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[#] Mon Sep 18 2017 14:13:29 EDT from rss

Subject: Notes and Quotes from Doug Pederson

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It’s a pair of hamstring injuries for Rodney McLeod and Jaylen Watkins. Head coach Doug Pederson described both players as “day-to-day” at his Monday press conference. The Eagles are waiting for test results and hope to have a full report by Wednesday. Pederson’s presser was a bit longer this week and he took a number…

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Subject: What we learned: Flyers vs. Islanders preseason opener

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Some observations for your morning

The Flyers’ preseason kicked off yesterday, and with it came our first major chance to get acquainted and reacquainted with the prospects and still-on-the-bubble veterans. The Flyers dominated early, taking a two goal lead in the second period, and then subsequently giving up two unanswered goals in regulation, and a third to seal an Islanders overtime win. And while the game likely didn’t go exactly how the Flyers would have hoped, it served as a useful evaluative tool, and some people and things certainly stood out.

1. Oskar Lindblom seals his readiness

Coming into training camp— and July’s development camp, even— Lindblom was seen as one of the frontrunners among the forward group to snatch up a roster spot for the regular season, and with good reason. He has presented little short of a complete game, and he emphasized this completeness in yesterday’s meeting against the Isles. Beyond the obvious factors of offensive production— he generated five shots on goal for the afternoon— he also flashed his much talked about improved skating, as well as his strength on the boards. His game was not— and will likely never be— terribly flashy, but it certainly turned heads. We saw him putting in the work, and while it did not lead to points on the board this time, this is exactly the type of effort we want to be seeing out of him.

2. Power play construction

Beyond being the first chance to have a look at the new players, the start of the preseason also made for the chance to see new assistant coach Kris Knoblauch in his Flyers debut. Taking over duties as the power play coach, he has had the opportunity to make some changes to the system, and that he did. During yesterday’s game, we saw him employing the statistically more effective four forwards-one defenseman unit structure. It’s a big shift, but one that has the potential to be effective, to breath new life into a power play unit that was middling, at best, last season.

Still settling in, we’re left to wonder what the extended results of this power play restructuring might look like. But we had a bit of a taste, which brings us to...

3. Power play efficacy

So to answer the question of “how effective was the Flyers’ power play in their first preseason game?” I’d say not terribly. After going 0/4 for the game, it’s hard to say that the results of the change were there.

Now, to be fair, both units were bringing offensive pressure and putting shots on net, and part of their inefficiency was due to strong goaltending on the part of the Islanders. And, if there’s ever a time when you might be okay with the power play not really working, it’s now. Would we have liked to see them convert on at least one attempt? Absolutely. But it’s still early, and the changes are new, and the effects aren’t going to be immediate. It’s worth seeing where the weaknesses are, and where they go from here.

4. Alex Lyon was in good form

Stepping in for the injured Anthony Stolarz, Lyon will likely take over the role of starting goaltender for the Lehigh Valley Phantoms for the 2017-2018 season. This one will be a make or break season for him— with a Flyers prospect pipeline loaded with goaltending talent, and a contract that expires after this season, Lyon will have to prove that he deserves to remain a part of this organization. And he’s off to a good start.

Lyon faced a number of tough shots throughout the two periods he played, but he remained controlled and consistent, propelling himself head and shoulders above Leland Irving. In this admittedly small sample, he has shown his merits, and that he is worthy of the promotion he received, inadvertently as it may have come.

5. Jori Lehtera might be good?

When Lehtera was dealt to Philadelphia in the draft night trade for Brayden Schenn, there was a fair deal of speculation about what exactly the Flyers were getting in him. Yesterday’s game provided the first look at his style of play with the Flyers, and it came with some mixed results. During the first period, he was part of a rush that put huge offensive pressure on Islanders goaltender Kristers Gudļevskis, but Lehtera was unable to capitalize on an open net.

But he redeemed himself in the second period, when, taking a feed from Michael Raffl, he lost a skate blade but was still able to score for a shorthanded goal. So, in Sunday’s game, we met two Lehteras— one who looks a little shaky and ineffective, and another who leans toward the mold of flashy playmaker. Of course, one game is not enough to gain a full picture of the what he may offer to the Flyers, and so the question remains: which version of Lehtera will be here to stay?

6. Michael Raffl is good!

If Raffl was on the bubble before yesterday’s game, it would be hard to say that this is still the case, after the performance he gave. Putting on weight over the offseason, Raffl presented this new form against the Islanders, and he did so with force. He looked solid during his time on the penalty kill. He dealt the pass that facilitated the Lehtera shorthanded breakaway goal. He brought an even greater physicality to his game. In short, after spending the last six weeks of the 2016-2017 season recovering from a knee injury, Raffl came into this preseason seemingly eager to show that he put the work in during the offseason, and to make sure no one’s forgotten about him.

7. Cole Bardreau, noted pest and favorite to name-drop, is just that

You may feel like you’ve been hearing this name a lot recently, and that’s because, well, you have. Flyers staff have been dropping Bardreau’s name left and right, even if he has not been one of the hotter commodities coming into training camp. This trend continued, as Bardreau’s name was brought up frequently in the game commentary, but not for any truly spectacular reasons. His game was comparatively quiet, and outside of delivering a few hits, he was unable to contribute much in terms of offensive production. He avoided making any costly mistakes, but he didn’t exactly dazzle, either. And maybe the Flyers are seeing something in him that we haven’t yet— but after yesterday’s game, we aren’t much closer to discerning what that is.

8. Veteran defenders looked as good as you’d expect

With these first few games meant mostly to determine who may claim open roster spots, all eyes were locked on the young prospects looking to claim them. With so much attention paid to the prospects, it would be easy to overlook the performances by some of the comparative veterans— that is, players with at least a year of NHL experience— like Ivan Provorov and Shayne Gostisbehere. If your attentions were elsewhere, I’ll fill you in: they looked good. Gostisbehere looked to be back to old form, confident and comfortable putting shots on net. And Provorov, while not presenting as flashy, showed some fancy footwork, and quietly performed nearly flawlessly. They were pictures of solidity and consistency, showing that they can not only play their own games effectively, but also provide the necessary balance to the sometimes volatile rookie performances.

9. Morin and Hagg still probably ahead in the pecking order

With what’s most likely to be two spots open to rookie defensemen on the opening night roster, a lot of attention has been paid to the depth chart at this position. To this point, Sam Morin and Robert Hagg have been sitting comfortably at the top of this list, as favorites to earn these spots. Based on the amount of time spent in the organization, and that these two both received some regular season playing time with Flyers, they were virtually assumed to be locks. And even with Travis Sanheim and Philippe Myers breathing down their necks, Morin and Hagg seem to have held firm.

