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[#] Tue Feb 15 2005 13:31:53 EST from penguinkraft @ Uncensored

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my guess is that the organist turned two pages too many in the Dover edition.

[#] Tue Feb 15 2005 13:43:09 EST from girthta @ Uncensored

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I had to crank that !

[#] Tue Feb 15 2005 13:55:30 EST from Mr.T @ Uncensored

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OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The pain!! And the suckers clapped!

[#] Tue Feb 15 2005 14:38:03 EST from fleeb @ Uncensored

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Out of politeness, I'm sure.

I don't think *anybody* could have missed that gaff.

[#] Tue Feb 15 2005 23:55:22 EST from Ford II @ Uncensored

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heh, that was really good. good solid laugh out of that one.
Can't bend notes on an organ...

[#] Wed Feb 16 2005 13:08:54 EST from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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You could hear the choir trying to adjust, and not quite being able to...

[#] Tue Feb 22 2005 13:52:59 EST from penguinkraft @ Uncensored

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(pictures, work safe)
esp. Claudio Abbado, Yehudi Mehunin, Georg Solti

[#] Wed Feb 23 2005 20:47:27 EST from fleeb @ Uncensored

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Give this a read:

Remember that tune, Tusk?

Here's some psychology for you.

[#] Tue Mar 01 2005 16:25:27 EST from LoanShark @ Uncensored

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some of the NIN tour dates:
Hammerstein Ballroom NYC (sold out?) 05/15
Hammerstein 05/16 - onsale friday
Fresno 3/23
San Fran 04/27

Philadelphia 05/18-05/19
San Diego 05/30

[#] Tue Mar 01 2005 17:08:56 EST from Zaya @ PixelBBS

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I wonder if I can time my visit to my sister in San Fran to coincide... something tells me I won't be so lucky

[#] Wed Mar 02 2005 14:08:03 EST from WhitShadoSoCal @ Haven BBS

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Nine Inch Nails:

3/23, William Saroyan Theatre, Fresno

3/24, Reno Hilton Theatre, Reno

3/25, Freeborn Hall, Davis

4/27-28, The Warfield, San Francisco

5/3-4, Fillmore Auditoriumm, Denver

5/6-7, Congress Theatre, Chicago

5/9-10, Kool Haus, Toronto

5/15-16, Hammerstein Ballroom, New York

5/21-22, Tabernacle, Atlanta

5/24, Verizon Theatre, Houston

5/30-31, SOMA, San Diego


[#] Wed Mar 02 2005 14:09:02 EST from WhitShadoSoCal @ Haven BBS

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(I know this because I manage content for a network of businesses in the secondary-ticket market)

[#] Wed Mar 02 2005 17:03:22 EST from WhitShadoSoCal @ Haven BBS

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Add to that NIN schedule...

5/18-19, Electric Factory, Philadelphia

5/27-28, Marquee Theatre, Tempe


[#] Thu Mar 03 2005 00:17:01 EST from Ford II @ Uncensored

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anybody have any idea how to find out who the performers for Music Under New York are? only has limited information about special acts, not everybody, and there's no email to contact people with...

[#] Thu Mar 03 2005 00:18:20 EST from Ford II @ Uncensored

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Anyway, on tuesday, march 1st I guess at around 8pm or so, there was this trio singing god knows what. They closest thing I could liken it to was "mercy" from sarah mclaughin.
It was so noisy I couldn't make out anything they were singing, so I wanted to find out who they were (and they didn't stop sinnging so I didn't want it interrupt them.)

[#] Sat Mar 05 2005 08:46:45 EST from Mr.T @ Uncensored

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The Flametrick Subs, an Austin-based good old-fashioned rockabilly band
(found by inky):

[#] Mon Mar 07 2005 09:05:53 EST from silver bat @ Haven BBS

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Anyone heard the Dresden Dolls? Think  "punk cabaret." I can't decide if I really like them or really hate them.

[#] Fri Mar 11 2005 09:54:14 EST from Mr.T @ Uncensored

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Great, diverse music/MP3 blog:

[#] Fri Mar 11 2005 10:23:21 EST from Mr.T @ Uncensored

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The Gay Pimp is kind of Electric Six meets the Pet Shop Boys. Awesome.

[#] Sun Mar 13 2005 10:20:47 EST from Ragnar Danneskjold @ Uncensored

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Well, I've been obsessed with two albums recently....

The first is Black Label Society's latest Mafia. If you like Black Sabbath, you'd be hard pressed to to enjoy this. Zakk Wylde is every bit the riff master that Tony Iommi is. Absolutely brutal album.

The other is The Mars Volta's Frances the Mute. All I can say is wow. It's all over the place, linking a lot of musical styles. It's not an album you can just throw on in the background. It demands your attention, and a single listen won't do it justice. I recommend headphones for this one, or you're missing out.

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