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[#] Tue May 15 2001 09:32:58 EDT from Freakdog @ Dog Pound BBS II

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One carb bowl per cylinder, I believe...I've got a 4-banger, and have 4 bowls...and 4 overflow tubes.

[#] Fri May 25 2001 01:41:00 EDT from Pietas @ Mars Hill

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Nearest thing I have personally ever had to a motorcycle was a 360 cc Lambretta Special. Yes, it was a 'scooter', but at 360 cc it hardly qualified as such.
Actually it belonged to my eldest brother but he gave it to me for a time because I needed a way to get around.

[#] Sat May 26 2001 02:31:07 EDT from mavherzog @ runicBBS

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Yeah, 360cc's is pretty huge for a scooter. Heck, a friend of mine just bought a Ninja 250. :)

[#] Sat Jun 02 2001 06:16:00 EDT from Ed Bear @ Mars Hill

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Hey, here I am! Wow!
I had a '75 Honda CB750F for many years, and worked on BC500 and 500 fours quite a bit. It was a long time ago, but I am fairly sure in my memory that those Honda fours were shipped with special spark-plug sockets to reach the deep plugs. One had screwdriver holes for turning, and the other had a hex-top plug wrench that could be turned with a crescent or open-end wrench, since neither expected a ratchet to be usable deep down there.
If using a standard plug wrench, as opposed to the special tool in the Honda toolkits on those bikes, try to find one that had a hex top so that you can put a wrench onto instead of a socket into. Or seek the original from a scrap heap.
ED BEAR<<(+*+)>>

[#] Sat Jun 02 2001 06:38:00 EDT from Ed Bear @ Mars Hill

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Well, since I just got here, this is almost too late for most people - might not even net in time. But we hope you'll all know for the future!
This Saturday (June 2nd) is the date for the FOURTH ANNUAL SPRING FLING in Kirkland, WA, just east of Lake Washington and right near Redmond.
The Fling was spawned in 1998, when long-distance rider Mike Gaspar challenged riders from all over to join him for dinner at his favourite motorcycle-friendly Italian restaurant, Cafe Veloce in Kirkland. He offered a free dinner to anyone who rode over 100 miles to get it, and free motel rooms for the night to those coming more than 1000 miles. Almost 80 people came - from all over British Columbia, Alberta, Washington, Oregon, California, Georgia, Montana and elsewhere!
Well, the event continued since then, though the free food is no longer part of the offer. Today's Spring Fling is a ride-in dinner at Cafe Veloce, a place boasting rare Italian racebikes, bike videos on the tubes, and a 10% discount to anyone showing up on a bike. Local (Kirkland) riders organize notices and door prizes and T-shirts for those who want them, but there is no sanction, nobody is benefiting, and there are no fees except for the discount dinner of your choice. They take all manner of credit cards, and serve a large variety of pastas and gourmet pizzas; most of use easily pig out for less than $20US, and one could keep things leaner than that with care.
MORE INFO? Bob Ward is this year's co-ordinator, and he's put up a web site at:
Bob cautions that the capital letters in "SF2001" and "SpringFling" are important, as the address is case-sensitive.
Bob also will be interested in hearing RSVP from you at so we don't overflow the place. There's a Friday night private BBQ, but it's too late for anyone to register for that.
From Vancouver, BC, I just make it a day trip - less than 3 hours from anywhere in the BC lower mainland region.
The place is CAFE VELOCE
12514 - 120th Ace. NE
Kirkland, WA. 98024
And I guess the phone number will help those who are late and lost!
HOW TO GET THERE: From north of Seattle, take I-5 south to just south of Everett, WA, where I-405 exits right and crosses under I-5 to head left and run south along the east side of Lake Washington from Seattle: the signs will say Bothell when it's time to take I-405.
From I-405 southbound, take the 124th street exit eastbound (Totem Lake Road).
From the exit, turn left over I-5 and left again at the third stoplight, just after the tracks: this is onto 124th NE. 124th NE will curve to your left and come to the first stoplight at 120th NE. Turn right onto 120th, and right into the parking lot on your right; Cafe Veloce is at the far end of a tiny mall dominated by Underhill Furniture. Look for bikes!
Note that you come off of NE 124th and turn onto 124th NE - thanks to the odd Seattle-area multi-grid system.
A strong supporter of the event (with prizes and demo bikes) is Cascade BMW, at 13205 NE 124th st., Kirkland, WA 98034. Phone (425)823-5045. Cascade will be open earlier for those who are lost but not yet late to get help. :)
This is a rain-or-shine event, but it won't rain. Never has, eh? Photos, tire-kicking and tale-telling continue into the afternoon.
STARTING TIME? NOON, SATURDAY JUNE 2nd 2001! Dinner and awards take about 2 hours. It's a great place to meet riders from all over - including well-known types from motorcycle organizations such as the Iron Butt Association, the AMA and the Three Flags Rally - and make friends to visit and ride with via e-mail connection.
You'll also see the sort of bikes favored by long-distance riders, and their special setups for extra fuel, GPS, radio, and long-term comfort. If you don't make it this year, plan ahead!
ED BEAR<<(+*+)>>