If there were any questions of the solidity of their positions in the prospect hierarchies, Morin and Hagg virtually quelled them in this game against the Islanders. We didn’t hear their names much— aside from Morin delivering a few big hits— but they quietly had solid games, and most of all, avoided making any major and costly mistakes.

But is it still early? Yes. Could one of these two absolutely implode and lose their spot, slip down in the ranking? Sure, I guess. But, if nothing else, what we saw in yesterday’s game was that there’s a reason these two are the favorites to make the roster. Sanheim and Myers may well have higher ceilings, but they still have some growing to do

10. The only damn thing I know

If you caught a broadcast of the game, maybe you heard Coatsy screaming in your ear about the only damn thing he knows. THE ONLY DAMN THING HE KNOWS. Apparently it has something to do with what CCM stands for. I’m not really sure. I for one was watching the action on the ice. Apparently it’s a very important bit of information. Worth having a lot of feelings about. Or something.

(CCM stands for “Canada Cycle & Motor,” in case you were wondering)

The only damn thing I know? Flyers hockey is back, it is sadness, but it is still a true delight. Welcome back.

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Subject: This Sixers

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🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀 🏀🏀🏀 🏀🏀🏀 🏀🏀🏀 🏀 🏀 🏀 🏀 🏀 🏀 🏀🏀🏀🏀 🏀🏀🏀 🏀🏀🏀 🏀 🏀 — Philadelphia 76ers (@sixers) September 18, 2017 THAT COURT IS ON FIRE!!!!!!!! Side note: It looks like Toyota won out where it was supposed to say 💰

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Subject: Tuesday Morning Fly By: The final roster gets closer...

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Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

*They Flyers made a couple of more cuts yesterday. Nothing big, but it does get us closer to the final opening night roster. Which is fun and good. [BSH]

*Good news if you're a Charlie fan: he's taking his Ten Things over to his new home at The Athletic! Check out his ten things to learn from the preseason opener. No one likes to pay for stuff but there's a lot of really good sports stuff to read there if you can spare the $50 a year. [The Athletic]

*We've also got some observations! The Flyers may have lost that first game to the Islanders but there was some good stuff there, folks. [BSH]

*One of the best things from that game? Oskar Lindblom, who is impressing a lot of people, including Jake Voracek. [Inquirer]

*Scott Laughton is hoping he's finally found a way to stick with the Flyers. [CSN Philly]

*You might think the Travis Konecny is a lock to make the team this year, but he's not taking it for granted. (eds. note: Travis Konecny is totally a lock to make this team.) [CSN Philly]

*And finally, it what might be the most NHL thing ever, the league-mandated smaller goalie equipment somehow won't be ready for the start of this season. So nothing is actually changing. This league is very, very Mickey Mouse sometimes. [Yahoo Sports]

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Subject: Eagles News: Carson Wentz is tied for the NFL lead in quarterback hits taken

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 9/19/17.

Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Giants drop to 0-2 with Eagles ready to destroy NY’s offensive line next - BGN
The G-Men are set to play the Eagles (on short rest) in Philadelphia this Sunday, September 24. The Eagles’ defensive line has looked REALLY good through two games; Philly’s pass rush is up to eight sacks combined in the first two weeks. It’s the Birds’ highest total through two games since 2011, when the Eagles notched an NFL-high 50 sacks on the season. The Eagles will have a chance to drop the Giants to 0-3 this Sunday. The Birds are 3-0 in their last three home games against New York at Lincoln Financial Field. The Eagles are 14-4 in their last 18 games against the Giants regardless of location.

Running The Football More Isn't The Solution -
John Barchard, James Seltzer and Vince Quinn break down the loss to the Chiefs. If there is an answer at RB we would sure like to hear it but there isn't any great options to fix the running game. We break everything down from the loss on Ep. 261.

Carson Wentz is going to have to throw it too much again this year - PhillyVoice
A lot of Wentz's high pass attempt numbers his rookie season were due to the Eagles getting behind early in games and having to throw to catch up. In 2017, the Eagles have no such excuse, as they have had two close games. Instead, Wentz is being asked to do more than a second-year quarterback should because the Eagles' run game has been non-existent.

Monday Morning Notebook - Iggles Blitz
Brandon Graham and Fletcher Cox have combined for 4.5 sacks so far. You want your stars to play…like stars. Those guys have been outstanding so far. And this isn’t just about the pass rush. The Eagles have clogged the running lanes this year. Kareem Hunt got free for the one long run yesterday, but struggled other than that. The Skins had no room at all. They ran all over the Rams on Sunday, making the opener that much more impressive. Good start for the guys in the trenches.

Upon further review: Eagles position-by-position breakdown - The Athletic
Carson Wentz went 25-for-46 for 333 yards, two touchdowns and an interception. He did a great job on back-shoulder throws against the Chiefs, who played a lot of man coverage. Wentz's best drive came in the third quarter when he went 5-for-5 for 70 yards and completed passes to four different receivers. He made plays with his legs also, rushing four times for 55 yards. Through two games, Wentz has attempted 15 downfield throws (20 yards or more), more than any quarterback in the NFL, per PFF. But he's only completed four. The downfield accuracy has not been there. And Wentz's fumbles are concerning. He put the ball on the ground twice (both while in the pocket), but the Eagles recovered both fumbles. Overall, Wentz continues to do a lot of positive things, but he needs to clean up some of the mistakes — which is to be expected for a second-year quarterback.

Eagle Eye: A Sign Of Carson Wentz's Development And Diagnosing The Run Game -
As Pederson said on Monday, "it takes a village" to have a successful run game. The Eagles just couldn’t get things going consistently against a strong Kansas City front for a variety of reasons. The Eagles finished the day with 13 runs to 56 dropbacks. Keep in mind, however, that they ended the day with 17 straight passes when they were in comeback mode, down by at least a touchdown. When the game was within a field goal, the ratio was 13 runs to 39 dropbacks. That number is still 25 percent and not where it needs to be, but again, take that as additional context in terms of how this game played out. Why was the run game not a staple against the Chiefs? They had other aspects of the offense working pretty well. Conventional wisdom says that a team can NOT have an effective play-action pass game without a productive run game, right? That was not the case for the Eagles' offense on Sunday against Kansas City.

