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[#] Sat Nov 22 2008 02:12:33 EST from flynnfx @ Uncensored

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Not defending KIA, IG, but where'd you hear that? I mean, they're not fabulous, but not as bad, as say, a Ford.

Consumer Reports Worst Cars of 2008 :


[#] Sat Nov 22 2008 09:49:05 EST from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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Didn't hear it from anyone, I'm going strictly from driving experiences. The cheap little things feel like they could fall to pieces at any moment.

[#] Sat Nov 22 2008 12:48:25 EST from flynnfx @ Uncensored

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Most economy vehicles do fell like that. But then, my friend has a 1991 Hyundai Excel, bought new, and it was

pretty decent for what it was. It ran, ran well, and was an ok vehicle. 

[#] Sat Nov 22 2008 13:50:07 EST from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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Dunno about that. I drove a $13,000 Saturn for nine years, and it was a low-end vehicle to be sure, but it didn't feel like the wheels were going to fall off every time I drove it. It was a solid car that I'd probably still be driving today if I hadn't inherited my grandmother's barely-used car when she died two years ago.

One of the few problems I'd had with my Saturn was the speedometer. They required me to leave the vehicle at the dealership for a day so they could special-order a new one with the odometer set to the same number as the broken one. This dealer didn't have a loaner fleet, instead they just had a deal with a local car rental place to provide a loaner at their expense. I ended up with a Kia Sportage. Here are some of my experiences with that vehicle:

* Four wheel drive doesn't help, if the engine doesn't have enough guts to make it up the hill in the first place.

* Rattle, rattle, rattle, rattle, rattle, rattle, rattle, rattle.

* The lift gate wouldn't stay all the way closed. Driving faster than 15 mph made the "door open" light flicker on and off as the lift gate shifted around.

This wasn't a long-abused rental vehicle either -- the odometer showed less than 10,000 miles.

I had some friends in Delaware who bought a Kia shortly afterwards, despite my warning them that they were crap. They regretted it every time it died on the road and ruined their day or weekend plans, and cost them more and more to keep it on the road.

[#] Sat Nov 22 2008 17:01:01 EST from flynnfx @ Uncensored

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Hmm.... ell, thanks for the heads-up - we were actually thinking of purcahsing a newer vehicle in the next year or so, andthe Sportage WAS one

of the ones we were looking at. 

Maybe we'll just get the International CXT. <grin>


I know, I know, I know - absolutely impractical, absolutely stupid - but I'd love to have a everyday wehicle that

would make Hummer owners fell like THEY'RE driving a Smart car... - I'd be tailgating every Hummer owner I see

just to let them know what it feels like when they do that.  :) 

[#] Sat Nov 22 2008 21:42:59 EST from King Midas @ Haven BBS

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I knew a Yugo owner years ago. He claimed they were made with higher grade steel than Volvos.

[#] Mon Nov 24 2008 15:32:52 EST from Ford II @ Uncensored

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This wasn't a long-abused rental vehicle either -- the odometer showed

less than 10,000 miles.

One can do plenty of damage in less than 10,000 miles. :-)

esp to a rental car.

[#] Mon Nov 24 2008 15:33:20 EST from Ford II @ Uncensored

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Steel grade is measured like wire gague, the higher the number the less it is.

[#] Mon Nov 24 2008 15:35:41 EST from Ford II @ Uncensored

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The other day I noticed that one of my wipers had been flapping at the edges, as in, the blade was starting to rip off.
So I went to the store and bought replacement inserts.
Finally got around to replacing the wiper blades when I noticed that only the right one was falling apart, the left one was perfectly fine.
Upon closer inspection I also noticed that the mount for the blade was different between the left and the right.
Which is the most likely scenario
1) I only replaced one blade last time and completely forgot I did that, since it's not really my style.
2) some schmuck piece of shit swiped my blade while my car was parked somewhere.

I'm going to go with option 2 because as we have found many time before, most people suck.

[#] Mon Nov 24 2008 16:11:06 EST from flynnfx @ Uncensored

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As per the Mythbusters :


"A Rental car is transportation."

"A Rental car with insurance is entertainment."


You just KNOW when they said that, every single rental car agency in America winced....

