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[#] Sun May 14 2006 23:44:10 EDT from Animal @ Uncensored

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If it's the RevB (Doesn't have the IR window on the left speaker, still
tray-loading) it's the same thing I'm running as my server.

RAM is a pain in the ass to get to. While you're at it, you should probably
drop in a new HD. You'll need to partition it into one <8GB partition to boot
off of, and use the rest for storage.

I believe the most RAM it can take is 256 in J0... There's 64MB soldered onto
the board, and 16MB for video if I remember right. Check for the
type of RAM, then I'd go to newegg or tigerdirect to actually buy it.

[#] Mon May 15 2006 00:35:29 EDT from harry @ Uncensored

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Are we talking SCSI hard drives on the Imac or are they ATA-100 ??

And is there a maximum size that the Imac BIOS can see ??

[#] Mon May 15 2006 02:27:15 EDT from Animal @ Uncensored

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Yes, 8GB I think.... I have a 30GB in mine now, 6GB boot partition.
Since I pulled a 6GB out of there, 6GB works as a boot partition.

[#] Mon May 15 2006 09:57:06 EDT from athos-mn @ Uncensored

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Although OS9 and earlier aren't as picky at OS X, they're still far more picking about RAM than most PCs. I would get brand name RAM other than the stuff you can get at the local white box dealer. You'll probably be better off.

[#] Mon May 15 2006 15:11:32 EDT from harry @ Uncensored

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Here's more info from my friend Lonesome Loran with the Imac:
From: Lonesome Loran
Sent: Sunday, May 14, 2006 10:21 PM
To: harry
Subject: Re: Imac upgrades

On memory there are 2 diff locations for sodimms one is in
a metal case (currently emty memory slot)
the other is on main board.. Looks like I might have a
133 mhz sodim 128 that might just work..

For discription has tray load cd ROM 24x and as looking at it
there are mic and headset jack on right side speakers

no firewire 2 usb ports and a eathernet port
as well as internal modem 56 k speed
acording to system report...

Again, please pardon his spelling.

Is any of this info useful to determine exactly which revision of Imac he has and what his upgrade options are ??

[#] Mon May 15 2006 21:22:34 EDT from Animal @ Uncensored

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Most likely a RevB. Like I said, if it's got a tray-loading drive and no IR on
left speaker, it's RevB. RevA had an IR window.

Those two jacks on the left speaker are both headphones.

I'm fairly certainit's not a SODIMM stick, since those are reserved mainly for
laptops, and the cost difference between that and a DIMM is enough that it's
really not worth it to put a SODIMM in a desktop machine.

Again, as before, while you've got the thing apart put a bigger HD in there.
You can go external, but since it's only got a USB1.1, it's -slow- (I'm doing
this now, and USB is the bottleneck, not network). Go internal if at all

[#] Tue May 16 2006 13:10:32 EDT from Loran @ Uncensored

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Harry sent me your telnet address so am here with questions ect.. the bord (when I opened it up to get dust ect out of it) said sodim for memory.. there are 2 diffrent locations for memory one on the board with memory in it the other is under a metal cover is emty and also said sodimm slot... these look like the ones seen in a link Harry shipped me .. has 8.6 os was a upgrade from ?? anywal where is the HD hidden here and how large will it handel.. the trick being getting os ect from old hd to new one as no disks ect came with it.. so would need those and if anyone knows of a browser that would work with the current os or if I can put 9.x on it (saw cd of 9.2 on ebay for sale) would like to set this up to work on my network as maybe a BBS or telnet clinet even might see if irc can run on it.. Now can see why my cusion had so much troble getting online with one .. he passed away in 98 and the VA had gotten him a imac just about like this one.. anyway would like anyinfo and manuels ect to figure this one out..

[#] Tue May 16 2006 13:44:03 EDT from Animal @ Uncensored

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I have a 30GB in mine right now, soon as I copy the data over i'm gonna throw an
80GB on there. The only limitation with that is the boot disk size, that's
gotta be <8GB. I'd make it 6 just to be safe, that's more than enough for even
OS X. The HD is kind of buried and it is a pain to get to, but it can be
replaced. Remember to check jumper settings on the new HD and match it to what
the old one was.

For RAM, go to and punch in the specs, it'll tell you what kind you

If you need a copy of Mac OS 9.2, I may have a CD of that somewhere I could put
online. It will run OS X-- Not beautifully, but it will run it.

[#] Wed May 17 2006 02:09:32 EDT from harry @ Uncensored

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Loran !! Welcome to the board.

May I suggest breaking your posts up with blank lines and spaces ??

It was kinda hard for me to read your post above.

Just a suggestion.

[#] Sun May 21 2006 07:46:36 EDT from matt @ comalies

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Late message (for some odd reason my node hasn't been hearing from this room).

