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[#] Thu Apr 26 2007 10:49:08 EDT from wizard of aahz @ Uncensored

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<GRIN> Thank you..

[#] Sat May 05 2007 21:20:01 EDT from 2Dog @ Uncensored

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Just finished, with my Dad, enjoying two of the biggest bestest BBQ plates we've ever had.

Let me try to recreate the moment here...

This evening starting at 6:00 pm was the annual Mason Volunteer Fire Dept. BBQ &
auction. It was held at the community center in Ft. Mason park. I drove down there to pick up
a plate for me and Dad. I couldn't believe the turnout! Hundereds of people in line and more

It was about a thirty minute wait, but the line moved steadily. As I passed the auction tables
I asked the fellow sitting there "Where do I purchase my BBQ plate tickets, here, or over there by
the serving line?" "oh, no" he replied "theres a place you can make a donation over there."

As I got to the food tables I realize what he's talking about. At the front of the tables is a
rubbermaid trashcan with a secured lid with a small rectangle slot cut in top and a sign saying
"please place donations here". There was no person with a cah box selling tickets. It was
completely on the "honor system"

I put in two $10 bills (after all it is for a good cause) and nobody saw. Remember, it was
crowded. The line was "serve yourself" and there were steaming pans of Brisket, Grilled Chicken,
Smoked Sausage, Smoked Pork Loin and even Cabrito (goat, for those who don't speak Spanish).
And then there were the sides - Hot Pinto Beans, Potato Salad, Sliced Onions, Pickles and whole
Jalepeno Peppers. White sandwich bread, sauces, iced tea or your choice of soft drinks topped
it off.

When a couple of volunteers saw me struggling with two to-go plates, they came over and
insisted on carrying them for me and at the same time encouraging me to load them up as much
as possible. I could hardly get the lids closed. Then they offered to carry them out to my truck
for me. But being a big bad macho, I said I could handle it from there.

Got home, and we sat down at the kitchen table and had our plates... Absolutely Wonderful!!
Nice lean BBQ meats. The sides were great! Brisket Sammiches... YUM!!!! This was truly good! And
the people there were fantastic! (btw: I got everything but the cabrito)

It brings to mind a line from a John Cougar Mellencamp (or whatever he's calling himself
these days) song called Small Town :

"... But my bed is in a small town ... Oh, and that's good enough for me...

[#] Sat May 05 2007 21:54:10 EDT from 2Dog @ Uncensored

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As I re-read my last post it seems like it might come across as a restaurant critique.
I didn't mean it that way, that's just how it came out.

The "fantastic people" I referred to are just other townsfolk. People I see almost everyday
at the Super S, the Chevron station, or even a local convenience store.

(please refer to song line above)

[#] Sun May 06 2007 22:38:51 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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Sounds nice. I often regret that I live in a place where everyone thinks they're so damn sophisticated. Small town life seems like a nice existence.

[#] Mon May 07 2007 08:05:23 EDT from Ragnar Danneskjold @ Uncensored

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I have friends who live in a small town..... Their biggest problem is that everyone knows everyones business. Anonimity is non-existant.

[#] Mon May 07 2007 08:22:33 EDT from triLcat @ Uncensored

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why? what are they trying to hide?

My neighbors know all my business. so what?


[#] Mon May 07 2007 09:22:09 EDT from Ragnar Danneskjold @ Uncensored

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That's the same attitude people have with governments too..... If you have nothing to hide, why do you care?

I value my privacy, whether it's with governments, business, friends, etc.

[#] Mon May 07 2007 10:56:56 EDT from fleeb @ Uncensored

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And we value trying to intrude upon Ragnar's privacy at every opportunity.

It helps keep us on our toes.

[#] Mon May 07 2007 11:07:55 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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Um ... there's a big difference between having Annabelle the Town Postmaster reading your postcards, and having Big Brother set up billion dollar surveillance frameworks to monitor your every move.

