught my attention, something that hasn’t been the case for anyone outside of Weal in that trio.

Early on the Flyers have been far too reliant on the top line for offense, and getting some scoring support from anywhere else would be a huge boon.

6. Early penalties keep killing momentum

The Flyers didn’t come out off puck drop like a team playing the second of a back-to-back and their third game in four nights. There was a quick jump from the top line of Claude Giroux, until the energy the line brought was quickly killed off by a bad slashing penalty on Dale Weise.

St. Louis controlled the puck nearly the entire power play and peppered Michal Neuvrith with three shots, all quality chances. Even as the Flyers killed off the penalty largely due to Neuvirth’s handiwork in net, it led to a solid five minutes of domination by the Blues that probably should have led to a goal.

7. This team badly misses Shayne Gostisbehere

While Gostisbehere’s absence was going to be felt on the power play, it’s been similarly obvious how important No. 53 is to the Flyers at even strength.

The Flyers weren’t dangerous on either power play against the Blues, and saw the second unit have more success than the top unit did. Despite all the good Ivan Provorov does, he isn’t the same offensive threat that Gostisbehere is and it makes a world of difference on the Flyers’ top power play unit. The threat of Ghost at the point allows more room for everyone else to operate and that space just isn’t there with him off the ice.

8. Brandon Manning, offensive dynamo

After being ruled goaltender interference on the ice, the call was reversed after a Flyers challenge to give them a 1-0 lead. Jake Voracek was outside of Jake Allen’s crease and was then pushed back into the goalie by Blues defenseman Alex Pietrangelo.

Manning, who had a nice night getting six pucks on goal, was rewarded with his second goal of the season. Normally you don’t want Manning leading the team in shots, but outside of Provorov somebody on defense needed to step up and it ended up being Manning with the game-wining goal.

It’s certainly nice to see a call finally benefit the Flyers, but also to see the officials take the time to actually get a call right when it comes to goaltender interference.

9. The Bees keep buzzing

All three members off the fourth line posted at least a 54% Corsi For or better on the night. That low mark was Taylor Leier while Michael Raffl led the way at 73% and Scott Laughton not far behind at 62%. Both Raffl and Laughton had good scoring chances and not just the products of a mass of point shots.

The fourth line doesn’t have the point production of the top line of Giroux, Couturier, and Voracek, but they’ve consistently been the Flyers’ second-best line through the start of the season. The only thing they aren’t doing is much scoring, but that should come given the success they’ve had everywhere else.

10. That’s about as ugly a road win as they come

The Flyers were dead tired, outmanned and outplayed but damn if they didn’t come away with two points on the road against one of the NHL’s best teams. St. Louis is off to a hot start and came in undefeated in five home games, but none of that mattered as the Flyers proved they can hang with just about anyone on any given night.

It sure wasn’t pretty, but it was damn effective.

Here’s BSH Radio’s Bill Matz’ reaction to the road win.

Posted by Broad Street Hockey: For Philadelphia Flyers Fans on Thursday, November 2, 2017

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Subject: Ezekiel Elliott

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Delaying the inevitable.

Ezekiel Elliott’s six-game suspension is back off again ... for now.

The Second Circuit Court has issued a ruling on the NFLPA’s appeal on behalf of Ezekiel Elliott. The court ruled in Elliott’s favor. Elliott has been granted an administrative stay and he can play on Sunday, according to gaming and sports attorney Daniel Wallach.

Elliott is eligible to play against the Kansas City Chiefs this weekend. The stay is only effective for one game, however.

Earlier this week, the New York Southern District Court denied a preliminary injunction for the Dallas Cowboys running back. He was set to miss the team’s next six games, starting this weekend. The suspension has been delayed for now, though.

It feels like Elliott is really only delaying the inevitable by continuing to get his suspension pushed back. Maybe it gets moved to later this year. Maybe he plays this entire year but he has to serve the punishment during the 2018 season.

At some point, the Cowboys will likely be without Elliott. And that’ll be a big loss for them since he’s obviously their best player.

The Eagles play the Cowboys in Week 11 and Week 17 this season. We’ll continue to keep an eye on Elliott’s status, specifically as it relates to those games.

[#] Fri Nov 03 2017 10:23:07 EDT from rss

Subject: Block Party: Seven Takeaways from Flyers 2, Blues 0

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Please support the exclusive sponsor of our Flyers posts, COZZI JEWELERS, located in the Edgemont Shopping Center in Newtown Square! 20% DISCOUNT OFF ALL JEWELERY by mentioning CROSSING BROAD now through BLACK FRIDAY! Before shopping for your girlfriend or wife, shop! $300 off CUSTOM MADE ENGAGEMENT RINGS TOO!   Let’s face it, the odds…

[#] Fri Nov 03 2017 11:57:34 EDT from rss

Subject: Fantasy football start/sit advice guide: Best and worst picks for NFL Week 9

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Helping you pick your lineups.

Disclaimer: Starts and Sits are relative to where a player is ranked on the aggregate. In other words, a “Start” is someone I like more than most, and a “Sit” is the opposite. So if I say to start Ted Ginn and sit A.J. Green, that doesn't mean I'd start Ginn over Green, it just means I think Ginn will exceed his expectations while Green will underperform his. Cool? Cool. Let's get it. -Seltz

The newest and best app to play weekly Fantasy Football is DRAFT! Sign up now with the promo code BGNR and play a real money game for FREE! You win 80% more on Draft than regular salary cap sites! Don't like it? No problem, they guarantee your money back up to $100 if you don't.