[#] Mon Nov 24 2008 17:41:06 EST from Ford II @ Uncensored

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Actually they don't.
I've been ritualistically abusing rental cars with or without insurance since I was able to rent one.
The way I figure is this:
Nobody owns those cars. It is not my car, is is not your car, and it is not bob's car.
It is a number of a picee of paper.
That number has a dollar value. When the age or mileage is such that the value falls below a certain threshhold, the number is sold or wholesaled or given to some process that deals with converting the number into cash.
If something bad happens to the car the 'fix the car' process is implemeted. It is sent to the shop. Nobody cares about the car getting fixed, it will get fixed and somebody's insurance is going to pay for it then it will get rented again.
At no point does a single human ever have any warm squishy feelgood sensation towards any rental vehicle, because no PERSON ever owned it.
It belongs to a company which is also a bunch of numbers on a bunch of pieces of paper.

And those rental companies are damn well aware of what people are doing to their cars and they factor that into the price.
So really, if you DON'T beat on the car, you're being charged extra because of those who do, so you might as well engjoy it.

[#] Mon Nov 24 2008 18:34:56 EST from flynnfx @ Uncensored

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There is abuse and then there is abuse Ford. If you decide to return your rental car like this, and have no rental insurance, rest assured that number is coming out of your wallet :



[#] Thu Dec 04 2008 12:30:46 EST from rudolf @ Uncensored

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I've heard horror stories about Kia's. Like, 2 auto tranny's are junk before the warranty ran out, the 3rd needed work. Some folks buy these cars because they don't ask around. I don't own one and will avoid having one. With Volks, a buyer should avoid cars with the 01M auto tranny, if you're keeping it for the long haul. Like, 10 years or a million miles. They will last 200,000 with care, changing fluid every 2-3 years. That 'permanently sealed fluid' needing no care is not true.

[#] Thu Dec 04 2008 12:44:18 EST from Peter Pulse @ Uncensored

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I actually looked into buying a rental car once. It was a Hyundai Scoupe and when my Integra was on its last legs I was renting it from Enterprise for trips up to Boston. I really liked the car, it was good on gas and had super low mileage because very few people rented it besides me.. they all wanted larger cars. Sometimes nobody would rent it between my rentals. Anyway Enterprise decided to sell all the Scoupes because nobody was renting them and they offered me the one I was renting. But when I contacted their sales manager dude he wanted a pretty high price for it, definitely on the upper end of what that car would sell for. I was kind of like, come on dude, it's a rental car.. I could get one in a private sale for a lot less, why should I buy yours??? But he wouldn't budge on it. I guess there are really people that stupid. I wouldn't have even considered it except that I was the one putting a large majority of the mileage on it, I figured if I could get it for a low price it was worth it. But no.

[#] Thu Dec 04 2008 12:49:06 EST from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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I owned a rental once, mainly because the dealership failed to disclose the fact that its previous owner was a rental place. "All we know is that it was registered commercial," they said. It's not something they are required to disclose but it was rather slimy of them to do that. And the vehicle itself was nothing but trouble.

[#] Thu Dec 04 2008 17:30:42 EST from LoanShark @ Uncensored

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Ford, can YOUR WRX do that? Why can't my Outback do that. Jeez.

[#] Fri Dec 05 2008 08:06:09 EST from Ford II @ Uncensored

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I think my wrx COULD do things like that except a) I don't own it anymore, b) it couldn't do it for very long (it really didn't handle well as far as sporty cars go)
One thing I have a problem with in that video is the amount of sliding that involved spinning on the front end. Impossible in an awd cars.
There are lots of things he did that seem plausible simply because he was going so fast, none of the wheels had grip, so yes, you can slide sideways the entire width of a building if you are going fast enough.
But those slow maneuvers for example around the guy with the segway, I just can't see it. It would require that the front wheels weren't spinning, and that's not supposed to happen in that are.
But it was heavily modified so who knws what they did.
Now my z4... THAT can car can do those things.

[#] Tue Dec 09 2008 17:48:19 EST from the8088er @ Uncensored

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I need sway bar end links... would anyone have an inexpensive source of these?

[#] Tue Dec 09 2008 19:06:30 EST from Ford II @ Uncensored

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home depot. :-)

Be creative.

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