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[#] Wed Mar 28 2001 15:40:26 EST from Campagnolo @ Uncensored

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That's an actual song? I always thought that it was just something silly my nephew used to sing...

[#] Wed Mar 28 2001 15:42:31 EST from Dirk Stanley @ Uncensored

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It's :

Mares eat oats
and lambs eat oats
And little lambs eat ivy
A lad'd (would) eat ivy too
wouldn't you?

[#] Wed Mar 28 2001 15:47:25 EST from linna @ Uncensored

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Wasn't it originally some kind of mnemonic teaching song or something? I have a vague memory of being told that.

[#] Wed Mar 28 2001 15:58:01 EST from Campagnolo @ Uncensored

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I heard it as :
Mares eat oats and goats eat oats and little lambs eat ivy. A kid will eat ivy too, wouldn't you?

[#] Wed Mar 28 2001 16:42:21 EST from WhiteOwl @ Uncensored

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It's a song by Milton Drake. Who was Milton Drake? I have no idea. I'm trying to research it now. It was popular back in the 1950's and has been done by many, many people...

[#] Thu Mar 29 2001 00:28:56 EST from Yak She Mayesh @ Dog Pound BBS II

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I believe it was written for a movie, don't recall which one, but it's a song Shirley Temple sang in a movie along with Animal Crackers I think. Been too many years since I watched it.

[#] Thu Mar 29 2001 09:21:14 EST from roadkill @ Uncensored

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It's just your ejaculation flowing over my hands
I can taste that feeling sweetly
It's just my masturbation rubbin' wild and too fast
But I know my hand won't leave me

Points if anyone can guess what this was a bastardization of.

[#] Thu Mar 29 2001 11:03:24 EST from D'oh @ Uncensored

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The times I've heard the entire song, the explanation is in the lyrics:

If the words seem queer & funny to your ear
A little bit jumbled & jivey
sing mares - eat - oats
and does - eat - oates
and little lambs eat ivy.


[#] Fri Mar 30 2001 10:21:33 EST from WhiteOwl @ Uncensored

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[#] Sun Jun 17 2001 06:46:33 EDT from Malachi @ Uncensored

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Roadkill is that supposed to be some Van Halen tune? I can't think which

[#] Sun Jun 17 2001 10:59:51 EDT from roadkill @ Uncensored

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Malachi: Heh... Erasure, Imagination... Original lyrics went: "It's just my imagination rolling over the past..."

[#] Sun Jul 01 2001 03:55:02 EDT from Randal Graves @ Dog Pound BBS II

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Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love

I could swear the first line is "You need Kool-Aid."

[#] Thu Jul 05 2001 23:39:16 EDT from muad'dib @ Uncensored

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Those ARE the words, aren't they? I mean, those were the days of Electric Kool-Aide as I recall... or don't recall, as the case may be.


[#] Fri Jul 06 2001 01:56:07 EDT from RedheadKy @ Uncensored

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"you need coolin', mama I'm not foolin'...I'm gonna send ya back to schoolin'" is the way I heard it
...and I got it on vinyl.

[#] Fri Jul 06 2001 08:23:30 EDT from setho @ Uncensored

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Whole Lotta Love

You need coolin', baby, I'm not foolin',
I'm gonna send you back to schoolin',
Way down inside honey, you need it,
I'm gonna give you my love,
I'm gonna give you my love.

*Wanna Whole Lotta Love (X4)

You've been learnin', baby, I bean learnin',
All them good times, baby, baby, I've been yearnin',
Way, way down inside honey, you need it,
I'm gonna give you my love... I'm gonna give you my love.

* Chorus

You've been coolin', baby, I've been droolin',
All the good times I've been misusin',
Way, way down inside, I'm gonna give you my love,
I'm gonna give you every inch of my love,
Gonna give you my love.

* Chorus

Way down inside... woman... You need... love.

Shake for me, girl. I wanna be your backdoor man.
Keep it coolin', baby.

[#] Mon Jul 23 2001 12:02:47 EDT from Zephyr @ Uncensored

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[#] Mon Jul 30 2001 13:42:29 EDT from waldo @ Uncensored

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Anyone understand anything Bush ever did? Like Glycerine or Comedown or Alien?
Especially Alien, I like that song a lot but I have no idea what the fuck he's saying. Damn limies, can't understand a word they say.

[#] Mon Jul 30 2001 14:03:31 EDT from melody @ Uncensored

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[#] Tue Jul 31 2001 12:40:24 EDT from Shalda @ Bent Wookie BBS

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I thought Glycerine was a parody of grunge that got taken a little too seriously.

[#] Tue Jul 31 2001 15:00:36 EDT from melody @ Uncensored

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I still like "Everything's Zen" best

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