Chicken or the Egg? Eagles running back issues have more to do with personnel - Inquirer
Which begs the question: Are the Eagles’ run game issues – their backs are averaging just 3.2 yards a carry – a symptom of Pederson’s play calling or of the poor evaluations made by the front office? There isn’t a big enough sample after two games to claim anything other than a combination of factors. But the Eagles added three running backs this offseason and the veteran (Blount) had zero carries in his second game, the drafted rookie (Pumphrey) won’t contribute this year, and the undrafted rookie (Clement) is currently on the bottom of the depth chart.

Eagles can't afford to abandon LeGarrette Blount yet - ESPN
The reality is Blount had a sluggish summer and didn't show much burst in the opener at the Washington Redskins (14 carries, 46 yards). Pederson decided to give Smallwood and Sproles the bulk of the opportunities this time around. While that's his prerogative, the Eagles aren't in a position where they can simply move away from Blount. They signed him to a one-year, $1.25 million deal in May with the thought that he could be the lead guy in a running-back-by-committee approach. They weren't necessarily expecting a repeat of 2016, when he set career highs in carries (299), yards (1,161) and touchdowns (his 18 scored led the league), but the hope was he would help provide some much-needed balance to an Eagles attack that asked quarterback Carson Wentz to drop back a franchise-high 607 times as a rookie.

Doug Pederson's play-calling not to blame for Eagles' loss … this time - CSN Philly
Anybody who reads the Eagles postgame grades with any regularity knows complaints about Doug Pederson’s pass-happy play-calling are a staple. Yet, strangely enough, when the clock reached zero in a 27-20 loss in Kansas City, I felt more or less fine with the game Pederson had just called. Officially, the Eagles ran the ball just 13 times against the Chiefs in Week 2, while Carson Wentz dropped back to pass a whopping 56 times. How could anybody be alright with that? Because, quite simply, play-calling balance was not the reason the Eagles lost Sunday. It probably wasn’t Nos. 2 or 3 on the list, either.

Panthers TE Greg Olsen undergoes successful foot surgery, no timetable on return - Cat Scratch Reader
It’s likely we’re looking at 6-8 weeks before Olsen’s ready to play again, which means it’s likely the team will put him on IR and bring him back after eight weeks, provided his recovery goes well. A post-bye week return is likely.

[BLG Note: Sounds like Olsen will miss the Eagles-Panthers game on October 12.]

The Sky Is Falling! Giants Fans React to 0-2 Start - Big Blue View
How do fans feel about their 0-2 New York Giants after Monday’s 24-10 loss to the Detroit Lions? Well, not good. That’s for sure.

Sam Bradford’s Injury Believed To Be A Bone Bruise - Daily Norseman
In his press conference this afternoon, Zimmer once again said that Bradford’s situation was “day to day,” but he also said that the team doesn’t intend to sign another quarterback. Depending on who you ask and/or how much time that person has spent on WebMD over the past 24 hours or so, the timeline for Bradford’s return varies quite a bit. There’s been some speculation that he could be back this Sunday when the Vikings take on the Buccaneers, or that he could be out for a while yet.

The Chiefs are good enough to give Andy Reid the Super Bowl he deserves - SB Nation
There are seven NFL teams sitting at 2-0, and none of them has looked as good as the Kansas City Chiefs. This is weird. Not that the Chiefs being good is weird. The Chiefs have had a winning record each season and missed the playoffs just once in four years under Andy Reid. But for the Chiefs to look utterly dominant is something else. Under Reid, the Chiefs have become the sort of high-floor, low-ceiling team that you wouldn’t really expect to see in the Super Bowl. They’ve gone down swinging (read: painfully, excruciatingly) in all three of their playoff losses under Reid and have yet to get past the Divisional round. They could be counted on to be pretty good in all phases — to rush better than most teams, to be frustrating to score on, and to not cough up the ball — but fall short when games are tight and matter most.


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Subject: Giants-Lions Final Score: New York drops to 0-2 with Eagles ready to destroy NY

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The NFC’s least.

The New York Giants dropped to 0-2 on the 2017 NFL season after losing to the Detroit Lions on Monday night by a final score of 24 to 10.

For the second week in a row, the Giants’ offensive line looked absolutely awful. New York allowed five sacks to Detroit’s pass rush. Eli Manning has been sacked seven times total through only two weeks.

The bad news for the Giants is that things might only get uglier from here.

The G-Men are set to play the Eagles (on short rest) in Philadelphia this Sunday, September 24. The Eagles’ defensive line has looked REALLY good through two games; Philly’s pass rush is up to eight sacks combined in the first two weeks. It’s the Birds’ highest total through two games since 2011, when the Eagles notched an NFL-high 50 sacks on the season.

The Eagles will have a chance to drop the Giants to 0-3 this Sunday. The Birds are 3-0 in their last three home games against New York at Lincoln Financial Field. The Eagles are 14-4 in their last 18 games against the Giants regardless of location.

The Giants will be desperate to keep their season alive, but it might not matter because they look pretty bad. It’s up to the Eagles and their defensive line to secure a win for Philly.

Get ready for a feast on the NFC’s least.

[#] Mon Sep 18 2017 20:27:34 EDT from rss

Subject: Giants vs. Lions: How to watch Monday Night Football, game info, odds, more

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Watch MNF with us.

Week 2 of the 2017 NFL regular season ends tonight with a game between the New York Giants and Detroit Lions.

The Giants are 0-1 after looking AWFUL in a Week 1 loss to the Dallas Cowboys. New York only managed to score three points while looking completely incompetent on offense. Odell Beckham Jr. is active for Monday night’s game so maybe his presence will make a difference. It remains to be seen if he’s 100% considering his ankle injury was reportedly supposed to take 6-8 weeks to recover and it’s only been four.

The Lions are 1-0 after beating the Arizona Cardinals pretty soundly in Detroit. Matthew Stafford and Detroit’s passing attack will test a Giants secondary that’s missing starting cornerback Janoris Jenkins.

It’s obvious who Philadelphia Eagles fans will be rooting for this game. The Birds are set to face the G-Men themselves this week on Sunday at Lincoln Financial Field. Maybe the Eagles will have a chance to make the Giants 0-3. But first we’ll see how MNF goes.

Find everything you need to know about tonight's game below.

Detroit Lions at New York Giants TV Schedule

Game time: 8:30 PM EST

Channel: ESPN

Date: Monday, September 18

Announcers: Sean McDonough, Jon Gruden, Lisa Salters

Location: MetLife Stadium | New York, New York East Rutherford, New Jersey

Online Streaming: WatchESPN


Detroit Lions +3 (+110)

New York Giants -3 (-130)


Open thread: discuss Monday night’s game in the comments below.

