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[#] Sat Feb 21 2009 22:43:20 EST from Nite*Star @ Uncensored

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I don't have a spare 20GB to give Linux to get it going. At most, I have maybe 6GB, spread across four different NTFS partitions. Not to mention, my current HDD is failing and I don't have money to get a new one. Stupid 2.5" 80GB drives ... :p

[#] Sat Feb 21 2009 23:06:42 EST from fleeb @ Uncensored

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You can find USB hard drives.  They're a little larger than a USB stick, but they don't suffer from the aforementioned problems.

[#] Sat Feb 21 2009 23:18:49 EST from rod @ Uncensored

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I recommend you invest in a new hard drive for your PC before you start trying to make a linux usb.

[#] Sun Feb 22 2009 01:23:21 EST from Nite*Star @ Uncensored

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If I had the money for a new HDD, I'd get that. but I don't. The USB flashdrive I have was a freebie I got...

[#] Sun Feb 22 2009 01:43:29 EST from rod @ Uncensored

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You could always run off a live distribution an save to USB. At least untill you get a HD.

[#] Sun Feb 22 2009 01:51:34 EST from Harbard @ Uncensored

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Actually, Linux on a thumbdrive is NOT a bad just have to configure it correctly.  Turn of journaling, can set it up mount the hard drive of the computer you are using, so you can save files.  I've considered doing it, because at work we only have some lame ass WindowsXP boxes that we share.  I would love to be able to us my own desktop and decent tools. I am stuck with Outlook and Ms Office200?

[#] Sun Feb 22 2009 02:08:11 EST from rod @ Uncensored

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You could also use and iPod as a drive too. They are usually a lot faster than your average USB drive. I have never done this personally, but I've heard it done and I've seen quite a few tutorials on the net.

[#] Sun Feb 22 2009 08:43:22 EST from dothebart @ Uncensored

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do you have a cdrom at hand? you could then run knoppix from there, and make its 'hdd install' to the stick.

[#] Fri Feb 27 2009 00:17:47 EST from isoroku @ Uncensored

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So we picked up an HP Mini this past weekend. It is running Linux out of the box, which is really cool. We got it for my wife to use. She seems happy with it so far. I haven't play with it much myself yet, but it seems like a nice little computer.

[#] Sat Feb 28 2009 15:20:51 EST from dothebart @ Uncensored

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sort of did the same too.

my EEE 701 started 'loosing' his wlan card so I gave it away for service... but 14 days...

So, I bought an acer aspire one L

With the original os it took amazing 15 seconds to boot...

(actualy its running ... you guess it... debian now, and probably not booting that fast anymore..)

I started the one up in the shop, and was realy amazed. all the mini wintendos arround it were sloooouuuwww compared to it.

Plus... in comparizon to the eee it has bigger keys which is quiet good.

[#] Sat Feb 28 2009 18:09:47 EST from rod @ Uncensored

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I tried to migrate the missus to Ubuntu but it didn't go so well. Is there an alternative to Skype?
I guess it doesn't even matter if there is, the sound was too low and the mic wouldn't pick up. I've read all the posts I could find on google about Dell 1535, but none helped. It had other issues too. But Skype not working was a deal-breaker. Taking her back to XPPSP3 I guess - she's non-technical as far as PCs go, but she hates vista.
Maybe I'll install Windows Mojave and see what she thinks of that.

[#] Sat Feb 28 2009 18:37:19 EST from dothebart @ Uncensored

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theres ekiga and theres also a kde application for phoning.

[#] Sat Feb 28 2009 21:48:43 EST from rod @ Uncensored

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She needs the video too. The kids need to see her mom occasionally.

[#] Sat Feb 28 2009 22:06:45 EST from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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Does Skype do video?

[#] Sat Feb 28 2009 22:33:14 EST from rod @ Uncensored

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Indeed. High quality too if you have the camera for it. I got the logitec 9000 pro (or something) it does hidef believe it or not.

[#] Sun Mar 01 2009 04:28:08 EST from dothebart @ Uncensored

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ekiga can do vido.

[#] Sun Mar 01 2009 06:10:57 EST from fleeb @ Uncensored

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Skype does video, but not video conferencing.  It does do audio conferencing, though.

[#] Sun Mar 01 2009 14:00:59 EST from rod @ Uncensored

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I think they are working on video conferencing with the version 4 that just came out. I think I saw a button for it. Could be sweet, just wished it had better linux support.

[#] Thu Mar 05 2009 14:46:24 EST from Harbard @ Uncensored

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Sat Feb 21 2009 03:20:42 AM EST from Nite*Star <>
Can someone recommend a distro that will run off a 8GB flash drive on a laptop? :D

I just stumbled on this:


I hope that helps.

[#] Mon Mar 09 2009 11:32:48 EDT from oneeyedfreak @ Uncensored

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Advice: Never pick a Monday to create a custom RPM package of QT-4.

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