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[#] Thu Aug 10 2006 15:03:12 EDT from shazam @ Uncensored

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I'm with you on that one ... except I don't watch the DVD either.

That made me laugh.. I do that too. But I actually have a week between when my seemster ended and until the kids' camp ends, one week of true vacation. And I was thinking I wanted to see a movie. So if I remember to, I will drop by the video store and borrow a DVD. Or maybe my library has something new since the last time I looked, which was about half a year ago.

[#] Thu Aug 10 2006 16:08:14 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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I just rent pay-per-view movies on the satellite dish. But it was more humorous just to stop where I did. :)

[#] Sun Aug 13 2006 21:17:57 EDT from fleeb @ Uncensored

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I finally watched The Great Dictator today.

The Chaplin film classic to which a lot of people refer, but rarely does anyone see it.

Very well made film. I rather enjoyed watching it.

[#] Sun Aug 13 2006 21:32:23 EDT from Ladyhawke @ Uncensored

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Any good lines?  <G>

[#] Sun Aug 13 2006 21:55:21 EDT from fleeb @ Uncensored

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It's a talkie, believe it or not, but the emphasis is still on the physical humor.

The speech he gives at the very end, when the barber is mistaken for the dictator and finds himself giving a speech in front of all his countrymen, is remarkable, but too long to quote here.

So many amusing scenes. Like when the dictator is playing with the world-balloon.

[#] Mon Aug 14 2006 11:27:15 EDT from triLcat @ Uncensored

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Husband and I went with friends to see "pretty persuasion."

It was interesting, but it was a bit too much of a mind-f**k for me.

Plus my husband is shy. there were a lot of fairly blatant sex scenes and he felt uncomfortable with them (though there wasn't real nudity)

For example, there's a scene where a guy's hands are in his boxers and he's phone-sexing someone, plus a few scenes where people seem to be receiving oral sex.

overall rating - okay movie, not worth the $7.5

[#] Wed Aug 16 2006 12:40:58 EDT from wizard of aahz @ Uncensored

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Just saw the trailer for Children of Men.. Could be interesting.

[#] Mon Aug 28 2006 09:50:56 EDT from fleeb @ Uncensored

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This weekend, I watched Chaplin's _Limelight_.

Not a comedy, although it has comedic elements to it.

It's still brilliant, though. Very nice drama. I would characterize this as a tragedy in feeling, although it doesn't necessary end badly (depending on your perspective). It's certainly a complex movie with a lot of sub-plots to follow, all weaving together nicely.

And very poignant. One gets the feeling the movie is rather personal.

[#] Wed Sep 06 2006 18:56:08 EDT from boostergold @ Uncensored

Subject: Superman Returns

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Superman Returns really, really sucked. No I mean it. Granted some of the special effects were cool but thats about it. Honestly, he turns out to be a SUPER-EAVSDROPPING, PEEPING TOM. And a jealous one at that. Not at all like the SUPERMEN in the other movies. The actor does not portray SUPERMAN, or alias CLARK KENT well at all either. Oh Well all we can do is wait for them to make a SMALLVILLE movie.

[#] Thu Sep 07 2006 07:51:09 EDT from fleeb @ Uncensored

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I believe you.

[#] Fri Sep 08 2006 14:08:22 EDT from penguinkraft @ Uncensored

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I finally saw "walk the line". I thought it was gr8, except that Reese Witherspoon sounds nothing like June Carter (at least not to me).

Has anyone seen "La Moustache"?

[#] Mon Sep 11 2006 11:25:16 EDT from Ford II @ Uncensored

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I want to buy the new release star wars dvd original series for a friend, but ICan't find it.
there's an inundation of the special addition with all of the cgi added crap, but as I hear it the original 3 moveies will be released on dvd sept 12, but you'd think amazon would be selling preorders.
Anybody know where I Can find this or what it might be called?

[#] Wed Sep 13 2006 12:20:25 EDT from fleeb @ Uncensored

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Um... did someone re-release Texas Chainsaw Massacre, or is there a new version of this movie out now?

I see an advert for it on the side of a Metro bus.

I'm not intending to see it, either way, but am simply curious.

[#] Wed Sep 13 2006 12:33:25 EDT from girthta @ Uncensored

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[#] Sun Sep 17 2006 10:21:01 EDT from penguinkraft @ Uncensored

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re: Star Wars

I did some poking around on amazon, but I didn't get very far. Here's something off of the official site:

I'm going to do some poking around with one of the media catalogers tomorrow because I know he's been pissed about this for a while. He's a nerd and almost certainly knows where to find this item.

[#] Sun Sep 17 2006 22:15:26 EDT from harry @ Uncensored

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Ginger and I would like to buy the 3 recently released Star Wars DVD's.

BTW - What is the difference between "full screen" and "wide screen" ??
We have an older TV (tube, not LCD or plasma).

[#] Sun Sep 17 2006 22:44:22 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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The technology in use on your screen does not matter. Full screen is 4x3 (the "traditional" television aspect ratio), and wide screen is (usually) 16x9.

[#] Mon Sep 18 2006 12:01:40 EDT from Grey Elf @ Uncensored

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Watched a great movie last night. "Lucky Number Slevin"

Definately on my list of cool movies.

[#] Mon Sep 18 2006 14:58:04 EDT from harry @ Uncensored

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Thanks, Ig. So with our old tube, we want "Full Screen". Much appreciated.

[#] Mon Sep 18 2006 15:15:20 EDT from nadia @ Uncensored

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no, not neccesarily. wide screen would be (usually) the version of the movie that you'd see in the theater. full screen basically clips the shots. so if you want to see the movie the way the director meant it to be seen, you want wide screen. if you don't care about visuals and just want the whole screen of your tv used (ie, missing part of every scene), you want full screen.

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