[#] Sat Jun 02 2001 22:08:00 EDT from Pietas @ Mars Hill

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Mav: The real different thing with a high cc scooter is that the gearing is set up for a low top-end speed so that sort of horse power gets translated into quick acceleration and power to get up steep hills and such rather than higher speeds. Makes the beast a different sort of experience. The top speed was 60 mph but you could accelerate up a vertical wall and still hit that top speed faster than anything [grin]

[#] Sat Jun 02 2001 07:58:36 EDT from Freakdog @ Dog Pound BBS II

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Ed: Unfortunately, I got my 75 CB550 second/third/fourth wife got it for me from someone who rebuilds them.

I was only 7-8 in 1975, so the chances that I'd have been able to get it, original, in 75 are slim. <wink>

[#] Mon Jul 02 2001 03:25:29 EDT from Curly Surmudgeon @ Haven BBS

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Motorcycle helmets are mandated in California, even the Hells Angels wear those funny littl brain-buckets. While I believe it stupid not to wear one I despise being forced to do so gettting a ticket once driving Big Sur with mine strapped to the rear. Summer riders are mostly idiots, we suffer with them in March or April when the first warm spell hits.
Bunches of idiots with shorts, t-shirt and sneakers screaming around town on their rice-rockets. Fools, let'm go without helmets, will improve the gene pool...

I have 163,000+ miles on my old BMW, sold the other 10 years ago with over a quarter million miles and neither one has ever stranded me.

[#] Mon Jul 02 2001 07:11:20 EDT from Freakdog @ Dog Pound BBS II

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Now that's funny...a non-Harley rider calling Japanese bikes "rice rockets".

[#] Wed Oct 03 2001 13:34:52 EDT from mavherzog @ runicBBS

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Dead group, eh? It's been kinda rainy lately in my neck of the woods (Madison, WI) so I haven't had much time to ride. Might almost be time to pack it up for the season. <sniff>

[#] Thu Jan 28 2072 10:39:56 EST from Ford II @ Nitz

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did this room die out or are we not netting it anymore?

[#] Tue Dec 18 2001 22:36:40 EST from Freakdog @ Dog Pound BBS II

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Jan 18 2038 10:14pm from Ford II @nitz (Nitz)
did this room die out or are we not netting it anymore?

It's still here...and being netted...just haven't had much gonig on, lately.

And you might want to fix your system time/date.

[#] Thu Jan 28 2072 10:50:36 EST from Ford II @ Nitz

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yeah, I don't know when I brok it, working on that right now.

[#] Thu Dec 20 2001 15:19:00 EST from mavherzog @ runicBBS

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Jan 18 2038 9:14pm from Ford II @nitz (Nitz)

Yikes! :)

Anyone live in year-round motorcycling areas?

[#] Thu Dec 20 2001 16:46:30 EST from Ford II @ Nitz

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Everyboy does (except for the snow I suppose) you just gotta bundle
I find though that I ride because it's fun, and when you're going
numb from the cold, it's no fun. I do take it out every week though
just to keep the juices flowing and the battery charged.

[#] Thu Dec 20 2001 20:02:20 EST from mavherzog @ runicBBS

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The snow pretty much ruins it for me, no matter HOW much I bundle up.

[#] Fri Dec 21 2001 15:01:56 EST from Binkley @ Anansi-Del

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I live year-round in a motorcycling area....Milwaukee, WI. It's in the blood here.

[#] Fri Dec 21 2001 19:08:29 EST from Lazarus @ Anansi-Del

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Please don't tell me there are people riding motorbikes in Milwaukee in January. If there are, they must be the folks who were released from mental institutions during the Reagan administration.

[#] Fri Dec 21 2001 19:49:16 EST from Tony Rand @ Anansi-Del

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If you don't mind the moisture -- you can motorcycle in Seattle all year.

[#] Sat Dec 22 2001 00:20:23 EST from mavherzog @ runicBBS

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Dec 21 2001 2:01pm from Binkley @anansidel (Anansi-Del)
I live year-round in a motorcycling area....Milwaukee, WI. It's
in the blood here.

:) _I_ live in Madison, WI. I'm starting to think that I COULD ride the bike all year with this great weather!

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