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[#] Fri Sep 29 2017 15:22:37 EDT from rss

Subject: Drew Brees Is Somehow The Enemy For Taking a Knee with His Team

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Drew Brees is getting destroyed for this Tweet. He’s getting crushed from the far left Twitter zealots because THAT’S NOT ENOUGH, PRIVILEGED WHITE MAN. And he’s getting crushed from the right because he gave in, slightly, following his comments last week that he would always stand during the National Anthem. Whatever your stance on this…

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Subject: Phillies to Participate in Little League Classic

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The Phillies will play 80 of their 81 home games at Citizens Bank Park in 2018. The other home game will be a little less than four hours away from the usual home field in Williamsport. Their August 19 game against the New York Mets will now be part of MLB’s second annual Little League…

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Subject: Jake Elliott wins two awards, including NFL Rookie of the Week

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This is awesome.

Philadelphia Eagles kicker Jake Elliott was nominated for two awards this week: “Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Week” and “Castrol EDGE Clutch Performer of Week 3.”

Thanks in part to fan voting, Elliott won both awards. The players he beat out include: Kareem Hunt, Dalvin Cook, Deshaun Watson, Christian McCaffrey, DeMarco Murray, Jared Goff, Brandin Cooks, and Jordan Howard. Well done, Eagles fans.

Elliott is undoubtedly deserving of the honors. His 61-yard walk-off field goal to beat the New York Giants was as clutch as it gets. It was also the longest make of any rookie kicker in NFL history.

Elliott is now the first kicker to win NFL Rookie of the Week since, funny enough, Caleb Strugis in 2013. Sturgis was with the Miami Dolphins at the time.

In addition to winning these awards, Elliott was also named NFC Special Teams Player of the Week for Week 3.

Thanks to a clip of Carson Wentz being mic’d up, Elliott also earned a donation from the Eagles starting quarterback to a charity of the kicker’s choice.

All told, not a bad week to be Jake Elliott.


Relive Jake Elliott’s 61-yard game-winning Eagles field goal in all its glory (VIDEOS)

This might be the best call of Jake Elliott’s game-winning Eagles field goal

Carson Wentz said he’d give Jake Elliott his game check if the Eagles kicker made the 61-yard field goal (VIDEO)

Carson Wentz is donating his Eagles game check to a charity of Jake Elliott’s choice

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Subject: Sixers Notes: Injury Upgrades, Ping-Pong Battles, and Looking

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Friday’s Sixers news wasn’t half bad, both literally and figuratively. Joel Embiid participated in half-court 5v5 segments, while Jahlil Okafor took part in all activities. It was the first time both players practiced in those capacities during training camp. We didn’t get to see it with our own eyes, but Brett Brown provided an update.…

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Subject: Odell Beckham Jr. was fined for his dumb taunt in the Eagles-Giants game

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New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. was fined $12,154 for his dumb “drop on all fours and act like a peeing dog” taunt during NYG’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 3.

When asked if his celebration had to do with Donald Trump’s comments about NFL players, OBJ indicated that it did.

Personally, that seems like some convenient bullshit. Given the way Beckham crawls around before he lifts his leg, I get the sense he was mocking the crawl Brian Dawkins did when he came out of the tunnel. OBJ’s “celebration” took place around the part of the field where Dawk used to do that.

Beckham was flagged for the taunt during the game. He’s since faced a lot of criticism, including from Giants owner John Mara, who was “very unhappy” with the taunt.

The Giants weren’t the only team fined for taunting in this game. LeGarrette Blount also got fined for $9,115. He rolled the ball at New York safety (and self-proclaimed “Giant baby”) Landon Collins after scoring on a short touchdown run.

I think it’s safe to say Blount isn’t a guy who takes crap. I mean, you don’t really need to look further than the time he knocked a dude out cold in college.

An underrated moment from Sunday’s game (hat tip to our friend Brendan Ekstrom) is when Blount ran up to OBJ after Jake Elliott made his kick.

I love how the entire team goes to celebrate with Elliott ... except Blount, who most assuredly was talking crap to OBJ.

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Subject: Mackanin Was Good At Keeping A Seat Warm, But Now What?

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You know how you learn a piece of information, process it, and then you let it rattle around for a few minutes before forming an opinion? Well, today, when the Phillies announced Pete Mackanin wouldn’t return as manager next season, I began that process. I read it on Twitter. I said, “Oh. Wow.” And then…

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Subject: Eagles News: Jeffrey Lurie supports Doug Pederson

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 9/30/17.

Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Doug Pederson's fourth-down aggressiveness has Lurie's support - Inquirer
“I just want to sort of explain to you how those decisions get made because it should really take some of the burden off … any coach in the league,” Lurie said Sept. 7. “For a lot of teams — and ours is one — it’s all in the offseason done with mathematics. It’s not based on any form of instinct.” Lurie conceded that there were a few situations in which instinct was necessary – when the math was 50-50, 48-52 – but, in truth, situational football isn’t as black and white. Pederson had to gauge more than just the down, length, field position, quarter, and score before deciding whether to roll the dice. But Lurie’s greater point was that the NFL, by and large, had been too conservative and that old-school coaches and their defenders in the media had failed to adopt a more analytical approach to calling a game.

