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[#] Sun Jan 12 2003 18:31:36 EST from roue

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thanks :)

[#] Sun Jan 12 2003 23:16:06 EST from Freakdog

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Any time.

[#] Wed Jan 15 2003 02:32:10 EST from Method

Subject: the bbs

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How many active users does this bbs have?

[#] Wed Jan 15 2003 07:26:59 EST from Freakdog

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<shrug> Depends on the time of year...why?

[#] Wed Jan 15 2003 09:20:35 EST from roue

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he wants to raise an army of geeks to storm redmond?

[#] Wed Jan 15 2003 09:59:52 EST from Freakdog

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Wrong BBS...he'll want to visit Uncensored or Quartz for that.

[#] Thu Jan 16 2003 00:36:53 EST from Method

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Oh, just wondering. I've got a DOC clone bbs I'm running at work. Just wondering how many active users this one had. You're all welcome to visit: (Formerly known as
telnet and ssh access - login: bbs
client access on port 4123
ssl client access on port 5234

[#] Thu Jan 16 2003 01:29:39 EST from Freakdog

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Oh, ok...This particular system has somewhere between 4 and 6 active, regular users. While I'd like to have more active users, my system has been a Citadel network hub, primarily, for a number of years.

I think I remember seeing notes about your board on ISCA, from time to time, have I not?

[#] Thu Jan 16 2003 02:00:20 EST from Method

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Yeah, you've probably seen it on isca once or twice. We haven't really advertised our presence at all. It's close-knit group, but it can never hurt to have some new members, ya know?

I don't bbs much anymore. Takes too much work to keep up with a bunch of bbs'. I really dig the networked forums feature that you have on here. How does that work? Is it like an exported newsfeed or something?

[#] Thu Jan 16 2003 08:43:14 EST from Freakdog

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The system has a list of systems with which it shares rooms, and each shared room has a list of which systems share that room.

The system, on a defined interval, exports new messages from those rooms into system specific spool files, and imports system specific spool files into the rooms. It also, on defined intervals, can/will make connections to the sharing systems...and sharing systems can/will make connections to this system.

It's also possible to do the same sharing via email...instead of the BBS' making the connection, a script can email the message spools to a sharing system, and vice versa...this especially comes in handy for systems that are not connected, directly, to the the older DOS based Citadels.

[#] Sun Jan 19 2003 20:33:59 EST from ChuckE

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It's been maybe a week since I logged in here, but I'm checking in again, at least :)

[#] Sun Jan 19 2003 20:45:12 EST from Freakdog

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It's been a little quiet around here, last couple of days. <G>

[#] Sun Jan 19 2003 21:06:55 EST from ChuckE

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That's 'cause most of us have been busy with computer shows and the like. :)

[#] Mon Jan 20 2003 00:23:37 EST from Freakdog

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[#] Mon Jan 20 2003 19:15:48 EST from ChuckE

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By the way, F-dog, I wasn't kidding about those "Hello Kitty" minidiscs! Check this link:

(This has to be seen to be believed. If you download the right browser plugin, you can even see these things in rotating 3-D, supposedly.)

(Do I hear an "oy"? :) )

[#] Mon Jan 20 2003 19:30:50 EST from Time Bandit

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I've been busy re-installing compilers on a pair of Solaris machines, because someone (not me) who doesn't understand how tar works tried to save some time while installing updated gnu compilers on three machines. What...a...mess. The worst part was that she tried to fix it first without telling anyone.

[#] Mon Jan 20 2003 20:15:53 EST from Freakdog

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Chuck: That's just scary...too scary...bleah and oy, all at the same time.

TB: What a dolt.

[#] Wed Jan 22 2003 20:34:17 EST from ChuckE

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Maybe it's a *good* thing that the 3-D applet on that Minidisco page hasn't been working for me...!

[#] Wed Jan 22 2003 20:42:55 EST from Freakdog

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Hasn't been working for me, iether.

[#] Wed Jan 22 2003 20:45:35 EST from ChuckE

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I have the feeling we're really not missing much :)

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