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[#] Fri Jul 15 2005 19:45:23 EDT from LoanShark @ Uncensored

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Mo - you've had that song in your head for 4 years now. Awfully long time to have one song stuck in your head... ;)

[#] Sat Jul 16 2005 16:48:11 EDT from mosephine @ Uncensored

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it wasn't stuck in my head, though... it was playing!

[#] Tue Jul 19 2005 19:38:24 EDT from LoanShark @ Uncensored

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i like chinese
i like chinese
they only come up to your knees
they're cute
and they're cuddly
and they're ready to please

i like chinese food
i like chinese food
the waiters never are rude...

[#] Fri Jul 22 2005 12:21:57 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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hehe... catchy! :)

I like chinese
I like chinese
I like their tiny little trees
Their zen, their ping-pong, their ying and yang-eze...

[#] Mon Jul 25 2005 11:33:22 EDT from LoanShark @ Uncensored

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(I'm the only non-yellow person in my group... including my boss and the CTO.)

[#] Mon Jul 25 2005 12:46:27 EDT from curly surmudgeon @ Dog Pound BBS II

Subject: Re:

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 Have you had a gama globulin shot recently?

[#] Mon Jul 25 2005 13:02:01 EDT from LoanShark @ Uncensored

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<drum roll>

feeling kinda jaundiced towards punsters lately, though...

[#] Mon Jul 25 2005 13:03:58 EDT from wizard of aahz @ Uncensored

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Go on Curly.. Pun again.. If you don't, I'm gonna accuse you of being chicken.. or yellow.. <GRIN>

[#] Mon Jul 25 2005 13:11:11 EDT from Spell Binder @ Uncensored

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LS: At my second job at IBM, I was one of only two or three caucasians in a group full of Asians. One of my coworkers was friends with the owner of a local Chinese restaurant (Pagoda's over on Rte. 22 in Scarsdale, it closed many years ago, though) and we used to go there for group lunches. They were always ordering the "real" Chinese food that wasn't listed on the menu. That was some good stuff.
Chinese Binder

[#] Mon Jul 25 2005 13:25:46 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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Spell Binder + defunct Chinese restaurant == Shanghai Place. Don't confuse me with others.

[#] Mon Jul 25 2005 14:10:08 EDT from Spell Binder @ Uncensored

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IG: Why'd ya havta go and mention Shanghai Place???? Why?? WHY??!?!?!?!?!?

Now I have a craving for steamed shrimp dumplings and agar salad and there's no place around here that has either!

Oh, the agony!

[#] Mon Jul 25 2005 14:11:39 EDT from wizard of aahz @ Uncensored

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Spell - But there must be somewhere around here where you can get that. You and Mrs. Binder will just have to make another road trip.

[#] Mon Jul 25 2005 21:09:48 EDT from curly surmudgeon @ Dog Pound BBS II

Subject: Re:

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[#] Fri Aug 12 2005 20:40:30 EDT from girthta @ Uncensored

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You find me offensive? I find you offensive
For finding me offensive
Hence if I should draw a line on any fences
If so to what extense if
Any, should I go? 'Cause it's getting expensive
Being on the other side of the courtroom on the defensive
They say that I cause extensive
Pshycological nerve damage to the brain when I go to lenghts this,
Far at other people's expenses
I say your all just too god damn sensitive
It's censorship
And it's down right blasphomous
Listen to shit now cause I won't stand for this
And Chirs-stiff-pher Reeves won't sit for this neither
And let's clear this up too I ain't got no beef with him either
He used to be like a hero to me
I even believe I, had one of those 25 cent stickers on my re--fridgerator
Right next to Darth Vader
And Darth must have put a hex on him for later
I feel like it's my fault cause of the way that
I stuck him up in between him and Lex Luther
I killed Superman, I killed Super--man
And how ironic, that I'd be the bad guy
Kryptonite: The Green Chronic

Cause I ain't got no legs!
Or no brain, nice to meet you
Hi, my name is...
I forgot my name!
My name was not to become what I became with this level of fame
My soul is possessed by this devil my new name is....
Rain Man

Now in the Bible it says
Thou shalt not watch two lesbians in bed,
Have homosexual sex
Unless of course you were given the consent to join in
Then of course, it's intercourse
And it's bi-sexual sex
Which isn't as bad, as long as you show some remorse for your actions
Either before, during or after peforming the act of that which
Is normally referred to have such, more commonly known phrases
That are more used by today's kids
In a more derogatory way but
Who's to say, what's fair to say, and what not to say?
Let's ask Dr. Dre
Dr. Dre? (What up?)
I gotta question if I may? (Yeah)
Is it gay to play Putt-Putt golf with a friend (Yeah)
And watch his butt-butt when he tees off? (Yeah)
But, ut! I ain't done yet
In football the quarterback yells out hutt-hutt
While he reaches in another grown man's ass
Grabs on his nuts but just what if
It was never meant it was just an accident
But he tripped, fell, slipped and his penis went in
His teeny tiny little round hiney but he didn't mean it
But his little weenie flinched just a little bit
And I don't mean to go in into any more details but
What if he pictured it as a females butt?
Is that gay? I just need to clear things up
Til then i'll just walk around with a manly strut because...


