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[#] Fri Sep 22 2017 16:41:07 EDT from rss

Subject: Join the Magazine team

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The recent Flock conference of Fedora contributors included a Fedora Magazine workshop. Current editorial board members Ryan Lerch, Justin W. Flory, and Paul W. Frields covered how to join and get started as an author. Here are some highlights of the workshop and discussion that took place.... Continue Reading →

[#] Fri Sep 22 2017 18:14:40 EDT from rss

Subject: How to Create a Bootable Windows 10 USB in Linux

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This tutorial shows you how to create a bootable Windows 10 USB in Linux with a GUI tool called WoeUSB.

[#] Fri Sep 22 2017 19:30:56 EDT from rss

Subject: Open source licensing: What every technologist should know

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If you’re a software developer today, you know how to use open source software, but do you know how and why open source licensing started? A little background will help you understand how and why the licenses work the way they more

[#] Fri Sep 22 2017 21:02:26 EDT from rss

Subject: Intellectual Ventures, GNU/Linux/Android/FOSS Patents, and the Ascent of European Patent Trolls

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The existing status of GNU/Linux in a world full of patent trolls, which not only target OEMs from Asia -- typically in the US -- but are also dragging them into Europe, aided by the EPO's 'patent bubble'

[#] Fri Sep 22 2017 22:49:10 EDT from rss

Subject: KDE Plasma 5.11 Desktop Will Be Coming to Kubuntu 17.10 Soon After Its Release

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KDE kicked off the development of the KDE Plasma 5.11 desktop environment a few months ago, and they've already published the Beta release, allowing users to get a first glimpse of what's coming in the final release next month.

[#] Sat Sep 23 2017 00:53:11 EDT from rss

Subject: V. Anton Spraul's Think Like a Programmer, Python Edition

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What is programming? Sure, it consists of syntax and the assembly of code,but it is essentially a means to solve problems. To study programming,then, is to study the art of problem solving, and a new book from V.Anton Spraul, Think Like a Programmer, Python Edition, is a guide tosharpening skills in both spheres.

[#] Sat Sep 23 2017 02:45:04 EDT from rss

Subject: MongoDB Projects $100M from IPO

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The backbone of MongoDB Inc is its NoSQL database, released as an open source project in 2009 and which began seeing considerable adoption almost immediately. Three years after the release it made a ninth place showing on The Wall Street Journal's "The Next Big Thing 2012" list and by 2014 the DB was already driving the back ends at Craigslist, eBay, SourceForge, Viacom, the New York Times and others.

[#] Sat Sep 23 2017 06:14:07 EDT from rss

Subject: Vivaldi 1.12 Web Browser Debuts with Highly Requested Features, Improvements

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Vivaldi, the Chromium-based web browser designed with the power user in mind, has been recently updated to version 1.12, a release that introduces highly requested features and a whole lot of under-the-hood improvements.

[#] Sat Sep 23 2017 06:29:50 EDT from rss

Subject: Add-on board expands i.MX6 UL SBC

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MYIR released an add-on board for its Linux-driven, i.MX6 UL-based MYS-6ULX SBC that adds a second LAN port, plus CAN, RS485, camera, audio, and RTC. In April, MYIR released a Linux-powered MYS-6ULX single board computer, which was notable for being available in two different versions using NXP’s low power, Cortex-A7 i.MX6 UltraLite (UL) or the more affordable, and almost identical i.MX6 ULL SoC.

[#] Sat Sep 23 2017 08:23:35 EDT from rss

Subject: Joomla patches eight-year-old critical CMS bug

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Joomla has patched a critical bug which could be used to steal account information and fully compromise website domains. This week, the content management system (CMS) provider issued a security advisory detailing the flaw, which is found in the LDAP authentication plugin.

[#] Sat Sep 23 2017 10:16:47 EDT from rss

Subject: 4 must-have writing apps for Nextcloud

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If writing is part of your job or your everyday routine, you might find the Nextcloud open source file sync and share application a very useful tool. First, it provides you with free, secure, and easily accessible cloud file more

[#] Sat Sep 23 2017 11:54:15 EDT from rss

Subject: Minimal Linux Live now supports ZLIB and JDK 9

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Minimal Linux Live is a set of Linux shell scripts which automatically build minimalistic Live Linux OS with basic network support via DHCP. The generated operating system is based on Linux kernel, GNU C library and BusyBox. All necessary sources are automatically downloaded and all build operations are fully encapsulated in the shell scripts.

[#] Sat Sep 23 2017 13:48:03 EDT from rss

Subject: Improve Your Mental Mettle with These Open Source Puzzle Games

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Puzzle video games are a type of game that focuses on puzzle solving. A puzzle is a problem or set of problems a player has to solve within the confines of the game.

[#] Sat Sep 23 2017 15:41:56 EDT from rss

Subject: Security Tools to Check for Viruses and Malware on Linux

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Wait, Linux needs antivirus and anti-malware solutions? I thought it was immune to such things. Perhaps a bit of clarification is necessary here.

[#] Sat Sep 23 2017 17:35:48 EDT from rss

Subject: How To Use Ping, fping, and Gping For Varies Purpose In Linux

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In this article we are going to teach you about Ping, fping, and Gping which helps user to troubleshoot varies issue.

[#] Sat Sep 23 2017 19:29:43 EDT from rss

Subject: You Can Now Transform the Atom Hackable Text Editor into an IDE with Atom-IDE

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GitHub and Facebook recently launched a set of tools that promise to allow you to transform your Atom hackable text editor into a veritable IDE (Integrated Development Environment). They call the project Atom-IDE.

[#] Sat Sep 23 2017 21:22:37 EDT from rss

Subject: Enabling parallel Linux operating system deployment over a network on IBM PowerVM

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This article explains how you can perform or enable parallel Linux OS installation on IBM PowerVM logical partitions.

[#] Sat Sep 23 2017 23:15:27 EDT from rss

Subject: Red Hat pledges patent protection for 99 per cent of FOSS-ware

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Company has trove of 2,000 patents and won't enforce any of them if you licence rightRed Hat says it has amassed over 2,000 patents and won't enforce them if the technologies they describe are used in properly-licensed open source software.…

[#] Sun Sep 24 2017 01:08:15 EDT from rss

Subject: Endless OS 3.2 Review - The Offline Distro

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Endless OS is a free, easy-to-use operating system preloaded with over 100 apps, making it useful from the moment you turn it on. Endless takes Linux to a whole different dimension. It is intuitive and quite different. The developers have come out with a distro that targets mainly developing countries and also computers with no or limited internet access. So even without internet, you will have access to stuff like Wikipedia. The aim is to provide an operating system that comes with everything you will need. Intrigued? Let us take a look at what makes Endless OS different, intuitive, and so powerful in its own right. Endless OS uses OSTree to manage a read-only file system and uses Flatpaks for application delivery and updates.

[#] Sun Sep 24 2017 02:58:59 EDT from rss

Subject: ASUS Launches Its Thinnest and Lightest Flippable Chromebook, the Flip C101

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ASUS announced a new Chromebook on its website, the Flip C101, which is a smaller and lightweight version of the C302 model. Featuring a 10.1-inch touchscreen display, the all-new Chromebook is priced at only $299 in the US.

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