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[#] Fri Oct 20 2017 09:03:29 EDT from rss

Subject: ZTE Axon M

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Haven’t we all loved the good old flip-phones? But the year is 2017 and just a flip phone isn’t going to work. So ZTE, the company behind the highly successful Blade series of Phones has a new offering called Axon M.

[#] Fri Oct 20 2017 10:05:29 EDT from rss

Subject: The most promising linux distributions in 2017

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Linux distributions have already gained recognition of its users and with every year new products appear in the market. Many of them focus on the certain tasks, so you can’t create a single list of the best ones. Here we have chosen several fields of Linux use and those distributions that have all chances to take the initial positions in their niche in 2017.

[#] Fri Oct 20 2017 11:24:45 EDT from rss

Subject: 3 Tools to Help You Remember Linux Commands

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there are various tricks and tools you can use, so that you’re not struggling on a daily basis to remember those commands. I want to offer up a few such tips that will go a long way to helping you work with the command line a bit more efficiently (and save a bit of brain power along the way).

[#] Fri Oct 20 2017 12:42:03 EDT from rss

Subject: Firefox 57 coming soon: a Quantum leap

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A few packages in Fedora get major updates outside the regular release cycle. The kernel is one of these, and Firefox is another. The maintainers do their best to handle these situations. Of course they always try to avoid any... Continue Reading →

[#] Fri Oct 20 2017 14:01:20 EDT from rss

Subject: More ways to examine network connections on Linux

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Several commands can help you see what's up with your network on Linux systems, including ip, ethtool, traceroute, tcptraceroute, and tcpdump.

[#] Fri Oct 20 2017 15:32:50 EDT from rss

Subject: Ubuntu 17.10: We're coming GNOME! Plenty that's Artful in Aardvark, with a few Wayland wails

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You've got to admit, Canonical has gutsFor the first time in recent memory, there are some very big changes in the latest release of Ubuntu: 17.10. And it's not all to do with going, er, GNOME.…

[#] Fri Oct 20 2017 17:04:21 EDT from rss

Subject: How Eclipse is advancing IoT development

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Eclipse may not be the first open source organization that pops to mind when thinking about Internet of Things (IoT) projects. After all, the foundation has been around since 2001, long before IoT was a household word, supporting a community for commercially viable open source software more

[#] Fri Oct 20 2017 18:20:35 EDT from rss

Subject: 6 Best Open Source Alternatives to Microsoft Office for Linux

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Looking for Microsoft Office in Linux? Here are the best free and open source alternatives to Microsoft Office for Linux.

[#] Fri Oct 20 2017 19:54:07 EDT from rss

Subject: Running Android on Top of a Linux Graphics Stack

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You can now run Android on top of a regular Linux graphics stack. This was not the case before, and according to Robert Foss, a Linux graphic stack contributor and Software Engineer at Collabora, this is hugely empowering.

[#] Fri Oct 20 2017 21:15:27 EDT from rss

Subject: What

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Ubuntu 17.10 code named “Artful Aardvark” has been released and announced by canonical. Features the latest GNOME desktop 3.26 as default desktop environment, powered by the latest linux kernel 4.13 series, which means that it offers support for the latest hardware components available on the market.(Editor's note: This link opens with an auto-play video.)

[#] Fri Oct 20 2017 22:32:43 EDT from rss

Subject: How to align your team around microservices

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Microservices have been a focus across the open source world for several years now. Although open source technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, Prometheus, and Swarm make it easier than ever for organizations to adopt microservice architectures, getting your team on the same page about microservices remains a difficult more

[#] Sat Oct 21 2017 00:34:43 EDT from rss

Subject: DockerCon EU 17 Panel Debates Docker Container Security

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An eWEEK moderated panel of container security vendors at the DockerCon EU conference discussed what users need to know and how the vendors differentiate from each other.

[#] Sat Oct 21 2017 02:25:35 EDT from rss

Subject: 10 Major Updates In Ubuntu 17.10 Artful Aardvark

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So there you have it finally, Ubuntu 17.10. The release which we have been talking about because of its switch to Gnome from Unity. We've talked about most its features in a previous article here but let's again look at the final version of Ubuntu 17.10. At the end of this article, do take a poll and tell us if you're going to upgrade to Ubuntu 17.10 or not.

[#] Sat Oct 21 2017 06:25:48 EDT from rss

Subject: Canonical on Path to IPO as Ubuntu Unity Linux Desktop Ends

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VIDEO: Mark Shuttleworth discusses the next steps for his Linux business and why he made the decision to end develop on the Unity converged desktop environment.

[#] Sat Oct 21 2017 06:25:48 EDT from rss

Subject: Flint OS, an operating system for a cloud-first world

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Given the power of today's browser platform technology and web frontend performance, it's not surprising that most things we want to do with the internet can be accomplished through a single browser window. We are stepping into an era where installable apps will become history, where all our applications and services will live in the more

[#] Sat Oct 21 2017 08:19:13 EDT from rss

Subject: Install Let's Encrypt and Secure Nginx with SSL/TLS in Debian 9

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This tutorial will show you how to install and secure a Nginx web server on Debian 9 with a TLS certificate issued for free by the Let’s Encrypt Certificate Authority. Furthermore, we will configure automatic renewal of Lets’ Encrypt TLS certificates using a cron job before the certificates expire.

[#] Sat Oct 21 2017 10:13:05 EDT from rss

Subject: 15 Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu 17.10

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?The New Ubuntu 17.10 "Artful Aardvark" launch with GNOME3 has brought a big change and got a lot of people excited to try it as soon as they can. If you don't know yet the new stuff in Ubuntu 17.10, read the article we published today.

[#] Sat Oct 21 2017 12:04:55 EDT from rss

Subject: This Week in Open Source News: Linux 4.14 Means Tighter Security, Hyperledger Adds Quilt Project & More

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This week in open source and Linux news, Linus Torvalds reveals that fuzzing is improving security in Linux, Hyperledger announces a new sub-project and member, and more!

[#] Sat Oct 21 2017 13:58:48 EDT from rss

Subject: Microsoft and Nokia's Patent Trolls by Proxy: First Conversant, Now Provenance Asset Group Holdings LLC

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Microsoft's shell game with patents (passing Android-hostile patents to trolls) carries on and publishers funded by these trolls offer the details, albeit vaguely and with obvious spin

[#] Sat Oct 21 2017 15:52:40 EDT from rss

Subject: How To Install Wine And Run Windows Apps In Linux

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?All kinds of software are currently available on Linux but every now and then, there is that Windows software or Game which is not available or has no equivalent on Linux Wine makes it possible to run those Windows programs and Games on your Linux desktop. So let’s look at how to install Wine on Linux and run Windows apps on Linux desktop.

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