***For more fantasy football advice, check out BGN Radio’s This Week In Fantasy podcast!***



Carson Wentz (vs. DEN) – Before I get to homerin' out about Wentz aka my true love – I need to address something important. I didn't want to talk about it, but I feel like I don't have a choice. It has to be done. Ok, here goes: My start/sits were amazing last week. I mean, I effing killed it. Not to pat myself on the back or anything, but I'm totally patting myself on the back. Start Watson in Seattle (get well soon, Deshaun!), sit Brees at home against the Bears, and a bunch of other home run calls. I felt it wouldn't be right, nay, it wouldn't be just for me to move forward with this column without giving myself my proper due. And yes, that was absolutely the douchiest sentence I've ever written. I'm clearly a lame, pathetic loser who's clinging to the fact that I made good (educated?) guesses a week ago. I apologize for everything you've read up until this point. Let's all move forward together with a clean slate, mmmkay? Oh, you're all gone already. Welp, I guess I'll just homer out about Carson Wentz. It seems like a lot of people fear the vaunted Broncos pass defense, but it's been decidedly less vaunted this year than in years past (#13 pass defense according to Football Outsiders). You know who you should fear? Denver's run defense, that's who (#1 according to Football Outsiders). Regardless, the Eagles are going to score points, and they're going to do it through the air. Don't be scared. Let Carson Wentz into your fantasy lineups, and into your hearts.

Jacoby Brissett (@ HOU) – Sorry, that got a little weird. New clean slate? Speaking of clean slates (see what I did there), Jacoby Brissett's fresh start in Indy has turned into a season-long gig. RIP the hope that Andrew Luck would eventually have fantasy value in 2017. See ya next year Andrew...maybe. For his part, Brissett has done a solid job considering his lack of experience, lack of time to learn the system, and lack of anything even closely resembling a competent NFL head coach. In fact, Brissett is the #14 scoring fantasy quarterback this season, which is higher than I would've expected. However, he's only the consensus #16 QB heading into the weekend, despite a matchup with a Texans defense that has allowed the fourth-most fantasy points to quarterbacks this season. So I guess what I'm trying to say is, Bris-set your lineup with Jacboy in it. Dammit. Moving on.


Cam Newton (vs. ATL) – There are six teams on bye, well, five teams and the Browns on bye – so it's slim pickings in terms of sits this week. In many cases, if you own these guys you probably have to play them. If you don't, congrats. Either way, don't play them in DFS formats for sure. Alright, onto Cam – he's has had a rough go of it this season, mostly because he's an asshat, but also because he's had more bad weeks than good and just had his top receiver traded away for draft picks. In spite of all that, he's still the consensus #7 QB this week, which is crazy to me. Cam is coming off back-to-back atrocious performances (#24 QB and #15 QB) and faces an Atlanta defense that has been sneakily mediocre against the pass. And yes, “sneakily mediocre” is my new favorite phrase.

Derek Carr (@ MIA) – Speaking of sneakily mediocre, Derek Carr (consensus #8 QB) has been sneakily bad. Outside of the fluky 1,746 different final plays Thursday nighter against the Chiefs, Carr has thrown 4 touchdowns and 6 interceptions in his last four games, and has been particularly bad on the road – 191.3 passing YPG, 3 touchdowns and 4 interceptions in his last three road games. Granted, the Dolphins are clearly a train wreck of a team that just gave up a 40-spot to the Ravens (lol btw). Counterpoint, Miami's been...wait for's coming...SNEAKILY MEDIOCRE defending the pass. More succinctly put, don't take the Carr out for a spin this weekend. Nailed it.





Christian McCaffery (vs. ATL) – Now is about the time each week where I plead (with myself) for some brevity. Here's last week's plea:“Now is the point where I rip myself for being long-winded and promise to do a better job – Andy Reid style. Fair warning, I'm rarely successful in my attempts at brevity, but I swear I'll try. “

Even though I'm already behind the eight ball here, I'll again do my best. To that point, McCaffery hasn't impressed me. He doesn't look nearly as elusive or explosive as I expected. But it's impossible to deny the sheer volume of work he's getting – not only is he Carolina's most targeted receiver, but his 8.3 targets per game are the most of any running back in the league...easily. Like, easily. More importantly, with the trade of Kelvin Benjamin, he'll have even more opportunities to touch the ball, and faces an Atlanta offense that has been terrible – TERRIBLE – at defending running backs in the passing game. As the consensus #16 RB heading into the weekend, McCaffery is undervalued based on his incredibly high floor alone. So take that, rankings people. Dammit, I forgot about the whole brevity thing. What can I say, I'm a work in progress.

Alex Collins (@ TEN) – Is Collins...good? He certainly looks good. Dude runs with fire. Not to mention, he's coming off a potential breakout game (143 total yards) and is averaging an eye-popping 6.0 YPC. So to answer the question, I have no idea if he's good. But he's having success and should get the bulk of the workload against a middle of the pack Titans rush defense. As the consensus #17 RB, Collins is under-ranked – more importantly, it's an affront to everything Alex Collins is and stands for, it's utter disrespect. Use it as fuel, Alex. Use it as fuel. Side note, if anyone knows Alex Collins, can you please relay my message to him? I know he tries to read this every week, but he's a busy guy and doesn't always get to it. Just wanna cover my bases.


Jay Ajayi (vs. DEN) – I know. I know. It's exciting to have Ajayi here and it'd be fun to start him in fantasy. I'm here to be the debbie downer and stop you from doing that. Ajayi has had four days to learn the system and is facing the best run defense in the league. Keep Ajayi in the holster until Dallas week – then let him loose on those loser Cowboys. Sorry not sorry.