[#] Mon May 07 2007 12:26:20 EDT from triLcat @ Uncensored

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*peeks into Ragnar's underwear drawer...*

I donno. I live in a country that has national ID cards and requires you to list any change of address with the government. Doesn't bug me.

Only thing that bugged me was when they started arresting people who were leading political rallies or were active in political parties that the government didn't agree with. 

[#] Mon May 07 2007 14:49:17 EDT from fleeb @ Uncensored

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Mon 07 May 2007 12:26:20 PM EDT from triLcat@uncnsrd

Only thing that bugged me was when they started arresting people who were leading political rallies or were active in political parties that the government didn't agree with. 

And that's pretty much why, here in the US, we don't want our government doing that kind of nonsense.  We already see some mild abuses of power along those lines.

[#] Mon May 07 2007 16:22:32 EDT from triLcat @ Uncensored

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but they don't need to monitor your every move to do that.


[#] Mon May 07 2007 16:35:49 EDT from fleeb @ Uncensored

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So why would they need to monitor my every move anyway, then?  Unless it's just to provide an opportunity to abuse power?

[#] Mon May 07 2007 17:03:12 EDT from triLcat @ Uncensored

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I donno. I don't feel that my every move is monitored.

I know that when someone is having a military security clearance, they're told that their phone lines and such may be tapped. Mail sent from soldiers is sometimes censored. I know that the package I sent Shazam when she was in basic training got through unopened (though the pringles got squashed).

Other than that, most of the data collected is either 1. to make sure that people are meeting their military obligations (not dodging the draft or reserve duty) and 2. for tax purposes. It is nice, btw, that when my passport expires, I get a letter in the mail telling me it's about to expire. 

The other big "invasion of privacy" is that upon entry to almost any closed or crowded area, any bags you carry have to be checked, and if you are carrying a weapon, you need to show your license to carry. (in some places, you're required to check your weapon with the security staff, but that's fairly rare.) 

[#] Mon May 07 2007 20:20:12 EDT from Ragnar Danneskjold @ Uncensored

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Even the States are starting to stand against a national ID......

[#] Fri May 11 2007 13:44:11 EDT from Spell Binder @ Uncensored

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The only thing I have to say about this whole gov't invading privacy issue is this.


So there! :P

[#] Fri May 11 2007 14:19:51 EDT from wizard of aahz @ Uncensored

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DAMN it Spell.. I hate it when you do that. Now I'm gonna be wanting Empanadas all weekend.. Where can I go up here to get some?

[#] Fri May 11 2007 14:47:56 EDT from Avalondaughter @ Uncensored

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I had a dream last night (no, it's not the wrong room, stay with me here) that I had a house on a dock, not a fancy house though, and a maid.  The maid made me this HUGE strawberry shortcake.  The biscuit was a small round cake-like thing.  It was biscuit-sized in circumference, but a good 3-4 inches tall.  She layered TWO fo those suckers wtih strawberries and covered the whole mess in fresh whipped cream.

I woke up anticipating my first bite.  What a disappointment.  I want some strawberry shortcake.

[#] Fri May 11 2007 19:52:11 EDT from 2Dog @ Uncensored

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I was near the New Mexico/Arizona border and found myself in a small town tavern.
There was a most interesting fellow there. An original Navajo native American. Sitting
next to him at the bar I struck up conversation with him. He had some fascinating stories
to tell. One was about an Indian maiden who had "betrothed" a respected tribal leader. Oddly
enough he was nicknamed shortcake by the locals for his small stature. He went on to tell of
their loving relationship and the family they raised. Then the tone changed. He explained that
on the summer equinox, with the wind howling and a storm in the distance, "shortcake" suddenly
got up and walked outside. His wife followed, alarmed. Then at the howl of a wild coyote he
simply dropped dead; leaving his wife and family on their own.

"Oh my" I said, "what did she do after that"

"Hmmmph" came the reply, *Squaw bury Shortcake".

[#] Fri May 11 2007 22:33:06 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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<< rimshot >>

By the way, when did Strawberry Shortcake start wearing PANTS ?!?! She looks completely ridiculous.

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