[#] Mon Sep 18 2017 20:03:26 EDT from rss

Subject: Eagles Injury News: Updates on Rodney McLeod and Jaylen Watkins

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Not ideal.

The Philadelphia Eagles entered the 2017 NFL season with a secondary not exactly loaded with depth. Then starting cornerback Ronald Darby went down in Week 1. Then replacement starting corner Jaylen Watkins and starting safety Rodney McLeod got hurt in Week 2. Not exactly ideal.

During his Monday press conference, Doug Pederson said he’d have more of an update on the status of McLeod and Watkins on Wednesday. He did say they’re “day-to-day” for now. But it sounds like they might be more week-to-week.

Jimmy Kempski of PhillyVoice has more specific information on the nature of McLeod’s injury.

According to a source, the initial diagnosis is a grade 1 hamstring strain. Grade 1 is lowest of the grades, or the least severe. McLeod may or may not play this Sunday at home against the New York Giants, but the initial prognosis is that it is not a long-term, serious injury, assuming proper rest and treatment.

The loss of McLeod is significant. He’s a pretty good starting safety. Corey Graham, his backup, has a lot of NFL experience but the veteran showed his age on the whiffed tackle attempt which led to a Kareem Hunt touchdown.

Watkins being out might not be so awful due to the presence of Rasul Douglas. The rookie corner really stepped up on Sunday. It’d be great if Douglas can step up and be a capable starter moving forward, but the third-round rookie still has a lot to prove.

Philadelphia’s secondary has performed pretty well — relative to expectations, at least — through the first two games of the 2017 season. The Eagles’ dominant pass rush has surely helped take pressure off the back end of the defense. The Birds will need to maintain that effort moving forward, especially due to these new injury issues.

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Subject: Eagles cut practice squad tackle to bring back a wide receiver

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The practice squad shuffle.

The Philadelphia Eagles made another change to their practice squad according to an official announcement on Monday afternoon. The Eagles released offensive tackle Victor Salako in order to make room for a familiar face: wide receiver Greg Ward Jr.

The Eagles only inked Salako, who signed with Philadelphia as an undrafted free agent after the 2017 NFL Draft, to the practice squad last week. The Eagles cut cornerback C.J. Smith in order to make room for him. Smith has since joined the Cleveland Browns’ practice squad.

Ward, also a 2017 undrafted free agent signing, was released from the practice squad last week following the signing of cornerback DeVante Bausby.

I wouldn’t read into these practice squad moves too much. It seems like the Eagles are just shuffling around some practice squad guys in order to work around the 10-man limit. I suggested this possibility last week.

The Eagles likely aren’t done making roster moves this week. Philadelphia is currently one player shy of the 53-man limit so they’ll probably be signing someone today or tomorrow to fill that vacancy. It could be a defensive back due to the injuries at that position. We’ll see.


WR Greg Ward Jr.

DT Justin Hamilton

CB DeVante Bausby

QB Nate Sudfeld

C/G Josh Andrews

TE Billy Brown

LB Nathan Gerry

OT Dillon Gordon

RB Byron Marshall

WR Bryce Treggs

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Subject: A Kansas City road trip diary, plus an updated game-by-game Eagles notebook

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Finding Howie, eating brisket and watchin’ the Birds.

Another week of Philadelphia Eagles football is under wraps, and fortunately for me and my wife, Brooke, we didn’t just watch Andy Reid best his former team from the comfort of our own home.

No, we spent a good 12 hours on the road just to ensure we saw it in person. And we enjoyed every minute of it.

This wasn’t business as much as it was a departure from it — an opportunity to do some exploring and, all the while, reconnect with the team to which I clung as a child in Pennsylvania and then warranted my coverage even after I relocated to Minnesota. Kansas City, then, site of the Eagles’ Week Two showdown, made for one of the closest road games of Philadelphia’s 2017 season, and I’ve documented our journey there as a lead-in to the updated game-by-game Eagles notebook ...

Saturday, Sept. 16, 2017

10:22 a.m. The trek begins. Kansas City awaits. Just under six hours of driving ahead.

4:58 p.m. Arrival. We pass through an overcast St. Louis, heading straight for check-in at our hotel, which is actually located in Kansas, a few miles across the border. A couple of Chiefs-themed McDonald’s billboards dot the sides of the highway. “Necessary Loudness,” one says.

5:42 p.m. We get to West 39th Street in K.C., eyeing Q39 Midtown, a barbecue and wood-fire grilling restaurant that we’ve been recommended by a friend to try. Quite the urban rustic feel on 39th. And quite the tow of Eagles fans at Q39, where half the people waiting for a table are sporting green jerseys.

6:25 p.m. After perusing the local strip of shops nearby (personal favorite just for the name: “Miami Ice,” the Rita’s of hipster Kansas City), we stand outside Q39, awaiting our table and observing car after van after truck of Eagles fans arriving for dinner. And there, at our first real stop in a state to which we’ve never been after a six-hour drive and a whimsical choice to take the friend’s recommendation for food, out of the front doors walks Howie Roseman, Eagles executive vice president. My wife, to no fault of her own, thinks nothing of it as the unofficial general manager strolls past her, glancing him off as any other 40-something in a blue button-up. My stomach, meanwhile, drops like it’s on the amusement-park pirate ship if only because, out here on our own free-flowing road trip, my mind couldn’t comprehend that we’d just stumbled upon the pre-game dinner establishment of Howie.

6:26 p.m. After taking a call on speaker phone at the corner of the parking lot, Howie makes his way back toward Q39’s doors. I stop him on his way back in to say hello. His comments: “Go Birds. It’ll be loud out there.”

6:37 p.m. There is talk in the men’s restroom of a Jeffrey Lurie sighting at the restaurant.

6:57 p.m. No longer do I wonder why, of all places, Howie Roseman chose this place to eat. The brisket is as tender as I’ve ever tasted. Props to you, Kansas City. Props to you.

7:15 p.m. Ah, yes. The Lurie sighting is confirmed. The Eagles owner flashes his smile from an enclosed dining area, out of which Roseman eventually comes as well, and upon leaving the restaurant, he makes no less than 10 stops for pictures with fans. A couple of “E-A-G-L-E-S, Eagles!” chants ensue. Everyone loves Q39. (And maybe, now, they will sponsor next week’s column.)

