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Subject: Your Friday Morning Roundup

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The Phillies lost to the Dodgers 5-4. If you’ve been someone that hasn’t followed the Phillies since June, this shouldn’t be a surprise to you. The Phils lost to the best team in baseball, not a shock. But dig deeper into that 61-92 record and you see the Phillies have actually been good since the…

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Subject: Eagles vs. Giants Game Preview: Six questions and answers with the enemy

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Scouting the Eagles’ Week 3 matchup.

After playing their first two games on the road, the Philadelphia Eagles are back home to face the crumbling New York Giants in Week 3. The G-Men are off to an ugly 0-2 start.

In order to preview the Eagles’ matchup against the Giants, I reached out to our enemies over at Big Blue View. The great Kunal Shah (@KSIXI) kindly took the time to answer my questions about the upcoming game. Let's take a look at the answers.

1 - The Giants are off to an 0-2 start after winning 11 games last season. What happened? What’s wrong with this team?

The simple answer to what happened is basically assigning blame to the offensive line. From left tackle to right tackle, the unit has struggled mightily in keeping Eli Manning upright long enough to get the ball to his weapons on the outside. Looking a bit deeper, and you see a little bit more. While the offensive line has been atrocious, Eli Manning doesn't seem to have the same feel in the pocket that he's had in the past. As a result, some of the sacks/negative plays have been on him. The coaching hasn't helped either. The Giants, for some reason, have refused to help Ereck Flowers on the left side, and it's been an issue that has been highlighted prominently in his nightmarish performance against Ezekiel Ansah. There's been no creativity in the offense and time management has been awful. Finally, the Giants offense "works" by getting the ball quickly to their playmakers. Their biggest playmaker hasn't really been available. And no, I wouldn't call Odell Beckham available against the Detroit Lions, he was clearly on a snap count and did not perform the full route tree. So it's been a bunch of things that have plagued the Giants this year.

2 - To what extent does the matchup of the Eagles’ defensive line versus the Giants’ offensive line concern you?

It scares the crap out of me. The Eagles not only have talent, but they have the type of pass rusher that Ereck Flowers really struggles against. He struggles against speed/leverage rushers and that's exactly how Brandon Graham, Vinny Curry, and Derek Barnett operate. It will be a blood bath unless Eli Manning let's go of the ball quickly and they put Rhett Ellison or one of their TEs in the backfield to help.

3 - I saw you mention on Twitter you think Eli Manning is close to being done. Do you think this is his last year with the team? Should the Giants bench him at any point this year in favor of Geno Smith or Davis Webb?

Let me start by saying there's no way in hell he gets benched for Geno Smith or Davis Webb. Not happening. Do I think he's steeply in decline and/or close to being done? Yes. I know many see this guy as "same old Eli" but a closer look shows that it's not. There's one big reason why, and that's Eli Manning's biggest gift was his ability to move in the pocket. He's not Russell Wilson but he would avoid sacks by moving around. He seems to have lost that. He also doesn't seem to have the arm strength that he once had. He still has one or two gorgeous throws a game, but that might not get it done. Realistically, his last year will probably be next year. Cutting him after this year will incur almost $12.5 million in dead money. That number drops to $6 million in 2019. Not out of the question that the Giants could look at QBs this upcoming year.

4 - The Giants have scored 17 points or less in 10 out of 19 games in the Ben McAdoo era. What’s your level of confidence in McAdoo as NYG’s head coach?

My level of confidence in Ben McAdoo is not one of panic, per se. He did lead the team to an 11-5 record in his first year. It is one of concern. The offense has been an issue since 2016. If he doesn't make changes and turn this team around, he could find himself on the hotseat. But as of right now, he's earned an opportunity to try and right this ship.

5 - Odell Beckham Jr. only played about 60% of the Giants’ snaps in Week 2 against the Lions. Do you expect him to be limited again this Sunday?

I do think Odell Beckham will be limited. This is a multi-week issue and ankles can linger, especially for wide receivers that make a living running ultra-precise routes. The best news that we could have hoped for is that Odell did not have a setback in the Detroit game. He'll get more work and will have an expanded route tree against the Eagles but I don't think he'll be at full strength.

6 - What’s the Giants’ recipe for victory? What do they realistically need to do in order to beat the Eagles?

There are several things the Giants need to do. Almost all of it is keeping Eli Manning upright. To do that, they need to:

A) Establish a rhythm with the short passing game. Throw up balls high to Brandon Marshall. Throw slants to Sterling Shepard, Odell Beckham, and Evan Engram. Get the ball out under 3 seconds. Shane Vereen needs to be involved in the passing game. The Eagles are not the team to try and establish your running game against. Short 4 and 5 yard completions, smartly executed screens and maybe some trickery should be the plan.

B) Have an HB like Rhett Ellison or an RB like Vereen or Orleans Darkwa on Manning's hip pocket on every play. Mix and match with them chipping the Eagle DEs or just staying in to block. Max protect like the Minnesota Vikings have done should help.

C) Keep doing what you're doing on defense. The Giants defense has picked up right where it left off, and last week, was without their best cover corner Janoris Jenkins and their up-and-coming middle linebacker B.J. Goodson. Don't allow Carson Wentz to move up in the pocket, stay aggressive, and try and mix up blitzes.

I think this will be a tough game for the Giants but by no means do I think the Eagles are an insurmountable force if the Giants can get it together.

Bonus: Score prediction? Who wins this game and why?

Eagles win this one, 17-13. Division games are close, but the Eagles have a clear matchup advantage here. The Giants defense has allowed 19 points and 17 points (7 came off a punt return against Detroit) and I think that's been a continuation of how many points they've allowed on average in 2016. They are a better defense than they were a year ago due to upgrades at MLB and at FS. The Giants offense has some work to do, but ultimately don't think they figure it out in time to get a win here.

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Subject: Fantasy football start/sit advice guide: Best and worst picks for NFL Week 3

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Helping you pick your lineups.

Disclaimer: Starts and Sits are relative to where a player is ranked on the aggregate. In other words, a "Start" is someone I like more than most, and a "Sit" is the opposite. So if I say to start Carson Wentz and sit Aaron Rodgers, that doesn't mean I'd start Wentz over Rodgers, it just means I think Wentz will exceed his expectations while Rodgers will underperform his. Cool? Cool. Let's get it. -Seltz



Philip Rivers (vs. KC) – Man, it must be tough to be a Chargers fan. Well, that's assuming there are any fans left after the team abandoned their city to not sell out a 30,000 seat soccer stadium. And if any fans did stay on, they've gotten to watch their team continue to find ways to blow games in dramatic, horrific fashion. But that's neither here nor there, let's talk fantasy. Despite the team's woes, Rivers has quietly played well this season, and he has his best set of weapons since LaDainian Tomlinson suited up (maybe). Most importantly, he's insanely undervalued this week as the consensus ranked #11 QB, despite facing a Chiefs defense that has been friendly to opposing QB's so far this season. Get Philip in your lineups. Quick sidebar before we move on, why are there both Philip's and Phillip's? Can't we just decide on one and roll with it? Anyhoo, these are the weird things I think about. Let's move on before it gets any weirder.