You find me offensive, I find you offensive
Shit, this is the same verse I just did this
When am I gonna come to my good senses?
Probably the day Bush comes to my defenceses
My spider senses telling me Spiderman is nearby
And my plan is to get him next
And open up a whip ass canister
God damn it Dre where is the god damn beat? (Yeah)
Anyway, anyway I don't know how else to put it
This is the only thing that I'm good at
I am the bad guy, Kryptonite: The Green Chronic
Demonic, yep yep, don't worry I'm on it
I got it, high five Nick Lachey
Stuck a pen in Jessica's head and walked away
And she blew around the room like a balloon-a
Grabbed the last can of chicken tuna
Out the trash can and screw my
Headed straight back to the Neverland Ranch
With a peanut butter, jelly, chicken, tuna sandwhich
And I don't gotta make no god damn sense
I just did a whole song and I didn't say shit

Yo, Rain Man
Definately, definately Dr. Dre super dope beat maker two thousand and
Two thousand four hundred and eighty seven million
Nine hundred and n seventy three thousand four hundred and sixty three
And seventy (Yeah)

[#] Mon Aug 29 2005 14:29:04 EDT from fleeb @ Uncensored

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We are millions and millions
and we're coming to get you
We're protected by unions
so don't let it upset you.
Can't escape the conclusion
that it's probably God's will
that civilization
will grind to a stand-still
And we are the people
who will make it all happen
while yer children are sleepin',
yer puppy is crappin'
You might call us flakes
or something else you might coin us
but we know you're so greedy
that you'll probably join us

we're coming to get you, we're coming to get you (etc)

[#] Sun Oct 16 2005 20:16:21 EDT from Animal @ Uncensored

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"Take me back, to old Wyoming... I been away too long... I wanna hear
the meadowlarks singin' this cowboy's favorite song... I wanna saddle up
old paint and just ride him out across the hills... I belong in old
Wyoming and I reckon that I always will..."

You know, when you find a singer who is right in line with your feelings
and stuff... that's Chris LeDoux for me. The songs this guy sings
perfectly describe my feelings about home, rodeo, life in general.

[#] Fri Nov 18 2005 11:51:54 EST from fleeb @ Uncensored

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Where did you go when you were needed?
Was it some place I know where they care?
Cries in the rain, I've learned to get by without you for the pain in my heart.

Great lyrics, from "I'll Be The One" (Badfinger sings it)

[#] Tue Nov 22 2005 21:07:49 EST from 2Dog @ Uncensored

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This is not meant as an affront to anyone's tastes because we all differ in that area...
but I had a damned good meal tonight that compels me to post these lyrics...

Guy Clark:

Artist/Band: Clark Guy
Lyrics for Song: Texas Cookin'
Lyrics for Album: Essential

I'm going down to Austin, Texas
I'm going down to save my soul
Get that bar-b-que and chili
Eat my fill then come back home
I'm gonna take my baby with me
We gonna have a high ol' time
We gonna eat till we get silly
Sho' do make a beer taste fine

Oh my, momma ain't that Texas Cookin' something
Oh my, momma it'll stop yo' belly and backbone bumpin'
Oh my, momma ain't that Texas Cookin' good
Oh my, momma eat it everyday if I could

I know a man that cook armadillo
tastes so sweet he calls it pie
I know a woman makes pan dulce
tastes so good it gets you high

Get them enchiladas greasy
get them steaks chicken fried
Sho' do make a man feel happy
to see white gravy on the side


I know a place that got fried okra
beat anything I ever saw
I know a man that cook cabrito
it must be against the law

We gonna get a big ol' sausage
a big ol' plate of ranch style beans
I could eat the heart of Texas
we gonna need some brand new jeans


Good eats - plain and simple! :) 2Dog

[#] Wed Nov 23 2005 11:32:16 EST from girthta @ Uncensored

Subject: Seven Years...

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For my daughter: Spinning, laughing, dancing to her favorite song

A little girl with nothing wrong Is all alone

Eyes wide open Always hoping for the sun

And she'll sing her song to anyone that comes along

Fragile as a leaf in autumn

Just fallin' to the ground Without a sound

Crooked little smile on her face

Tells a tale of grace That's all her own

Spinning, laughing, dancing to her favorite song

A little girl with nothing wrong

And she's all alone

[#] Wed Nov 23 2005 15:15:31 EST from 2Dog @ Uncensored

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Cat's in the window with a silver spoon
soaking up sun...
her owner's a goon

When's she waking up, I don't know when
but I'll be feeding then, boy
You know I'm gonna feed her then...

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