Sunday, Sept. 17, 2017

10:40 a.m. I’ve handled the commute to Kansas City, so my wife takes the wheel as we prepare to park at Arrowhead. The line of cars waiting to get in is about as long as you’d expect, and the lots look to be filling up. We pull up to the attendant booth and, without hesitation, our red-shirted friend tells us this:

“I’m sorry. I told the people in front of you the same thing: You’re going to have to go in, turn around and go out the exit ...” (and it’s at this point my wife is staring intently at this attendant, concerned we won’t find a parking spot) “... and then you’re going to have to drive all the way home because you’ve got the wrong jersey on.”

Brooke has every right to blame me for giving her a white No. 87 Brent Celek jersey. But she doesn’t. We get well wishes from the attendant and are on our way.

10:55 a.m. Not sure I’ve ever smelled more of a hearty barbecue than in Arrowhead parking lots.

11:19 a.m. Game time. Almost. Salute to the Arrowhead architects, by the way, for going with a spiral ramp rather than a never-ending staircase.

12:00 p.m. Game time (in local time). For real. In all honesty, I cannot say the place is substantially louder than any game at Lincoln Financial Field, even though Arrowhead is hyped and marketed, especially during the game, as the loudest in the NFL. Even so, it’s got an impressive look.

3:56 p.m. We make our way out of the Arrowhead lots. A close game — and at least, thrill-wise, a satisfactory finish — is in the books (see notebook below).

3:57 p.m. Ready for the next week of Eagles football.

Week One: Eagles 30, Redskins 17: Year Two of the Carson Wentz and Doug Pederson regime started with the Birds ending a five-game losing streak to the Redskins at FedEx Field, where Jim Schwartz’s front-four rotation led the way. Brandon Graham, Fletcher Cox and Tim Jernigan combined for four sacks and two forced fumbles, the second of which was returned 20 yards for a touchdown by Cox, sealing a two-score, fourth-quarter lead. After fellow cornerback Ronald Darby was carted off with an injury, Jalen Mills also aided an Eagles “D” that gave up just 64 rushing yards and three third-down conversions, intercepting Kirk Cousins on a red-zone pass when the ‘Skins trailed by two. With uneven protection and a non-existent running game, Wentz (26-39, 307 yards, 2 TDs, 1 INTs) was the victim of a Ryan Kerrigan pick six but channeled his inner Donovan McNabb on an opening-drive scramble and 58-yard TD heave to Nelson Agholor, then extended plays with tight end Zach Ertz (8 receptions, 93 yards) to set up three Caleb Sturgis field goals and a Gatorade bath for Pederson.

Week Two: Chiefs 27, Eagles 20: Late-game grit and a stout start for Jim Schwartz’s defense weren’t enough for Doug Pederson to best ex-Eagles coach Andy Reid at Arrowhead Stadium, where the Chiefs used a 53-yard touchdown run from rookie Kareem Hunt, back-to-back fourth-quarter scores and six sacks of an overburdened Carson Wentz to decide a close one. Big stands from a banged-up Eagles secondary offset a rare Darren Sproles fumble on a punt return inside Birds territory, holding Kansas City to a 6-3 halftime lead, but heavy pressure on the Eagles QB led to a tipped interception and more red-zone chances for Reid’s unit. Still, Wentz (25-46, 333 yards, 2 TDs, 1 INT) started efficiently (7-of-9), spread 19 first-down throws to Alshon Jeffery, Torrey Smith and Zach Ertz and scrambled his way to a team-high 55 rushing yards on another dismal day for the backfield. Down two scores with :14 left, his 9-yard TD pass to Nelson Agholor preceded a perfect onside kick from fill-in Jake Elliott, who made up for an earlier 30-yard field goal miss and set up a game-ending Hail Mary try.

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Subject: As Andy Reid Succeeds in Kansas City, The Eagles Lack Direction

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Carson Wentz stood near midfield and hurled a desperate pass toward the end zone. The brief flicker of hope that arose as the ball traveled through the air was quickly snuffed. Wentz’s Hail Mary prayer went unanswered, and the Chiefs prevailed over the Eagles by a score of 27-20. In the aftermath of the game,…

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Subject: Your Tuesday Morning Roundup

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The Phillies defeated Clayton Kershaw and the Los Angeles Dodgers last night. No, you didn’t read that wrong. The Phillies actually did earn the win over one of the best pitchers in the game last night at Citizens Bank Park, 4-3, thanks to a big grand slam from Aaron Altherr. Not only is it a rarity for a…

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Subject: BSH Radio #127: There was hockey this week!

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Hockey season is here!

The season is here, the season is here!

Training camp and the preseason have officially begun and Bill and Kelly and Steph and Charlie are breaking down the battles for roster spots heading into the season. How good does Nolan Patrick look? Where do the bottom-six veterans fit? Which d-men are making the team? The excitement is reaching a high with the regular season just weeks away

You can listen below, but the show is also available on iTunes, Google Play, and Soundcloud.

Follow us on twitter @BSH_Radio so you can get in on the fun!

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Subject: The Eagles Running Game Problem is Actually Three Problems

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Two weeks doesn’t provide much of a sample size for NFL statistics, especially when you’ve started the season with two road games against two pretty good teams, but let’s jump into it anyway, because we’re 12.5% of the way through a schedule that only features 16 games to begin with. Secret’s out! The Eagles running…

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Subject: How Long Will Aaron Altherr Be with the Phillies?

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It wasn’t so long ago that Aaron Altherr was one of the biggest reasons for optimism regarding the Phillies heading into next season. It was early August when the 26-year-old re-aggravated a right hamstring injury that had previously cost him 10 games in July. At the time, Altherr was hitting .285 with 20 doubles and…

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Subject: Chris Long is donating his first six Eagles game checks to fund scholarships in Charlottesville

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Here’s a pretty awesome thing: Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Chris Long is donating his first six game checks of the 2017 NFL season to fund scholarships in his hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia.

Long is partnering with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Virginia and St. Anne’s Belfield School to provide two seven-year scholarships to Virginia middle school students.

The 32-year-old Long signed a two-year, $4.5 million contract with the Eagles earlier this offseason. He’s already made a valuable impact as a rotational pass rusher. His positive contributions off the field make him even easier to root for.

Long spoke out about the events that took place in Charlottesville last month. He made it clear that he doesn’t want to “stick to sports” and instead wants to use his platform to express what he feels is right. In a sign of solidarity, Long places his hand on Malcolm Jenkins during the national anthem while the safety raises his fist each week.