Trevor Siemian (@ BUF) – I love Trevor Siemian. Crap, I made it weirder. Let me rephrase, I love Trevor Siemian as a fantasy play this week. That's better. Siemian has been a beast through two weeks (#2 fantasy QB) and has looked good in doing it. I think he might just be legit. And what I mean by that is, he might be good enough to take advantage of terrific weapons, a solid-to-good offensive line, and a great defense. This week he faces a Buffalo defense that has yet to be tested – they've faced the worst version of Cam Newton I've ever seen and the worst team in the league – and may not be as good as their numbers suggest. And by "may not" I mean "definitely isn't." As the consensus #19 QB, Siemian is criminally underrated this week.

Eli Manning (@ PHI) – Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha *pauses for breath* Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I'm kidding. Obviously. Eli is going to be terrible. The only way I'd start Eli this week is if it were a "which player is most likely to retire at halftime" league.


Russell Wilson (@ TEN) – I said to sit Russell last week and that ended up being the right call based on his surprisingly high consensus ranking *my own horn toots lamely in the background.* This week Wilson's ranking is slightly more appropriate (#10 QB), but it's still too high given that his o-line is really, really, really, realllllllly bad. It's bad enough to submarine the entire offense. And it's certainly bad enough that I'm not starting Russell Wilson, on the road in a tough matchup, behind them.

Dak Prescott (@ ARI) – Can we be real for a second? Dak has looked like crap through two games. Sorry, it's the truth. Come @ me Cowboys fans. He's been bad. And somehow, he's the consensus #13 QB this week. I have no idea how or why. None. Zero. Less than zero. Arizona's defense is aight. And Dallas is definitely going to try and use Zeke more after last week's fiasco. Why wouldn't you reward the guy who gave up on two separate plays because he was frustrated? That's the Cowboys way. Did I mention that Dak has been terrible this season?

Running Back


Christian McCaffery (vs. NO) – McCaffery has yet to make the same kind of splash as fellow rookies Kareem "Da Gawd" Hunt, Leonard Fournette (more on him later), and Dalvin "True Eaglea" Cook, but I think this is the week C-Mac busts out. Is C-Mac a thing btw? I'm guessing it is. Either way, I'm going with it. C-Mac faces a Saints defense that is awful. Truly, epicly awful. They are especially bad at defending running backs in the passing game (only the Falcons have been worse since the start of 2016), and that's kinda McCaffery's thing, in case you didn't know. As Biggie once said, if you don't know, now you know. Start McCaffery.

Ameer Abdullah/Theo Riddick (vs. ATL) – Remember what I said about the Falcons a few sentences ago? Well, it's true. I wasn't lying to you. Wild, I know. But not only have the Falcons been the worst at defending RB's in the passing game, they've been the worst BY A MILE. They are so bad at it. As a result, both Abdullah and Riddick have value this week. I like Abdullah more because he'll get the bulk of the workload in what should be a high-scoring game. But I also like Riddick a lot, especially in PPR leagues where his ceiling is even higher than Abdullah's.


LeSean McCoy (vs. DEN) – Poor Shady. Buffalo's offense is sadder than a Greek tragedy. Shady is Homer and this Bills offense is his Odyssey, except way more sad cause this is actually real. McCoy will certainly have some good games this season based on high volume and talent alone, but this week won't be one of them. Denver's defense may be the best in the league and just SHUT DOWN Ezekiel Elliott and the Cowboys running game. That's enough for me to back off Shady in daily formats for sure, and wherever else possible as well.

Leonard Fournette (vs. BAL) – Fournette will get his first taste of his future home, as the (future London) Jaguars "host" the Ravens in the first of this season's games across the pond. While I love Fournette's talent, he's running behind an atrocious offensive line and is facing a Baltimore's D that's stout against the run. And you better believe the Ravens are going to stack the box and force Blake Bortles to try and beat them. Honestly, can you blame them?

Wide Receiver


Keenan Allen (vs. KC) – Keenen Allen might be my favorite play of the week. He's been targeted 10 times in each game this season and is clearly Rivers' most trusted target. Plus, his matchup with Chiefs slot corner Phillip Gaines is the stuff Allen dreams about at night ... probably ... maybe? Regardless, the point is Philip Gaines stinks. Not to mention, you'd have to think Philip Rivers will have a natural personal dislike for Phillips Gaines because of the aforementioned Philip/Phillip thing, making him want to roast the corner that much more.

Larry Fitzgerald (vs. Dallas) – Fitz's consensus ranking (#23 WR in standard, #20 in PPR) is the one that baffles me the most this week. I'm legit confused by it. Sure, I'll acknowledge Larry – we're close enough that I feel OK calling him that, you shouldn't though, only I can – LARRY had a bad game last week in what seemed like a good matchup, but I think that was the exception more than the rule. Furthermore, J.J. Nelson's emergence can only help open things up for Larry. Also, Dallas' pass defense sucks. It sucks hard. Much like Dallas itself, indeed, sucks.


Dez Bryant (@ ARI) – Speaking of Dallas sucking, lol. Sorry, sometimes I can't help myself. In all seriousness, you already know my feelings on Dak and the Cowboys' likely game plan – add in a good amount of Patrick Peterson coverage and I'm easily out on Dez this week. Taking it a step further, when you consider his consensus ranking (#11 WR), he may be the most overvalued fantasy player in the league heading into Week 3.

Odell Beckham Jr. (@ PHI) – I don't think OBJ is fully healthy yet. He's playing with potentially the worst QB in the league *inserts fire emoji* behind potentially the worst offensive line in the league against potentially one of the best defensive lines in the league. Tbh, I wouldn't start anyone in the Giants offense. This has blood bath written all over it. And that's not me the Eagles fan saying that, it's me the guy with two eyes who uses them to watch football saying that. So, yeah.

Tight End


Jack Doyle (vs. CLE) – One thing I know for sure, Jacoby Brissett is better than Scott Tolzien. Which isn't saying a lot, but it's true nonetheless. Another thing I know for sure, Brissett seems to like throwing to Jack Doyle, who caught all eight of his targets (79 yards) last week against the Cardinals. One last thing I know, since the start of 2016 no team in the NFL has allowed more fantasy points to opposing tight ends than the Browns. So I guess what I'm trying to say is, Doyle Rules!

Ben Watson (@ JAX) – God that last joke was lame. Sorry guys. I'll try to do better. Not gonna lie, I'm a little shook from it. Let's talk Ben Watson to help get my mind off it. The 36-year-old Watson is among the more surprising names to see rising to fantasy prominence this season, but here we are. The reasoning is pretty simple: Joe Flacco likes to throw to his tight end and Ben Watson is his tight end. Boom. Watson caught 8 of 9 targets last week for 91 yards. Expect more of the same this week against a Jags D that struggles against tight ends. Plus, Ben Watson is probably the most British sounding name playing in this game, which means he has to do well. I think it's a British law or something.


Martellus Bennett (vs. CIN) – Bennett stunk in Week 1 and barely didn't stink in Week 2. But since the Packers receiving core is a mash unit and Bennett got 11 targets last week (caught 5 for 47 yards), everyone is high on him this week. Everyone except me, I guess. While it's the smallest of sample sizes, the Bengals have allowed the least fantasy points to tight ends this season (easily). Don't get me wrong, I think Rodgers torches this Bengals defense, I just don't think he'll use Bennett that much to do so.