C.J. Anderson (@ PHI) – Same game alert! No one allows less rushing yards per game than the Eagles. You can't run on them. Don't even try it. Plus, Devontae Booker and Jamaal Charles are breathing down C.J.'s neck and the offensive line is awful. Also, C.J. may not be good. Is that enough?



Michael Thomas and Ted Ginn (vs. TB) – Whoa! The duel start. Often bandied about but rarely, if ever, seen. Rejoice, you guys, it's a special day. Here's the reason(s) for the occasion: The Bucs are terrible. They're allowing the third-most fantasy points to wide receivers. They have the second-worst pass defense in the league according to Football Outsiders. The Saints are at home. It feels like a Drew Brees week. Did I mention the Bucs are dreadful?

Jarvis Landry (vs. Oakland) – This one will be short and sweet. The Raiders have Football Outsiders' worst pass defense. Landry is averaging 11.4 targets per game and prior to last week's stinker in Baltimore, he had scored a touchdown in three straight games. Like I said, short and sweet.


AJ Green (@ JAX) – Let's keep this brevity train rolling. The Jags have the best pass defense in the league. They have the best cornerback duo in the a mile. Yeah, I said it. You're obviously starting Green in seasonal leagues, but I'd steer clear in DFS and other daily formats.




Jack Doyle (@ HOU) – It's Jack Doyle's world, we're all just living in it. Doyle's been targeted 32 times over the last three weeks,he's coming off a 12-catch, 121-yard performance (plus a touchdown), and he's facing a Houston defense that's allowed the sixth most fantasy points to tight ends. Boom. Brevity.

Vernon Davis (@ SEA) – Davis has been productive with Jordan Reed in the lineup, imagine how much more productive he'll be with Reed out of it! Breeeeeeeeeeevity.


Tyler Kroft (@ JAX) – Kroft continues to get love from the fantasy community, yet he continues to produce lackluster results. Having said that, I don't really hate him this week, I just had to find a sit somewhere and he's a guy I think is being slightly overvalued. That's it. Chill out, Tyler Kroft fans. Don't @ me.

Austin Hooper (@ CAR) – Hooper is super meh. Atlanta's entire offense is meh. I think both things continue to be true against a good Panthers defense. Hooper...meh.





Houston Texans (vs. IND) – I've recommended Brissett and Doyle, so may as well go all in. Houston is the consensus #3 defense, which is insane. They're just not that good. So, yeah. All in.



Some guy who's playing in a dome or who's on a team with a good offense.


Any guy who doesn't qualify the above set standard for “Start.”

***For more fantasy football advice, check out BGN Radio’s This Week In Fantasy podcast!***

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Subject: NFL Mock Draft 2018: Midseason picks for the entire first round

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Eight games into the Eagles season and there is plenty reason to be thrilled about the team. The offense is humming and the defense is making plays even without Ronald Darby or Sidney Jones on the field yet. Despite dominating their schedule, the team is lacking at a few areas on the roster, due to injury or otherwise. While mock drafts aren’t definitive at this point (or ever, really), they give a great idea of the top talent in college football at this point and where team’s stand from a need point.

Draft order made by Super Bowl odds.

1 - Cleveland Browns- Saquon Barkley, Running Back, Penn State: The Browns are still losing despite having a strong offseason reloading their roster. Why? Because their offense has been stagnant despite a strong offensive line. It is to be seen what the future of the Cleveland’s front office and coaching staff is after another horrific season, maybe they really are committed to being the Sixers of the NFL for a while to accrue top talent. Anyway, Barkley is a game changing talent that will be easy to get the ball and start giving the Browns big plays on offense.

2 - San Fransisco 49ers- Mike McGlinchey, Offensive Tackle, Notre Dame: The 49ers might be the best 0-8 team in NFL history. Not sure how that is provable, but they definitely feel like a team that is outplaying their record and are victims of a tough schedule and a terrible roster. The team is getting encouraging play from a few of their rookies and trading for Jimmy G takes them out of the running for a top quarterback prospect so they could stand to improve their trenches. McGlinchey is an athletic, fundamentally sound tackle who would immediately upgrade their offensive line.

3 - Indianapolis Colts- Bradley Chubb, Edge Defender, NC State: The Colts are bad right now and their future hangs in the balance as no one knows if Andrew Luck will recover from a serious shoulder injury. One thing that is for sure is the need for them to upgrade their defense. Chubb is a physical, high motor player who will not only provide splash plays rushing the passer, but will also change the attitude of a defense.

4 - New York Giants- Connor Williams, Offensive Tackle, Texas: The Giants have been decimated by injuries but their offense wasn't exactly in a good way before then either. Fully healthy, the Giants have the weapons in the passing game to thrive but the protection just was not there for Eli Manning. The Ereck Flowers project needs to end and Connor Williams is a gifted young tackle who could step right in and be an immediate upgrade.

5 - New York Jets- Josh Rosen, Quarterback, UCLA: The Jets are another team who has seriously surprised despite being in a reloading period. Their offense and defense are overachieving due to a commendable job by the coaching staff and breakout play from a lot of young players. What is majorly missing is a franchise quarterback because we know Josh McCown is nothing more than a stopgap. Josh Rosen is a strong armed, gutsy quarterback with all the tools to be a star signal caller in the league. Todd Bowles deserves to stay on with the Jets and start building a contender and Josh Rosen would be a great pick to start putting them in that direction.