Chargers writer gives 3 reasons why the Eagles will beat Los Angeles - BGN
Sadly, the primary reason the passing offense has been ineffective is Philip Rivers. He is the best quarterback in franchise history (and the Chargers are a franchise that has had some exceptional quarterbacks including Hall of Famer Dan Fouts). For years he was the only one keeping the offense moving at all. But now, Rivers is a playing like a shell of his former self. His footwork is a mess. His decision making is terrible. He seems to make up his mind pre-snap and lock in on a receiver whether or not he is covered. He makes mistakes that would get a younger quarterback benched.

Eagles Game Preview: The Chargers are a team without a home -
Vince Quinn and John Barchard go over the up and downs of the Chargers moving from San Diego to Los Angeles. How much has that effected their 0-3 start? The Eagles seem to matchup pretty well but John thinks line is screaming for a Chargers victory. PLUS, Doug needs a new line with updating injury reports and a lot more!

Wendell Smallwood is improving as an all-around running back, with gifs and stuff - PhillyVoice
Smallwood has worked hard at his pass protection skills, and it showed on Sunday against the Giants. "It's always been an area that needed to get better, and Duce [Staley] has been harping on it," said Smallwood. "As far as me and the running back room, we've been getting a lot of practice at it. We watched the film today, and he said 'Some of those drills are working, and we're going to do some more.' It's been getting better for all of us in that room, and I think with me, as far as using the right technique and being in the right places, it has helped me a lot." Let's take a look at the tape, and show why Staley has reason to be encouraged by Smallwood in pass protection on Sunday.

Off to San Diego - Iggles Blitz
The Eagles got really creative with how they were going to lose on the road. That has to change this year if the team is going to take the next step and become a winning team. Instead of making critical mistakes, they need to start making critical plays. The team did that in D.C., but not in KC. That’s what makes this Chargers game so interesting. This is a long trip, but there won’t be significant crowd noise to overcome. The Chargers don’t have any home field mystique at the new venue. This is a road game, but isn’t like any game the Eagles have played in a long time.

Q&A with Joe Banner: On 4th-down decisions, analytics and acquiring Jason Peters - The Athletic
And he has clearly, since the day he started — and I do believe this is an organizational mindset, not just Doug — decided to be on the more aggressive side of things. So I don't think there's legitimate criticism. It didn't work so the hindsight is always 20/20. But thinking that the defense is playing well and gave them a chance to move the ball, they were kicking off in the second half so you didn't want to be up only 7-0 and have dominated the game and find yourself in a tie game three minutes into the third quarter. So I understand that it didn't work out. But at the time, given the information he had to make that decision and the way the game was going, I think it was a reasonable decision.

Can Defense Continue To Thrive? -
Beau Allen is using air quotes when he talks about backups. Not backups, says Allen. “Backups,” as in there really is no such thing in the NFL, as the Eagles are finding out with a defense that keeps on ticking in the face of some injuries threatening the foundation of the group ...

Jeffrey Lurie’s Long, Strange Trip - PhillyMag
Once upon a time, a wealthy and sensitive man arrived in Philadelphia, determined to find his place in the world while giving rabid Eagles fans the championship they deserved. More than two decades later, Jeffrey Lurie is still hard at work on both.

Copycat league: Will teams attack Eagles' D the way Giants did? - CSN Philly
So did the Giants leave a blueprint? Is this how teams will try to attack the Eagles in the future? "We'll see," safety Malcolm Jenkins said. "I think the Giants' offensive line was struggling before they got to us so I think that was an obvious matchup or concern for them was our rush. I'm not sure how teams will see that, if they feel confident they can block them up. The Giants, they were a quick-passing game anyway, where I think the Chargers are a little bit more downfield, a little more vertical of a pass game. But I do think there will be opponents all year that if they can, will try to get rid of the ball a little quicker just to alleviate that rush."

Carson Wentz’s improvement in second season is encouraging for Eagles - Washington Post
Three weeks into Carson Wentz’s sophomore season, the Philadelphia Eagles sit on a 2-1 record after having beaten two divisional rivals in the Redskins and Giants. While there are other important factors, the development of Wentz is by far the Eagles’ most important going forward. He is currently ninth in the league in passing yards per game average and is fourth in number of passes attempted. Until this weekend against the Giants, the Eagles had relied heavily on Wentz to carry the offense and a lackluster run game. So how is Wentz doing in his development? He has shown some encouraging signs of future potential, even if there are still some areas in which he needs to improve.

Philadelphia Eagles' Malcolm Jenkins' next goal: passing new legislation - ESPN
Instead, Jenkins and other members of the ever-growing players coalition are focused on taking advantage of the oversized megaphones suddenly in their hands to draw attention to the issues that they are demonstrating in the name of. That’s why Jenkins, along with teammates Chris Long, Torrey Smith and Rodney McLeod, as well as coalition co-leader Anquan Boldin, penned a letter to Pennsylvania legislators strongly endorsing the Clean Slate Act, which they believe will reduce recidivism by automatically sealing records for those who have a non-violent, misdemeanor record from 10 years ago, thereby increasing the chances that they can find employment and housing.

32 Observations, Week 3 - PFF
Philadelphia Eagles: All four of the Eagles starting defensive linemen have three or more sacks and hits combined. They are one of just two teams where each of the primary four pass rushers each have gotten to the quarterback that many times.