Kyle Rudolph (vs. TB) – Who knows if Sam Bradford is playing. Obviously I like Rudolph even less if Sleeves is out. But I'm down on Rudolph this week regardless of who is under center. With Lavonte David and Kwon Alexander at the helm, Tampa Bay's defense has had a lot of success defending tight ends. I think that trend continues this week as the touchdown-dependent Rudolph fails to find the end zone.



Philadelphia Eagles (vs. NYG) – I've made my thoughts on this matchup pretty clear, so I'll just say this: The Eagles' defensive line is going to EAT.


Kansas City Chiefs (@ SD) – I think this game ends up being a shootout. The Chargers will put up points. As a result, Kansas City's defense is overvalued, especially considering their poor performance (as a fantasy defense) so far this season.



Some guy who's playing in a dome or who's on a team with a good offense.


Any guy who doesn't qualify the above set standard for "Start."

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Subject: Eagles News: Philadelphia currently has the league

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 9/22/17.

Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

With a stable of young CBs, are Eagles grooming long-term starters? - Inquirer
Barring the speedy recovery of Jaylen Watkins or some unforeseen personnel switch, the Eagles’ Rasul Douglas and Jalen Mills will be the youngest starting outside cornerback tandem in the NFL this weekend. Douglas (22 years old and 24 days) and Mills (23 and 169 days) are a combined 45 days younger than the Saints’ projected starting duo of P.J. Williams (24 and 113 days) and Marshon Lattimore (21 and 125 days). Injuries to Ronald Darby and Watkins catapulted Douglas, who was inactive for the opener, into the starting lineup. But the rookie responded in the second quarter of Sunday’s loss to the Chiefs and gave up very little — whether he was targeted or not.

Eagles Game Preview: New York Giants are directionless and crumbling - BGN
The newest edition of BGN Radio is here! (Episode #262). In this episode, we preview the Eagles vs. Giants game in Week 3, talk about how New York is a mess, analyze key matchups to watch, and much more.

Brandon Brooks: Obviously, we want to run the ball more - PhillyVoice
We did throw the ball a lot and there were a couple of times here and there where we held up as an offensive line. You mention the run game, there were a couple of runs that could have worked out better and that’s a reflection of the offensive line and what you could have done differently. It was something small, like the four of us hitting our landmarks and one guy didn’t, something small like that where you can get one little thing corrected, the whole play will be that much better. I think we’re definitely close to putting this together.

Game Review – KC 27, PHI 20 - Iggles Blitz
The Eagles took a 10-6 lead in the mid-3rd quarter and life seemed pretty good. The defense was dominating the Chiefs. The offense was making just enough plays to move the ball had just scored a TD. Things went sideways and KC had a 21-3 spurt to put them up 27-13. When it came to crunch time, the Chiefs made plays and the Eagles made mistakes. The biggest lesson for the Eagles should be that football is an endurance sport. Games are 60 minutes long. Seasons are 16 games long. It isn’t how you start. It isn’t where you are at the midpoint. You must keep grinding the whole way through. If you do that, you have a chance to be where you want to be at the end.

Tim Jernigan Brings 'Nastiness' To D-Line -
Tim Jernigan hoped it would be a great fit, the one matching his skill set and what Jim Schwartz asks the Eagles’ defensive linemen to do. Attack mode, Jernigan thought, is for me. And through two games, Jernigan is right at home in the scheme, adding his tenacity and a whole lot more to the mix ...

Why the Eagles have had the Giants' number - ESPN
Four Eagles defensive linemen have recorded sacks already this season. Graham (2.5), Cox (2.0), defensive tackle Timmy Jernigan (1.5) and Chris Long (1.0) will present quite the challenge for an embattled Giants offensive line which has already allowed eight sacks this season, tied for third most in the NFL. Left tackle Ereck Flowers has already allowed four and been flagged for a holding penalty. The Eagles will send Long, Vinny Curry and possibly Graham at Flowers on Sunday. It could be another long afternoon for the young left tackle.

Blount, Warmack have money at stake with playing time decisions - The Athletic
Aside from the on-field implications, both Warmack and Blount have money on the line that is directly tied to the coaches' decisions to play them or not play them. Warmack received a one-year extension through 2018 earlier this month that pays him $4 million. But according to a league source, in 2017, Warmack can make an additional $1.25 million if he plays 80 percent or more of the Eagles' offensive snaps. He'll make $916,666 if he plays 70 percent or more; $583,333 for 60 percent or more; $250,000 if he's between 55 percent and 59.9 percent; or $125,000 if he's between 50 percent and 54.9 percent.

LeGarrette Blount 'on the same page' with Doug Pederson about his role - CSN Philly
Make no mistake, LeGarrette Blount wants the football. At the same time, Blount isn’t stewing over the fact that he didn’t record a single carry in the Eagles’ loss to the Chiefs this past week. “I’m not frustrated,” Blount said Wednesday after practice. “It’s Week 3. We have 14 games left. That’s a lot of time in this league.” It’s only natural to assume Blount would be displeased on some level. The eighth-year veteran was only on the field for six snaps in Kansas City, finishing with one catch for no gain, and his only carry negated by a penalty. Last season, Blount racked up 299 rushing attempts for 1,161 yards and an NFL-best 18 touchdowns with the Patriots, so he’s used to getting the ball.

Players who drafted memo think NFL can help create positive change - PFT
The players who sent the memo to NFL comissioner Roger Goodell earlier this year said they haven’t gotten a response from the league per se, but that conversations have been productive. Four players sent a memo to the league asking for the NFL’s support for an activism awareness month, in which players could continue their protests in support of racial equality and criminal justice reform.

32 Observations, Week 2 - PFF
Philadelphia Eagles: The Eagles are one of just three teams with eight or more sacks and eight or more hits on the season. They are led by Brandon Graham with three sacks and five hurries on the season.

Rams vs. 49ers 2017 recap: 4 things we learned from LA’s wild 41-39 thriller - SB Nation
The Los Angeles Rams and San Francisco 49ers got together Thursday night and delivered one of the most exciting games of 2017, with the Rams coming out on top in a 41-39 thriller. Todd Gurley scored three total touchdowns and Jared Goff threw for three (one to Gurley) as the Rams improved to 2-1 on the year.


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Subject: Will We Ever Escape The Sixers

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January 2017: Joel Embiid “feels great” after injury to knee, will only miss a few games. Then put your little hand in mine, there ain’t no hill or mountain we can’t climb… February 2017: Joel Embiid has a torn meniscus, but he won’t need surgery. Then put your little hand in mine, there ain’t no…

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Subject: Going Deep: Carson Wentz Could Become a Statistical Star Before Long, and Other Week 3 Fantasy Football Talk

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The Eagles are 14th in the league in points per drive, revealing a middle-of-the-pack offense. Beyond this macro metric, we find the Birds set with some impressive advanced data. They are second in the league with a third-down conversion clip of 55.2%, well ahead of the league average rate of 40.4% through this small early-season sample.…

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Subject: The Kitchener Rangers have named Connor Bunnaman as their next captain

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He will start the 2017-2018 season with the C on his chest.

The Kitchener Rangers have announced their pick for the club’s 53rd team captain: our very own Connor Bunnaman.

Bunnaman was a 2016 fourth round pick for the Philadelphia Flyers (109th overall). Tonight he will dress in his 200th regular season OHL game; in 199 games, he’s tallied up a solid 63 goals and 105 points.