6 - Arizona Cardinals- Sam Darnold, Quarterback, USC: The Cardinals need to seriously consider the future after Carson Palmer. Sam Darnold is far from a perfect quarterback prospect, but he has all the tools of a high level NFL signal caller. Arians loves strong armed quarterbacks who don’t fear testing any windows. Darnold is a bit more of a project, but it is hard to not see Arians fall in love with his skill set.

7 - Baltimore Ravens- James Washington, Wide Receiver, Oklahoma State: The Ravens offense has not been explosive since Torrey Smith was there, if we are being honest. Joe Flacco is in desperate need of a guy who can consistently stretch the field and make big plays and who is better in the draft than James Washington? Washington is averaging over 20 yards per catch over his four year career in college, an unheard of mark of efficiency. He has great hands and is a touchdown machine. Joe Flacco will finally be able to start slinging down the field again.

8 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Derwin James, Safety, Florida State: The Buccaneers are among the most disappointing teams in the NFL this season. Despite a handful of talented young players, the team has not put it together on the field. While there are a few options for them in the draft, drafting an impact defender in the secondary will be huge. Derwin James is still regaining his speed coming back from a knee injury, but the junior safety is still a massively talented player. He can play several positions on a defense and the Buccaneers will love his versatility and tone setting attitude.

9 - Chicago Bears- Courtland Sutton, Wide Receiver, SMU: The Bears are trying to see what they have in Mitchell Trubisky this year, but it is hard given the lack of weapons the team has in the passing game. Sutton is a massive target, physical player who can win jump balls and also separate down the field. He would immediately step into the Bears passing game and be their number one target.

10 - Cincinnati Bengals- Quenton Nelson, Offensive Guard, Notre Dame: The Bengals offense has taken a big step back despite talent in key positions. This can be largely attributed to their patchwork offensive line. Quenton Nelson is a physical, nasty player who sets the tone as a blocker in the run and passing game. He would immediately help the Bengals’ struggling run game.

11 - Miami Dolphins - Derrius Guice, Running Back, LSU: After trading away Jay Ajayi, for some stupid reason, the Dolphins have a massive hole in their running game. With Ryan Tannehill coming back next season, they will need to reboot the ground game to keep the offense balanced. Derrius Guice is a very talented running back with size, speed and physicality. He would give the Dolphins a lot of what they will miss in Ajayi and more if they can snag him.

12 - Green Bay Packers- Arden Key, Edge Defender, LSU: The Packers are going to have a top fifteen pick this year and get Aaron Rodgers back next year; a silver lining in an otherwise abysmal season. They could stand to add more juice to their pass rush and Arden Key is an outstanding athlete who would pair with Nick Perry to give the Packers a formidable duo of edge defenders.

13 - Los Angeles Chargers- Minkah Fitzpatrick, Cornerback, Alabama: The Chargers likely have to move on from Jason Verrett. No matter how talented he is, his health just is not dependable. In moving on, they would benefit from adding a young talent to their secondary like Minkah Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick can play several positions in an NFL secondary at a high level but I wouldn’t be surprised if the NFL wants him exclusively at cornerback. With a lot of young impact players on their defense, adding Fitzpatrick could finally put the Chargers defense over the top.

14 - Buffalo Bills-Harold Landry, Edge Defender, Boston College: The Bills are playing well on both sides of the ball despite trading away a lot of talent this year. It will be fun to see what the team can do as the roster is reshaped in Sean McDermott’s image. Harold Landry is a very complete defender with bend, a high motor and good athletic ability. The Bills defense has been solid this year and adding another impact defender will help make them be a bit scarier.

15 - Detroit Lions- Maurice Hurst, Defensive Tackle, Michigan: The Lions draft a local star to boost their defense. Maurice Hurst is a quick twitch interior defender with a high motor. He would fit well in the middle of that defense as a penetrating defensive tackle.

16 - Carolina Panthers-Clelin Ferrell, Edge Defender, Clemson: What the Panthers really need is a new offensive coordinator but in the mean time they can continue to upgrade their defense. Clelin Ferrell is a speedy pass rusher who would thrive on a defensive line with so much talent in the middle. Julius Peppers isn’t going to be a fore forever and the Panthers need to be thinking forward.

17 - Washington- Christian Wilkins, Defensive Tackle, Clemson: I would hate if this actually happened. Christian Wilkins is a dancing bear type of defender who can play various positions at a high level. He would be a huge addition to a defense that already has a handful of talent, especially with Jon Allen coming back next season.

18 - Oakland Raiders- Malik Jefferson, Linebacker, Texas: Oakland’s defense is in need of major help; especially in the middle. Malik Jefferson is a freak athlete who can cover, defend the run and blitz with the best of them. He is a movable chess piece and would immediately upgrade several aspects of the Oakland defense.

19 - Denver Broncos-Ronald Jones, Running Back, USC: While it is tempting to give the Broncos one of the quarterbacks, they might seek a more immediate impact player on offense by drafting Ronald Jones. Jones is a home run threat with the ball in his hands and could take a lot of pressure off of whoever is under center.

20 - Tennessee Titans- Vita Vea, Defensive Lineman, Washington: Vita Vea is another “planet theory” type of player. He is just a massive, athletic human being who looks better suited playing Power Forward than defensive line. The Titans should continue adding young talent to their defense and Vea would upgrade their run defense while bringing big play potential to their pass rush.