Eagles Writer Gives 3 Reasons Why the Chargers Will Beat Philadelphia - Bolts From The Blue
Bolts From The Blue previewed the game with Bleeding Green Nation earlier today in our Five Questions With The Enemy feature. And now we have three reasons why the Eagles could lose by BGN’s Brandon Lee Gowton. Check out Bleeding Green Nation to see why I think the Chargers could lose.

7 things to watch in NFL’s Week 4: Tom Brady could set yet another record - SB Nation
Plus, a few heated rivals will go at it, and London-born Jay Ajayi finally gets to play in his hometown.

Circa Survive has a new album: The Amulet -
Philly-based band that features our big Eagles fan friend and occasional BGN / BGN Radio contributor Brendan Ekstrom (guitar). Go check them out.


I did a number of radio/podcast interviews in recent days. Check them out below.


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Subject: Eagles vs. Chargers 2017: Game time, TV schedule, online streaming, channel, radio, and more

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Learn more about the Philadelphia-Los Angeles matchup set to take place on Sunday.

After playing at home in Week 3, the Philadelphia Eagles are back on the road for their third away game in a four week span. The Eagles are set to face the Los Angeles Chargers.

The Chargers are 0-3 through the first three games of the 2017 season. They kept things close in the first two weeks before the Chiefs comfortably beat them last Sunday.

One would think the Chargers are desperate to get on the board with their first win. That might be the case. Then again, this is a team that’s playing in a market that doesn’t seem to really care about them. The fans the Chargers had in San Diego feel alienated from their former favorite team.

Los Angeles has a number of talented players on their roster. Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram combine to form a fearsome pass rushing duo. Former first-round running back Melvin Gordon is more skilled than his career stats might suggest.

Overall, though, it’s not like this team is stacked. Dating back to last season, the Chargers have lost eight games in a row. They’re 10-29 going back to their last four games of the 2014 season.

This is a winnable game for the Eagles. The travel factor is also something to consider, but it’s not like the Birds will be playing in some hostile environment. If Philadelphia wants to contend for the playoffs, they’re going to need to take care of business against lesser teams. The Chargers are a lesser team right now. The Eagles need to show they mean business.

Here's everything you need to know about how to watch the game.

TV Schedule

Date: Sunday, October 1, 2017

Time: 4:05 PM ET

Channel: FOX

Announcers: Dick Stockton, Mark Schlereth

Location: StubHub Center | Carson, California

NFL Network replay: TBD

Radio: SportsRadio 94WIP | Full listings here

Online Streaming

NFL Sunday Ticket

NFL Game Pass (Free 7-Day Trial)


Per Bovada, the Eagles are underdogs.

Philadelphia Eagles +2 (-110)

Los Angeles Chargers -2 (-110)

History Lesson

The Eagles are 4-7 in 11 all-time regular season appearances against the Chargers. These two teams last played in the second week of the 2013 NFL season. The Eagles lost to the Chargers by a final score of 33 to 30.

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Eagles 2017 Regular Season Schedule

Week 1 - at Washington Redskins (Sept. 10, 1:00 PM ET, FOX)

Week 2 - at Kansas City Chiefs (Sept. 17, 1:00 PM ET, FOX)

Week 3 - vs. New York Giants (Sept. 24, 1:00 PM ET, FOX)

Week 4 - at Los Angeles Chargers (Oct. 1, 4:05 PM ET, FOX)

Week 5 - vs. Arizona Cardinals (Oct. 8, 1:00 PM ET, FOX)

Week 6 - at Carolina Panthers (Oct. 12, 8:25 PM ET, CBS/NFLN) Thursday Night Football

Week 7 - vs. Washington Redskins (Oct. 23, 8:30 PM ET, ESPN) Monday Night Football

Week 8 - vs. San Francisco 49ers (Oct. 29, 1:00 PM ET, FOX)

Week 9 - vs. Denver Broncos (Nov. 5, 1:00 PM ET, CBS)

Week 10 - BYE

Week 11 - at Dallas Cowboys (Nov. 19, 8:30 PM ET, NBC) Sunday Night Football

Week 12 - vs. Chicago Bears (Nov. 26, 1:00 PM ET, FOX)

Week 13 - at Seattle Seahawks (Dec. 3, 8:30 PM ET, NCB) Sunday Night Football

Week 14 - at Los Angeles Rams (Dec. 10, 4:25 PM ET, FOX)

Week 15 - at New York Giants (Dec. 17, 1:00 PM ET, FOX)

Week 16 - vs. Oakland Raiders (Dec. 25, 8:30 PM ET, ESPN) Monday Night Football on Christmas

Week 17 - vs. Dallas Cowboys (Dec. 31, 1:00 PM ET, FOX)

[#] Sat Sep 30 2017 09:41:14 EDT from rss

Subject: College Football Week Five NFL Draft Preview: 5 prospects for Eagles fans to watch

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Week Five of the 2017 college football season is here! Today features a good slate of games and always with good games comes great opportunities for NFL Draft prospects to boost their profile. Who should Eagles fans keep an eye on today?