Impressive, but numbers aren’t the only factor in being named captain. According to his coaching staff, it’s his leadership on and off the ice that influenced their decision, as well as the level of respect his teammates have for him. He displays all the qualities of a true leader. The Rangers are certainly in good hands.

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Subject: Report: Sixers Nearing a Deal with Kris Humphries

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Story on free agent Kris Humphries planning to sign deal with the Philadelphia 76ers: — Shams Charania (@ShamsCharania) September 22, 2017 The Sixers look to be bringing journeyman power forward/center Kris Humphries to training camp, according to the Vertical’s Shams Charania. Humphries is 32 and coming off a season with the Atlanta Hawks during…

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Subject: Eagles vs. Giants Final Injury Report: Rodney McLeod might have a shot to play after all

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Final update.

The Philadelphia Eagles released their third and final injury report in advance of their Week 3 game against the New York Giants.

The big news is that starting safety Rodney McLeod was a limited participant in practice on Friday after sitting out on Wednesday and Thursday. McLeod is officially listed as questionable and is expected to be a game-time decision, per head coach Doug Pederson.

The Eagles sorely need McLeod in the lineup because Corey Graham and Jaylen Watkins have been ruled out. Pederson said both players were going to be game-time decisions, as did the players themselves. But clearly that’s not the case.

If McLeod can’t play, the Eagles will have to rely on either Chris Maragos and/or newly acquired Trae Elston. Special teams contributor and linebacker Kamu Grugier-Hill is an emergency option at safety. None of those options are very inspiring.

Eagles starting wide receiver Torrey Smith is also questionable. He did not practice on Friday due to illness. If Smith can’t suit up, Mack Hollins would be in line for more playing time.

Backup defensive tackle Destiny Vaeao is out for the second week in a row. 2017 sixth-round pick Elijah Qualls figures to be active again in his place.

In non-injury news, Pederson didn’t commit to who will start at left guard. It still seems like Chance Warmack is poised to be the guy, though.

The Giants officially ruled out two starters: right tackle Bobby Hart and middle linebacker B.J. Goodson. A weak Giants offensive line just got even weaker. Goodson isn’t an insignificant absence for New York’s defense.

Starting cornerback Janoris Jenkins is questionable to play. He didn’t practice at all this week, which doesn’t seem like a great sign for his playing chances.

Odell Beckham Jr. is not listed on the injury report despite being limited in practice this week. OBJ said he expects to play more often than he did against the Lions (60% of the snaps).

Philadelphia Eagles Injury Report (Friday)


CB Ronald Darby (ankle)
S Corey Graham (hamstring)
S Jaylen Watkins (hamstring)
DT Destiny Vaeao (wrist)


S Rodney McLeod (hamstring)
WR Torrey Smith (illness)

New York Giants Injury Report (Friday)


LB B.J. Goodson (shin)
RT Bobby Hart (ankle)
LB J.T. Thomas (groin)


CB Janoris Jenkins (ankle)

[#] Fri Sep 22 2017 13:46:52 EDT from rss

Subject: Three Eagles numbers that matter for the New York Giants game

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Previewing this week’s matchup.

Here’s a look at three numbers that matter as the Philadelphia Eagles prepare to play the New York Giants in Week 3.

10.1% - The sack rate allowed by the Giants’ offensive line, which ranks 26th in the NFL.

BREAKING: The Giants’ offensive line is bad. You don’t need numbers to know that. Case in point:

But since this is a weekly post based on numbers, here we are. I promise I won’t use the Pythagorean theorem.

The Giants have allowed eight sacks through two games. That’s tied for the third most in the NFL. Manning’s 33.3% sack rate while under pressure is the highest figure in the league, per Pro Football Focus.

Ereck Flowers has been an unmitigated disaster at left tackle. The Giants’ No. 9 overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft has allowed half of New York’s sacks by himself.

Making matters worse for New York is that their bad offensive line isn’t even at 100%. Starting right tackle Bobby Hart has been ruled out of this week’s game. This means the Giants are forced to put left guard Justin Pugh at right tackle.

It goes without saying that this is a matchup on paper that the Eagles figure to dominate. Philadelphia’s pass rush has been ferocious through two games. The Birds are one of only three teams in the league to generate both eight-plus sacks AND eight-plus quarterback hits.

An underrated aspect of the Eagles’ pass rushing prowess so far is how they’ve faced two good offensive lines. The Washington Redskins had the third best pass protection unit in 2016, per Football Outsiders. The Chiefs ranked 14th in 2016. It’s not like the Eagles have beaten up on a bunch of bums. But that’s exactly what they’ll have the chance to do this Sunday.

Regularly getting to Eli Manning will obviously be critical with the Eagles as they try to get by with a potentially depleted secondary. The Eagles could be down to their fourth string starter at safety next to Malcolm Jenkins if all of Rodney McLeod, Corey Graham, and Jaylen Watkins can’t play. 2017 third-round pick Rasul Douglas is slated to start at corner for the first time in his NFL career.

I’ve seen some Eagles fans suggest that mismatches on paper, like the Eagles DL vs. the Giants OL, don’t always translate to the games. “What’s supposed to happen” doesn’t always happen. There’s some truth in that, but I don’t know, guys. It’s hard not to feel good about this defensive line. Vinny Curry should be dominating Flowers. Derek Barnett is in line to notch his first NFL sack. Pugh is going to have a tough time dealing with Brandon Graham, who is off to another great start this season. Weston Richburg is a good center, but Fletcher Cox and Tim Jernigan are monsters in the middle.

The Giants’ running game is nonexistent so New York will be forced to throw a lot. The Eagles must take advantage.

Now, it’s not untrue that the Eagles suffer from some of the same issues as the Giants do. Philly has also allowed eight sacks through two games. The Eagles’ run game hasn’t been effective. New York also has a good defensive line, although their pass rush only ranks 20th by Football Outsiders. Potential new left guard Chance Warmack will be majorly tested in what’s expected to be his first start with the Eagles. I’m not saying this game is as simple as the Eagles’ defensive line dominating the Giants’ offensive line and Philly winning in a blowout. But I do feel like it’s a big mismatch that gives the Eagles a really good chance to win on Sunday.

137.2 - Passer rating allowed by the Giants when tight ends are targeted.

Stat courtesy of @Pat_Thorman.

Zach Ertz is off to a really great start in 2017. He ranks third among all NFL players in receiving yards. He’s proven to be a trusty target for Carson Wentz.

That shouldn’t change in this week’s matchups. New York is simply not very good at defending tight ends.

In Week 1, Jason Witten had seven receptions for 59 yards and one touchdown against New York. In Week 2, Eric Ebron led all Lions pass catchers with five receptions for 42 yards and one score.

The Giants will be missing starting middle linebacker B.J. Goodson in this game. That hurts their defense. New York could look to use Landon Collins, who matched up Ebron on Monday night, to guard Ertz. Collins himself admitted Ertz is the most challenging and competitive guy he had to defend last season.

He's a competitor, always going 110 percent. He's proved why he should be one of the highest-paid tight ends. Every time I lined up against him, he was giving it to me, and I had to make sure I gave it back. His route-running isn't superb, but he gets open somehow, and he has great hands. He goes up and attacks the ball, not letting it fall into his hands so that a DB can make a play on it.