21 - Jacksonville Jaguars- Lamar Jackson, Quarterback, Louisville: The Jaguars are winning games in the oldest of old school ways. They are pounding the rock and melting opponents’ faces with their defense. In other words, they are winning in spite of mediocre (at best) quarterback play. Imagine an offense with Lamar Jackson and Leonard Fournette in the same backfield with playmakers like Allen Robinson in the passing game. Yes please.

22 - Browns (From Texans)- Baker Mayfield, Quarterback, Oklahoma: I have no idea how the NFL is going to feel about Mayfield considering his size; but he is enjoying one of the better quarterback seasons in college football history. He is a strong armed, mobile playmaker with a high football IQ and an unshakable confidence. He is the type of leader the Browns need on offense and he could be worth taking a risk on despite his size.

23 - Los Angeles Rams- Tavarus McFadden, Cornerback, Florida State: The Rams are enjoying a renaissance due to an offensive awakening, however their defense could stand to add some talent to it. Tavarus McFadden is a physical, ball hawking cornerback who would add a playmaker to the Ram’s young secondary.

24 - Atlanta Falcons- Orlando Brown, Offensive Lineman, Oklahoma: The Falcons offense has taken a step back this year due to poor play calling and a regressed offensive line. Orlando Brown would be a young player who could take over a right tackle for Ryan Schraeder and give the Falcons two young, talented bookends to their offense.

25 - New Orleans Saints- Calvin Ridley, Wide Receiver, Alabama: The Saints defense has taken a massive step forward this year and they could actually stand to add more players to their offense. Calvin Ridley is an older prospect, but his speed will pair well with Michael Thomas to give the Saints a formidable receiving duo for a long time.

26 - Dallas Cowboys- Joshua Jackson, Cornerback, Iowa: The Cowboys defense is still lacking this season due to injuries and lack of talent. Joshua Jackson is a tall, physical player who would solidify their secondary and give them some consistency back there.

27 - Minnesota Vikings- Tyrell Crosby, Offensive Tackle, Oregon: The Vikings are playing well despite not having either of their top two quarterbacks. Hopefully Teddy Bridgewater is able to return at full strength at some point, but the Vikings should upgrade their offensive line this offseason nevertheless. Crosby is a very athletic player with a physical side, giving the Vikings a talent at tackle they have not had in a while.

28 - Buffalo Bills (from the Chiefs)- Nick Chubb, Running Back, Georgia: The Bills offense needs an influx of youthful playmakers. LeSean McCoy is likely playing his last season in Buffalo and they will need a playmaker in their offensive backfield. Nick Chubb is playing great football right now and the athletic, big-bodied back will help punish offenses and take pressure off of Tyrod Taylor.

29 - Seattle Seahawks- Will Hernandez, Guard, UTEP: The Seahawks finally made a savy move to fix their offensive line by trading for Duane Brown. However that will only partially amend their disastrous group of blockers. Will Hernandez is a smaller school player who has been dominating. Adding him will go a long way to solidifying the Seahawks in the trenches.

30 - Pittsburgh Steelers- Shaun Dion Hamilton, Linebacker, Alabama: It is hard to find a major need on the Steelers roster right now but adding another speedy linebacker next to Ryan Shazier could make their defense even better than it is currently playing. Hamilton is a human missile and he would be just another weapon for that defense to deploy in a variety of ways.

31 - New England Patriots-Ogbonnia Okoronkwo, Edge Defender, Oklahoma: The Patriots have taken a lot of hits to the health of their defense this season and it is showing. Most noticeably, their defensive line is in tatters. Ogbonnia Okoronkwo is an athletic pass rusher who could provide a boost to the group and give them an athlete coming off the edge that they have not had in a while.

32 - Philadelphia Eagles- Martinas Rankin, Offensive Line, Mississippi State: The Eagles are another team where it is hard to find a pressing need, as evidenced by their current record. Jason Peters’ injury made it abundantly clear, however, that the team needs to consider life without the future Hall of Famer. Martinas Rankins is a massive, physical player who could play left or right tackle for the Eagles depending on how they feel about Lane Johnson. Dipping into what looks like a very deep offensive line class will make moving forward from Jason Peters just a bit easier.

Later round players to keep an eye on for the Eagles:

· Richie James, Wide Receiver, MTSU: Richie James is a dynamic athlete who can score in a variety of ways. With the picture at wide receiver a bit unclear going forward, James could be a prospect who could provide a lot in the slot or on the outside of the offense.

· Philip Lindsay, Running Back, Colorado: Lindsay is a guy who will get knocked for size; but he is a thickly built 5’8” and 195 pounds. He would be a good scat back to pair with Jay Ajayi and can add a lot on third down as a pass catcher.

· Jerome Baker, Linebacker, Ohio State: It is unknown how the NFL will view a smaller linebacker like Jerome Baker, but his speed and instincts will allow him to massively outplay his draft spot and the Eagles may need to think about upgrading their linebackers this offseason.

· Armani Watts, Safety, Texas A&M: While the Eagles don’t immediately need another safety, grabbing one in the middle rounds would be a savvy move for the future. Watts is a physical player who has a lot of swagger on the field. He would be a nice depth addition for the team and could eventually step into a starting role.

