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[#] Fri Oct 02 2015 17:43:44 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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So here's something interesting. If you have Verizon FiOS you can get two different phone services.

There's regular FiOS voice, which lets you plug your analog phones into the ONT.

Then there's FiOS Digial Voice, which lets you plug your analog phones into the ONT.

The "digital voice" product is cheaper, and I finally figured out why. It's incredible that they get away with this. The "regular" voice service runs over ATM to the ONT, and is tariffed like a regular phone line. The "digital voice" service runs ove IP to the ONT, and even though it doesn't use your Internet connection, it's tariffed like other VoIP services, about $7/month cheaper.

Fine with me ... less of my money going to the governmonsters.

[#] Wed Nov 16 2016 15:54:46 EST from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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The cable guy paid us a visit last weekend. He wanted to try to get us to switch from Verizon to "Optimum" (Cablevision).

I respectfully told him that we are a very satisfied Verizon customer and he would be wasting his time talking to us.

He left quickly ... but that might have been because I was holding a chainsaw in my hand at the time. He was visibly nervous.

[#] Wed Nov 16 2016 16:11:01 EST from zooer @ Uncensored

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That and you were naked except for wearing a Trump hat, but that is how you usually do yard work.

[#] Wed Nov 16 2016 23:22:10 EST from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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I don't have a Trump hat, actually ... but I do wear my John Deere hat when I do yard work.

[#] Thu Nov 17 2016 14:07:27 EST from zooer @ Uncensored

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You covered the logo with duct tape, wrote "Trump" on it with a Sharpie®, and you do the yard work naked.

[#] Thu Nov 17 2016 22:05:44 EST from wizard of aahz @ Uncensored

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Actually he just does that with the chainsaw when he's giving himselff a haircut.

[#] Fri Nov 18 2016 05:20:51 EST from the_mgt @ Uncensored

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Nah, that is stupid, nobody gives himself a haircut while wearing a hat.

[#] Fri Nov 18 2016 05:22:27 EST from the_mgt @ Uncensored

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OTOH, you didn't say which hair... a proper mankini zone trimming with a chainsaw is the thing I could imagine IG doing.

[#] Fri Nov 18 2016 12:22:48 EST from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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Ouch. There's an image I wasn't ready for. Let me go consume some tasty beverages before thinking about any of this again. I suspect the chainsaw will come out again this weekend, but the cable guy will not.

[#] Sat Nov 19 2016 07:05:39 EST from fleeb @ Uncensored

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Unless he comes out flaming!

[#] Tue Dec 06 2016 22:08:35 EST from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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I wholeheartedly endorse lighting the cable guy on fire. Light the cable on fire too; who cares, I have fiber :)

[#] Tue Dec 06 2016 22:46:53 EST from zooer @ Uncensored

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[#] Thu Dec 08 2016 09:18:55 EST from fleeb @ Uncensored

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"Want cable? I'm on FIRE!"


[#] Sun Jan 08 2017 19:36:30 EST from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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Actually, had I known at the time that my Verizon contract had just expired, I might have at least taken a moment to see what he had to say. But it's too late now, I just contacted Verizon and my bill is going down $50/month simply by locking in a new contract.

There really is no comparison. I'm an IT professional working from home and my Internet has to be 100% solid all the time. FiOS offers that; teh cable company doesn't.

[#] Mon Jan 09 2017 10:23:57 EST from wizard of aahz @ Uncensored

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Cable internet is meh

[#] Mon Jan 09 2017 11:02:38 EST from fleeb @ Uncensored

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I do not care for my cable internet, but it's all I have. I can't get FiOS to the condominium, because... associations suck.

[#] Wed Jan 11 2017 09:50:06 EST from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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I wonder what the "association" would do if the existing provider declared that it had to update the existing wiring plant to fiber? Even with FiOS, they have provisions for multitenant buildings, using an MDU terminal that is installed in your existing wiring room, accepts a single fiber from the street and then feeds all of the residential units over existing TV and phone wiring. Interestingly, the accommodations for retrofit are slightly different from the single-family terminals: if you can't get ethernet wired to it, they multiplex the Internet connection over the phone line using VDSL instead of over the television cable using MoCA.

Altice, the ranine cable company that operates Optimum/Cablevision and Suddenlink, is supposedly going to migrate its entire service footprint to fiber-to-the-home, at a 10 Gbps speed [ ] over the next five years. It is not clear whether they are going to deliver the video portion of the service using RFoG or IPTV. I'm not a fan of RfOG to the subscriber premise; obviously they have to be able to retrofit existing homes that are only wired with coaxial cable but that could be done with MoCA (indeed, even Verizon could switch, with nothing but a software upgrade on the existing receivers). And for those of us who are infrastructure nerds ... I'd love to have a single all-Ethernet wiring plan in the house for data, voice, and video.

Things are going to get interesting. But for now, cable still sucks. And for those of you with Comcast it will always suck. :)

[#] Wed Jan 11 2017 10:43:20 EST from fleeb @ Uncensored

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I have Comcast.


[#] Wed Jan 11 2017 12:35:14 EST from zooer @ Uncensored

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What you need to do is work for Comcast.  Comcast gives their employees free cable TV, VOIP, and Internet service for free and/or greatly reduced rates.  After that the service is still horrible but you don't mind as much.

[#] Wed Jan 11 2017 13:16:56 EST from fleeb @ Uncensored

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Hrm... no, don't think it's worth it.

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