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[#] Tue Aug 29 2000 17:55:33 EDT from Samhain

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Gripes to feeling much like I am presently on this BBS ...... Alone.

Further Gripes to feeling used, unimportant, and completely, and utterly worthless.

ANd More Gripes to this annoying Bloody nose that is still hurting ...

[#] Thu Oct 26 2000 14:58:55 EDT from Tiny Dancer

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Gripes to feeling extremely frustrated right now.

[#] Mon Oct 30 2000 11:24:16 EST from Tiny Dancer

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Gripes. I only have four hours to get this shit done, now you take the server down during that time slot. Thanks a lot.

[#] Tue Dec 05 2000 18:43:46 EST from Freakdog

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Gripes...I ordered a chicken pizza steak with mushrooms...what I wound up with was a chicken cheese steak hoagie. I call back, and the guy reads me off my order from the screen:

"Uh, it says here you got a chicken cheese steak hoagie."

"I know what it says, I can read the receipt. That's not what I asked for, though. I asked for a chicken pizza steak with mushrooms. If I'd verified the receipt before I left, we wouldn't be having this conversation, now."

"Hold on..."

"Ok...we'll make you another one."

[#] Mon Mar 26 2001 12:41:00 EST from Momo

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Gripes to laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag.

[#] Fri Jul 19 2002 10:46:25 EDT from Freakdog

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Gripes to having to go out and bury a pet.

[#] Wed Dec 11 2002 17:07:01 EST from SpitFire

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Gripes to somehow catching a cold while I've been home this week nursing my hurt back. I can't take my painkillers/muscle relaxers plus cold medicine.
It will totally screw me up. And Gripes to Donna for not giving a rats ass about how I'm feeling or doing. She sucks!

[#] Wed Dec 18 2002 17:34:16 EST from SpitFire

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Gripes! my back has seriously been hurting today. :/

[#] Sun Dec 29 2002 13:43:09 EST from SpitFire

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Gripes! I'm getting a headache probably from not eating yet today but I don't know what I want. *bleah*

[#] Sat Jan 11 2003 17:30:59 EST from Mystee

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Gripes to having some serious issues right now and not being able to resolve them.

[#] Sun Mar 30 2003 13:59:01 EST from Mystee

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Gripes to you for being such a dumbass.

[#] Mon Mar 31 2003 17:04:40 EST from terrorist

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I'm griping that the English language is insufficient to describe my feelings for the Bush family.

[#] Mon Mar 31 2003 20:44:19 EST from Mystee

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(You mean "fucker" isn't string enough?)

[#] Mon Apr 07 2003 15:34:47 EDT from terrorist

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<mental image of any Bush family member in a string bikini>


No, profanities are quite insufficient. Perhaps a few hundred pages would begin to describe the depth of my disgust with this family. And the zombies who vote for their policies. I wish to do cruel things to them with a fork.

[#] Mon Jul 14 2003 21:57:53 EDT from Mystee

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Gripes to feeling really alone right now and not being able to communicate in a way that either I can make people understand or not being able to communicate at all, apparently. I have a rough time telling people flat out "I am upset because *****" because thanks to certain events in my life, I really feel that people don't want to hear what I have to say... so I sit and sulk, basically... until it starts to get unbearable and then I still can't communicate what's really wrong because I'm too concerned about "bothering" people (not to mention I don't want to start being harassed again) and the bottom line is I feel like I'm alone up a creek without a paddle. It will blow over (it usually does) but I still feel like shit because there is really no one I feel comfortable talking to. Gripes to being completely unable to ask for help... all I can do is call people but I dont have the nerve to leave them messages that say "I need to talk" so all I have the nerve to do is leave a message saying "hey whats up, call me" and I guess I feel like if they cared they WOULD call me back (they're probably thinking if it was important I'll call THEM back) but I'm not one to beg for help. You don't want to fucking talk to me thats fine, whatever. I dont know what to think and with friends like that I don't think I need enemies but I have those too unfortunately. :(
Further gripes to the fact that I can't put a finger on stuff and communicate in a way that makes sense to people so even if I DO successfully manage to get someone's attention I don't think I really matter in the grand scheme of things anyhow, I just want someone to listen and try to understand but I either can't communicate my needs or don't want to bother people, alternately.
It depends on the day. I feel like shit and I just want someone to understand I am having a bad day, or I'm having a low self esteem day, or whatever. I want to be able to communicate but I'm afraid to.
Something about feeling like an inconvenience.

[#] Tue Jul 15 2003 08:56:14 EDT from IU King

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Mystee: I think everyone feels like an inconvenience. Over a few years I've managed to eliminate most enemies, which had the unusual side effect of eliminating friends at the same time. But that happens.

Communication is hard, not just on your part but on people listening too. A lot of people are not mature enough to listen.

[#] Wed Jul 16 2003 09:38:06 EDT from Mystee

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It's like a vicious circle... I don't want to BOTHER anyone so I don't talk to anyone, then when things come to a head and I can't stand not saying anything I STILL can't talk to anyone because I feel like I'm being selfish by saying something.
I don't know how to get past it so gripes to not being able to get past it.

[#] Wed Jul 16 2003 13:10:39 EDT from IU King

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I can dig. Definitely definitely dig.

[#] Fri Jul 18 2003 11:11:53 EDT from Mystee

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Gripes to not just being able to be upset and vent without getting my throat jumped down.

[#] Mon Jul 21 2003 07:00:42 EDT from terrorist

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. . . for letting my bro-in-law get up and run ruining my primal therapy.

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