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[#] Sun Jul 09 2017 22:02:17 EDT from rss

Subject: 4 Ways to speed up your pc linux

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Despite installing Linux on a computer and harvesting those benefits, you may still feel like your system could still use an extra boost to actually get more speed. Here are four ways you can quickly and easily accelerate the system to get the best performance possible from it.

[#] Mon Jul 10 2017 00:12:26 EDT from rss

Subject: Protect Your System. Run Your Browser In Firejail

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The single biggest threat to your Linux system is your web browser. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. A browser is a large and complex piece of software with the ability to execute code, and it accesses the open Internet and executes just about everything that it comes into contact with.

[#] Mon Jul 10 2017 01:49:00 EDT from rss

Subject: Wine 2.12 Released with Audio Driver for Android, Async I/O Improvements

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If you fancy running Windows games or apps on your Linux, Android, or OS X operating system, then you should know that there's a new Wine development release available for download, versioned 2.12.

[#] Mon Jul 10 2017 03:24:18 EDT from rss

Subject: This Week in Open Source: Accounting Firms Experiment With Blockchain, Oracle Releases 3 OSS Tools & More

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This week in Linux and open source, the 'Big 4" accounting firms are becoming power players in blockchain, Oracle expands open source container efforts, and more in this weekly digest!

[#] Mon Jul 10 2017 04:45:38 EDT from rss

Subject: Black Hat Survey: Security Pros Expect Major Breaches in Next Two Years

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A major compromise of U.S. critical infrastructure will occur in the next couple of years, according to a majority of IT security professionals -- and most expect breaches of their own enterprise networks to occur even sooner.

[#] Mon Jul 10 2017 05:49:41 EDT from rss

Subject: Roland McGrath steps down as <code>glibc</code> maintainer after 30 years

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Open source is only for two-thirds of a life, says veteranOpen source luminary Roland McGrath has decided “enough is enough” – after 30 years on the GNU compiler library project.…

[#] Mon Jul 10 2017 06:53:43 EDT from rss

Subject: How a proxy is bringing banned Wikipedia to Turkey

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On April 29, Turkish authorities banned access to Turkish Wikipedia and the other 296 world-language Wikipedias in the context of purges following the 2016 Turkish coup d'état more

[#] Mon Jul 10 2017 07:58:48 EDT from rss

Subject: Multics resurrected: proto-Unix now runs on Raspberry Pi or x86

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Seminal time-sharing OS needs emulator for ancient Honeywell DPS8M CPUSeminal time-sharing OS Multics - the Multiplexed Information and Computing Service - has been resurrected in a new simulator.…

[#] Mon Jul 10 2017 09:18:06 EDT from rss

Subject: How Linux containers have evolved

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In the past few years, containers have become a hot topic among not just developers, but also enterprises. This growing interest has caused an increased need for security improvements and hardening, and preparing for scaleability and interoperability. This has necessitated a lot of engineering, and here's the story of how much of that engineering has happened at an enterprise level at Red more

[#] Mon Jul 10 2017 10:23:10 EDT from rss

Subject: How to Rename a File in Linux

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In this short tutorial, we’ll show you how to rename a file in Linux. Most commonly these commands are used on cloud servers and work on most Unix-based systems, including CentOS and Ubuntu.

[#] Mon Jul 10 2017 11:28:13 EDT from rss

Subject: So you say you'd like a keyboard that will last more than 6 months?

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An attempt to bring back the IBM Model F keyboard.

[#] Mon Jul 10 2017 12:32:16 EDT from rss

Subject: 7 features of QXmlEdit for unusual situations

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QXmlEdit is an open source XML editor written using Qt libraries that has some unusual features that can help you in complex more

[#] Mon Jul 10 2017 13:53:38 EDT from rss

Subject: Grasp LaTeX Programming with Free Books

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LaTeX is a professional document preparation system and document markup language written by Leslie Lamport. It’s a very mature system with development starting more than 30 years ago.

[#] Mon Jul 10 2017 14:58:42 EDT from TE

Subject: Review: Debian 9 "Stretch" MATE

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I reviewed it as an everyday desktop distribution (as opposed to a server or other workstation distribution) to see if I could use it regularly; I find that its slowness and a handful of usability issues make it not the right distribution for me.

[#] Mon Jul 10 2017 16:02:47 EDT from rss

Subject: 6 Methods To Check The Running Linux Kernel Version On System

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A kernel is the central part of an operating system (in other word, core component or heart of an operating system). It’s act as a bridge between applications and hardware.

[#] Mon Jul 10 2017 17:07:50 EDT from rss

Subject: Linux dd command explained for beginners (8 examples)

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Sometimes, while working on the command line in Linux, you may need to perform a copy operation in way that the data/text gets formatted before it's written at the destination. A simple example could be to copy text from a file and write the case-changed version (lower to upper, or upper to lower) to the destination file.

[#] Mon Jul 10 2017 18:29:07 EDT from rss

Subject: Taking smart backups with Duplicity

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Backing up data is one of the most important tasks everyone should be doing regularly. This series will demonstrate using three software tools to backup your important data. When planning a backup strategy, consider the “Three Rs of backup”: Redundant:... Continue Reading →

[#] Mon Jul 10 2017 19:34:12 EDT from rss

Subject: Android Candy: Exploding Kittens!

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I don't very often play games. I know that seems odd, because I do often writeabout gaming. Honestly though, I very rarely actually take the time toplay video games. Recently, however, there has been an exception to that rule.

[#] Mon Jul 10 2017 20:39:16 EDT from rss

Subject: 5 Misconceptions About Being A Linux User

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?Ever wondered what Linux is and how it really works? Many of us have asked this question, especially when you are densely populated around with Redmond fans and none of your pals have tried Linux ever! Some people in areas surrounded by FOSS, go ahead with full potential without any issues and for those trying out or curious about GNU Linux then here are the 5 main misconceptions about it.

[#] Mon Jul 10 2017 21:44:20 EDT from rss

Subject: Ubuntu Linux Is Now Available for Download from the Microsoft Windows Store

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After openSUSE and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES), it now looks like Canonical's Ubuntu Linux operating system is available for download from the Microsoft Windows Store.

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