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[#] Tue Jul 04 2017 23:32:50 EDT from rss

Subject: Attempt to verify patch for

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Perform HA overcloud deployment via TripleO QuickStart Master (Pike) branch via `bash -R master --config config/general_config/pacemaker.yml --nodes config/nodes/3ctlr_2comp.yml $VIRTHOST` to avoid waiting for commit's appearance in Delorean RDO trunk for Master.

[#] Wed Jul 05 2017 00:36:54 EDT from rss

Subject: 50+ Best Lightweight Linux Distros for 2017

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You don’t have to throw away your old PCs and laptops. Install a lightweight Linux distro on them and they’re as good as new.

[#] Wed Jul 05 2017 01:41:57 EDT from rss

Subject: Book review: 'OPEN' explores broad cultural implications of openness

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For David Price, the first steps down the path to embracing openness started with a diagnosis of atrial fibrillation. That diagnosis was a shock, and like many people with medical conditions in the digital age, Price began frequenting online forums for people with his more

[#] Wed Jul 05 2017 02:46:00 EDT from rss

Subject: Zorin OS 12 Lite Edition Released as the Biggest Leap Forward for the Distro Yet

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The Zorin OS developers are pleased to announce today the release and immediate availability of the Zorin OS 12 Lite operating system, the biggest leap forward for the lightweight distro designed for old and low-spec computers.

[#] Wed Jul 05 2017 04:05:59 EDT from rss

Subject: GnuPG crypto library cracked, look for patches

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Linux users need to check out their distributions to see if a nasty bug in libgcrypt20 has been patched. The patch, which has landed in Debian and Ubuntu, is to address a side-channel attack published last week.

[#] Wed Jul 05 2017 08:23:11 EDT from rss

Subject: Learn Scheme Programming with No Charge Books

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Scheme is a general-purpose, functional, programming language descended from Lisp and Algol. It is a statically scoped and properly tail-recursive dialect of Lisp.

[#] Wed Jul 05 2017 09:28:16 EDT from rss

Subject: Analyzing Videos for Fun and Profit

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People's phones and all of the various sensors that may be built in to themis asource of scientific data logging that almost everyone carries around.Although the selection of sensors varies from phone to phone,they almost all have a camera. In this article, I take alook at a piece of software called Tracker that can be used to analyzevideos you take of experiments.

[#] Wed Jul 05 2017 10:47:34 EDT from rss

Subject: 7 Funny commands in Linux

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Linux is funny and humorous. Don't you believe? Then check below funny commands in Linux. You are certainly gonna enjoy these commands.

[#] Wed Jul 05 2017 11:50:36 EDT from rss

Subject: Two great uses for the cp command

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The point-and-click graphical user interface available on Linux is a wonderful thing... but if your favorite interactive development environment consists of the terminal window, Bash, Vim, and your favorite language compiler, then, like me, you use the terminal a more

[#] Wed Jul 05 2017 12:55:40 EDT from rss

Subject: How to Install Apache Cassandra on CentOS 7

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Apache Cassandra is a free and open source distributed NoSQL database management system. It is used to store large data in decentralized highly available clusters. In this tutorial, we will be installing Apache Cassandra on CentOS 7 server.

[#] Wed Jul 05 2017 14:16:59 EDT from rss

Subject: Why aren

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ssh provides many features useful for client-server connections: Binary protocol, mandatory encryption, key pinning, multiplexing, compression (yes, it does that too).— Aren’t these the key features for why we invented HTTP/2?—Admittedly, SSH is missing some pieces. It’s lacking a notion of virtual hosts, or being able to serve different endpoints on different hostnames from a single IP address.— On the other hand, SSH does have several cool features over HTTP/2 though, like built-in client authentication which removes the need for registration and remembering extra passwords.

[#] Wed Jul 05 2017 15:21:03 EDT from rss

Subject: Fedora 26 Workstation Wallpapers

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The release of Fedora 26 is just around the corner, and the choices for wallpapers in Fedora Workstation are pretty amazing. In addition to the Fedora 26 Default Wallpaper and the GNOME 3.24 Adwaita background, Fedora Workstation now includes a... Continue Reading →

[#] Wed Jul 05 2017 16:26:07 EDT from rss @

Subject: Setting Up AVR-GCC toolchain and avrdude To Program An AVR Development Board In UBUNTU

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?Contemporarily we have technologies like IoT or the Internet of Things trending everywhere. And the embedded systems field forms the backbone of IoT technologies. IoT means interconnection between various devices present all over the globe. And it is the embedded system that plays a vital role in IoT, by connecting the physical world through sensors and other hardware devices, with the cloud.

[#] Wed Jul 05 2017 17:31:14 EDT from rss

Subject: A Simple Python Script To Test Internet Bandwidth Speed In Linux Command Line

[Reply] [ReplyQuoted] [Headers] [Print] is a simple python script which help us to test internet bandwidth (Upload & Download) speed in Linux command line using

[#] Wed Jul 05 2017 18:52:33 EDT from rss

Subject: 7 ways to make better user-facing software

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Open source has been amazingly good at solving two sets of issues: 1) infrastructure and 2) developer tools. This is because those developers and users are basically the same people—the developer is an "insider" to the problem, understands it well, and is motivated to solve more

[#] Wed Jul 05 2017 19:57:34 EDT from rss

Subject: Developer Replaces His MacBook Pro with a Raspberry Pi 3 Computer for One Week

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Node.js expert and backend software engineer Pierre-Gilles Leymarie has recently lost his precious MacBook Pro in a taxi in Paris, and since he didn't have any other computer at home, he decided to give Raspberry Pi a try.

[#] Wed Jul 05 2017 21:02:40 EDT from rss

Subject: Open-spec, RPi-style SBC features new Rockchip RK3328

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Pine64’s Raspberry Pi-style “Rock64” SBC offers a quad -A53 RK3328 SoC with GbE and USB 3.0 ports for $25, $35, or $45 with 1GB, 2GB, or 4GB of RAM. Yet another community-backed SBC with the same size, layout, expansion connector, and basic specs of a Raspberry Pi has reached market. While most of the pseudo […]

[#] Wed Jul 05 2017 22:06:40 EDT from rss

Subject: No coding required: Node-RED on a Raspberry Pi

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Node-RED is a programming tool that lets you quickly connect hardware devices using a browser-based editor. It comes with a wide range of nodes that can be used to build flows in a drag-and-drop manner, significantly reducing your development time. Node-RED is installed with Raspian Jesse for Raspberry Pi, and there is also an option to download Node-RED more

[#] Wed Jul 05 2017 23:27:00 EDT from rss

Subject: Linux Kernel 4.12: "One of The Bigger Releases"

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Linus Torvalds released Linux kernel 4.12 on Sunday, July 2 and remarked how it was "one of the bigger releases historically." Indeed, just shy of 12,000 commits, only 4.9 was significantly larger, and that was because Greg Kroah-Hartman declared it an LTS release.

[#] Thu Jul 06 2017 10:44:52 EDT from rss

Subject: Practical Networking for Linux Admins: IPv6 Routing

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Our story so far: We have learned the important bits about TCP/IP, IPv6, and IPv4 and IPv6 LAN Addressing, which is all very excellent. But, if you want your computers to talk to each other, then you must know about routing.

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