  • Steven Richardson, Defensive Tackle, Minnesota: Minnesota's defense is led by their disruptive defensive tackle, Steven Richardson. A bit undersized at 6'0" and 300 pounds, the senior defender had seven sacks and 11 tackles for a loss last season but has yet to impact the stat sheet this year. Richardson is explosive off the line and his build gives him an every down advantage in the leverage battle. Facing Maryland (12 PM ET on FS1), Richardson will need to show out against one of the more explosive running games in the country. Richardson has yet to put up flashy numbers this season and this would be a great game to start making those plays in the run and passing game.
  • Colton Jumper, Linebacker, Tennessee: The Volunteers lost a lot of talent in the draft last year on both sides of the ball but one of their returning players has emerged as a leader on their defense. Senior linebacker, Colton Jumper, has made an impact for the Vols this year, especially as a run defender and blitzer. The 6'2", 230 pound backer plays fast and smart and does not mind getting physical at the line of scrimmage. Tennessee will need him to stay on his game today against Georgia (3:30 PM ET on CBS) given that the Bulldogs will be handing the ball off a lot to their stable of running backs. While Georgia is massively favored going into this game, a strong game from Colton Jumper could stifle Georgia's offense enough to keep it close.
  • Akrum Wadley, Running Back, Iowa: One of the country's most unsung heroes at running back, Akrum Wadley leads Iowa in running and receiving at this point this season. The 5'11", 195 pound senior running back from Newark is rushing only a bit over four yards per carry, below average for the college level, but he is going for an incredibly impressive 22.7 yards on every catch. Wadley is Iowa's only threat on offense so it would make sense that offenses are keying on him. He is not the most athletic back, nor the biggest, but he is a very savvy player with great vision, quickness and a tough running style. Iowa faces a tough opponent with Michigan State (4 PM ET on Fox). The Spartans are usually physical on defense and never an easy team to play, so a win for Iowa will require a big game for Wadley. In a college football landscape loaded with running backs, today could be a nice statement game for the senior running back.
  • Adonis Alexander, Cornerback, Virginia Tech: Every year it feels like Virginia Tech has a few defensive backs that warrant attention and surprisingly that is the case this year. Adonis Alexander is eye catching before he even steps on the field, towering over other defenders and offensive players at 6'3" and 200 pounds. His size and arm length makes him a pain in the ass to deal with at the line of scrimmage for wide receivers and it allows him to outmuscle receivers at the catch point on a regular basis. Alexander and Virginia Tech have a season defining match up against Clemson tonight (8 PM ET on ABC). The Tigers will field an explosive offense full of weapons and Alexander will be tasked with limiting one of them on every play. Be it Deon Cain, Hunter Renfrow, Ray Ray McLoud or even Travis Etienne; Alexander will need to be on his game all night. The junior cornerback has incredible potential for the NFL and tonight is a good chance to show every what that looks like.
  • Shaun Dion Hamilton, Linebacker, Alabama: Unsurprisingly, despite losing over half of the defensive starters to the draft last spring, Alabama's defense is still a buzz saw. While they do not have the same level of pass rush, the coverage and run defending ability of the unit is off the charts. A big reason why the Crimson Tide remains so strong, especially up front, is Shaun Dion Hamilton. Much like Reuben Foster was the leader of the unit last year and flew around the field making offensive players pay for even being in his vicinity, Dion Hamilton brings a similar violence to the field. While he is smaller than the average NFL linebacker at 6'0" and 235 pounds, he is an athletic missile who brings the hit against the run, has the speed to run in coverage and even can impact as a blitzer. Alabama's match up with Ole Miss tonight (9 PM ET on ESPN) could prove to be a bigger challenge than the rankings suggest. Ole Miss has a dynamic offense with an electric mobile quarterback, which seems to always trouble Alabama's defense. Dion Hamilton will likely be tasked with spying the dual threat, Shea Patterson, and his ability to contain the quarterback's running will be massive in making sure Alabama continues its reign of terror.

[#] Sat Sep 30 2017 10:27:31 EDT from rss

Subject: Philadelphia Eagles work out four players

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Due diligence.

The Philadelphia Eagles worked out four free agent players earlier this week. This isn’t unusual; it’s normal practice for teams to host these visits in order to have an emergency list of available players ready to go if injury occurs.

Here’s a look at the players the Eagles were working out, via Howard Balzer.


Anthony Fabiano - 24 years old. 6-1, 303 pounds. Undrafted in the 2016 NFL Draft out of Harvard. Played four games and made one start with the Cleveland Browns last season. Spent a week on Washington’s practice squad earlier this month.


D.J. Killings - Great name. 22 years old. 5-10, 187 pounds. Undrafted in the 2017 NFL Draft out of UCF. Had seven tackles and two passes defensed in the preseason. Waived by New England via injury settlement earlier this month. Here’s a good article with more info on Killings. His college teammates referred to him as a “genius.”

Damian Swann - 24 years old. 6-0, 189 pounds. Fifth-round pick in the 2015 NFL Draft out of Georgia. Played in seven games and made two starts with the New Orleans Saints in 2015. Finished with 20 tackles and four passes defensed. Suffered multiple concussions. Struggled in the preseason this summer.

Offensive tackle

Givens Price - Great name. 22 years old. 6-4, 310 pounds. Undrafted in the 2016 NFL Draft out of Nebraska. Spent most of his rookie season on the Arizona Cardinals’ practice squad before appearing in one game with them.


I wouldn’t make too much out of these workouts. The Eagles are just evaluating some depth options. Maybe we’ll see one of these players pop up on Philadelphia’s practice squad at some point this season.

[#] Sat Sep 30 2017 11:20:11 EDT from rss

Subject: Watch Carson Wentz mic

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Hear from No. 11

As we all know by now, Carson Wentz was mic’d up for the Philadelphia Eagles’ win over the New York Giants in Week 3. What a game it was. Check out the entire video below.