Ertz has logged 90-plus receiving yards in three straight games, which is currently the longest active streak in the league. Wentz and the Eagles should be looking to extend that mark.

24% - The Eagles’ playoff probability leverage, per ESPN.

According to ESPN, the Eagles will have about a 69% chance to make the playoffs if they beat the Giants. That’s nice, but Philly’s chances will go down to around 45% with a loss. In other words, this is a pretty important game!

An Eagles win would mean the Birds are 2-1 overall with a 2-0 record in division/conference games. That’s a pretty good start to the season.

Burying the Giants would be a nice bonus. A loss for New York here puts the G-Men at 0-3 overall with a 0-3 record in conference games and a 0-2 record in division games. Then they have to play a road game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 4. It’s probably time to stick a fork in the Giants if they lose this Sunday.

The Giants know that their season is virtually on the line in this game. They figure to be desperate. If they aren’t, there’s an even bigger problem up there in New York.

The feeling here is that this game won’t be a gimme for the Eagles. It does have the potential to get ugly for the Giants if the Eagles’ defensive line is going to slaughter their o-line all game and force Manning into a billion turnovers. But the Eagles aren’t without concerns of their own when it comes to their o-line and the secondary.

A win here would be big. There’s a lot of pressure on Wentz and Doug Pederson to get it done.

[#] Fri Sep 22 2017 12:43:28 EDT from rss

Subject: Eagles

[Reply] [ReplyQuoted] [Headers] [Print]

Well deserved.

Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Chris Long has officially been named NFLPA Community MVP for Week 2 of the 2017 NFL season. Long is being recognized for donating his first six game checks to fund scholarships in his hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia. Obviously a great gesture by Long.

As an NFLPA Community MVP award winner, Long is also eligible for the annual Byron “Whizzer” White (BWW) Award, which is the highest honor that the NFLPA can bestow upon a player.​ Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins received the BWW Award in 2017.

Long is one of three NFLPA Community MVP award winners who have been named so far this season. Prior to the season started, Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt received the award due to raising over $33 million in disaster relief funds following Hurricane Harvey. It seems safe to say he should be a lock for the BWW award. Colin Kaepernick was recognized in Week 1 for donating a total of $900,000 within the year.

[#] Fri Sep 22 2017 23:06:32 EDT from rss

Subject: Giants-Eagles Predictions

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After falling to the Chiefs in Kansas City last week, the Eagles play their first home game of the regular season against the New York Giants, who have problems of their own. To recap, here’s where the staff stands after two weeks: T1: Tyler, Tim, Bob, Kyle (2-0) T5: Phil, Sean, Jim, Kevin K, Kevin…

[#] Sat Sep 23 2017 07:00:02 EDT from rss

Subject: Eagles News: ESPN says Philadelphia has best odds of making the playoffs in the NFC East

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 9/23/17.

Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Eagles playoff favorites in NFC East - ESPN
Entering Week 3, the Eagles have the best odds of making the playoffs in the division, followed by the Cowboys and Redskins, according to ESPN's FPI. All three teams are 1-1. The 0-2 Giants, meanwhile, don't have much of a chance at the moment.

Three Eagles numbers that matter for the New York Giants game - BGN
It goes without saying that this is a matchup on paper that the Eagles figure to dominate. Philadelphia’s pass rush has been ferocious through two games. The Birds are one of only three teams in the league to generate both eight-plus sacks AND eight-plus quarterback hits. An underrated aspect of the Eagles’ pass rushing prowess so far is how they’ve faced two good offensive lines. The Washington Redskins had the third best pass protection unit in 2016, per Football Outsiders. The Chiefs ranked 14th in 2016. It’s not like the Eagles have beaten up on a bunch of bums. But that’s exactly what they’ll have the chance to do this Sunday.

Wulf's Den: Sacking Eli Manning - The Athletic
Everyone knows that Eli Manning has thrown more interceptions against the Eagles than against any other team during his 14-year career. Across 26 games, Manning has generously gifted 29 passes into the waiting arms of Eagles defenders. Compared to the two other division opponents, Manning has thrown 26 interceptions against the Dallas Cowboys and 23 against Washington. Only four of those 29 interceptions by the Eagles are accounted for by players currently on the Eagles roster, though. Malcolm Jenkins leads the way with two, while Mychal Kendricks and Jordan Hicks each have one. But the focus this week seems to be on the matchup between the fierce Eagles defensive line and the putrid Giants offensive line. You may not know that Manning has also been sacked more times by the Eagles than by any other opponent, though the margin is slimmer — 53 sacks for the Eagles compared to 52 for the Cowboys.

Mailbag: Are the Eagles likely to get a third-round pick for Eric Rowe? - PhillyVoice
Nobody is firing Staley at this point in the season. However, I do think it's a fair question to ask. Staley has been the Eagles' running back coach since 2013. LeSean McCoy had 2,926 rushing yards for the Eagles in 2013 and 2014, combined. Of course, he was aided by Chip Kelly's offense, which was clicking his first year as a head coach in the NFL. Not to mention, McCoy was already (and still is) a great talent. Since McCoy was traded during the 2015 offseason, here's a quick list of all the Eagles running backs who have received carries for the Eagles: DeMarco Murray, Ryan Mathews, Darren Sproles, Kenjon Barner, Wendell Smallwood, Byron Marshall, Terrell Watson, and LeGarrette Blount. Take Sproles (again, an already great player) out of that mix, and you have a lot of running backs who underachieved (or are currently underachieving) in their time in Philly.

Decision to hand Isaac Seumalo starting job blew up in Eagles' face - Daily News
NFL starting jobs usually are won in training camp and the preseason. But Isaac Seumalo was named the Eagles’ season-opening starting left guard in July, before the first drop of summer sweat was spilled at the NovaCare Complex. Given the fact that the Eagles had two veteran guards on their roster – Stefen Wisniewski and Chance Warmack – with a combined 131 NFL starts, it was curious that the Eagles were willing to just hand the job to Seumalo, a second-year player who showed some promise in four rookie starts at three different positions, but not enough to be handed a season-opening starting job on a silver platter.

Giants a pushover? Brandon Graham warns Eagles not so fast - CSN Philly
"We're trying to not focus on how they struggled because they're not going to struggle against us unless we make them," Graham said. "Unless we go out there and do what we do. And that's what we try to preach each week. Because you get excited sometimes when you see other teams doing what they do, but it doesn't ever work out the same way you know when you play a certain team. You think you're supposed to beat them because this team beat them and you beat that team? But it don't matter. On any given Sunday, and that's the truth."

Report: Bradford To Get Second Opinion On Knee, Has ‘Pronounced Pain’ - Daily Norseman
Yeah, this seems to be a bit of an escalation from initial reports of a one week injury with an MRI that showed no structural damage. Look, I’m no medical expert, but whenever a second opinion is warranted, especially from the surgeon who did your surgeries, it feels like a foreboding sign. With any luck, this will just be a minor issue that will be resolved with rest and rehab, but it feels like this is careening towards something more serious than that. Mike Zimmer has officially declared Sam Bradford out for Sunday’s game.

Rams QB Goff continues strong start to 2017 - PFF
2016 first overall pick Jared Goff continued his strong start to the 2017 season Thursday night against the 49ers, earning an 80.0 overall grade, raising his season grade to 74.3 (up from 45.6 his rookie year).

