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[#] Thu May 11 2017 23:57:32 EDT from rss

Subject: Tilix

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Tilix (Previously known as Terminix) is an advanced GTK3 tiling terminal emulator that follows the Gnome Human Interface Guidelines (HIG).

[#] Fri May 12 2017 01:02:37 EDT from rss

Subject: Microsoft backtracks: 'We are going to support .NET Framework with ASP.NET Core 2.0'

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'You do not abandon your users' .NET Foundation chief tells El Reg. Build Microsoft will not, after all, restrict its open-source cross-platform web framework ASP.NET Core 2.0 from running on the Windows-only .NET Framework. There are now two distinct forms of Microsoft’s .NET platform. One is called .NET Framework and runs only on Windows, while the other is called .NET Core and is open source and cross-platform.

[#] Fri May 12 2017 02:21:55 EDT from rss

Subject: Marek submits patch series for threaded Gallium to Mesa, boosts performance in games

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AMD employee and Mesa developer Marek Olšák is at it again, proposing a series of patches that would boost performance for AMD GPUs running the open drivers.

[#] Fri May 12 2017 03:26:37 EDT from rss

Subject: Linux lsof command tutorial for beginners (10 examples)

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The lsof command in Linux displays in its output information about files that are opened by processes. In this article, we will discuss the tool using 10 easy to understand examples.

[#] Fri May 12 2017 04:30:39 EDT from rss

Subject: Building Linux Firewalls With Good Old Iptables: Part 2

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When last we met we reviewed some iptables fundamentals. Now you'll have two example firewalls to study, one for a single PC and one for a LAN. They are commented all to heck to explain what they're doing. This is for IPv4 only, so I'll write up some example firewalls for IPv6 in a future installment.

[#] Fri May 12 2017 05:51:32 EDT from rss

Subject: Starting an Open Source Project: A Free Webinar Highlights Best Practices

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Have you launched an open source project or are you considering doing so? Making a success of your project can involve everything from evaluating licenses to community outreach. The good news is that there are many free resources that can help you advance and protect your project.

[#] Fri May 12 2017 06:56:36 EDT from rss

Subject: The hijacking flaw that lurked in Intel chips is worse than anyone thought

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A remote hijacking flaw that lurked in Intel chips for seven years was more severe than many people imagined, because it allowed hackers to remotely gain administrative control over huge fleets of computers without entering a password.

[#] Fri May 12 2017 08:01:39 EDT from rss

Subject: 11 wisdoms from half a life in open source

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Brad Fitzpatrick, a software engineer at Google working on the Go programming language, is a life-long nerd. Fitzpatrick's keynote at OSCON this year was based on bits of wisdom from half a life in open source.

[#] Fri May 12 2017 09:06:45 EDT from rss

Subject: Mozilla Relents, Thunderbird Can Stay

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After nearly a year and a half with an uncertain future, Mozilla tells Thunderbird it can stay and that its future is now certain -- in a most uncertain way.

[#] Fri May 12 2017 10:27:03 EDT from rss

Subject: 3 types of useful Atom text editor packages for writers

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Text editors aren't just something developers use to crank out code. Writers use them, too. A good text editor enables writers to focus on their words, but also packs other features that help them craft and publish their work more efficiently.While popular among the techies, GitHub's Atom text editor has evolved into a solid editor for writers, too. That's thanks to Atom's 6,100+ packages, which greatly extend the editor's more

[#] Fri May 12 2017 11:32:06 EDT from rss

Subject: TensorFlow: I want to like you, but you're tricksy

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Wrestling with Google's machine learning frameworkHands-on Occasionally a technology comes along that changes the way that people work. Docker has had a profound effect on how applications are deployed in the cloud, Hadoop changed how analysis of big data was done and the R language has disrupted the statistics market.…

[#] Fri May 12 2017 12:36:09 EDT from rss

Subject: A simple command-line tool for recording audio

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Machine learning and natural language processing are transforming our relationship with our devices by giving them a human voice. People with visual impairments have especially benefited from these technologies, but those who speak languages like my native Odia have largely been left behind by most more

[#] Fri May 12 2017 13:41:14 EDT from rss

Subject: Set up a mail server with PostfixAdmin and MariaDB on CentOS 7

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In this guide, we will explain how to setup and configure a mail server with PostfixAdmin, Postfix, Dovecot, MariaDB and SpamAssasin on a CentOS VPS. PostfixAdmin is a PHP-based web front-end that allows you to manage virtual domains and users for a Postfix mail transport agent. This guide should work on other Linux VPS systems as well but was tested and written for a CentOS 7 VPS.

[#] Fri May 12 2017 14:46:17 EDT from rss

Subject: VLC Media Player 2.2.5 Improves Video Scaling in VDPAU, MP3 Playback, and More

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VLC 2.2.5 arrived recently with a great number of improvements over the previous stable update of the open-source, free and cross-platform video player application for GNU/Linux, macOS and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

[#] Fri May 12 2017 16:07:36 EDT from rss

Subject: How to work with dates and time with Python

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When trying to make things work with the datetime module, most Python users have faced a point when we resort to guess-and-check until the errors go away. datetime is one of those APIs that seems easy to use, but requires the developer to have a deep understanding of what a few things actually mean. Otherwise, given the complexity of date- and time-related issues, introducing unexpected bugs is more

[#] Fri May 12 2017 18:00:28 EDT from rss

Subject: Wire

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Wire is a cross-platform, encrypted instant messaging application developed by a team of engineers from Swiss.

[#] Fri May 12 2017 19:54:21 EDT from rss

Subject: Orchestration with MCollective

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I originally got into systems administration because I loved learning about computers, and Ifigured that was a career that always would offer me something new to learn. Now many yearslater that prediction has turned out to be true, and it seems like there are new things to learnall the time.

[#] Fri May 12 2017 21:48:12 EDT from rss

Subject: MySQL administration via command line

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When using MySQL on a Linux server, you'll no doubt come into a situation where you'll want to manipulate something via command line. Some of you will have tools like PHPMyAdmin installed, but you should always know a way to do things via command line.

[#] Fri May 12 2017 23:42:04 EDT from rss

Subject: Track the night sky with Stellarium on Fedora

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Ever looked up at the night sky and tried to identify specific celestial bodies out of the millions you can see? Stellarium is an awesome open source planetarium application available in Fedora to help you identify and track objects in the... Continue Reading →

[#] Sat May 13 2017 01:19:41 EDT from rss

Subject: Open-Source Applicant Tracking System OpenCATS updated with new features

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Announcing OpenCATS (open-source Applicant Tracking System) new release 0.9.4. Forked from CATS when it moved to a closed-source SAAS model. New features, security fixes and supports current PHP,MySQL

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