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[#] Tue Aug 29 2017 20:02:24 EDT from rss

Subject: Survey shows Linux and FreeRTOS out front in embedded tech

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AspenCore’s 2017 survey of embedded tech developers reveals that open source OSes like Linux and FreeRTOS continue to grow as proprietary platforms decline. Dozens of market studies are happy to tell you how many IoT gizmos are expected to ship by 2020, but few research firms regularly dig into embedded development trends. That’s where reader […]

[#] Tue Aug 29 2017 21:19:40 EDT from rss

Subject: Raspberry Pi based thin client optimized for VMware Blast Extreme

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ClearCube released a $120 “C3Pi Thin Client” built on the RPi 3 that runs a “Cloud Desktop” Linux distro and supports VMware Blast Extreme displays. Another thin client vendor has tapped the Raspberry Pi SBC to drive a low-end thin client, joining companies like NComputing (RX-HDX) and ViewSonic (SC-T25). At VMworld 2017, ClearCube Technology launched […]

[#] Tue Aug 29 2017 22:39:59 EDT from rss

Subject: MongoDB quits Solaris, wants to work on an OS people actually use

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Says users are migrating away, criticizes Oracle's roadmap and ends builds and support, effective ASAPMongoDB has killed off its Solaris development efforts. The company's director of platform engineering Andrew Morrow calls the decision “bittersweet,” but says “lack of adoption among our user base” made the decision easy and necessary.…

[#] Tue Aug 29 2017 23:59:17 EDT from rss

Subject: The next release of OpenStack, Pike leaps up

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OpenStack[he]#039[/he]s latest release is easier to update than ever.

[#] Wed Aug 30 2017 01:17:34 EDT from rss

Subject: Tiny, rugged, open-spec SBC plugs into carrier or breadboards

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FriendlyElec’s WiFi-ready, $8 “NanoPi Duo” runs Linux on a quad -A7 Allwinner H2+, and can plug into a $10 RPi-like carrier or any standard breadboard. FriendlyElec has added to its line of open spec, community backed NanoPi SBCs with an IoT-focused, $8 NanoPi Duo SBC that can plug into a $10 “Mini Shield” carrier board […]

[#] Wed Aug 30 2017 02:37:59 EDT from rss


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Atom is slow, lag and it’s as resource-intensive as Google Chrome. However, when you code JavaScript, I must admit that using Atom is super cool ! In this article I will show you how I manage Atom to be effective when developing fullstack JavaScript web applications.

[#] Wed Aug 30 2017 03:57:05 EDT from rss

Subject: Bookworm: A Simple yet Magnificent eBook Reader for Linux

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If you are looking for an effective eBook reader for Linux, Bookworm will serve your purpose. Bookworm is an open source eBook reader with an easy and simple layout supporting different file formats like epub, pdf, mobi, cbr and cbz. Supporting cbr and cbz files mean that you can also use it for reading comics on Linux.

[#] Wed Aug 30 2017 05:15:41 EDT from rss

Subject: Linux and Open Source on the Move in Embedded, Says Survey

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AspenCore has released the results of an embedded technology survey of its EETimes and Embedded readers. The survey indicates that open source operating systems like Linux and FreeRTOS continue to dominate, while Microsoft Embedded and other proprietary platforms are declining.

[#] Wed Aug 30 2017 06:32:38 EDT from rss

Subject: What you should know about CephFS

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Today, new storage system interfaces are created regularly to resolve emerging challenges in distributed storage. For example, Amazon Simple Storage Service [S3] (an opaque object store) and Amazon Elastic Block Storage [EBS] (a virtual machine image provider) both provide an essential, scalable storage service within a cloud ecosystem; however even with these new technologies, the conventional file system remains the most-widely used storage interface in computing.

[#] Wed Aug 30 2017 07:49:54 EDT from rss

Subject: Sysadmin 101: Ticketing

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This is the third in a series of articles on system administratorfundamentals where I focuson some lessons I've learnedthrough the years that might be obvious to longtime sysadmins, but newsto someone just coming into this position.

[#] Wed Aug 30 2017 09:21:26 EDT from rss

Subject: 8 open source Android apps for education

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With a new school year beginning in many areas, now is a great time for parents, students, and educators to try out apps that can help with the learning experience. The following eight apps can turn an Android phone or tablet into a tool to help a student learn and study. They are all open source and all of them are available from the F-Droid repository, so you easily add these apps to any phone that is configured to allow apps from external more

[#] Wed Aug 30 2017 10:39:59 EDT from rss

Subject: Howto guide : Release elastic IP in AWS along with Elastic IP pricing model.

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Learn how to disassociate elastic IP from EC2 and how to release elastic IP in AWS with screenshots. Also, understand how elastic IP is billed and cost of billing.

[#] Wed Aug 30 2017 11:58:03 EDT from rss

Subject: Today is a Good Day to Learn Python

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The cool thing about Linux and FOSS is also an aggravating thing, which is that sometimes there's too much of a good thing. There is such an abundance of goodies that it can be overwhelming. So I am here to help you decide which programming language you should learn next, and that is Python. Oh, yes, it is.

[#] Wed Aug 30 2017 13:15:33 EDT from rss

Subject: Install Ubuntu 16.04 Persistently on a USB Drive

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In this article we are going to cover how to install a linux distro to a USB Drive that allows you to use the usb drive as you would normally use the devices hard disk.

[#] Wed Aug 30 2017 14:33:33 EDT from rss

Subject: Mentoring: Your path to immortality

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Have you ever wondered why some open source projects have better luck than others when it comes to attracting and retaining enthusiastic contributors? Here are a few ways open source projects can improve their chances of getting—and keeping—the kinds of contributors who help make projects more

[#] Wed Aug 30 2017 15:51:48 EDT from rss

Subject: Cloud Explorer v11 is out!

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Cloud Explorer is a powerful Amazon S3 client with unique features.

[#] Wed Aug 30 2017 17:23:19 EDT from rss

Subject: How to Monitor Linux System Health and Performance with Netdata

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Looking to monitor Linux system performance? Netdata is a lightweight tool for health monitoring & distributed real time performance of Linux machines.

[#] Wed Aug 30 2017 18:40:34 EDT from rss

Subject: How to create reproducible build environments with Rebuild

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Building modern software in a predictable and repeatable way isn't easy. The overwhelming number of software dependencies and the need to isolate conflicting components presents numerous challenges in managing build environments.Although there are many tools aimed at mitigating this challenge, there are two approaches most of them take: either they rely on package managers to preserve and replicate package sets, or they use virtual or physical machines with preconfigured more

[#] Wed Aug 30 2017 19:57:49 EDT from rss

Subject: 3 open source Python GUI frameworks

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There comes a time in the journey of most any programmer when they are ready to branch out past the basic examples and start to build a graphical interface to their program.In Python, the steps to get started with GUI programming are not terribly complex, but they do require the user to begin making some choices. By its nature as a general purpose programming language with interpreters available across every common operating system, Python has to be fairly agnostic as to the choices it presents for creating graphical user more

[#] Wed Aug 30 2017 21:16:06 EDT from rss

Subject: How to Install Laravel on a DirectAdmin Server

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In this article, we will show you how to install Laravel on CentOS 7 VPS with DirectAdmin control panel. Laravel is a popular, open-source PHP web application framework with expressive and elegant syntax. This guide should work on other Linux VPS systems as well but was tested and written for a DirectAdmin VPS.

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