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[#] Sun Dec 14 2008 10:36:41 EST from triLcat @ Uncensored

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IG: such a tragedy... that I wasn't there to help

[#] Sun Dec 21 2008 09:22:09 EST from dothebart @ Uncensored

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You could probably knit an egg into  noodles ;-)

[#] Sun Dec 21 2008 12:44:56 EST from Ladyhawke @ Uncensored

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Smoked trout on toasted english muffins and dressed with homemade hollandaise sauce.

Much more decadent than anticipated.

[#] Sun Dec 21 2008 12:45:25 EST from Ladyhawke @ Uncensored

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cute, bart!

[#] Sun Dec 21 2008 13:57:31 EST from triLcat @ Uncensored

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knitting you can sink your teeth into

[#] Sun Dec 21 2008 22:59:20 EST from Nite*Star @ Uncensored

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Pizza (sausage + onion) from Sam's Pizza on Nepperhan Ave in Yonkers.

[#] Mon Dec 22 2008 18:28:18 EST from rudolf @ Uncensored

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I walked in Kilwin's Chocolate Shop in Blowing Rock. $25/lb for most of the stuff. Really good, and out of my tightwad league.

[#] Sat Dec 27 2008 13:56:07 EST from triLcat @ Uncensored

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Is there any reason why someone would choose to eat pasta made partially from soft wheat (and partially durum)?

I mean someone who has a clue.

[#] Sat Dec 27 2008 17:27:25 EST from Harbard @ Uncensored

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Cost.  It's cheaper to manufacture.

Secondly, if it is a high end manufacturer, they can manipulate the texture of the pasta.  Different wheats have different amounts of gluten and other proteins.  The can control the way the pasta cooks. 


I would imagine it might affect the taste too, but I would never be able to tell.

[#] Sat Dec 27 2008 19:13:44 EST from triLcat @ Uncensored

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right, it could be cheaper, but is there any situation in which it would be considered acceptable as a food item?

[#] Sat Dec 27 2008 20:51:10 EST from triLcat @ Uncensored

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at the risk of bringing up painful memories (of raspberry)

I was thinking of making some sort of strawberry filling for between two layers of vanilla cake. 

Any suggestions? (I have frozen strawberries, if that makes a difference)

[#] Sun Dec 28 2008 00:40:03 EST from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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Changing the wheat structure of pasta can also alter things like carb content, fiber content, etc. A couple of weeks ago I was over at Aahz's house and we experimented with cooking with a "high fiber" pasta. It cooked up really sticky; we had to rinse it in order to get it to behave like regular pasta in a dish.

[#] Sun Dec 28 2008 00:43:43 EST from triLcat @ Uncensored

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There's a local brand of pasta that's made with partial soft wheat and partial durum.

They have a second line called "perfecto."  The perfecto line is 100% durum.

I find the regular completely inedible, and wonder why they persist in selling it, when the price differential is pretty small.

[#] Sun Dec 28 2008 02:05:12 EST from Harbard @ Uncensored

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Different tastes.....I grew up on soft tastless pasta smothered in sickly sweet tomato sauce.  There are a lot of people that think it's supposed to be that way.  Now I know better.  I'm not supposed to eat pasta either.  Low carb thing.  That didn't stop me from having taco's and potatoe ole's at Taco Johns though.  No need to be a fanatic.

[#] Sun Dec 28 2008 02:09:52 EST from Harbard @ Uncensored

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IMO, frozen strawberries make a better filling.  The freezing process breaks down the cell walls. 

check out this:,1-0,strawberry_cake_filling,FF.html

I love for recipes.


[#] Sun Dec 28 2008 13:04:11 EST from athos-mn @ Uncensored

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My mother made a fudge with Velvetta - be very afraid.

[#] Sun Dec 28 2008 15:52:30 EST from flynnfx @ Uncensored

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tril : The regualr pasta is crap - like comparing a Big Mac to a steak. We only use whole wheat pasta ourselves.

We find the taste better (after the whole wheat pasta the regular stuff seems to leave an after taste) a lot more healthier, and

heck, I'll be blunt, a lot less gassier - the regular pasta give us a lt more gas.

[#] Mon Dec 29 2008 00:35:58 EST from triLcat @ Uncensored

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I've only had whole wheat pasta once or twice. Maybe next time I buy, I'll try it.

the soft wheat stuff is total crap though. it turns to mush in minutes.

[#] Mon Dec 29 2008 01:02:39 EST from Ladyhawke @ Uncensored

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Good quality 100% whole wheat will keep al dente much better.  Try Barilla. 

[#] Sat Jan 03 2009 16:24:12 EST from rudolf @ Uncensored

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Who's eating all the snacks before they go back to work? I know I am. I'm allowed to buy donuts for someone else, and oranges and fruit for me. Still, I could go on Draper's lose it quick diet: only tuna and water for three days. I'm not sure if 'lose it quick' refers to bodyfat or my mind.

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