‘We’re like a machine’: Cris Collinsworth defends PFF grades against players’ gripes - Washington Post
“I mean, I’ve said it all along: How can they grade an offensive lineman when they don’t know what the play is?” Kelly asked. He went through the standard complaint: An outside analyst can’t know what play was called, or who had what assignment, and thus the grading process is unreliable. I think there’s a lot of players and coaches that feel the same way,” Kelly said. “You can do whatever you want with it. It’s like me going into a bank and grading a teller because they gave me a lollipop. I gave them a 94.3.” After the season, though, Kelly did what the company has invited its critics to do: He studied its process. He met some of its analysts — who watch every player on every snap — and watched them make evaluations. And then, according to Collinsworth, he bought a share of the company.

The NFL is being devoured by its own economic model - SB Nation
This is a very boring, simple explanation as to why the NFL’s ratings are declining. It is not an opportunity for you to shoehorn in your feelings about Colin Kaepernick protesting the game. No one really cares about your feelings about Colin Kaepernick’s protest, because if you are the kind of person who gets really offended by Colin Kaepernick’s protest, then your feelings in 2017 are the most boring and predictable thing about you, and telling on you in a deeply unflattering light. The simpler and also boring systemic problem with the NFL that might actually explain something is its success, and how that success made the ownership class in the NFL fat, lazy, and locked into a business model they have no real reason or incentive to change, even with falling TV ratings.


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Subject: Eagles vs. Giants 2017: Game time, TV schedule, online streaming, channel, radio, and more

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Learn more about the Philadelphia-New York matchup set to take place on Sunday.

The Philadelphia Eagles are FINALLY back at home after opening the 2017 NFL regular season schedule with two road games. That’s right: the Birds are back in town.

The Eagles’ home opener features a big divisional game against one of their NFC East rivals: the New York Giants.

After going 11-5 in 2016, the Giants are off to a poor start this season. New York lost their first two games while only scoring a combined 17 points in the process.

The fact of the matter is that the Giants’ offensive line just isn’t very good. Big Blue hasn’t been able to protect Eli Manning whatsoever. New York’s run game is virtually non-existent.

On paper, this is a matchup the Eagles should win. Philly’s pass rush looks very legit. It’s up to the front four to take advantage of a weak offensive line.

But this game might not be so easy as it might seem. The Giants will be desperate and the Eagles have their own offensive issues that need to be worked out. Philly has struggled to run the ball effectively. Starting left guard Isaac Seumalo has seemingly already been benched for issues in pass protection.

This tilt could end up being a defensive battle. There’s a lot on the line so it should be a good game.

Here's everything you need to know about how to watch the game.

TV Schedule

Date: Sunday, September 24, 2017

Time: 1:00 PM ET

Channel: FOX

Announcers: Joe Buck, Troy Aikman

Location: Lincoln Financial Field | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

NFL Network replay: TBD

Radio: SportsRadio 94WIP | Full listings here

Online Streaming

NFL Sunday Ticket

NFL Game Pass (Free 7-Day Trial)


Per Bovada, the Eagles are significant home favorites.

New York Giants +6 (-105)

Philadelphia Eagles -6 (-115)

History Lesson

The Eagles are 80-84-2 in 166 all-time regular season appearances against the Giants. These two teams last played in the second-to-last game of the 2016 regular season. The Eagles beat the Giants by a final score of 24 to 19.

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Eagles 2017 Regular Season Schedule

Week 1 - at Washington Redskins (Sept. 10, 1:00 PM ET, FOX)

Week 2 - at Kansas City Chiefs (Sept. 17, 1:00 PM ET, FOX)

Week 3 - vs. New York Giants (Sept. 24, 1:00 PM ET, FOX)

Week 4 - at Los Angeles Chargers (Oct. 1, 4:05 PM ET, FOX)

Week 5 - vs. Arizona Cardinals (Oct. 8, 1:00 PM ET, FOX)

Week 6 - at Carolina Panthers (Oct. 12, 8:25 PM ET, CBS/NFLN) Thursday Night Football

Week 7 - vs. Washington Redskins (Oct. 23, 8:30 PM ET, ESPN) Monday Night Football

Week 8 - vs. San Francisco 49ers (Oct. 29, 1:00 PM ET, FOX)

Week 9 - vs. Denver Broncos (Nov. 5, 1:00 PM ET, CBS)

Week 10 - BYE

Week 11 - at Dallas Cowboys (Nov. 19, 8:30 PM ET, NBC) Sunday Night Football

Week 12 - vs. Chicago Bears (Nov. 26, 1:00 PM ET, FOX)

Week 13 - at Seattle Seahawks (Dec. 3, 8:30 PM ET, NCB) Sunday Night Football

Week 14 - at Los Angeles Rams (Dec. 10, 4:25 PM ET, FOX)

Week 15 - at New York Giants (Dec. 17, 1:00 PM ET, FOX)

Week 16 - vs. Oakland Raiders (Dec. 25, 8:30 PM ET, ESPN) Monday Night Football on Christmas

Week 17 - vs. Dallas Cowboys (Dec. 31, 1:00 PM ET, FOX)

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Subject: College Football Week Four NFL Draft Preview: 5 prospects for Eagles fans to watch

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Looking ahead to the 2018 NFL Draft.

Week Four of the 2017 college football season is here! Today features a good slate of games and always with good games comes great opportunities for NFL draft prospects to boost their profile. Who should Eagles fans keep an eye on today?

  • Bradley Chubb, Edge Defender, NC State: Bradley Chubb is among the more underrated players in college football right now. The 6'4", 275 pound defender had 10 sacks last season and a whopping 21.5 tackles for a loss. This year he is off to a strong start with 1.5 sacks and 5.5 tackles for a loss. He is a physical, high motor player who is a big part of NC State's early success this season. Chubb and the Wolfpack face a FSU team (12 PM ET on ABC) that is limping into the game after a long hiatus due to the hurricane. FSU's last game lost them their star quarterback for the season so they will be starting a back up behind their sieve of an offensive line. Chubb has a great chance to take advantage of FSU's misfortunes in this game and dominate this game to give NC State a chance at the upset.
  • Mitch Hyatt, Offenstive Tackle, Clemson: A staple in Clemson's offense is their 6'5", 305 pound offensive tackle. The smart, technically sound Mitch Hyatt was a key in their success last year and still remains a big part of their dominance. Hyatt will have his hands full with Boston College's duo of edge rushers, Harold Landry and Zach Allen (3:30 PM ET on ESPN2). Hyatt will need a strong game to keep Kelly Bryant upright and to help avoid any kind of upset against the Boston College Eagles.
  • Cole Herdman, Tight End, Purdue: Ladies and gentlemen, Purdue is a fun college team this year and we will all just have to enjoy it. The Boilermakers have been wowing the college football world on offense through three games and their tight end, Cole Herdman, is a major reason for it. The 6'4", 240 pound pass catcher has over 200 yards receiving this season on only seven catches. Herdman is an athletic mismatch who has the speed and strength to pick up yards after the catch. Herdman will play a huge role today in Purdue's match up with Michigan (4 PM ET on Fox) and their immensely tough defense. Purdue has the ability to make this a tight game with their offense, but Herdman's performance could dictate that.
  • Nick Chubb and Sony Michel, Running Backs, Georgia: Probably the best running back due in the country; Nick Chubb looks like his old self and Sony Michel is as dynamic as ever. The two have been running mates for a while in Georgia's backfield and now they are both incredibly good NFL prospects. Chubb, the lead back, looks fully recovered from his injury almost two years ago and is dominating college defenses with ease. The 225 pound back has strength, speed and quickness for his size and he will continue to be a problem all season. Michel, a bit smaller at 215 pounds, is a lightning quick back who packs a little punch. Both will see the ball a lot against Mississippi State today (7 PM ET on ESPN) and will have a big stage to assert themselves as a few of the top backs in the upcoming draft.
  • Isaiah Oliver, Cornerback, Colorado: Colorado had two cornerbacks taken in the second round of the NFL draft last year and it's possible the next man up could be even better. The 6'1", 195 pound defender has great size and is already showing out this season with two interceptions and six pass break ups in three games. Oliver has helped the Colorado defense remain solid but he has his toughest match up tonight against the Washington Huskies (10 PM ET on FS1). Washington one of the better wide receivers in the country, and last week's most outstanding draft prospect, Dante Pettis. Pettis' speed and size will test Oliver, but it will be a great battle with the game on the line, as well as some draft notoriety.

