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[#] Fri Sep 01 2017 01:20:26 EDT from rss

Subject: SAP HANA and Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) integration with SAP HANA Spark Controller running on IBM Power Systems

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This article describes how to set up an environment where SAP HANA accesses and analyzes data stored in Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) using the SAP HANA Spark Controller. The environment is running entirely on IBM POWER8 processor-based servers. This article describes two deployment options that use either scale-up or scale-out POWER8 servers.

[#] Fri Sep 01 2017 02:37:42 EDT from rss

Subject: MesosCon Europe Features Expert Talks from Netflix, Verizon, Microsoft, and More

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MesosCon Europe, taking place Oct. 25-27 in Prague, Czech Republic, is an annual conference organized by the Apache Mesos community that brings together users and developers to share and learn about the project and its growing ecosystem.

[#] Fri Sep 01 2017 03:56:44 EDT from rss

Subject: A Crore Fund to Support Open Source Projects in India

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Today Mozilla is announcing the launch of “Global Mission Partners: India”, an award program specifically focused on supporting open source and free software.  The new initiative builds on the existing “Mission Partners” program.

[#] Fri Sep 01 2017 05:12:59 EDT from rss

Subject: How do I run Windows software on Linux?

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So you're ready to make the jump to Linux, but you've still got a handful of programs you[he]#039[/he]re just not quite ready to part with. Can you still run your Windows software on Linux? The answer might be yes, but, with some caveats. I want to draw an important distinction before we move on. It might seem obvious, but it bears repeating: Running a program on Linux does not magically make it open source, any more than running the program on Windows makes it closed source.

[#] Fri Sep 01 2017 06:31:17 EDT from rss

Subject: How to gain access to a MAC whitelist WiFi network

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MAC address whitelisting sounds like a great way to prevent unauthorized access to your wireless network, but it doesn't work. The purpose of this guide is to demonstrate exactly how easy it is to spoof a whitelisted MAC address and gain access to a restricted network.

[#] Fri Sep 01 2017 10:05:47 EDT from rss

Subject: nload

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Nload is a console application which monitors network traffic and bandwidth usage in real time.

[#] Fri Sep 01 2017 13:41:20 EDT from rss

Subject: Quad-mic array Raspberry Pi add-on features LED ring

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Seeed’s “ReSpeaker 4-Mic Array for Raspberry Pi” add-on has 4x mics and a 12-LED ring to offer Echo-like voice detection and directional capabilities. There are an increasing number of software solutions available for adding voice agent technology to the Raspberry Pi, including options for the Alexa agent found on the Amazon Echo, the Google Assistant […]

[#] Fri Sep 01 2017 15:14:51 EDT from rss

Subject: PiCluster 2.1 is out with exciting new features

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PiCluster provides a simple approach to managing Docker containers across multiple hosts.

[#] Fri Sep 01 2017 17:18:54 EDT from rss

Subject: Passwordless Login Using SSH Keys

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Here we look at how to generate SSH Keys and Copy them to servers to enable secure but pass-wordless login

[#] Fri Sep 01 2017 19:20:53 EDT from rss

Subject: Android-driven 360-degree camera live streams 4K video

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Ricoh’s compact “Theta V” 360° camera runs Android on a Snapdragon 625, and offers WiFi, Bluetooth, and 4K imaging and live streaming. Ricoh opened preorders for its Theta V 360° camera for $429, with shipments due in September. This update to the $349 Theta S has a similar 130.6 x 45.2 x 22.9mm footprint and […]

[#] Fri Sep 01 2017 21:25:57 EDT from rss

Subject: An economically efficient model for open source software license compliance

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"The Compliance Industrial Complex" is a term that evokes dystopian imagery of organizations engaging in elaborate and highly expensive processes to comply with open source license terms. As life often imitates art, many organizations engage in this practice, sadly robbing them of the many benefits of the open source model. This article presents an economically efficient approach to open source software license compliance.Open source licenses generally impose three requirements on a distributor of code licensed from a third party:read more

[#] Fri Sep 01 2017 23:33:03 EDT from rss

Subject: 5 ways to nurture DevOps culture

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DevOps culture change fails without grassroots support.

[#] Sat Sep 02 2017 01:37:07 EDT from rss

Subject: How to configure remote and secure connections for MySQL on Ubuntu 16.04 VPS

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In this article, we will show you how to configure remote and secure connections for MySQL on Ubuntu 16.04 VPS. If you are using an unencrypted connection to connect to your remote MariaDB/MySQL server, then everyone with access to the network could monitor and analyze the data being sent or received between the client and the server. This guide should work on other Linux VPS systems as well but was tested and written for an Ubuntu 16.04 VPS.

[#] Sat Sep 02 2017 05:48:03 EDT from rss

Subject: Get Started With GNUPlot

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GNUPlot is an actively developed freely distributed non-open source command line graphing and plotting software tool that was initially released back in 1986. GNUPlot can be useful for a wide spectrum of applications, so here comes a quick guide that will help you understand how it works, get to play with its basic functionality, and learn how to take your first steps with it the easy way.

[#] Sat Sep 02 2017 05:48:03 EDT from rss

Subject: So what can you actually do with Linux? A guide for beginners

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Linux is perfect for everyday tasks like browsing, emailing, photo management, financial management, and much more. Here's an overview.

[#] Sat Sep 02 2017 07:58:00 EDT from rss

Subject: Diversity and inclusion: Stop talking and do your homework

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Open source undoubtedly has a diversity problem. In fact, tech has a diversity more

[#] Sat Sep 02 2017 10:07:50 EDT from rss

Subject: Bitkey A Linux Distribution Dedicated For Conducting Bitcoin Transactions

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Are you looking for a dedicated Linux distro for conducting Bitcoin transactions? You got BITKEY (TURNBITKEY). BITKEY is a bootable system image based on ?Debian? containing everything you need to perform highly secure air-gapped Bitcoin transactions. Under the hood, it comes with a swiss army knife of handy Bitcoin tools that support a wide range of usage models, including a few very secure ones which would otherwise be difficult to perform. BITKEY is based on the Turkey GNU/Linux build system and aims at providing an air-gapped system that is physically disconnected from the internet.

[#] Sat Sep 02 2017 12:01:20 EDT from rss

Subject: Linux Journal September 2017

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In this September issue of Linux Journal, you'll see the all-encompassing Linux environment in action.

[#] Sat Sep 02 2017 14:11:29 EDT from rss

Subject: Linux Distros That Serve Scientific and Medical Communities

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Linux serves — of that there is no doubt — literally and figuratively. The open source platform serves up websites across the globe, it serves educational systems in numerous ways, and it also serves the medical and scientific communities and has done so for quite some time.

[#] Sat Sep 02 2017 16:18:58 EDT from rss

Subject: Oracle could leave Java EE to an open source foundation and more news

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In this week's edition of our open source news roundup, we take a look at Oracle wanting to pass Java EE to an open source foundation, Schiphol airport turns to open source, Colorado investigating open source textbooks, and more.

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