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Subject: Bill Simmons Loves Ben Simmons

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I’m just going to whisper this really low about Bill Simmons: Though I am obviously not ready to write-off Markelle Fultz, Simmons was right in saying that there were red flags. Perhaps that phrase is a bit more alarmist than it needs to be, but there was certainly something to his concern. With that said, I’ll…

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Subject: While You

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On Tuesday, the Eagles bolstered their backfield when they swapped a 4th round pick for Miami Dolphins running back Jay Ajayi. In pulling off the bold move, oft-maligned GM Howie Roseman solidified his place in the good graces of the mercurial Eagles fan base – for now. As he surveyed the NFL landscape, Roseman likely saw…

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Subject: Penn State

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We are once again partnered with TicketIQ to bring you great deals on the secondary market. This post comes from them. The first committee College Football Playoff rankings have been released, and Penn State has fallen to number 7. They are now ranked one spot beyond Ohio State, to whom the Nittany Lions gave up…

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Subject: UFC 217: Preview and Predictions for the Biggest Card of the Year

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It’s hard to build a more complete card than UFC 217. Tomorrow night we’ve got three title fights, the return of a future hall of famer, and a 14-fight win streak on the line. All 24 fighters made weight on Friday and we haven’t been blindsided with any illness issues (yet). Even the undercard is…

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Subject: Eagles News: Jason Kelce recognized as NFL

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 11/4/17.

Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

2017 Midseason NFL Offensive Line All Pros - Inside The Pylon
Jason Kelce possesses several ‘elite’ traits that are readily apparent on film; athleticism, play speed, mental processing, and hand usage (placement, timing, independent). Each of these lend themselves to Kelce being the premier ‘space blocker’ that the center position has to offer, often executing extremely difficult blocks pulling and leading to the 2nd level. Kelce uses precise angles paired with incredible acceleration and speed to fit on linebackers and even safeties at the point of attack with unparalleled consistency. Additionally, this season his processing in pass-protection has resulted in consistent clearing of the interior of the pocket to provide Wentz with huge throwing windows, and several late blitz pickups with outstanding play recognition to see past his man and identify late-loopers.

Eagles-Broncos Preview: Figuring out how to attack Denver's defense - BGN
The newest edition of BGN Radio is here! (Episode #275). In this episode, we preview the Eagles vs. Broncos game in Week 9, analyze key matchups, and much more.

This Week in Fantasy - Week 9 Lineups -
James Seltzer and Sigmund Bloom break down every game on the Week 9 NFL slate. Plus, the guys discuss the impact of the trade deadline and go deep "Inside the Mind of Sigmund Bloom."

Eagles Mailbag: Timmy Jernigan vs. Bennie Logan - PhillyVoice
Logan has almost double the number of tackles of Jernigan, but Jernigan has more than double Logan's tackles for loss. Overall, there's not a big difference, numbers-wise. The difference is that Logan signed a one-year deal with the Chiefs worth $8 million. The Eagles have Jernigan under wraps in 2017 for about $1 million. Jernigan also has a gold grill and is delightful to talk to in the locker room. To be determined what each guy will make in 2018.

Game Review – PHI 33, SF 10 - Iggles Blitz
The Eagles were up 3-0 at the 2-minute warning. They won the game 33-10. The team started slow, but once things broke open late in the half, it was all over. They were clearly the better team, even though the Eagles did not play great football. I think it says something that they can be a bit sloppy and still win by 23. Also take into account that this was a short week. Plus, there was no Jason Peters. There was no Jordan Hicks. The Eagles still won convincingly. That’s a good sign.

Howie Roseman has earned the benefit of the doubt after Ajayi trade - Inquirer
While it is too early to answer the question definitively, questioning the motives of the Eagles executive is never out of order. But what Roseman’s recent track record has afforded him is a greater benefit of the doubt. The Eagles, despite their impressive start this season, have won nothing yet, and Roseman, despite a striking turnaround since regaining power, has not yet won executive of the year. But a 7-1 record at the halfway pole, coupled with his signature acquisition of Carson Wentz, should have even the most skeptical acknowledging Roseman’s role in the Eagles’ start.

Taking A Trip Around Eagles' Locker Room -
It is a winning locker room, a loose one, with a very positive environment. Hey, the Eagles are 7-1. The only thing that matters is keeping things rolling. This locker room is a very, very good place to be ...

Eagles working overtime to get Jay Ajayi up to speed - ESPN
He’s done a nice job,” Pederson said. “He’s a smart guy. He comes from an offense that uses very similar terminology, so he’s familiar with that. He’s picked it up. He’s had some extra meetings with [running backs coach] Duce [Staley] this week, so we’re trying to get him up to speed as fast as he can and we can.” Pederson said that Ajayi is being given a “very limited” portion of the playbook, about 10 to 15 plays. The Eagles want to get him comfortable before filling up his plate. So far, Pederson has liked what he’s seen out of his new back. “He’s a violent runner. He’s aggressive,” Pederson said. “He’s got a great one-cut move back to the inside. I think he’s got tremendous vision and can hit the hole extremely fast, and in the open field has the speed to run away from defenders.”

Wulf's Den: Sunday's emotional homecoming - The Athletic
This Sunday, another Eagles luminary returns to the nest as an enemy Bronco. Denver, in fact, has made a habit of plundering the Eagles. Dawkins, Correll Buckhalter, Joe Mays, Jordan Norwood, Evan Mathis, Brodrick Bunkley and Winston Justice have all said goodbye to the City of Brotherly Love in order to fly Rocky Mountain High. Eight years after Dawkins' sentimental homecoming, the talk of the town again centers again on the reception for a man who gave his blood, sweat and tears to Midnight Green. After four seasons of serving as the Swiss Army Knife for the Eagles' offensive line, Barbre was unceremoniously dumped on the eve of training camp. On Sunday, the Missouri Marvel returns. And it's a good thing too, because a knife comes in handy when the tension is this thick.

