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[#] Wed Apr 25 2007 21:10:19 EDT from D'oh @ Uncensored

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2 cabinets up, 2 to go (and the 2 up should be the hardest (the largest, and the one where I took the old range hood, and ran the electric into the cabinet (up ~14 inches through the wall) for the above range microwave (soon to be purchased))

[#] Thu Apr 26 2007 10:36:11 EDT from Heather @ Uncensored

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Wed 25 Apr 2007 07:50:47 PM EDT from nadia@uncnsrd

what do you mean "probably"?


Good point!  I just don't get the humor of it, it's kind of like UHF and Kentucky Fried Movie.  I just don't get it.  I appreciate them from a distance, mainly because of this group! 

[#] Thu Apr 26 2007 11:04:25 EDT from wizard of aahz @ Uncensored

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D'oh - Have you watched Napoleon Dynamite?

[#] Thu Apr 26 2007 15:17:12 EDT from Heather @ Uncensored

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Thu 26 Apr 2007 11:04:25 AM EDT from wizard of aahz@uncnsrd

D'oh - Have you watched Napoleon Dynamite?


Yep.  Now that one I get.  Maybe because it closely resembles the area and people I grew up with?  hehe 

[#] Sat Apr 28 2007 02:12:09 EDT from nadia @ Uncensored

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Good point! I just don't get the humor of it, it's kind of like UHF
and Kentucky Fried Movie. I just don't get it. I appreciate them
from a distance, mainly because of this group!

hmm. you might be on to something. i haven't seen the latter, and maybe i should. i liked uhf.

[#] Sat Apr 28 2007 09:57:40 EDT from Ragnar Danneskjold @ Uncensored

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I couldn't watch Napoleon Dynamite. Ten minutes in, I shut it off. It was horrible.

[#] Sat Apr 28 2007 10:49:18 EDT from the8088er @ Uncensored

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I got maybe 50 minutes in. Same.

[#] Sat Apr 28 2007 23:45:28 EDT from Ford II @ Uncensored

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The first sound uttered in that movie was good enough for me.

[#] Sun Apr 29 2007 22:04:31 EDT from the8088er @ Uncensored

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Quick question, for kitchen sink plumbing would you want to put a P trap or a U trap on the line?

[#] Sun Apr 29 2007 22:42:27 EDT from Freakdog @ Dog Pound BBS II

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I've always seen U traps...

[#] Sun Apr 29 2007 23:40:41 EDT from Animal @ Uncensored

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what's the difference? Google images shows me they're both the same...
I am not a butterfly.

[#] Mon Apr 30 2007 08:28:48 EDT from the8088er @ Uncensored

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Thanks for the replies. I usually see P-traps but on the sink now there is a U so it threw me.

[#] Wed May 02 2007 11:56:33 EDT from nadia @ Uncensored

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don't forget to turn the water off outside... sometimes those inside valves don't quite live up to their potential :)

[#] Wed May 02 2007 11:57:19 EDT from nadia @ Uncensored

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argh, it's a drain, not the water line. never mind.

[#] Thu May 03 2007 19:44:13 EDT from the8088er @ Uncensored

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yeah. :-P Turning the service outside off wouldn't help with that. :-)

[#] Sat May 05 2007 23:08:47 EDT from 2Dog @ Uncensored

Subject: Gas Powered Weedeaters

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Users of gas powered weedeaters... Post your past experience and knowledge here! Right Now!

***News Flash***

**dateline 05/05/07**

2Dog has saved the money for, and is now ready to purchase online or otherwise, a gas
powered weedeater. I seek comments and recommendations. I think the best brands are Echo
and Ryobi, but I might be able to get the exact same thing from Sears, only with a "Craftsman"
nameplate printed on the side. Any suggestions out there?

**end news break**

[#] Sun May 06 2007 07:48:51 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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I've got an Echo and I'm quite happy with it. I also have to say that the little pre-cut pieces of trimming line are much easier to work with than the kind that comes off a spool. My old weed whacker used the spool and I could never get it to work.

[#] Sun May 06 2007 22:36:03 EDT from Ford II @ Uncensored

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What's a weed eater? A weed whacker?
I have an echo I think, echo is good, and what you buy at sears that is called 'craftsman' that is actually an equivalent echo is not an equivalent echo
Sears commisions companies to make what amounts to crappier stuff for less money and they put the craftsman name on it. It is not the identical product.

[#] Mon May 07 2007 01:42:15 EDT from 2Dog @ Uncensored

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Thanks for the input. I think I'll go with the Echo. I was actually leaning towards that in the first place.

[#] Mon May 07 2007 12:33:35 EDT from Ford II @ Uncensored

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The roof, the roof, the roof is on a little.

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