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[#] Fri Aug 04 2006 10:33:10 EDT from fleeb @ Uncensored

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I would, given the previous shitty schemes these idiots have tried.

[#] Fri Aug 04 2006 11:19:21 EDT from LoanShark @ Uncensored

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Sorta surprised theatres are going with DLP. It can result in a lot of visible artifacts...

[#] Fri Aug 04 2006 12:48:53 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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True. There's quite a bit of light spray, particularly on larger screens.

[#] Fri Aug 04 2006 12:55:16 EDT from Peter Pulse @ Uncensored

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I don't know their reasons. But contrast ratio might have something to do with it. And efficiency. They're probably using 3 DLP's, not a filter wheel.
What I think would be really cool is to have new encoding that uses more than three primaries in the projector.

[#] Fri Aug 04 2006 13:11:32 EDT from LoanShark @ Uncensored

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I sorta thought the dynamic range on DLP was also kinda low. Blacks can look washed out and grey...

[#] Fri Aug 04 2006 15:21:19 EDT from Animal @ Uncensored

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The whole idea to me sounds a little dangerous. From an electromechanical
standpoint, you have millions of little tiny mirrors you're flipping around on a
chip. I can't believe the MTBF on those things is high enough to warrant
spending loads of money on them.

[#] Fri Aug 04 2006 15:24:50 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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That's ok... if it costs more, Hollywood will just cut back on salaries and benefits for production staff, and blame the "pirates"

[#] Fri Aug 04 2006 15:31:59 EDT from Peter Pulse @ Uncensored

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Rated contrast ratio for DLP projectors is usually 1500-2000:1, vs 400:1 being a good rating for an LCD. And I haven't read of any DLP-related reliability problems. Doesn't mean they don't exist though.

[#] Fri Aug 04 2006 20:09:17 EDT from curly surmudgeon @ Dog Pound BBS II

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If they're using piezoelectrics to torque the crystal facets then lifespan should be essentially infinite.

[#] Mon Aug 07 2006 13:57:29 EDT from Ford II @ Uncensored

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video... The manager explained: The hard disk was corrupted in the
power outage, and our satellite link isn't working so we can't
re-download it. Apparently the latest and greatest in digital film

Yet another perfect example of progress. We've made such a house of cards out of everything, that only the one expected positive test case works, and any slight variation causes major failure.
Remember the days when you could use a pair of pantyhose in place of a broken fan belt?
Remember when fans had belts?
Year after year I see more and more of this crap being put into production use with no case for the failure case, because it's so cheap to replace. Like that big navy ship that lost it's navigation computer and had to be towed.
In some cases, it seems they're trying to make backup hacks, like the onstar system, if the car doesn't work, it's too complicated to fix on the fly, at least it can call for help.
So what happens when the repair robots break. (tips hat to terry prachett)
It All Sucks.

[#] Mon Aug 07 2006 13:59:42 EDT from Ford II @ Uncensored

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DLP is the future, they're going to stop selling, sorry, leasing reels of film eventually, and every theater will HAVE to upgrade.
And each copy distributed to a projector will have a serial number so any copies made from it by hacking the projector can be traced.

[#] Wed Aug 09 2006 02:36:34 EDT from harry @ Uncensored

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Most of the time, I would rather wait for it to come out on DVD rather than go to a theater.

With notable exceptions like Harry Potter movies and The Lord of the Rings movies.

[#] Wed Aug 09 2006 09:13:29 EDT from arabella @ Uncensored

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But by doing that, you miss out on all the wonderful things that are part of the cinema experience:


The Guy who is 7 feet 6 inches tall who sits right in front of you;

The guys just behind you who talk loudly about what happens next;

The kids throwing popcorn;

leaving the theatre to find someone hi-jacking the last cab, so you have to wait in the rain til you can get another 

[#] Wed Aug 09 2006 10:33:51 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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Most of the time, I would rather wait for it to come out on DVD
rather than go to a theater.

I'm with you on that one ... except I don't watch the DVD either.

[#] Wed Aug 09 2006 10:36:11 EDT from fleeb @ Uncensored

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IG prefers to stare at the snow on the television.

I'm with him on that. I find it very enlightening. I think I learned more by watching static than I ever did on The Learning Channel.

[#] Wed Aug 09 2006 14:51:42 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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If you stare at it long enough you can receive messages from the Other Side

[#] Wed Aug 09 2006 16:12:59 EDT from Ladyhawke @ Uncensored

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Thought those messages came through the White Noise?

[#] Wed Aug 09 2006 19:39:40 EDT from Slartibartfast II @ Uncensored

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I am with harry, I  have given up on the Theater experience and have invested in a home theater surround sound system. Of course I live in a nice apartment with paper thin walls. So as a rule I never turn on the sub woofer after 9:00pm. Unless of course the people above me need a lesson on apartment edict. Then it is Jurassic Park and the T-Rex with the woofer on full.  :)

[#] Wed Aug 09 2006 20:38:59 EDT from curly surmudgeon @ Dog Pound BBS II

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A front-loading washing machine is much more interesting.

[#] Thu Aug 10 2006 09:47:51 EDT from roue @ Dog Pound BBS II

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static, washing machine, bah. They've got nothing on a campfire. I could stare at one of those for hours.

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