Sounds like the guy has

This would be the most interesting:"RAM: 32 MB, expandable to 384 MB using SO-DIMM SDRAM (3.3V, unbuffered, 64-bit, 144-pin, 100 MHz or faster, 10ns) in two DIMM sockets (256 MB on top, 128 MB on bottom), top DIMM socket accepts 2" DIMM, bottom socket takes 1.5" DIMM
* The exact amount a Rev. A-D iMac can be upgraded varies from unit to unit. We have field reports of some models accepting 256 MB modules in both memory socket and reaching 512 MB - and other reports of early iMacs that won't work at all with 256 MB modules. There appears to be no way to know in advance whether a particular iMac will work with a certain sized memory module."

[#] Sun Jun 04 2006 22:10:50 EDT from Animal @ Uncensored

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Bastard. So my iBook crapped out on me this morning.
I was happily chatting on IRC and it just locked up mid-sentence. No mouse
movement, no force-quit, nothing.
Okay, apple-ctrl-power, been through this before right? Wrong.
Comes up and this is what I see:
Luckily it's just the display, since it seems to be working otherwise. Booted
it into Target Disk mode by holding `T' on boot, worked like it should aside
from the display looking like ^^.

So I saved all the data off the drive (thank gog), but I am now without a
computer. (Typing this on my parents iMac where the 21GB .dmg of my old drive
lives now.)

Tried zapping PRAM, same thing. Turned it off, unplugged it, let it cool, and
it's still misbehaving.

I think its made the last cross-country trip it's gonna make :-(

[#] Sun Jun 04 2006 23:00:33 EDT from athos-mn @ Uncensored

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Animal, get an external drive and use Carbon Copy Cloner - it'll help you in case it's the hard drive that craps out.

I'm getting really paranoid about my desktop. It's 6 1/2 years old, but I don't want to replace it until Apple puts out a full desktop with Intel CPUs. I hope they put those ahead of schedule, like the laptops.

[#] Sun Jun 04 2006 23:44:45 EDT from Animal @ Uncensored

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I have a 20.14GB disk image of the HD on my parents machine right now :-)
I think the drive is okay, and the machine works consistently enough it'll boot
into target disk mode, but I don't think the display is gonna work again.

Took a look at some refurb'd Powerbooks, may end up with one of those. I -hate-
webcams, and the new macbooks all come with one built in. And I can probably
afford a powerbook.

[#] Mon Jun 05 2006 09:55:51 EDT from roue @ Dog Pound BBS II

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I took a look at the MacBooks this weekend. Seeing pictures of the new keyboards I feared for the worst. Well, it's not as bad as I feared, but it does kinda suck. Any urge I had to replace my old G3 ibook has evaporated. June was able to type on it fine, but I was missing keys left and right. Plus it just feels wrong. Too much space between the keys. I've got a bit of keyboard fetish, though, so take this with a grain of salt. They are fast though...

[#] Mon Jun 05 2006 10:17:26 EDT from wizard of aahz @ Uncensored

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Animal - I thought you liked webcams?? Or is it just that you don't like them when they're aimed at you?

[#] Mon Jun 05 2006 10:36:37 EDT from Ford II @ Uncensored

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you guys see the smacintosh?
Sounds like a brilliant piece of software.
you switch windows by smacking the machine.
hard drive will break, users will complain to apple under warantee, and apple will sue the guy who wrote the softare...

[#] Mon Jun 05 2006 11:36:32 EDT from the8088er @ Uncensored

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that demo of it i saw at cnet news looked like it worked flawlessly.
he gave it just a little tap on the screen
i wouldn't be surprised to see this feature come out in leopard

Ani: looks like your display connector may have worked loose. i'll get you the take apart guide. Should just involve removal of the keybaord and if you're not lucky, the top plate that has the trackpad and all that, but that may getcha going again.

[#] Mon Jun 05 2006 11:43:27 EDT from fleeb @ Uncensored

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People will always overdo it. They'll smack that thing into next week... then wonder why the hard-drive is dead.

[#] Mon Jun 05 2006 12:12:38 EDT from Ford II @ Uncensored

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I expect the cuteness factow would wear off quickly.
Id still rather alt-tab to flip windows than move my whole arm up to the screen.

[#] Thu Jun 08 2006 18:39:02 EDT from Animal @ Uncensored

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So I'm at the Apple store right now, just had my iBook looked at by the
"geniuses". They said it's probably the logic board. Looked up the serial

I told them the optical drive is hanging up, and the trackpad sticks too.
The guy noticed half the keys on my keyboard are worn out, so he threw a
keyboard onto the workorder.

New logic board, new CD/DVD, new keyboard, and a new trackpad is all over $1000,
and I don't have to pay a dime.

Unfortunately the battery isn't covered, but it's still damn near a whole new
computer FOR FREE.

I love Apple... and if you ever get one, GET APPLECARE!!! That $300-some
investment about four years ago has bought me two new computers since then.

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