Malcolm Jenkins expands already impressive versatility - NBC Sports Philaelphia
This season is Nigel Bradham's sixth in the NFL. He's never seen a player as versatile as Malcolm Jenkins. "Man, no!" Bradham said. "Not in my career. He's definitely the first. A guy that can play from corner to defensive end pretty much. Seriously. It's amazing, man." Throughout his time in Philadelphia and in the league, Jenkins has played both safety spots, cornerback and nickel cornerback. On Sunday, Jenkins expanded his versatility even more, playing linebacker in the Eagles' dime package. It's not an entirely new position for Jenkins, but it is a little different. The biggest difference is that as a linebacker in the run game, Jenkins has to take on offensive linemen instead of tight ends and running backs.

Family of 'Dutch Destroyer' to come to Fargo - Valley News Live
North Dakota State Athletics announced Friday evening the family of Lukas Kusters, the "Dutch Destroyer", will attend the November 11th game against South Dakota at the Fargodome. The Kusters have ties with Carson Wentz. Lukas met Carson as a wish granted by the Make-A-Wish Foundation. In a story from ESPN, Wentz received a "Dutch Destroyer" wristband that he wears every day.

PFF 2018 NFL Mock Draft 1 - PFF
OT Tyrell Crosby, Oregon: With OT Jason Peters getting older and currently out for the season, the offensive tackle position likely needs to be addressed in Philadelphia. Crosby has been productive since stepping in as a true freshman in 2014. This season, his 87.5 overall grade ranks ninth in the nation and he ranks in the top-15 in both pass blocking and run blocking.

Torrey Smith doesn’t just know fatherhood; he loves it - NFL Player Engagement
Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Torrey Smith grew up in Falmouth, Virginia, the oldest of seven children and he knew more than a little bit about what it took to raise a family. Until he had his own children Smith didn’t know all that went along with it, however. “Oh [fatherhood] has had an impact on me,’’ Smith, who begins his first year with the Eagles, after four years with the Baltimore Ravens and two with the San Francisco 49ers, said. “I grew up with a lot of siblings, and kind of played the father figure role, but it’s not like having your own kids.’’ Smith and his wife, Chanel, have two young sons, Torrey, known as T.J. who is three years old and Cameron, who is one.

Three reasons why the Broncos will beat Eagles - Mile High Report
Putting some sauce behind “any given Sunday” for this week’s game, Eagles blogger Brandon Lee Gowton gives three reasons why his team might lose on Sunday.

2017 NFL midseason awards: Ranking every team’s MVP so far - SB Nation
Carson Wentz is clearly the Eagles’ MVP — and maybe the NFL’s. But not every team’s candidate is as obvious.


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Subject: Eagles vs. Broncos 2017: Game time, TV schedule, live online streaming, channel, radio, and more

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Learn more about the Philadelphia-Denver matchup set to take place on Sunday.

The Philadelphia Eagles are 7-1 through the first half of the 2017 NFL season. I’d say that’s pretty good.

But there’s still a lot of work to be done. The second half of the Eagles’ schedule features some tough games on it. Sunday’s matchup against the Denver Broncos is no exception.

It’s true the Broncos’ offense isn’t very good. Denver has only managed to score an average of 9.7 points per game in their last three contests. They’ve also turned the ball over 17 times, which ranks second most in the NFL.

The Broncos’ offensive struggles have prompted the team to bench Trevor Siemian. It’ll be Brock Osweiler getting the start against a Philadelphia defense that absolutely beat rookie quarterback C.J. Beathard to a pulp in Week 8. Osweiler faces a tough task on the road.

He’s not the only quarterback who will be challenged in this game. Denver’s defense might not be as good as it was during their Super Bowl run, but they still have a lot of the same players. It’s a very talented unit. Von Miller is obviously the key name to watch since he’s capable of regularly creating havoc.

Carson Wentz has his work cut out for him in this game. The second-year quarterback arguably hard his worst showing of the year against the 49ers last Sunday. He’ll aim to be better this weekend, but it won’t be easy.

A win over the Broncos means the Eagles would be 8-1 going into their Week 10 bye. The Birds needs to take care of business at home and prove they can beat a tough defense.

Here's everything you need to know about how to watch the game.

TV Schedule

Date: Sunday, November 5, 2017

Time: 1:00 PM ET

Channel: CBS

Announcers: Ian Eagle, Dan Fouts

Location: Lincoln Financial Field | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

NFL Network replay: TBA

Radio: SportsRadio 94WIP | Full listings here

Online Streaming

NFL Sunday Ticket

NFL Game Pass

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Per Bovada, the Eagles are heavy favorites to win.

Denver Broncos +8 (-110)

Philadelphia Eagles -8 (-110)

History Lesson

The Eagles are 7-5 in 12 all-time regular season appearances against the Broncos. The Eagles are 5-1 against the Broncos in Philly. Denver’s only road win over the Eagles came back in 1986. These two teams last played in 2013, when Philadelphia got blown out by Peyton Manning and company: 52-20.