More information from the official press release.

The Chris Long Foundation announced today that Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Chris Long will donate his first six game checks of the 2017 NFL season to fund two scholarships in his hometown of Charlottesville, VA. The Chris Long Scholarships will promote equality through education by providing two students with a seven-year all expenses paid school program.

The scholarships will be set-up and administered by Long’s alma mater, St. Anne’s-Belfield School. Two members of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Virginia will be awarded an opportunity to complete their education at one of the finest educational institutions in Virginia. The school has an established reputation in the local community for offering quality education that supports high personal aspirations and develops exemplary citizens.

Following the events that transpired in Charlottesville this summer, Long and his wife, Megan, were inspired to fund the scholarship program to promote educational equity in the community their family calls home.

“In August, we watched people fill our hometown streets with hatred and bigotry,” said Long. “Megan and I decided to try to combat those actions with our own positive investment in our community.”

The Longs believe a key to producing equality for all and promoting social justice, starts with educating the youth.

“We want these scholarships to be reflective of what the ‘Cville’ community is really about - - supporting one another, social equality and building up those in our community who need it,” said Long. “We hope our investment will change the lives of the students who receive the scholarship and in turn, those students can positively impact others.”

St. Anne’s-Belfield will collaborate with the Boys & Girls Club of Central Virginia to identify two students who will benefit through this scholastic opportunity. The two scholarships will go to students entering the sixth grade and will provide tuition through high school graduation.

"We could not be more pleased that Chris is supporting student scholarships in this way," said Head of School David Lourie. "His commitment to the Charlottesville community and making this opportunity possible represents all that we hope for in our alumni. We look forward to welcoming our first scholarship recipients next year."

The Chris Long Scholarship is the newest program of The Chris Long Foundation, which is dedicated to supporting bright futures for communities and the individuals that make up those communities. Long’s core foundation work focuses on providing clean water to communities, helping underprivileged youth, military support and homelessness.

“Through the foundation, we are committed to serving communities lacking basic human necessities, but we also want to invest in the one in our backyard,” said Long. “This scholarship allows us a chance to give back to our community and empower students that don’t have the same educational opportunities that my wife and I were afforded.”

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Subject: NFL Draft Prospect of the Week: Dante Pettis

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Last year, John Ross was the premier name for the Washington Huskies offense and rightfully so. The speedy receiver caught passes for over 1100 yards and 17 touchdowns and returned a kickoff for a touchdown. After a strong season and breaking the 40 yard dash record at the NFL combine, it was hard for anyone else on that Washington offense to get any spotlight. Now, with Ross in the NFL, Washington receiver Dante Pettis is taking advantage of his new limelight by showing out in a big way.

While Ross was a huge playmaker for the Huskies last year, it was actually Pettis who was the more efficient player with the ball. Ross averaged 14.2 yards per catch on 81 receptions while scoring a touchdown on about 21% of his touches, a very impressive figure. However, in 2016, Pettis averaged 15.5 yards per catch on his 53 catches and scored a touchdown on over 28% of his receptions. While it came in a smaller sample size, Pettis' incredible playmaking efficiency warranted some attention. Now he is about to get all of the attention he deserves.

This past week, Dante Pettis did something remarkable. Against Fresno State he had five catches for 92 yards and three touchdowns, but that wasn't even the most impressive thing. He added a fourth touchdown as a punt returner and became the first player in NCAA history to have three straight games with a punt return touchdown.

The senior receiver is now up to eight career punt return touchdowns and it's not surprising given his open field moves and seemingly effortless speed at 6'1" and 200 pounds.

This was a massive breakout game for Dante Pettis considering he had been relatively quiet in the previous weeks, but  there is no doubt Washington is going to try to get him the ball more over the course of the season. He will be a player to keep an eye on from week to week this year because, as last weekend showed, he can score a touchdown at any moment.

Other Performances of Note:

  • Malik Jefferson, Linebacker, Texas: While Texas may have lost their exciting game with USC, Malik Jefferson had the best game of his career. The athletic linebacker flew all over the place and played  a fundamental role in limiting USC's electric running backs and he looked comfortable in coverage. Before this season, Jefferson was just a raw player with lots of potential but his USC performance suggests he is putting it all together this season.
  • Mike McGlinchey, Offensive Tackle, Notre Dame: Mike McGlinchey had a tough task on Saturday, dealing with Boston College's impressive duo of defenders in Zach Allen and Harold Landry. McGlinchey answered the call and absolutely mauled both in the passing game and running game. Notre Dame ran for over 500 yards against Boston College and McGlinchey's performances played a huge part in that. Going forward, McGlinchey should have a lead in the conversation for the best tackle in this draft class.
  • Christian Wilkins, Defensive Lineman, Clemson: In what was one of the most hyped match ups of the last week, Clemson's defensive line came to play against Louisville. Christian Wilkins led an incredible effort by the Tigers to absolutely manhandle the Cardinals in the trenches. Christian Wilkins was a bull in a china shop, blowing up blocks and ruining the running game and put pressure on Lamar Jackson all night. Wilkins is a pretty complete prospect and more performances like this for the junior could mean a high draft selection in spring.
  • Rashaad Penny, Running Back, SDSU: One of my favorite smaller school prospects this year is going to be the guy who took over for Donnel Pumphrey at San Diego State. Rashaad Penny had 1000 yards last year as a back up and it looks like he is going to eclipse that pretty quickly this year considering he is up to 588 rushing yards through three games and is averaging 8.3 yards a carry. Against a tough Stanford defense, Penny led the Aztecs to a big upset when rushed for 175 yards and a touchdown. On 32 carries, Penny bullied the Stanford defense and kept them honest the whole night. He was consistent in picking up yardage and was unstoppable through four quarters. The 220 pound back has a lot more NFL potential than his predecessor, so it will be fun to watch him run rampant in that offense for the rest of the year.

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Subject: NFL Power Rankings 2017: Week 3 Edition

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Ranking all 32 NFL Teams.

Week 2 of the 2017 NFL regular season schedule is in the books. Now that the second week is over, it's time to see where all 32 teams rank. For reference purposes, here is a link to last week's NFL Power Rankings.


1 - Kansas City Chiefs (Last Week: 1) - Andy Reid’s Chiefs have a legitimate case as the best team in the NFL. They don’t turn the ball over, they have explosive play-makers, and their pass rush is pretty good. This team could definitely end up being the No. 1 seed in the AFC, especially since they already have a tie-breaker over the Patriots.

