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[#] Fri Dec 22 2017 09:00:00 EST from rss

Subject: HeRMs - A Commandline Food Recipes Manager

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Herms - A haskell based, command-line manager for delicious kitchen recipes.

[#] Fri Dec 22 2017 10:00:00 EST from rss

Subject: Citrix Debuts XenServer 7.3, Removing Some Features from Free Edition

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ServerWatch: Citrix is taking steps to help advance the commercially supported version of its XenServer virtualization product, while at the same time, removing some capabilities from the free edition of XenServer.

[#] Fri Dec 22 2017 11:00:00 EST from rss

Subject: Guardian Project Debuts Haven Security App to Protect Personal Privacy

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eWEEK: The Freedom of the Press Foundation joins with The Guardian Project to develop the Haven Android app that can help to protect personal spaces, by using sensors on Android device to detect potential intruders.

[#] Fri Dec 22 2017 12:00:00 EST from rss

Subject: How to Install MediaWiki with Nginx on Ubuntu 16.04

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HowToForge: Learn how to install MediaWiki with Nginx web server on Ubuntu

[#] Fri Dec 22 2017 13:00:00 EST from rss

Subject: Opera 50 Web Browser Will Bring a Cryptocurrency Mining Protection Feature

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softpedia: Besides the revamped built-in VPN service, one of the biggest new features coming to the Opera 50 web browser, which should hit the streets in the coming days, is an anti-Bitcoin mining functionality

[#] Fri Dec 22 2017 14:00:00 EST from rss

Subject: How to migrate your Blog from Wordpress to Django via the Linux Command Line

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techarena51: In this Django Tutorial I will describe how you can move a PHP based wordpress blog to a Python 3 based Django blog via the Linux command line

[#] Fri Dec 22 2017 15:00:00 EST from rss

Subject: Changing how we use Slack solved our transparency and silo problems

[Reply] [ReplyQuoted] [Headers] [Print] Our recent experience selecting a chat platform help us set priorities: Culture first, process second, tools last.

[#] Fri Dec 22 2017 16:00:00 EST from rss

Subject: How to Install and Configure HAProxy on Debian 9 / Ubuntu 16.04 Server

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[#] Fri Dec 22 2017 17:00:00 EST from rss

Subject: How to Change Default MySQL/MariaDB Port in Linux

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Tecmint: In this guide we'll learn how to change the default port that MySQL/MariaDB database binds in CentOS 7 and Debian-based Linux distributions.

[#] Fri Dec 22 2017 18:00:00 EST from rss

Subject: Leaving Apple and Google : my eelo odyssey

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hackernoon: Gael Duval, who created Mandrake Linux, has announced that he is starting a new, non-profit project, to provide credible alternative mobile OS.

[#] Fri Dec 22 2017 22:00:00 EST from rss

Subject: Getting Started With Haskell Programming Language

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ostechnix: This guide describes how to install Haskell and how to getting started with Haskell programming language in Unix-like operating systems.

[#] Sat Dec 23 2017 02:00:00 EST from rss

Subject: Mozilla Announces Firefox 60 as Next ESR (Extended Support Release) Branch

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softpedia: Since their initial launch, Firefox ESR releases have become more and more popular among various organizations that aim to offer customers a stable, long-term supported, and reliable browsing experience.

[#] Sat Dec 23 2017 09:00:00 EST from rss

Subject: Souls 4 Coming January 2018 with Snap Support in Software Center, Improvements

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Solus is currently on its way to become the most popular GNU/Linux distribution out there

[#] Sat Dec 23 2017 13:00:00 EST from rss

Subject: Linux touch command tutorial for beginners (6 examples)

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HowToForge: Sometimes, while working on the command line in Linux, you might want to create a new file.

[#] Sat Dec 23 2017 17:00:00 EST from rss

Subject: Apache Hadoop 3.0.0 Boosts Big Data App Ecosystem

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EnterpriseAppsToday: Fours years after Hadoop 2 became generally available, the open-source Big Data platform takes a giant step forward, with new capabilities to support containers.

[#] Sun Dec 24 2017 09:00:00 EST from rss

Subject: Kubeflow Brings Machine Learning to Kubernetes

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ServerWatch: New project backed by Google, will help make it easier to run Machine Learning workloads across server clusters running Kubernetes

[#] Tue Dec 26 2017 17:00:00 EST from rss

Subject: Building a Hacking Kit with Raspberry Pi and Kali Linux

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The Raspberry Pi has some unique features that are very powerful and easily accessible for a Hacking Kit.

[#] Tue Dec 26 2017 13:00:00 EST from rss

Subject: Restore Corrupted USB Drive To Original State

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Many times our storage devices like sd cards and Pen drives get corrupted and unusable.

[#] Tue Dec 26 2017 09:00:00 EST from rss

Subject: CEF meets Wayland

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We recently assisted a customer who wanted to upgrade their system from X11 to Wayland, however they used CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework) as a runtime for web applications and CEF was not Wayland-ready.

[#] Sun Dec 24 2017 13:00:00 EST from rss

Subject: 18 Cyber-Security Trends Organizations Need to Brace for in 2018

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eWEEK: Looking into the Security Crystal Ball for 2018, security experts predict key trends

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