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[#] Wed Dec 19 2007 13:20:57 EST from triLcat @ Uncensored

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You know fleeb. You never mentioned what would happen to someone who used egg beaters or some other such horrific "egg substitute" in their omelette.


dinner tonight: steaks (but a crappy cut) with sweet potato and zucchini "fries" 

[#] Wed Dec 19 2007 13:27:14 EST from fleeb @ Uncensored

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The consequences are truly too dire to mention here.

[#] Wed Dec 19 2007 15:45:01 EST from shazam @ Uncensored

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steaks. After a fast? Or did you and your husband not fast? You're nursing and it's a "little
" fast. But Yaakov? He'll be ill. I'm for sure breaking my fast on water, 20 minutes later I got an apple in the car. Then vegetable soup when I get home.

[#] Wed Dec 19 2007 15:47:08 EST from shazam @ Uncensored

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Ah, I never use egg substitutes. I even think if I cooked I wouldn't use them. that's because I never cook eggs either, why would I want to substitute it?

But you know, David makes eggs for the kids sometimes. With leftover challah, call it "french toast" even though I doubt french people eat it.

[#] Wed Dec 19 2007 15:47:50 EST from fleeb @ Uncensored

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Are they French people, or Freedom people?

[#] Wed Dec 19 2007 15:50:50 EST from shazam @ Uncensored

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It depends if we fry them in margarine or in butter.

[#] Wed Dec 19 2007 19:56:00 EST from fleeb @ Uncensored

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You never fry French people.  You sautee them.  Right?

[#] Wed Dec 19 2007 21:52:00 EST from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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In margarine?

[#] Wed Dec 19 2007 22:44:08 EST from fleeb @ Uncensored

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[#] Thu Dec 20 2007 05:50:53 EST from dothebart @ Uncensored

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I use eggbeaters to rid my bikes:

thats all i do with eggbeaters.

nuf said. 

[#] Thu Dec 20 2007 16:54:57 EST from triLcat @ Uncensored

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Actually, I entirely forgot about it being a fast.

I'm not nursing, b/c of that whole post-partum hemorrhage thing where I almost bled to death.

kinda killed the milk supply.

otoh, the fact that I've had a constant migraine for 5 weeks might exempt me anyway.

Yaakov had to stay late at work, so he broke the fast at work, so the food was just for me anyway. 

[#] Thu Dec 20 2007 16:57:15 EST from Avalondaughter @ Uncensored

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I'm all for lots of butter love, but there are some kinds of mushrooms even butter can't help.  I can't eat too many varieties of mushrooms.  I like portobellos and buttons and cremini well enough, but I can't go beyond those.  I just can't deal with the taste.  I particularly hate shitakes. 

I am probably WAY behind on this conversation and should really be discussing eggs or French people.

[#] Thu Dec 20 2007 17:01:28 EST from fleeb @ Uncensored

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You'd love sulfur shelf mushrooms. I'm almost certain of it. They do not taste like mushrooms at all. But good luck finding anyone who markets them, as I've only found them wild. They're also known as 'chicken' mushrooms.

[#] Thu Dec 20 2007 17:30:25 EST from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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("tastes like chicken" ?)

[#] Thu Dec 20 2007 17:34:13 EST from fleeb @ Uncensored

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(well... some say, yes, although I think it tastes better than chicken)

[#] Sat Dec 22 2007 15:58:59 EST from Monochrome @ Uncensored

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Lamb and bacon... trying to decide if they go together.

[#] Sat Dec 22 2007 22:58:36 EST from 2Dog @ Uncensored

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Bacon wrapped shrimp cooked on skewers over an open fire. Need I say more?

[#] Sun Dec 23 2007 00:37:59 EST from athos-mn @ Uncensored

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Made lamb stew today. Seemed appropriate when 10-degrees and snowing.

[#] Sun Dec 23 2007 00:53:30 EST from 2Dog @ Uncensored

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Thick, rich stew is a good thing in cold weather.

I cooked up a pot this afternoon but used beef stew meat. (chuck cut)

Potatoes, peas, carrots, corn and lot's o' broth brought it to completion.

Good cold weather food. Also, this is a good time of year to perfect your

favorite chili recipie, no matter what you make it from. Spice is nice. :)


[#] Sun Dec 23 2007 17:01:26 EST from girthta @ Uncensored

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Christmas day

Honeybaked Ham (ala fleeb)

brie baked in pastry with mushrooms and onions

potato salad

misc bagels and bread

cheez ball


mulled wine

martinis :)))) 

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