The Eagles also released a clip that features some differences from the video above.

Key observations

  • Carson came off pretty whiny about the heat. In fairness, I don’t blame him. I get pretty cranky when it gets hot. And I’m not the one playing football on a 100 degree field in the sun.
  • Really love how Wentz points down the field to throw off defenders before taking off running. Smart.
  • I like how Wentz was mad at himself for not scoring on his scramble because Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie got his ankle.
  • Carson really beat himself up for that Alshon Jeffery overthrow. He should. That was bad. It’s not shown in this clip, but another clip circulating on Twitter had Wentz saying “You idiot, Wentz.”
  • Jason Peters saying “no more misses, bro” to Jake Elliott is fantastic. I don’t think we’re giving JP enough credit for Elliott’s 61-yard field goal. Imagine Peters saying something like that to you. That is NOT a dude you want to let down. Especially when you’re a 5-9, 170 pound kicker. Peters has five inches and 160 pounds on him.
  • Really like the call to run the same play to Zach Ertz.
  • Carson made an interesting point that I never thought about before. The Eagles’ bench gets shade before their opponents do. The Giants had to deal with being in the sun all game long while the Eagles at least had some shade in the heat.
  • “We’re in field goal range but we’re not settling for three, we’re freaking scoring a touchdown.”

It’s always fun to see players mic’d up. In this case, you can see why the Eagles really value Wentz’s leadership.

[#] Sat Sep 30 2017 11:47:19 EDT from rss

Subject: Eagles sign defensive tackle from practice squad, cut a safety

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Roster move!

The Philadelphia Eagles made a roster move on Saturday morning. The team officially promoted Justin Hamilton from their practice squad to their active roster. In order to make room for Hamilton, the Eagles waived safety Trae Elston.

The Eagles promoted Hamilton because two of Philadelphia’s five defensive tackles on the 53-man roster are currently injured. Fletcher Cox and Destiny Vaeao have both been ruled out for Sunday’s Eagles-Chargers game. It’s unclear exactly when they’ll return.

Hamilton played well this summer. He probably would have made the roster if the Eagles didn’t already have so much depth at defensive tackle.

Tim Jernigan and Beau Allen are expected to start at defensive tackle for the Eagles this week. Hamilton and sixth-round rookie Elijah Qualls will serve as rotational backups.

Elston was claimed by the Eagles off of waivers last Thursday. Philadelphia really needed safety depth at the time because Rodney McLeod, Corey Graham, and Jaylen Watkins were all not practicing. With McLeod returning this week, however, Elston wasn’t needed around anymore.

The Eagles now have a vacancy on their practice squad. Philadelphia worked out some free agent players earlier this week so maybe they’ll look to sign one of them.

[#] Sat Sep 30 2017 12:59:02 EDT from rss

Subject: Previewing the Eagles-Chargers game

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Brandon Lee Gowton (that’s me), John Barchard, and James Seltzer will be broadcasting live from the Tastykake studios to talk about the EAGLES’ WEEK 4 GAME AGAINST THE LOS ANGELES CHARGERS, Doug Pederson, Carson Wentz, the NFC lEast, NFL picks, and much more.

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[#] Sun Oct 01 2017 06:30:26 EDT from rss

Subject: Eagles News: Philadelphia should run the ball a lot again this week

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 10/1/17.

Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Lawlor: Eagles Must Stay Grounded, Both Physically And Mentally, To Beat Chargers -
The Eagles ran for 193 yards and beat the Giants 27-24 last Sunday. The Eagles didn't win just because they ran the ball. You'll hear people rattle off stats that some team has a record of 16-2 when they run the ball 25 times or more. That sounds great, but there is no context. If all you had to do was run a certain amount of times, teams would follow that script without hesitation. That kind of stat is misleading because it doesn't tell the whole story. How many of those carries came in the fourth quarter when the team was trying to protect the lead and work the clock? The Eagles don't win last week without Carson Wentz hitting Alshon Jeffery late in the game for a gain of 19 yards. That set up Jake Elliott's amazing field goal. There were two huge pass interference penalties in the game. Each one helped the Eagles score a touchdown.

Watch Carson Wentz mic’d up in the Eagles-Giants game - BGN
It’s always fun to see players mic’d up. In this case, you can see why the Eagles really value Wentz’s leadership.

Chargers Preview - Iggles Blitz
The Eagles need to run the ball. That’s not just me trying to be old school. The Chargers struggle at stopping the run. They have outstanding pass rushers. This is a team you want to pound on. Move the ball and wear down their pass rushers. Melvin Ingram is one of those pass rushers. He’s off to a kinda decent start.

Brandon Brooks: NFL protests were never meant to disrespect the flag - PhillyVoice
I think what’s probably on everybody’s mind. Obviously, the [President Donald] Trump comments and how he attacked us as a league and different things like that. I guess what is interesting to me is, first and foremost, Colin Kaepernick taking a knee was never meant to disrespect the flag. I thought he made that clear originally from the beginning. It was really to protest inequalities and injustice to minorities and police brutality that’s going on for people of color. From there, it seems like once Trump came out with these comments, all of a sudden everybody wants to band together and take a knee and think the protest is about the disrespect of the flag. That just was never the case. That’s what’s on my mind. Trump calling us sons of bitches and things like that; saying they should be firing people who kneel for the flag. That’s one of our amendment rights. You have to be able to protest and speak freely in a nonviolent manner.