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Subject: Previewing the Eagles-Giants game

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Brandon Lee Gowton (that’s me), John Barchard, and James Seltzer will be broadcasting live from Valley Forge Casino Resort to talk about the EAGLES’ WEEK 3 GAME AGAINST THE NEW YORK GIANTS, the NFC lEast, NFL picks, and much more.

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Subject: Eagles-Giants game TV coverage map

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Check to see if you get the game.

It’s game day - time for Philadelphia Eagles football! But can you watch their NFL Week 3 game against the New York Giants from where you are? If you live in the RED on the television coverage map below, you’re in luck (via

If you live in the red, you can watch the Eagles-Giants game on FOX starting at 1:00 PM ET. Joe Buck (play-by-play), Troy Aikman (color analyst), and Erin Andrews (sideline reporter) are on the call. Alternatively, you can turn on SportsRadio 94WIP to listen to Merrill Reese and Mike Quick during the game.

If you DO NOT live in the red, you’re likely either stuck in the blue, green, yellow, or orange. The green represents the Atlanta Falcons versus Detroit Lions game. The yellow is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers versus the Sam Bradford-less Minnesota Vikings. Orange is the New Orleans Saints versus Carolina Panthers matchup. The blue represents the late game between the Seattle Seahawks and Tennessee Titans.

For more information on how to watch today’s Eagles game, CLICK HERE.

[#] Sun Sep 24 2017 08:06:09 EDT from rss

Subject: Eagles News: Former Philadelphia player is becoming a professional wrestler

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 9/24/17.

Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Former Eagle Walter Thurmond venturing into pro wrestling - Inquirer
This weekend, he will dabble in another of his childhood passions: professional wrestling. Thurmond will make an appearance Friday for the National Pro Wrestling League, for its show in Petaluma, Calif., when he will accompany wrestler Cory Machado to the ring. According to Machado, it wasn’t hard to persuade Thurmond to take him up on his offer. “Walt is excited to be a part of this,” Machado said. “If you have to convince somebody to buy something or to do something,” he said, “it probably isn’t the right fit.”

Eagles’ Jeffrey Lurie releases statement in response to Donald Trump comments - BGN
Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie released a statement on Saturday evening following comments made by President Donald Trump. Trump recently called for NFL owners to fire players who protest during the national anthem.

Five over/unders for Eagles' home opener against the Giants - PhillyVoice
LeGarrette Blount carries: 9.5. Blount carried the ball 14 times in the season opener, a 30-17 win over Washington. Then, last week against the Chiefs, Blount didn’t get any rushing attempts, finishing the game with just one reception … for no gain. The Giants are almost as bad at defending the run as they are running the ball, and that could mean we see more Blount on Sunday. Will he get to double-digit carries? That’s likely going to depend on how the rest of the game unfolds – if the Eagles are down early, I’m going to get both this and the previous over/under wrong – but I just don’t think it’s very likely that Blount finishes with so few carries.

Giants Preview - Iggles Blitz
The Giants aren’t a good team right now. You don’t want to help them at all. Make that team drive the field and beat you with long, methodical drives. Big plays are the great equalizer. This is a game the Eagles should win, but I think it will be ugly. The Giants are too good on defense to get blown out. That said, one of these weeks the downfield throws are going to start hitting and those are the types of plays that can break a game wide open. I wouldn’t count on that Sunday, but it is possible.

Frightening Eagles D-Line awaits skittish Eli Manning, Giants - ESPN
Philadelphia Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins has a theory as to why New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning is looking jumpy in the pocket. “You usually see ghosts," he said, "after you done got hit by one." Manning has been sacked eight times -- tied for the second-most in the league through two weeks along with this week’s counterpart, Carson Wentz -- while absorbing 12 quarterback hits. He is getting sacked on 10.3 percent of his dropbacks, fourth-most in the NFL, despite getting the ball out of his hands at a reasonable rate (2.54 seconds on average) according to ESPN Stats & Information.

Eagles-Giants cheat sheet: Matchups, storylines and predictions - The Athletic
In some ways, the Eagles and New York Giants come into their Week 3 matchup at The Linc with similar strengths and weaknesses. Both defenses boast fearsome front fours, while Jim Schwartz and Steve Spagnuolo are scheming around key injuries in the secondary. Both offenses are looking to get the running game on track to varying degrees, while Carson Wentz and Eli Manning have been hit early and often. And yet, it feels like the two NFC East rivals are trending in two opposite directions. Most of the Eagles’ problems seem fixable compared to what the Giants are dealing with. For instance, nobody on Philly radio pressed the panic button this week, much less ranted and raved about middle school geometry while discussing the state of the offensive line.

Five Matchups To Watch Vs. Giants -
Let’s get this straight: It’s going to take a lot for the Eagles to beat a Giants team coming to Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday that has its backs against an 0-2 wall. And there are many more nuances to the game than an off-to-a-great-start Eagles defensive line against a trying-to-find-its-comfort-zone Giants offensive line. With that, here are some matchups to watch in the Eagles’ home opener ...

Giants coach Ben McAdoo will continue to call plays -
According to those in the building, the coaches have turned up the temperature on the players during what has been an intense week. They all sense the urgency that comes with being winless through two weeks, but there is no panic or desperation. Players say the coaches have remained confident in their abilities and the offensive changes should be characterized as tinkering and fine-tuning. McAdoo has been even-keeled, which the players appreciate.

Roob's 25 Random Points: Eagles' secondary, Isaac Seumalo, the Grateful Dead and more - CSN Philly
But it's important to recognize one thing — guys play hard for Doug Pederson. Every week. Since Pederson became the head coach, there's really only one game where the Eagles weren't competitive, and that was at Cincinnati last year, a game that just got away from the Eagles. Every other game they have really battled.

JPP knows it’s a “must-win” game for Giants - PFT
Two months ago, Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul was musing about his team going undefeated. Now he’s just hoping they can win a game — and he knows they need to do it on Sunday at Philadelphia. “Honestly, it’s a must-win game,” Pierre-Paul said Friday, via the New York Post. “We know we need this game. It’s a division game. I don’t see us going 0-3.” Then again, he didn’t seem then going 0-1. Or 0-2.

