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[#] Wed Nov 02 2011 03:39:08 EDT from dothebart @ Uncensored

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its definitely in git-master; dunno whether its in 8.01.

a 8.02 might want to wait for us to find the imap troubles in conjunction with the php imap client implementation...

Tue Nov 01 2011 16:49:37 EDT from Freakdog @ Dog Pound BBS II
dothebart: Is that fix in 8.01?


[#] Sat May 28 2011 07:33:04 EDT from matt @ comalies

Subject: Re:

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No idea, but I do get quite a few of these messages in Aide from time to time, like on May 18:

Connected to node "dogpound2:" but I was expecting to connect to node "dogpound2".

[#] Thu Apr 19 2012 22:47:20 EDT from Mathew McBride @ comalies

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Wed Apr 18 2012 07:31:00 PM GMT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored
I noticed in my logs that comalies is now networking with uncnsrd via IPv6!
*< kermit flails >*


IPv6 has been on since last year. 

[#] Sat Oct 01 2011 10:15:46 EDT from matt @ comalies

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@Freakdog: port 504 on doesn't appear to be reachable, even though I can see webcit on it. 

[#] Wed Jul 25 2012 08:12:23 EDT from Freakdog @ Dog Pound BBS II

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Sat Oct 01 2011 07:15:46 AM PDT from matt @ comalies

@Freakdog: port 504 on doesn't appear to be reachable, even though I can see webcit on it. 

Should be good now. I migrated my citadel from my home server to a cloud instance so that I could work on upgrading it to a newer version.

[#] Wed Jul 25 2012 08:19:36 EDT from Freakdog @ Uncensored

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Ok...I've migrated DP2 to a CentOS 6 instance in my company's cloud offering.

Now...I'm still running 8.05, under which Networking works, mostly. The latest version available for download is 8.14. If that doesn't have the fix that's currently in git or running on Uncensored, then I'll wait to upgrade until 8.15 has been officially released.

[#] Wed Jul 25 2012 09:11:31 EDT from dothebart @ Uncensored

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networking should work fine with 8.14.

you can however try whether splice works the right way on your site by adding


you should check whether the re-syncing and collecting the files into the spool works properly.

[#] Wed Jul 25 2012 22:02:12 EDT from Freakdog @ Dog Pound BBS II

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Ok...I'll back 'er up and upgrade her overnight while I'm working.

[#] Thu Jul 26 2012 06:52:17 EDT from Freakdog @ Uncensored

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She's up and running on 8.14, now. Interesting...the who list shows networking sessions, now.

[#] Thu Jul 26 2012 07:01:43 EDT from dothebart @ Uncensored

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if you' re an aide, system threads are shown.

have a look at the smtp queue, some goodies there ;-)

[#] Mon Sep 17 2012 08:22:39 EDT from Freakdog @ Dog Pound BBS II

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Just a note...sometime within the next couple of weeks...possibly as soon as today or as late as Sept 27/28, DP2 will be going offline for 3-5 days.

If anyone wants the details as to why, please feel free to contact me, but rest assured that the layoff will be as brief as possible and will be necessary.

[#] Tue Sep 18 2012 01:42:44 EDT from Freakdog @ Dog Pound BBS II

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Ok...chances are that it will happen as of the 28th...I expect that the cloud instance on which DP2 currently runs will be shut off and destroyed some time on that date.

I'll be building a Centos 6 system onto which I'll migrate DP2 once I've returned from Texas to Indiana, but because my server in Indiana is running CentOS 5.8 and I was completely unable to get the latest Citadel versions running under that version, I'll need to build out Centos 6.3 to make it happen...but I'll do what I can to minimize the amount of time DP2 is down, in order to get networking back into play as quickly as possible.

[#] Tue Sep 18 2012 04:07:53 EDT from dothebart @ Uncensored

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hm, which kernel version does 5.8 have? 2.6.18? did you write about your problems?

[#] Tue Sep 18 2012 08:12:21 EDT from Freakdog @ Dog Pound BBS II

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Not a kernel issue...things like c-ares and such, which are missing newer functionality that are required by the new versions of Citadel.

I had inquired about these issues in the Citadel Support room, months ago, but eventually, I built myself a Centos 6 instance in the cloud where I work, and got it to run just fine, there.

The issue, now, is that I'm leaving my job with the cloud company and down't really want to pay for cloud services, when I have hardware and spare IPs available at home on my broadband connection. It'll just be a matter of building out the server, installing the software, and then importing my current databases and configurations.

[#] Tue Sep 18 2012 10:50:25 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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So much for the wonderful new world of cloud where everything is automagic and no one ever has to do any system administration anymore.

[#] Wed Sep 19 2012 03:34:44 EDT from Freakdog @ Dog Pound BBS II

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Who is the sysop of "enjoythesilence"? I've been getting connections from the node, but have not configured networking with any nodes with that name.

Please contact me to arrange networking, if you wish to connect with/through Dog Pound II

[#] Wed Sep 19 2012 13:10:57 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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We're getting connections from them too. I have no idea who they are.

[#] Wed Sep 19 2012 21:00:17 EDT from zooer @ Uncensored

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Paranoid mode ...
It is the public domain license GNU or FSF people you were complaining about a few weeks/months ago.

[#] Thu Sep 20 2012 13:20:47 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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It's more likely to be someone who simply didn't RTFM and expects to be able to just connect to other Citadel nodes without coordination.

[#] Fri Sep 21 2012 15:28:55 EDT from Freakdog @ Dog Pound BBS II

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My thought as well. I'm hoping that they're logging into another node on the network and will respond...not holding my breath, though.

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