Roob's 25 Random Points: Cory Undlin, Mike Golic and access to the zoo - CSN Philly
Undlin deserves a big ol' boatload of credit for his ability to teach the Eagles' young cornerbacks and get them ready to play. We've spoken a lot about how far Jalen Mills has come and how comfortable rookie Rasul Douglas looks, but behind their development is a very tough, very involved and very detail-oriented position coach who gets the most out of what he has. Watching Undlin at training camp is always a trip. He is so engaged in what he's doing, and he's got this perfect combination of being a hard-ass and a tough, demanding coach. He's also funny as heck and able to keep his guys loose and having fun. And he spends so much time and energy on every guy on the roster. A special teamer like Chris Maragos, who had only played one snap on defense since opening day 2016, was forced to play the entire game at safety, but he was ready. Factor in a born leader like Malcolm Jenkins, a Pro Bowler with a Super Bowl ring, and Brian Dawkins, who's around the team a lot, this is a very healthy environment for young defensive backs. I can't wait to see what the future holds for this group.

What protesting NFL players like me want to do next (by Malcolm Jenkins) - Washington Post
A year ago, I was one of several NFL players who began demonstrating in the hope of sparking conversation about injustice in our country. That effort has now grown to include players and teams across the league, as we proclaim together that we believe in equality and justice for everyone. We understand that these conversations are often uncomfortable, but they are important for progress. Our demonstrations have never been about the symbols and traditions we use to honor America. They have been about us as citizens making sure we hold America to the ideals and promises that make this country great. We believe our country can do better — can be better. In the past year, more than 40 NFL players have joined Anquan Boldin, who retired this summer after 14 seasons, and me to form a Players Coalition dedicated to improving our criminal-justice system.

Eagles Mailbag: CBs switching sides, and finding an astronaut - The Athletic
According to Pro Football Focus’ charting, Mills was targeted 18 times against the Giants and allowed 12 receptions in total. But the game plan, according to Schwartz and for all who could see, was to offer Eli Manning quick, short completions in lieu of surrendering anything downfield. Aside from the first of the two Beckham touchdowns and Malcolm Jenkins’ intentional pass interference, Mills did his job in that aspect. Mills also leads all NFL cornerbacks with 39 targets on the season, again according to Pro Football Focus.

Carson Wentz helping to build sports complex in Haiti - ESPN
Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz is helping to build a sports complex in Haiti after a mission trip there this offseason, highlighting a busy couple weeks when it comes to charitable efforts. The Carson Wentz AO1 Foundation recently announced that it has granted funds to Mission of Hope, Haiti (MOH) to help launch a sports initiative that will aid in building a multipurpose sports complex and education center on its campus. The sports programs and facilities will give children access to educational tutoring while providing meals and vitamins to support nutrition.

Jake Elliott's road to the Eagles' record book started at a high school pep rally - Inquirer
Jake Elliott sat in the bleachers at a pep rally as a freshman at Lyons Township High School in suburban Chicago in 2009. He didn’t play on the football team, so he wasn’t a notable attraction that day. In an effort to generate student participation, random students were picked from the crowd to attempt field goals. Elliott was one of them. Elliott was a tennis player at the time, never once playing organized football. He didn’t consider himself a passionate football fan, either. He watched the Bears on television and played football with his friends in the schoolyard. But Elliott couldn’t discuss technique with the school’s kicker. An all-around athlete, Elliott knew he wouldn’t embarrass himself attempting a field goal. But he also didn’t think that moment would lead to a career. The ball was placed about 30 yards from the goalpost. Elliott went to kick, and Kurt Weinberg heard a boom.

Chargers vs. Eagles: 5 Questions with the Enemy - Bolts From The Blue
The Chargers don’t get to play the Eagles very often, so it was especially nice to get to ask Brandon Lee Gowton a few questions about them this week. Thanks to Brandon for taking the time to educate us about the Eagles.

NFL protests 2017: What's happening during Week 4? - SB Nation
Last week, we saw hundreds of players across the league make statements. Here’s what’s going on this week.


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Subject: NFL Picks Against the Spread 2017: Week 4 Games

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Here are some suggestions when trying to beat the odds.

Before the fourth Sunday of the 2017 NFL regular season kicks off, let’s have some fun by taking a look at the spreads for today’s games. (Click here for NFL Week 4 picks without regard to the spread.)

Here are suggestions when trying to beat the odds. You can find all of today’s NFL betting lines and more via SB Nation. My regular season record after the third week is 20-22-1. Last week was a real tough one. Let’s get to the picks.

