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[#] Tue Jul 16 2002 07:47:16 EDT from Ultravox @ Anansi-Del

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It isn't actually weight that they sense. It's in inductance loop and it uses a magnetic field to sense iron.

You can sometimes trip them on a motorcycle by lowering the centerstand. It also helps to move to the edge of the loop instead of stopping in the center.

[#] Tue Jul 16 2002 10:43:29 EDT from Freakdog @ Dog Pound BBS II

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Interesting...I wondered how they worked.

[#] Tue Jul 16 2002 10:55:37 EDT from random entry @ Anansi-Del

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I sometimes find myself pushing the bike slowly back and forth along the edge of the sensor, waiting for some magical trigger to trip. Usually, though, there is enough metal on the ol' FJ1200 to trigger it without any extra efforts on my part!

[#] Tue Jul 16 2002 14:17:00 EDT from mavherzog @ runicBBS

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I know that sometimes, shutting off the bike and starting it again (electronic ignition) will set them off. Not sure exactly why.

[#] Tue Jul 16 2002 15:35:00 EDT from Rocci @ Anansi-Del

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So, does this new law only apply to bikes, or to any motor vehicle? (I was talking about running malfunctioning lights in my car, Uv. But what kind of proof beyond my word would they need to believe it was malfunctioning? That's where the "attitude check" comes into play.)

[#] Wed Jul 17 2002 07:37:13 EDT from Ultravox @ Anansi-Del

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Bikes only. See:

Sec. 42. Minnesota Statutes 2000, section 169.06, is
amended by adding a subdivision to read:

TRAFFIC CONTROL SIGNAL.] (a) A person operating a motorcycle who
violates subdivision 4 by entering or crossing an intersection
controlled by a traffic-control signal against a red light has
an affirmative defense to that charge if the person establishes
all of the following conditions:

(1) the motorcycle has been brought to a complete stop;

(2) the traffic-control signal continues to show a red
light for an unreasonable time;

(3) the traffic-control signal is apparently malfunctioning
or, if programmed or engineered to change to a green light only
after detecting the approach of a motor vehicle, the signal has
apparently failed to detect the arrival of the motorcycle; and

(4) no motor vehicle or person is approaching on the street
or highway to be crossed or entered or is so far away from the
intersection that it does not constitute an immediate hazard.

(b) The affirmative defense in this subdivision applies
only to a violation for entering or crossing an intersection
controlled by a traffic-control signal against a red light and
does not provide a defense to any other civil or criminal action.

Note: It says: (2) the traffic-control signal continues to show a red

light for an unreasonable time;

Hell, I think 2 seconds is unreasonable... :-)

[#] Wed Jul 17 2002 11:19:18 EDT from Rocci @ Anansi-Del

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Dang. So we poor cage drivers are pimped. Oh well.

[#] Fri Jul 26 2002 15:24:01 EDT from Ford II @ Nitz

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funny you should being that up. That just happened to me yesterday.
Not the first time, but lately I've been riding at night more, and when
nobody's around you can sit there all day.
Lucky for mme, time doesn't exist on my motorcycle. I'm never in a
rush so I don't mind waiting for somebody to show up.

Thanks for the tips on things to try to set them off. I always
thought they were weight.

[#] Fri Aug 02 2002 08:07:17 EDT from Ultravox @ Anansi-Del

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Fun video - Wish I could ride like this...

[#] Wed Aug 21 2002 11:41:52 EDT from Ford II @ Nitz

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I rode my bike yesterday.

[#] Wed Aug 21 2002 14:39:46 EDT from Ultravox @ Anansi-Del

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I ride my bike most days. (Not today though.)

[#] Mon Aug 26 2002 01:49:18 EDT from Bob Kifferly @ Dog Pound BBS II

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[#] Mon Aug 26 2002 08:25:12 EDT from Ultravox @ Anansi-Del

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If you are a squid. (Heh) Wish I was immortal too.

[#] Fri Sep 13 2002 15:36:22 EDT from shoe @ Anansi-Del

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[#] Fri Sep 13 2002 16:03:25 EDT from Rocci @ Anansi-Del

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I've driven cars with engines smaller than that.

[#] Fri Sep 13 2002 17:03:43 EDT from shoe @ Anansi-Del

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yup - several. raced 'em too

[#] Sat Sep 14 2002 19:51:55 EDT from Ultravox @ Anansi-Del

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Wow. That's 'interesting'...

[#] Mon Sep 16 2002 06:40:20 EDT from random entry @ Anansi-Del

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Good lord, look at that exhaust pipe. Odd, indeed.

[#] Mon Sep 23 2002 11:11:25 EDT from Chilly Willy @ Anansi-Del

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Wowzers. I think the engine is as big as the car I'm driving now. It's definitely got more cylinders...

[#] Thu Oct 17 2002 13:12:14 EDT from random entry @ Anansi-Del

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Snow, snow, go away.... :-(

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