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Eagles 2017 Regular Season Schedule

Week 1 - at Washington Redskins (Sept. 10, 1:00 PM ET, FOX)

Week 2 - at Kansas City Chiefs (Sept. 17, 1:00 PM ET, FOX)

Week 3 - vs. New York Giants (Sept. 24, 1:00 PM ET, FOX)

Week 4 - at Los Angeles Chargers (Oct. 1, 4:05 PM ET, FOX)

Week 5 - vs. Arizona Cardinals (Oct. 8, 1:00 PM ET, FOX)

Week 6 - at Carolina Panthers (Oct. 12, 8:25 PM ET, CBS/NFLN) Thursday Night Football

Week 7 - vs. Washington Redskins (Oct. 23, 8:30 PM ET, ESPN) Monday Night Football

Week 8 - vs. San Francisco 49ers (Oct. 29, 1:00 PM ET, FOX)

Week 9 - vs. Denver Broncos (Nov. 5, 1:00 PM ET, CBS)

Week 10 - BYE

Week 11 - at Dallas Cowboys (Nov. 19, 8:30 PM ET, NBC) Sunday Night Football

Week 12 - vs. Chicago Bears (Nov. 26, 1:00 PM ET, FOX)

Week 13 - at Seattle Seahawks (Dec. 3, 8:30 PM ET, NCB) Sunday Night Football

Week 14 - at Los Angeles Rams (Dec. 10, 4:25 PM ET, FOX)

Week 15 - at New York Giants (Dec. 17, 1:00 PM ET, FOX)

Week 16 - vs. Oakland Raiders (Dec. 25, 8:30 PM ET, ESPN) Monday Night Football on Christmas

Week 17 - vs. Dallas Cowboys (Dec. 31, 1:00 PM ET, FOX)

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Subject: Doug Pederson shows he can get tough during mic

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Don’t piss off Dougie P.

From the outside perspective, at least, Doug Pederson might not be thought of as the toughest guy. But you can be assured that the Philadelphia Eagles head coach is not afraid to yell at his players. Just take this mic’d up video clip from last week’s Eagles-49ers game, for example.

We’re going backwards, dammit. Let’s go. Before I lose my frickin’ mind, we better figure this shit out! Let’s go offense, PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS!

Oh snap. Don’t piss off Doug.

Pederson’s had a few notable moments like this during all the Eagles practices I’ve attended during his tenure. It’s not like he’s yelling at the players like this every day, but he will get aggressive when it’s needed.

The Eagles’ big selling point of the Pederson hire was that he had “emotional intelligence.”

So far, Pederson has seemingly done a good job of walking the line between being well-liked and being well-respected.

This Eagles team seems to have a really good #culture going on. Winning obviously helps a lot with that. Pederson deserves credit as well.

Here’s the full mic’d up video of Pederson from Sunday.

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Subject: College Football Week Ten NFL Draft Preview: 5 prospects for Eagles fans to watch

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Keep an eye on these players.

Week Ten of the 2017 college football season is here! Today features a good slate of games and always with good games comes great opportunities for NFL Draft prospects to boost their profile. Who should Eagles fans keep an eye on today?

  • Mike Gesicki, Tight End, Penn State: While all the focus is rightly on Saquon Barkley when Penn State’s offense is on the field; Mike Gesicki is a hell of a player in his own right. At 6’6” and 250 pounds, Gesicki has a strong build that helps him as a blocker and catching tough passes to keep the chains moving. While he only has 30 catches at this point in the season, he remains a big part of the Penn State offense in the red zone and as a blocker. Today’s match up against Michigan State’s stingy defense (12 PM ET on Fox) will likely mean Gesicki will have a huge role. He will be asked to help push the run game against stacked boxes and will likely need to make some tough catches when downfield options aren't available. He could be a big determinant in whether or not Penn State can come away with a win.
  • Jeff Holland, Edge Defender, Auburn: Auburn is enjoying a strong season and their defense has played a large role in that. Jeff Holland is in his first year starting after playing behind Carl Lawson and he is taking off with eight sacks and 10 TFLs already on the season. The 6’2”, 250 pound end has good physicality and burst, already playing dynamically as a pass rusher. Against Texas A&M today, (12 PM ET on ESPN), Holland’s pass rush will be pivotal in defending an explosive Aggie defense but he will also need to stay strong against a dynamic run game. Holland is flying under the radar n draft circles but this could be his break out game.
  • Skai Moore, Linebacker, South Carolina: South Carolina is quietly enjoying their first good season in a few years due to strong defensive play and young offensive playmakers. One of their seniors, Skai Moore, is enjoying the best season of his career. The small, speedy linebacker is rangy in coverage and shows off explosive ability downhill. The only real question is how much a 218 pound linebacker can hold up against the most physical of football teams. Well, today should give us an idea when Georgia is on offense (3:30 PM ET on CBS). Georgia’s run game is among the best in the country and Moore will need to play the game of his life to give South Carolina a chance. Can he do it?
  • Mitch Hyatt, Offensive Tackle, Clemson: The offensive line crop in college football should be encouraging for NFL teams and fans that know that their trenches need rebooting. Mitch Hyatt is just one of many names who could be potential replacements for Jason Peters after the season. Hyatt is a big bodied, physical player and he will need his A-Game today against Bradley Chubb and the NC State Wolfpack (3:30 PM ET on ESPN). Bradley Chubb and Kentavius Street form a formidable duo and Hyatt will need to stay on point regardless of who is across from him. NC State is a good team this year and keeping Kelly Bryant upright will be key in beating them.
  • Da’Ron Payne, Defensive Tackle, Alabama: Alabama’s defense is once again among the best in the country and one of its unsung heroes is Da’Ron Payne. Payne isn’t filling up the stat sheet, but the 6’2”, 305 pounder eats up space and makes running the ball a tall task. Payne’s run stopping ability will be important against Derrius Guice and LSU (8 PM ET on CBS). The only way LSU wins is if Guice gets going and Payne will be a key in making sure that does not happen.

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