NFL Week 4 Games

New Orleans Saints (-3.5) at Miami Dolphins: The Dolphins are coming off a loss to the Jets. The Jets! Not great. Their offense has only managed 25 points combined through two games played so far. Miami could find some more success against the Saints’ bad defense, but New Orleans’ offense figures to be better. I like the Saints here on the neutral field in London. PICK: Saints -3.5

Los Angeles Rams at Dallas Cowboys (-6.5): I’m going to be sticking with my method of picking NFC East teams to win here. If the Cowboys win, at least I got my pick correct. If they lose, I’ll lose no sleep over getting the pick wrong. I do think the Cowboys will win this game. Jared Goff and Sean McVay need to show more before they’ve earned confidence to be picked on the road like this. PICK: Cowboys -6.5

Jacksonville Jaguars (-3.5) at New York Jets: The Jaguars ... might be ... good? They certainly kicked the crap out of the Ravens last week. The Jets, who won last week, might not be quite as bad as everyone thought. Still, it’s not like they’re actually good or anything. I can’t believe it, but I’m taking the Jags here. I won’t be surprised if/when they disappoint. I’d stay away from this game if I were you. PICK: Jaguars -3.5

Cincinnati Bengals (-3.5) at Cleveland Browns: What’s up with this line? I mean, sure, the Browns are bad. But Cincy managed to score nine points in their first two games combined. The Bengals looked better against the Packers, yes, but to me that was an artificial spark created by the Bill Lazor promotion. Cincinnati ran out of juice in that game and I think they won’t fare much better here. I like the home dog, so I’m rolling with the Dawg Pound here. PICK: Browns +3.5

Buffalo Bills at Atlanta Falcons (-8): Beating the Broncos at home was a quality win for the Bills. That doesn’t make me confident they’ll suddenly be good enough to beat the Falcons, who are legitimately still one of the best teams in the league, in Atlanta. The fact that Chick-fil-A isn’t open on Sundays at the new Falcons stadium won’t prevent there from being fried Buffalo wings at this game (Why do you read anything I write?) PICK: Falcons -8

Tennessee Titans (-3) at Houston Texans: I think this is a tougher pick than it appears. First instinct is to take the Titans. They’ve looked good. The Texans have looked less good, but they showed good fight against the Patriots in New England. I think I need to see more from Houston before trusting them. I like the Titans more for now. PICK: Titans -3

Carolina Panthers at New England Patriots (-9): The Patriots are looking a lot shakier than expected. With that said, they should be able to take care of business against a Panthers team that isn’t very inspiring right now. Cam Newton is struggling. PICK: Patriots -9

Pittsburgh Steelers (-3) at Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens beat two really bad teams (Browns and Bengals) before getting absolutely demolished by the Jaguars. I do expect a much better effort this week from John Harbaugh’s squad but it might not be enough to beat the Steelers. Baltimore is still missing star defensive tackle Brandon Williams which will make it harder to stop Le’Veon Bell. PICK: Steelers -3

Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings (-2): Case Keenum is capable of having some good games. He’s not capable of consistently stringing them together over time. The Lions are inches away from being 3-0. Detroit looks good and I don’t trust Keenum to hold up. Give me the points. PICK: Lions +2

Philadelphia Eagles at Los Angeles Chargers (-2.5): Some have suggested this is a trap game for the Eagles. I really don’t think so. The Eagles are coming off an emotional win, yes, but it’s not like they played super well. In addition, they’re still dealing with some injury issues. The players know they need to step up. And it’s not exactly like the Eagles are entering a hostile environment; there will be a lot of Philly fans at the StubHub Center in L.A. Dating back to last season, the Chargers have lost eight games in a row. Maybe they’re due for a win. I think it’s more likely that they’re just not good. I think this game will close at worst for the Eagles so I like the points here. PICK: Eagles +2.5

New York Giants at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-3): You know that thing I do where I pick the NFC East teams to win? Yeah, I can’t do that here. The Giants suck. Tampa Bay sure didn’t look good in Week 3 but I think they’ll bounce back at home. New York is staring 0-4 right in the face. PICK: Buccaneers -3

San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals (-7): Gross. The Cardinals do not deserve to be seven point favorites. Arizona is the oldest team in the NFL and it shows. They’re averaging just a little over 17 points scored per game through the first three weeks. After losing badly in Week 1, the 49ers have shown some moxie against their division opponents. I could see another close game here. Keep in mind the 49ers played on Thursday Night Football in Week 3 while the Cards played on Monday night. There’s a rest advantage for SF here. PICK: 49ers +7

Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos (-3): I feel a lot more confident in taking the Broncos at home than on the road. The Raiders are coming off a Sunday night loss where they got their butts kicked. They’ll put forth a better effort in this game, for sure. Still, Denver’s defense might prove too tough to solve. PICK: Broncos -3

Indianapolis Colts at Seattle Seahawks (-13): The Seahawks have scored an average of 16 points in their first three games. Do you really trust them to score enough to be able to cover this? Their offensive line is just abysmal. Seattle is definitely going to win this game; their home field advantage is still very real. It’s just a matter of whether they can cover the spread. I don’t feel great about it but I guess I’ll take them. PICK: Seahawks -13

Washington Redskins at Kansas City Chiefs (-7): Washington has notched two quality wins after losing to the Eagles in Week 1. The Chiefs will prove to be their toughest test yet. Kansas City continues to look like the best team in the NFL. With that said, I’m taking Washington in hopes of being wrong. PICK: Washington +7

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Subject: Why doesn't Doug Pederson get any credit?

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A special bonus episode of BGN Radio!

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Subject: Eagles-Chargers game TV coverage map

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Check to see if you get the game.

IT’S GAME DAY - time for Philadelphia Eagles football! But can you watch their NFL Week 4 game against the Los Angeles Chargers from where you are? If you live in the ORANGE on the television coverage map below, you’re in luck (via

NOTE: The Eagles-Chargers game will air in Los Angeles on KCOP My 13.

If you live in the orange, you can watch the Eagles-Chargers game on FOX starting at 4:05 PM ET. Dick Stockton (play-by-play) and Mark Schlereth (color analyst) are on the call. Alternatively, you can turn on SportsRadio 94WIP to listen to Merrill Reese and Mike Quick during the game.

