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[#] Tue Jun 11 2002 16:42:29 EDT from Peter Pulse @ Uncensored

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Yea, it's been around for a year or so. I wonder if they're anywhere near the point of developing a commercial product?

[#] Tue Jun 11 2002 19:35:19 EDT from gwynn @ The Big U

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yep, know about zipspeak. Am running it on my system in fact, well not right now, but I've got a copy installed. It's just not quite up to the level of being able to switch OSes yet. Not to mention, there's nothing for X, well nothing current, and that leaves out anything that can really deal with office-like stuff, e.g., word processing on papers and such.

[#] Tue Jun 11 2002 22:11:44 EDT from Mr.T @ Uncensored

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Yeah, it's been floating around for a while. All the write-ups I've read say they project it'll take ~5 years before they have a commercially viable product.

[#] Thu Jun 13 2002 10:52:17 EDT from IO ERROR @ The Big U

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Screen reading for X would involve patching directly into the X server. Hmm.
But now that XFree86 is a little more modular, it might be easier to do than it would have been in the past. You might check the blinux archives or post a message there about it.

[#] Thu Jun 13 2002 16:48:04 EDT from Mr.T @ Uncensored

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What are the side-effects of installing the Windoze Media Player?

[#] Thu Jun 13 2002 17:07:09 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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The biggest side effect is that Microsoft gets closer to monopolizing the digital media industry. Aside from that, it's just the usual bullshit with programs fighting over content types, and I seem to remember hearing that there's a small amount of spyware in it.

[#] Thu Jun 13 2002 17:08:38 EDT from LoanShark @ Uncensored

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oh well. all i know is that if i upgrade from WM 6.x to 7.1, then the CD database actually starts working, which is enough of a reason.

[#] Thu Jun 13 2002 22:41:54 EDT from Zaphod Beeblebrox @ Uncensored

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I was just reading an article about Sputnik. For awhile, it
seemed noone knew who was behind it, now they think it might
be Maurice O'Bannon who is the president of Vx2. I guess he
escaped being punished for these adult web-sites in California
charging peoples credit cards for "unused" services. $40 million
dollars worth. Yikes. Some are speculating that perhaps he used this
Sputnik (spyware) to get those card numbers...


[#] Fri Jun 14 2002 02:59:04 EDT from gwynn @ The Big U

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winamp. And do a search for cd in the plugins page, and get the CD plugin that does digital audio extraciton to play CDs. It has better cddb lookups and you can apply any effects to your CDs then.


Last I heard, they were porting some X thing, ultrasonix, to linux. But it looks like there's not current page on it and work died a year or three ago.

[#] Fri Jun 14 2002 15:29:43 EDT from Ford II @ Uncensored

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I upped to w2k so I could use mp7 (and usb) and so far it seems benign. I use it to watch movies, which I never do. So it's not an issue.
There seems to be a lot of crap you have to agree to about downloading and playing stuff that's copyright legit, not that it seems to do anything about it.

[#] Fri Jun 14 2002 15:31:56 EDT from LoanShark @ Uncensored

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see, if you don't want to have restrictive formats shoved down your throat, simply don't use those formats.. they havent taken away the other options (yet) (and they can't)

[#] Fri Jun 14 2002 15:33:55 EDT from LoanShark @ Uncensored

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ZoneAlarm apparently has an option to prevent WMP from accessing the internet,

[#] Fri Jun 14 2002 15:37:42 EDT from LoanShark @ Uncensored

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an older proposed anti-spyware legislation, i wonder what happened to this:

[#] Fri Jun 14 2002 15:54:52 EDT from befwinker @ Uncensored

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ZoneAlarm can be configured to prevent any program from accessing the Internet. It's very useful that way.

[#] Fri Jun 14 2002 17:16:28 EDT from Ford II @ Uncensored

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heh heh. wmp CAN take away support for the common formats, but then nobody will use it :-)
The problem I see is what they've already done. the new priated stuff comes out in a new format that requires the new codec that required the new media player that requires the new OS.
Until somebody writes a linux version.

[#] Fri Jun 14 2002 17:40:22 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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Most pirated video is in DiVX format, which is already available for the two most popular Linux media players (Xine and mplayer).

The writeup at seems to imply that once MPEG-4 becomes the new standard, proprietary codecs will go away and everyone will be using the same format in every player. That would be nice.

[#] Fri Jun 14 2002 17:57:07 EDT from LoanShark @ Uncensored

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sure, but M$'s MPEG4 is bastardized, no?