2 - Atlanta Falcons (LW: 2) - The Falcons looked a little shaky on the road in Week 1 but they returned to Atlanta to open their new stadium with a strong win. Even with no Kyle Shanahan, the Falcons’ offense is still pretty good.

3 - Pittsburgh Steelers (LW: 4) - Similar to the Falcons, the Steelers won a close game over a bad team on the road in Week 1 and then returned home for a double-digit win in Week 2.

4 - New England Patriots (LW: 5) - Surprise: it was too early to write off Tom Brady after the Patriots’ Week 1 loss to the Chiefs.

5 - Oakland Raiders (LW: 6) - This Raiders team is fun. Beast Mode is entertaining. Derek Carr and Khalil Mack are two of the brightest young talents in the league at premium positions.

6 - Denver Broncos (LW: 13) - Despite moving on from Wade Phillips, the Broncos’ defense still looks pretty legit. They absolutely demolished Dallas. Trevor Siemian is playing well, too.

7 - Detroit Lions (LW: 10) - Matthew Stafford is picking right up where he left off last season. The presence of Ameer Abdullah makes the Lions’ offense even more dangerous.

8 - Green Bay Packers (LW: 3) - The Packers are one of the better teams in the NFC, but they’re certainly not the best team in the conference.

9 - Seattle Seahawks (LW: 8) - Seattle won but I moved them down due to only beating the 49ers at home by three points. While their defense is still good, the Seahawks’ offensive line is a big issue.

10 - Baltimore Ravens (LW: 12) - At +34, the Ravens own the NFL’s second best point differential through two games. Baltimore’s defense has only allowed 10 points so far.

11 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers (LW: 14) - After getting an unexpected bye in Week 1, the Buccaneers blew out the Bears on Sunday.

12 - Philadelphia Eagles (LW: 11) - The Eagles were very competitive for most of their game against the Chiefs in Kansas City on Sunday. Philadelphia clearly has some flaws (see: the run game) but there’s a number of positives with this team as well. Carson Wentz and the pass rush have played well so far. Though it’s early, the Eagles are playing like the best team in the NFC East so far.

13 - Dallas Cowboys (LW: 7) - Take away Ezekiel Elliott and the Cowboys are toast. That’s easier said than done, but it’s true. Ask Dak Prescott to carry Dallas with his arm and the reality is he just can’t do it. He’s not that type of quarterback. The narrative that the Cowboys had a good defense just because they held a crappy Giants offense to three points predictably proved to be foolish. Enjoy this clip of Zeke being a sourpuss and not making an effort to run down an interception. In many ways, he’s the perfect Cowboy.

14 - Tennessee Titans (LW: 15) - The Titans put a big beating on a division rival. The opportunity is there for Tennessee to run away with the AFC South.

15 - Carolina Panthers (LW: 17) - Cam Newton isn’t playing very well despite the fact the Panthers are 2-0. Making matters for worse for Carolina’s quarterback is that Greg Olsen will now miss two months with an injury.

16 - Arizona Cardinals (LW: 16) - Yuck. The Cardinals only managed to put up 16 points on a terrible Indy team. It took an overtime win to get it done. The Cards don’t look very good.

17 - Miami Dolphins (LW: 18) - Good start to the season by opening with a win in L.A. The Dolphins had a nice advantage due to being off in Week 1 and the Chargers playing on a short week. Now Miami has to play 15 more games in a row.

18 - Minnesota Vikings (LW: 9) - The Vikings take a huge hit in the rankings due in part to the Sam Bradford injury. If he’s going to be out for a significant amount of time, this team is going nowhere fast with Case Keenum as the starter.

19 - Washington Redskins (LW: 23) - After losing in Week 1, Washington bounced back with a close win over the Rams.

20 - Los Angeles Rams (LW: 19) - The Rams allowed 229 rushing yards to a Washington team that only gained 64 rushing yards in Week 1.

21 - Houston Texans (LW: 27) - This is probably too high for the Texans, who didn’t even look good on Thursday night. The problem is a lot of the teams below them lost.

22 - Los Angeles Chargers (LW: 24) - The Bolts are the best 0-2 team in the league. Their -5 point differential ranks higher than five teams who have a better record than them. But losses are still losses. And L.A. might have the least favorable home field “advantage” in the NFL. The Chargers predictably couldn’t sell out their tiny temporary stadium and there was a strong presence of Dolphins fans in attendance.

23 - Jacksonville Jaguars (LW: 20) - Shame on me for thinking the Jags might be not bad. They’re definitely still bad.

24 - New Orleans Saints (LW: 21) - The Saints are crumbling. The defense sucks as usual and the offense can’t compensate for it.

25 - New York Giants (LW: 22) - The 0-2 Giants own the third worst point differential in the league. New York’s offensive line is terrible. The G-Men are staring 0-3 in the face with a game coming up in Philly this Sunday. By the way, fun fact via @Noah_Becker: the Giants have scored 17 points or fewer in 10 of the 19 games Ben McAdoo has coached. Offensive genius!

26 - Buffalo Bills (LW: 25) - Buffalo beat a bad Jets team in Week 1 and then only managed to score three points in Week 2. They’re not good.

27 - San Francisco 49ers (LW: 30) - The 49ers only lost to the Seahawks by three points in Seattle. That’s certainly better than how most of the other teams here at the bottom performed.

28 - Cleveland Browns (LW: 28) - Rough game for rookie DeShone Kizer, who finished with a 27.3 passer rating.

29 - Indianapolis Colts (LW: 31) - The Colts are awful. Somehow they only lost to the Cardinals by three points in overtime.

30 - Chicago Bears (LW: 29) - Chicago isn’t going to go far with Mike Glennon at quarterback. They don’t want to rush Mitch Trubisky, but he’s probably their best hope.

31 - Cincinnati Bengals (LW: 26) - The Bengals have failed to score a touchdown in their first two games of the season. They’ve scored nine points in their first two games combined. Maybe this really is the year Marvin Lewis gets canned.

32 - New York Jets (LW: 32) - The Jets are just as bad as everyone expected them to be. The tank is on.

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Subject: We

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Vegas baby!

Have you ever wanted to go on a vacation with all of your Internet friends? Oh boy, do I have good news for you! Broad Street Hockey has partnered with Phans of Philly to bring you and all of your Flyers faves to Las Vegas in February.

Yes, you read that right: we’re all going to Sin City to watch our boys take on Pierre-Edouard Bellemare and the Vegas Golden Knights for the Sunday, February 11 game at T-Mobile Arena.