If you DO NOT live in the orange, you’re likely either stuck in the red, blue, green, yellow, or cyan. The red represents the Carolina Panthers at New England Patriots game. The blue represents the New York Giants at Tampa Bay Buccaneers game. The green represents the Los Angeles Rams at Dallas Cowboys game. The yellow represents the Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings game. The cyan represents the San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals game.

For more information on how to watch today’s Eagles game, CLICK HERE.

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Subject: Eagles-Chargers 2017: Game Predictions

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Who will win this week?

I’ve seen a lot of people suggest today’s tilt against the Los Angeles Chargers is a trap game for the Philadelphia Eagles.

I don’t feel the same way.

In fact, I have a good feeling about today.

You can take that for what it’s worth, which isn’t very much. But I also had this similar good feeling in Week 1 — before the Eagles beat Washington — if that means anything to you.

Now, I get why people are concerned. Fletcher Cox is out. That’s a big loss. There’s the whole cross-country travel factor. I don’t disagree that that’s something worth considering. There’s the Chargers’ pass rush. Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram are two really, really good edge defenders. There’s the fact that the Chargers have lost some close games this season and aren’t totally hopeless.

But it’s also true the Chargers just aren’t good. Again, they’ve lost eight games in a row dating back to last season. They’re 10-29 in their last 39 games. They haven’t been good for quite some time now. Even Chargers fans are very honest about how the team sucks.

It’s usually fair to not feel great about the Eagles when they’re playing on the road. Philly is 2-8 in away games during the Doug Pederson era. But will this game even truly be a road atmosphere? StubHub Center is so small! It only fits 27,000 people. Eagles fans are likely to make up a good portion of the fans in attendance. The Chargers were never a true L.A. team and the lack of support they’ve received really confirms that notion.

The feeling here is that the Eagles should be able to go into Carson, California and take care of business.

The Eagles ran the ball well last week against a bad New York Giants run defense. Los Angeles has allowed the second most rushing yards per game this season, so this could be another game where Pederson looks to rely on the run.

When it comes to the Eagles’ passing attack, the opportunities will be there. The Chargers’ linebackers and safeties just aren’t very good. Zach Ertz will have room to operate in the middle of the field. Nelson Agholor might even get involved today. Here’s hoping Carson Wentz shows some improved accuracy in this game after egregiously overthrowing Alshon Jeffery last Sunday.

On defense, the Eagles’ line will need to step up with Cox out. The good news is that Tim Jernigan is playing really good football. Beau Allen isn’t known for being a great pass rusher, but he should be able to help slow Melvin Gordon down.

Special teams won’t be an insignificant factor in this game. Chargers rookie kicker Younghoe Koo is 2/5 on the season. He’s missed potential game-tying and game-winning kicks. The Eagles, meanwhile, employ the best kicker in NFL history in Jake Elliott. I’m also interested to see how the return game looks with Kenjon Barner back. He showed some good returning ability in the past.

This is a game the Eagles should win. Quite simply, they’re a better team on paper and they’ve played better than the Chargers have so far this season. But none of that counts for anything if the Eagles don’t show it on the field. It’s up to the Birds to take care of business today in hopes of advancing to 3-1.

For more predictions, check out BGN’s weekly NFL game predictions and our NFL picks against the spread.


Suggested format:

Score prediction:

Bold prediction:

My predictions:

Score prediction: Eagles win, 24-17.

Bold prediction: Derek Barnett notches his first sack and also scores a defensive touchdown.

Your predictions:

Leave your own predictions in the comments. Vote in the poll below (click here if you can’t see it).

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Subject: Byron Maxwell benched by Miami Dolphins ... again

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Former Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Byron Maxwell is getting benched. Again.

The Dolphins are starting rookie cornerback Cordrea Tankersley, who was selected in the third round of the 2017 NFL Draft, in place of Maxwell, according to ESPN. Making matters worse for Maxwell is that he suffered a pre-game hamstring injury.

Maxwell was first benched by Miami early last season. He seemed to respond well, however, and played better upon returning back to the lineup. Maybe that’s what Adam Gase is hoping for again unless the rookie really lights it up.

The fact that Maxwell has been benched twice in two seasons now certainly isn’t a great look for him ... or the Dolphins. Miami traded the No. 8 overall pick (which Philadelphia later used to trade up for Carson Wentz) to the Eagles in exchange for both Maxwell and Kiko Alonso. Both players contributed to Miami’s 10-6 record last season, but things aren’t looking as good this year.

Maxwell has been targeted 11 times in two games played. He’s surrendered seven receptions for 112 yards, per Pro Football Focus. Maxwell ranks 97th out of 109 corners graded by PFF.

Alonso doesn’t seem to be looking so great either. He hasn’t been benched, no, but he ranks 86th out of 86 linebackers graded by PFF: dead last. Alonso has been targeted seven times and has allowed six receptions for 87 yards.

Earlier this year, Maxwell said the Eagles “messed up” by getting rid of him. Lol, nah.

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Subject: Eagles-Chargers Predictions

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After a thrilling end to their home opener last week over the Giants, the Eagles head west to take on the Los Angeles Chargers, aka the artist formerly known as the San Diego Chargers. The Chargers play in a soccer stadium, which is a little embarrassing for an NFL franchise. To recap, here’s where the…

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