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[#] Sun Jun 25 2017 07:17:27 EDT from rss

Subject: 7 Great Linux Design Tools Digital Artists Should Know

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If you are a digital artist, Linux offers some of the best design tools you can use to create outstanding designs. Here are 7 of the best Linux design tools you should use.

[#] Sun Jun 25 2017 09:10:16 EDT from rss

Subject: Developing cloud apps: 3 ways to be more efficient

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3 ways IT leaders can avoid the "create because we can" mentality

[#] Sun Jun 25 2017 11:04:08 EDT from rss

Subject: Rockstor: A Solid Cloud Storage Solution for Small or Home Office

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The Linux platform can do quite a lot of things; it can be just about anything need it to be and function in nearly any form. One of the many areas in which Linux excels is that of storage. With the help of a few constituent pieces, you can have a powerful NAS or cloud storage solution up and running.

[#] Sun Jun 25 2017 12:55:59 EDT from rss

Subject: 3 mistakes to avoid when learning to code in Python

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It's never easy to admit when you do things wrong, but making errors is part of any learning process, from learning to walk to learning a new programming language, such as Python.Here's a list of three things I got wrong when I was learning Python, presented so that newer Python programmers can avoid making the same mistakes. These are errors that either I got away with for a long time or that that created big problems that took hours to solve.Take heed young coders, some of these mistakes are afternoon wasters!read more

[#] Sun Jun 25 2017 14:47:50 EDT from rss

Subject: LibreOffice 6.0 to Automatically Update Itself on GNU/Linux, but There's a Catch

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LibreOffice developer Markus Mohrhard recently announced that his work on the new automatic updater for the upcoming LibreOffice 6.0 office suite for Linux is finally ready to see the light of day.

[#] Sun Jun 25 2017 16:39:39 EDT from rss

Subject: Red Hat moves into remote offices with Hyperconverged Infrastructure

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Red Hat's new Hyperconverged Infrastructure brings datacenter capabilites into your branch offices.

[#] Sun Jun 25 2017 18:32:31 EDT from rss

Subject: Why aren't more researchers using open source?

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Academic researchers depend on a variety of highly specialized software to power their studies. The commercial software options in common use are expensive; either investigators must purchase a large number of licenses for common applications like data analysis tools, or they have to buy costly single licenses for specialized software, such as an application for a specific laboratory more

[#] Sun Jun 25 2017 20:26:22 EDT from rss

Subject: digiKam 5.6 Professional Photo Management App Released with HTML Gallery Tool

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The digiKam development team is pleased to announce the release of digiKam 5.6, a new stable update of the open-source and cross-platform professional photo management app for GNU/Linux, macOS, and Microsoft Windows platforms.

[#] Sun Jun 25 2017 22:20:15 EDT from rss

Subject: To compete or to collaborate? 4 criteria for making the call

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In my series on becoming more open, I've written about selecting teammates for an open project, working with people that have different personalities, and encouraging front-line more

[#] Mon Jun 26 2017 00:14:07 EDT from rss

Subject: Honeypots and the Internet of Things

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There were a number of incidents in 2016 that triggered increased interest in the security of so-called IoT or 'smart' devices. They included, among others, the record-breaking DDoS attacks against the French hosting provider OVH and the US DNS provider Dyn. These attacks are known to have been launched with the help of a massive botnet made up of routers, IP cameras, printers and other devices.

[#] Mon Jun 26 2017 02:07:57 EDT from rss

Subject: Google's Chrome OS Team Is Experimenting with Refreshed Sign-In/Lock Screens

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Google's Chromium evangelist François Beaufort recently revealed that the Chrome OS team is currently experimenting with refreshed versions of the Sing-In and Lock screens in the operating system.

[#] Mon Jun 26 2017 04:01:45 EDT from rss

Subject: Introduction to Bash shell redirections

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Redirection is the ability to redirect the input and output of various commands to and from files or devices. We are going to see how redirecting works in Bash: the default shell in the majority of Linux distributions.

[#] Mon Jun 26 2017 05:23:09 EDT from rss

Subject: Microsoft recommends you ignore Microsoft-recommended update

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Left hand quits trying to meet right hand, waves at customers saying 'don't break Skype'Earlier this month, Microsoft gave the world .NET Framework 4.7 and urged users to install it for the usual reasons: more fun bits to play with and a security improvements.…

[#] Mon Jun 26 2017 06:44:26 EDT from rss

Subject: Debian Devs Urge Intel Skylake and Kaby Lake Users to Disable HyperThreading

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Debian developer Henrique de Moraes Holschuh is warning users of the popular GNU/Linux distribution about a new security flaw that affects Intel's 6th and 7th generation Skylake and Kaby Lake processors supporting HyperThreading.

[#] Mon Jun 26 2017 08:18:59 EDT from rss

Subject: Upcoming Fedora Atomic Host lifecycle changes

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The Fedora Project ships new Fedora Server and Workstation releases at roughly six-month intervals. It then maintains each release for around thirteen months. So Fedora N is supported by the community until one month after the release of Fedora N+2. Since... Continue Reading →

[#] Mon Jun 26 2017 09:40:19 EDT from rss

Subject: 3 Easy Ways To Get A Summary Of Disk Usage (Directory & Folders Size) In Linux

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Print a disk usage summary to get an actual disk usage on your system.

[#] Mon Jun 26 2017 11:01:38 EDT from rss

Subject: Debian Linux reveals Intel Skylake and Kaby Lake processors have broken hyper-threading

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The latest Intel chips have a nasty bug that causes unpredictable system behavior.

[#] Mon Jun 26 2017 12:39:14 EDT from rss

Subject: How Linux and makerspaces can strengthen our social fabric

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In recent years, we've seen the rise of makerspaces, a new social invention where people with shared interests, especially in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math), gather to work on projects and share more

[#] Mon Jun 26 2017 14:00:34 EDT from rss

Subject: LFCS Regular Expression (Part 2)

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When dealing with files and folders on a system or even going through the contents of a file you will need to understand ‘Regular Expression’. ‘Regular Expression’ are characters used to define a pattern. The pattern can be used to search through a text file or listing files and folders.Sometime instead of ‘Regular Expression’ you may see ‘regex’ or ‘regexp’.

[#] Mon Jun 26 2017 16:25:59 EDT from rss

Subject: When not to use a JavaScript framework

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As the internet has evolved, web development has grown well beyond its intended abilities—for good and bad. To smooth over the rougher edges, web developers have invented a plethora of frameworks, both small and not so small. This has been good for developers, because browser fragmentation and standards problems abound, especially for those who want new features in APIs and more unified syntax for those more

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