[#] Fri Jun 14 2002 18:19:58 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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Dunno. I don't use M$ products :)

The writeup at for the public preview of QuickTime 6 says "Since the QuickTime file format is at the foundation of MPEG-4, QuickTime 6 supports .mp4 files as first-class citizens. So with QuickTime 6, you can author professional-quality, ISO-compliant MPEG-4 audio and video files that can be played back not only by QuickTime 6, but by any other MPEG-4-compliant player."

MP3 files can be played by anything, including RealPlayer and Windoze Media Monopolizer. It would be nice if video went the same way. This seems to imply that it will.

[#] Sat Jun 15 2002 00:29:48 EDT from rmann @ The Big U

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Gwynn, there is a screen reader being developed for the Gnome desktop. see

[#] Tue Jul 02 2002 22:11:04 EDT from "Ryan Mann" <>

Subject: Michael's Minute: Do the Math...Dispel the Myths (fwd)

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---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2002 16:54:22 -0800
From: Michael Robertson <>
Subject: Michael's Minute: Do the Math...Dispel the Myths

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<> to launch it in your browser.


Michael's Minute: Do the Math...Dispel the Myths

A reporter came by the <> offices
last Friday. He told me that he wanted to try and use
<> LindowsOS to
write a story, but he didn't think it was possible because his office
used Microsoft Word .doc files. I asked him to have a seat and watch.

I turned on the <> computer
and then clicked on the running man <>
which took me to the Click-N-Run Warehouse
<> where I installed OpenOffice
<> using Click-N-Run. I then clicked
the "Run It" button which opened the word processor OpenOffice Writer.
I then typed "Linux is ready for the desktop and consumers can save
hundreds using LindowsOS." I selected "Save as Microsoft Word."

The reporter was not only surprised, he was amazed. Like many reporters,
he was under the impression that Linux was only for servers. The simple
word processor demonstration went a long way to show him otherwise. For
Linux to become a driving force in desktop computing it will have to
overcome a couple of myths.

The first myth is that Linux is too hard to install and configure. That
may have been true in the past, but we've annihilated this myth with the
latest version of LindowsOS --which installs on most machines in under 5
minutes. It's point- and-shoot easy - easier than any other operating
system (Microsoft products included). See for yourself at <> .

The other myth is that Linux is just for the server and none of the
graphical programs --which desktop users have come to rely on-- exist.
Not only have many of the Linux software programs made quantum leaps
over the last couple of years, but they've gotten quite good at reading
and writing Microsoft formats. The easiest way to experience these
products is via the Click-N-Run <>

Here's a quick list of some of the quality programs available today in
the Warehouse <> all downloaded and
installed with a single click:

OpenOffice - This one installation will equip a computer with an
impressive collection of productivity programs each of which will open
the corresponding Microsoft file format and allow you to edit files and
swap them with Microsoft counterparts. <>
Programs included are:

OpenOffice Writer - Word processor (reads Microsoft Word docs)
OpenOffice Calc - Spreadsheet (reads Microsoft Excel)
OpenOffice Impress- Presentation package (reads Microsoft PowerPoint)
OpenOffice Draw - A vector based drawing program

Click here <> for a great
tutorial on getting to know OpenOffice.

GIMP <> If you are familiar with Adobe's Photoshop,
you'll want to Click-N-Run GIMP. It's a powerful image editor.

Evolution <> For those used to Microsoft's
Outlook email program Evolution will make them feel right at home. Check
out how easy it is to use <> .

Flowchart Pro, which is similar to Microsoft's Visio, is a rich
charting program that makes it possible to create flow charts and
organizational charts, plus more. See how easy it for yourself, visit
Flowchart Pro at <>

This is just a handful of the quality programs available in the
Warehouse <> that make Linux a practical choice
for the desktop today. And if you're still not convinced, then do the

For a total cost of $499 <> , including
all software, computer users save more than $800 for a complete

With such major price differentials between the two similarly equipped
systems, any business, school or home will find their computing dollars
stretched much further running LindowsOS.

Michael Robertson

Please visit <> to
answers questions you may have about LindowsOS or

Bringing Choice to Your Computer!

LindowsOS is presently available on LindowsOS Certified Computers being
offered from <> Builder
partners. The General Release of LindowsOS (available now for download
and preview to <> Insider
partners) will be made available later this year for those wishing to
install and run LindowsOS on their existing computer hardware. The
General Release version will support a wider range of computer hardware
and includes unique features such as a "Friendly-Install" alongside an
existing MicrosoftR Windows operating system, a streamlined installation
process which requires no computer knowledge, and the ability to run a
select set of "bridge" Windows-compatible programs. For more information
see <>

LindowsOS and are trademarks of, Inc. LinuxR is
a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. MicrosoftR WindowsR operating
system is a registered trademark or service mark of the Microsoft


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