If you’re unfamiliar with Phans of Philly and the packages they create exclusively for Flyers fans, I’ll tell you a secret: they’re awesome. These packages are tailored to Flyers fans in the Philly market and include roundtrip airfare, hotel accommodations, various evening activities, and, of course, game tickets. But knowing that we have Internet friends all over the world, after many conversations and me asking way too much of them, Phans of Philly has tailored various packages just for readers of Broad Street Hockey.

All the details are below. Over 500 people have already signed up for the full package. This is the description of the festivities from the Phans of Philly site, which is where you will need to sign up.

We are offering 4-night packages and 3-night packages for this trip. As we understand some people may want an extra day to take in the Las Vegas experience. All of our flight options are amazing times that will let you get the most out of your trip. They are also all NON-STOP! There aren’t many non-stop flights offered from Philadelphia to Las Vegas, but we were able to secure large blocks of seats! So that means your flights will be full of ORANGE & BLACK!!

The 4-night option will depart Thursday 02/08/2018 at 10:15 AM non-stop into Las Vegas at 12:55 PM. Which gives you the entire day to explore! The return flight will be on Monday February 12th non-stop into Philadelphia by 3:45 PM. You won’t be getting home too late to prepare for that dreaded return to work on Tuesday! The 3-night option will depart Friday 02/09/2018 at 10:15 AM as well, non-stop into Las Vegas at 12:55 PM. The return flight will be non-stop as well, getting you back into Philadelphia around 5:00 PM. These flight options are perfect for our group!

We have set up airport transfers for our group when we arrive in Vegas. From experience the wait for cabs at the Vegas airport can be up to 30 minutes! You will not have to worry about waiting, and it will also save you about $30 each way!

Our hotel for the weekend is in a perfect location. It is in the center of the Las Vegas strip, so you are close to all the entertainment, nightlife, shopping, etc. It is directly across the street from the Bellagio, and their world famous fountain show! We will be staying at the 4-star Paris Las Vegas Hotel! It is an amazing property that will make you feel like you are in Paris when inside. The decorations, fountains, and the huge Eiffel Tower in the middle of the hotel! Which you can ride to the top, and take in the lights and views of the entire city! On a normal weekend this hotel is close to $300 a night after taxes, and the crazy $35 a night resort fee that all Las Vegas hotels apply! We were able to work out a great deal on our rooms, so you can be in the best area of the strip and stay in a 4-star hotel!

That Saturday the Flyers play on the road, and we know people will want to watch the game! So we booked a spot just for our group to drink, eat, and watch the game with other Flyers fans! The bar will show the game on their TVs with the sound tuned in! ALL OF YOUR BEERS, SODA, AND FOOD WILL BE INCLUDED THROUGHOUT THE GAME! You won’t be spending a penny!

Sunday is gameday! Our pre-game party is going to be EPIC. We have a whole rooftop bar overlooking the Las Vegas strip booked for just Flyers fans! It will be at the 10,000-square foot Beer Park! It is right out front of our hotel, so it does not get any more convenient than that!! Just walk out the door and you are there! For 3 hours ALL OF YOUR DRINKS & FOOD will be INCLUDED! The bar has 42 different beers on tap, and everyone is included! All of your mixed drinks, wine, champagne, soda, and bottled water are all included as well! There will also be a food layout of assorted appetizers! There will be Flyers raffles, pool tables, foosball tables, beer pong tables, shuffleboard tables, and more games! It is going to be one hell of a party to get everyone ready for the Flyers game!!

From the pre-game party we will walk and chant as a group down the Las Vegas strip! The pre-game party is a short 15-minute walk to T-Mobile arena. When we get into the game all of our seats will be located together in the upper level on the side the Flyers shoot twice! We are sure to get a ton of attention on the broadcast with all of the Flyers fans that made the trip across country sitting together!

There isn’t much more to say other than this trip is going to be our biggest and best. Don’t miss out on this experience!

The full package includes:

  • Round-trip, non-stop airfare (departing from Philadelphia).
  • Choice of 4 or 3 night hotel stay at the 4-star Paris Las Vegas hotel, including all hotel taxes and resort fees.
  • Upper level game ticket for Flyers vs. Golden Knights on Sunday, seated as a group on the side the Flyers shoot twice.
  • 3-hour pre-game party before the Sunday game, with an open bar. All beer, mixed drinks, wine, and soda included, as well as an assorted appetizer layout.
  • A watch party for the Flyers vs. Coyotes game on Saturday night, with an open bar throughout the game. All beer and soda included, as well as a food layout.
  • Roundtrip airport transfers to and from the airport and hotel.
  • A raffle ticket for a chance to win Flyers jerseys and other prizes.


3-Night Package

  • Quad Occupancy (4 People in a room)- $959 per person
  • Triple Occupancy (3 People in a room)- $999 per person
  • Double Occupancy (2 People in a room)- $1099 per person
  • Single Occupancy (1 person in a room)- $1350 per person

4-Night Package

  • Quad Occupancy (4 People in a room)- $999 per person
  • Triple Occupancy (3 People in a room)- $1059 per person
  • Double Occupancy (2 People in a room)- $1159 per person
  • Single Occupancy (1 person in a room)- $1450 per person

Other options

Not flying out of Philly? No worries, we have a plan that includes everything listed except for the flights! Take $450 off the price listed above.

Live in the Vegas area and just want to come for the day? We’ve got plans for you too! For $230 per person, you will get everything above minus the flights, hotel and Saturday watch party. If you’d like just the game ticket and pre-game Sunday party, that’s $200 per person.

If you don’t have someone to share a room with, that’s ok! You can make friends very quickly and request to be paired with a group. I bet I can guess a couple things you already have in common.

And now for the cherry on top: Broad Street Hockey Radio will be doing a live show from the Flyers pre-game party. Aww yeah, we like the Flyers.

If you need any of these special packages, please contact Joe directly at JOE@PHANSOFPHILLY.COM — he will take great care of you, I promise. The ticket packages require a deposit of half price per person to reserve. The remainder can be paid with flexible payment/payments leading up to the trip. The full package and no air packages require a $150 deposit per person. The remainder can be paid with flexible payments leading up to the trip.

Can’t wait to see you all there.

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Subject: Claude Giroux No Longer the Flyers

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VOORHEES, N.J. – Sean Couturier has been teammates with Claude Giroux for six years. And other than the odd shift here and there, the two have never played together on the same line with any regularity. Until now. Maybe. For one day at least, Giroux was shifted from the center spot he has played exclusively…

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