REPORT: Jason Verrett Will Have Season-Ending Knee Surgery - Bolts From The Blue
Injuries have been an issue with Verrett for his entire career. In four seasons with Los Angeles, he has only played 25 games. That’s an average of just over six games per season. When the 2017 season comes to an end, Verrett will have played just five games in the past two years. A 2014 first-round pick, Verrett looked to be the answer at cornerback for the Chargers. He had a strong campaign in 2015, but since then the injuries have taken their toll on the former Pro Bowler.

Which 2-0 and 0-2 NFL teams will see their fortunes change? - SB Nation
Some undefeated teams haven’t looked so convincing.


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Subject: NFL Picks Against the Spread 2017: Week 3 Games

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Here are some suggestions when trying to beat the odds.

Before the third Sunday of the 2017 NFL regular season kicks off, let’s have some fun by taking a look at the spreads for today’s games. (Click here for NFL Week 3 picks without regard to the spread.)

Here are suggestions when trying to beat the odds. You can find all of today’s NFL betting lines and more via SB Nation. My regular season record after the second week is 15-12-1. Let’s get to the picks.

NFL Week 3 Games

Lots of road favorites this week!

Baltimore Ravens (-3.5) at Jacksonville Jaguars: This game marks the first London matchup of the 2017 season. 3.5 points feels low to me for the Ravens considering this is a neutral site game. I’d expect them to be favored by that amount if this game was in Jacksonville. The Ravens’ defense is pretty legit. The Jags still looked very much like the Jags in Week 2. PICK: Ravens -3.5

New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles (-6): This is very much a game the Eagles should win. On paper, at least. Philly’s pass rush will prove problematic for the Giants’ offensive line. The Eagles played really well at home in 2016. I don’t see why that trend wouldn’t continue in Philadelphia’s 2017 home opener. The Giants are banged up and playing on a short week. The Eagles are also dealing with some injury issues, and might be starting a new left guard, but the Giants are so bad it might not matter. Eagles win. PICK: Eagles -6

Houston Texans at New England Patriots (-14): Really tough spot for Deshaun Watson in his second NFL start. After losing in Week 1, the Patriots returned to form in Week 2. Hard to bet against New England here. PICK: Patriots -14

Atlanta Falcons (-3) at Detroit Lions: This tilt has the potential to be one of the better matchups on Sunday. Both teams are undefeated and have the ability to put up points. I’m tempted to take the Lions with the points, but Atlanta’s offense is just so good that it’s hard not to take them. I typically don’t like taking the Falcons on the road but playing in a dome makes me feel a little better about them. PICK: Falcons -3

Denver Broncos (-3.5) at Buffalo Bills: The Bills aren’t good. They only beat the Jets by nine points in Week 1. Then they managed to score three points in Week 2. Denver’s defense is playing great and Trevor Siemian doesn’t look too shabby. The Broncos are the easy call. PICK: Broncos -3.5

Pittsburgh Steelers (-7.5) at Chicago Bears: While I don’t think the Bears are very good, I’m a little skeptical of picking the Steelers on the road. Ben Roethlisberger’s home/road splits are dramatically different. Chicago hung in tough with Atlanta in Week 1; they only lost by six. I don’t like the Bears to win but they might be able to cover. I’m regrettably taking the points. PICK: Bears +7.5

Miami Dolphins (-6.5) at New York Jets: The Jets are awful. The Dolphins actually don’t look bad. Miami has won 10 out of their last 12 regular season games. Miami gets it done. PICK: Dolphins -6.5

Cleveland Browns (-1) at Indianapolis Colts: The Browns are road favorites! They’re favored in a game for the first time in two years! Madness. I think I’m crazy enough to take Cleveland. Indy took the Cardinals to overtime in Week 2, but I still they’re pretty awful. This is a game I’d recommend staying away from. But since that’s not an option for me, I’ll go with the favorites. PICK: Browns -1

New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers (-6): Here’s another game I wouldn’t care to bet on. These are two pretty bad teams. New Orleans’ defense is just awful (but what’s new). Cam Newton and the Panthers’ offense hasn’t looked great. Maybe the Panthers will be able to get back on track against the Saints. The only problem is that Carolina lost their yearly leading receiver, Greg Olsen, due to injury. I think this game could be close. I don’t trust the Panthers enough to take them by six. PICK: Saints +6

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-3) at Minnesota Vikings: Case Keenum is terrible. It was only one game but the Buccaneers look like they’re legit. Tampa Bay has some serious offensive firepower. PICK: Buccaneers -3

Seattle Seahawks at Tennessee Titans (-3): This is a 50/50 game for me. The Seahawks’ offensive line is terrible but they have a good defense. The Titans have shown some promise but Marcus Mariota has had some issues. Since I’m not sure how I feel about this one, I’m tempted to take the points. For as much as everyone wants to write off Seattle, their defense could still come away with some turnover(s) to make the difference in this one. PICK: Seahawks +3

Kansas City Chiefs (-3.5) at Los Angeles Chargers: The Chiefs are arguably the best team in the league. I’d argue the Chargers are the best 0-2 team in the league. L.A. should give KC a good fight. I still believe the Bolts’ lack of homefield advantage hurts them. I’ll go with Andy Reid’s team. PICK: Chiefs -3.5

Cincinnati Bengals at Green Bay Packers (-8): The Bengals haven’t scored a touchdown this year. Now they’re missing Tyler Eifert heading into Lambeau. Easy call here. PICK: Packers -8

Oakland Raiders (-3.5) at Washington Redskins: Despite beating the mighty Rams in Los Angeles, I still don’t think Washington is great or anything. The Raiders, meanwhile, have a lot of offensive weapons and Khalil Mack will be able to pressure Kirk Cousins. Give me the Rrrrrrrrrrrrrraiders. PICK: Raiders -3.5

Dallas Cowboys (-3.5) at Arizona Cardinals: My theory with picking Cowboys games lately is that I pick them to win. Either I prove to be correct (like in Week 1) or I’m wrong (like in Week 2) but that doesn’t matter because they lost and got blown out. So I’ll take the Cowboys here again. Arizona hasn’t looked so great so it’s hard to feel great about taking them. The Cardinals’ home field advantage does give them a chance in this one, however.

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Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie released a statement on Saturday evening following comments made by President Donald Trump. Trump recently called for NFL owners to fire players who protest during the national anthem.

Here’s Lurie’s statement:

The best of us lend our compassion and determination to the aid of others.

Every day I see the genuine dedication and hard work of our players. And I support them as they take their courage, character, and commitment into our communities to make them better or to call attention to injustice. Having spoken with our players, I can attest to the great respect they have for our national anthem and all it represents. We at the Philadelphia Eagles firmly believe that in this difficult time of division and conflict, it is more important than ever for football to be a great unifier.

The Eagles have several players who demonstrate during the national anthem, including starting safety and team captain Malcolm Jenkins.

Lurie has shown support for Jenkins and his cause. I think it’s safe to say the Eagles owner won’t be firing him any time soon.

The Eagles are hardly the only professional sports franchise to respond to the comments made by Trump. A number of teams and notable athletes, including LeBron James, have spoken out against Trump’s message.

Former Eagles running back LeSean McCoy was among the players who weighed in.

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