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[#] Sun Oct 26 2008 23:12:23 EDT from LoanShark @ Uncensored

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Well, Firefox 3 certainly uses less memory on RedHat 5 or CentOS 5 32bit than it does on Vista 64-bit. Just fired up my virtual Linux box out of curiousity - the firefox process is using about 45MB of resident memory with a few simple tabs open. The box itself has committed about 200MB with gnome+Apache/PHP+firefox 3 running, or only 120MB with just gnome+firefox 3. So you can probably do some basic web browsing on a 256 meg box, but it might not be pleasant in 100% of circumstances. You might have trouble running OpenOffice at the same time, for instance.

CentOS 5, if it is running on a box with only 256 MB, will insist on activating swap space just to be able to run the installer. That's not the case for a 512 MB box.

[#] Mon Oct 27 2008 01:55:44 EDT from triLcat @ Uncensored

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[#] Mon Oct 27 2008 04:40:30 EDT from dothebart @ Uncensored

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Mo Okt 27 2008 01:55:44 EDT von triLcat@uncnsrd



You can run remote X11 applications on it via xdmcp.

If you've got a powerfull wintendo arround, run on it, and start xdmcp in gdm / kdm and start the X-server on the notebook to poll it.

[#] Mon Oct 27 2008 12:31:34 EDT from dothebart @ Uncensored

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on codeproject... M$ fanboy site... For shure my vote went to crap ;-)

Do you defend the reputation of Windows Vista?

Survey period: 27 Oct 2008 to 3 Nov 2008

When friends, family or colleagues say "Vista Is Crap, [Other Technology] is better" what do you do?

I usually argue that Vista is (overall) a better choice11422.14114 votes, 22.14%
I usually discuss the pros and cons of each OS in a balanced manner12223.69122 votes, 23.69%
I usually agree that Vista is crap18435.73184 votes, 35.73%
I avoid these arguements. Each to their own.9518.4595 votes, 18.45%
Total515  100%515 votes

[#] Mon Oct 27 2008 12:36:24 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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But it's the most reliable and stable version of Windows EVAR!!!!!1 :)

[#] Mon Oct 27 2008 12:56:28 EDT from LoanShark @ Uncensored

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It's not horrible, and it's now slow or unstable, it's just bloated. When everybody has 6-8gig boxes, running Vista won't make people so nervous.

[#] Mon Oct 27 2008 13:22:49 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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I dunno. On those rare occasions when I find myself working on a Vista machine, it only takes about two minutes to get to the point where I want to kill someone over the brain-damaged UI.

[#] Mon Oct 27 2008 14:40:50 EDT from Ford II @ Uncensored

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Somebody made a comment a while ago about macos being easier to use than windows.
I dunno, mac linux and windows all seem the same to me. They're equally annoying because they're all the same.
They all have files on disk with a type and a size and a date.
They all have panels of group items or applications that function within a square space.
They all have a mouse and a mouse pointer that points to the upper left.
Exactly what is the difference between them that one can be so much better than another?
Fleeb's memorable discussion of how long it takes to copy and delete files is a vote down for windows, but from other usability factors, how can one possibly be signifigantly better or worse than the others.

[#] Mon Oct 27 2008 14:48:04 EDT from fleeb @ Uncensored

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Vista is by far slower than any Windows OS I've used to date.

Which is somewhat unfair, sorta, because each new operating system Microsoft releases is slower than the one previously released, as they continue to add more bloat to it.

XP started faster than some of its predecesors, but Vista starts slower than XP (at least for me).

Further, Vista outright fails to work properly for me, even after SP1. If I attempt to copy a file to a place where a file of the same name exists, it pops up a message box asking me if I want to overwrite the file... except that it pops up the window in some hidden place where I cannot see it, and cannot respond to it. This effectively locks the source file, and I'm fucked (until I log out, and in again, which takes a very long time to accomplish, and is ridiculously disruptive to me).

That's at least *one* of the problems.

[#] Mon Oct 27 2008 14:48:54 EDT from triLcat @ Uncensored

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Crashiness is certainly a factor, as is memory hogging.

[#] Mon Oct 27 2008 14:49:24 EDT from fleeb @ Uncensored

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Not everyone finds MacOS easy to use.

[#] Mon Oct 27 2008 14:52:30 EDT from fleeb @ Uncensored

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(The previous link is perhaps not safe for work, as it has profanity in it.
But it's damned funny."

[#] Tue Oct 28 2008 12:52:20 EDT from BOFHMike @ My Castle Wall

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Mon Oct 27 2008 17:22:49 UTC from IGnatius T Foobar@uncnsrd (Uncensored)

I dunno. On those rare occasions when I find myself working on a Vista machine, it only takes about two minutes to get to the point where I want to kill someone over the brain-damaged UI.
IG=Job {in the OT Biblical referance}

[#] Tue Oct 28 2008 19:44:06 EDT from Ford II @ Uncensored

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Yes, good mac ad. Tell it like it is brotha.

[#] Fri Oct 31 2008 10:21:49 EDT from dothebart @ Uncensored

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*lol* they can't even distinguish between thei own projects.

[#] Fri Oct 31 2008 12:39:37 EDT from dothebart @ Uncensored

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Objects in beta phasis may appear closer as they are...


[#] Sat Nov 01 2008 17:07:14 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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So, in case anyone read the "reviews" of the Windows 7 alpha and though that, just possibly, it isn't going to suck just as much as Vista...

Microsoft has been bribing reviewers by selecting laptop computers that they know Windows 7 is going to function perfectly on, and *giving* them, pre-loaded, to reviewers.

Ya think that maybe a bribe of a $2000 laptop would color your opinion of the OS a little?

No doubt about it: Windows 7 will suck as much as Vista.

[#] Sat Nov 01 2008 18:10:29 EDT from Ford II @ Uncensored

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by all rights it should suck more.
I don't get it though, they don't even have entrenchment in vista yet (do they?) how are they going to pitch windws 7? "Hey all! If you were one of the smart ones who upgraded to vista, we have an upgrade path for YOU. If not, well, you better start catching up or the world will pass you by. Remember, not everybody gets to whitewash the fence."

Eventually they'll have scattered, erm littered their userbase over so many different versions nobody will be able to do anything.

[#] Sat Nov 01 2008 20:00:03 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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No, actually they're so desparate right now that they don't even mind entertaining the "skip Vista, go straight from XP to Win7" process.

Microsoft's problem right now is that the market is saturated, their market share has nowhere to go but down, and the desktop itself is rapidly becoming irrelevant. Moreover, their attempts to monopolize other areas of computing (mobile services, Internet services, cloud computing) are being rejected by everyone who saw what happened on the desktop and isn't going to let it happen again.

They're still entertaining the pipe dream of pulling off another rock-star rollout like Win95 in an era where the desktop simply isn't interesting anymore.
People have finally started to realize that they want the operating system to just start up and get out of the way. That's fundamentally incompatible with an operating system publisher that uses force-feed-bundling tactics to extend their monopoly into other areas.

Just watch: people are going to retch over how much Windows 7 tries to force you to use Windows Live services, when all they really want is to log on to Google.

[#] Sat Nov 01 2008 20:33:56 EDT from LoanShark @ Uncensored

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Excuse me, but reports of the desktop's demise have been greatly exaggerated.

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