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[#] Thu Aug 08 2002 00:27:38 EDT from stacy @ Haven BBS

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My condolences, Campy. :)

My boyfriend lives off 10th street, near Country Club, and it's even a traffic nightmare there. We were going west on 10th Sunday night, around 8pm, and we still had to sit in traffic for 20 minutes.

[#] Thu Aug 08 2002 01:02:33 EDT from IU King @ Haven BBS

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*nod* I don't see why people complain, it should be expected...

[#] Thu Aug 08 2002 02:55:00 EDT from Freakdog @ Dog Pound BBS II

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Had dinner at O'Charley's tonight, on 96th, near Keystone.

Not bad...

Anyone know of a good Japanese steakhouse/hibachi/sushi place, near the north side?

[#] Thu Aug 08 2002 09:07:10 EDT from ChuckE @ Haven BBS

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Freakdog: If you like the grill tables, there's a Benihana's at Keystone at the Crossing; there's also a Japanese restaurant called Sapporo's just east of Castleton Square.

But if it's cheap and good sushi you're after (as IU King and I have been discussing in another room), may I recommend Asaka, right behind Hooters in Castleton. From 5-7pm Sun-Fri, a lot of their sushi is $1 each (around here, that's cheap). They're closed on Monday nights.
I think Jack Shot would also recommend Asaka. :)

Sansui on Range Line Rd isn't bad food, but haven't been there in a while... last time I was there a year or so ago, service was really slow. That may have improved since, but I don't know.

Ocean World, NE corner of 86th & Ditch, earns high marks also; I personally think theirs are the best sushi box dinners in town.

If you need better directions to any of these, let me know...

[#] Thu Aug 08 2002 09:05:01 EDT from Campagnolo @ WWJP BBS

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My house was 3501 Brewer Drive. The eqivalent of being at 35th, about 3 streets east of Georgetown. One of the better parts of eagledale.
Isn't Ocean World near Ditch off of 86th street suposed to be a Jap. seafood house?

[#] Thu Aug 08 2002 11:40:00 EDT from Freakdog @ Dog Pound BBS II

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Range Line...I think I've seen that one. There's also one up just past where Meridian and Keystone door to the Old Country Buffet, but I haven't checked that one out, yet.

However, $1/piece is actually a fairly good price, no matter where you go. <G>

[#] Thu Aug 08 2002 15:27:31 EDT from ChuckE @ Haven BBS

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Freakdog: I've been to the one next to Old Country Buffet you're talking about... once. Seemed slightly expen$ive for the amount of food we got, but the atmosphere is slightly more upscale than most (for a strip mall, anyway), so I guess that's what you're paying for.

And yes, Campy, you're right... Ocean World is actually about a block EAST of Ditch, on the north side of 86th. One of my fave Japanese restaurants.

[#] Thu Aug 08 2002 21:13:31 EDT from IU King @ Haven BBS

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Campy: Ah, Okay! I know the territory. Had a high school friend who lived on Mildred, but snuck into Speedway school systems.

Freak: I recommend Benihana. It's goooooood. I had habachi last night at a new place in Bloomington called Asuka. Don't confuse it with Asaka, which ChuckE has been talking about. :P

ChuckE: Never been to Sapporo. How do you compare it with Benihana?

[#] Thu Aug 08 2002 21:49:25 EDT from Freakdog @ Dog Pound BBS II

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I've done Benihana, before...last time was in Atlanta, another time in NYC.
It is good.

I went to the one next to OCB, was good, but you're right...too expensive. I have to try Ocean World, I guess. <G>

[#] Thu Aug 08 2002 23:48:06 EDT from catwoman @ Haven BBS

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The Mongolian bbq on the northside is good.

[#] Fri Aug 09 2002 00:53:53 EDT from Freakdog @ Dog Pound BBS II

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Where's that?

[#] Fri Aug 09 2002 08:25:25 EDT from catwoman @ Haven BBS

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its on 86th street near Keystone (I think)

[#] Fri Aug 09 2002 09:36:39 EDT from per @ Haven BBS

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It's on 86th street, West of Allisonville (actually, between Allisonville and Keystone), and it's on the North side of the road.

[#] Fri Aug 09 2002 09:54:55 EDT from Freakdog @ Dog Pound BBS II

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Cool...I'll have to try it.

Of course, that could be a great place for a UM, too. <G>

[#] Fri Aug 09 2002 09:51:42 EDT from ChuckE @ Haven BBS

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Technically, that road is 86th St west of Keystone at the Crossing, and it becomes 82nd St *east* of that point. Pretty confusing, since 86th St at Allisonville is *not* the same road as 86th St at Keystone; the 86th St at Allisonville, if you follow it west, dead-ends in the AMLI At Riverbend apartment complex. (465's angle at that point causes the confusion.)

So Mongolian BBQ is in the strip mall on the north side of 82nd St, in Clearwater Crossing just east of the bridge over White River. (My sister, wife, and I ate at Puccini's in that same strip mall last night.)

I think I've only tried the grill tables at Sapporo's once; that seemed fairly comparable to Benihana's, as I recall. My wife and I usually go straight for the sushi; the spider roll (soft-shell crab) is VERY good at Sapporo.

[#] Fri Aug 09 2002 10:15:13 EDT from per @ Haven BBS

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True, ChuckE...I keep forgetting the "86th to 82nd" deal..

[#] Fri Aug 09 2002 10:21:21 EDT from ChuckE @ Haven BBS

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Most people do... and it's one of the most bewildering things about the north side, especially to people who are new in town.

[#] Fri Aug 09 2002 10:46:27 EDT from Ian M. Shot @ Haven BBS

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Yes, but I have been trying to have UMs close to centrally located. Which is why I keep trying to push downtown.

[#] Fri Aug 09 2002 10:36:49 EDT from Campagnolo @ WWJP BBS

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Freakdog, take a spin around Keystone and 82/86th street (on in the same in a matter of a few blocks.) there are a bunch of eateries. Cattle Co. is worth while for dead cow. AVOID band-stand, they suck.

[#] Fri Aug 09 2002 13:01:55 EDT from WhitShadoSoCal @ Haven BBS

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Stuart Anderson's (IMO) is overpriced...Outback is much better, as chain steakhouses go.

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