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[#] Mon Dec 04 2006 13:27:30 EST from Peter Pulse @ Uncensored

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I like girlscout cookies. When I was at Prodigy there was usually some parent selling cookies for their kid, and I would stock up. But now no such luck.
None of my child bearing friends have girls in scouts.

[#] Mon Dec 04 2006 13:37:09 EST from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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Either you have no access to Girl Scout cookies, or you have half a dozen
girls who want to sell them to you, and you end up with a freezer full for
the rest of the year. There usually isn't any in between. Girl Scounts are
sneaky that way.

[#] Mon Dec 04 2006 13:46:53 EST from wizard of aahz @ Uncensored

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parent selling cookies for their kid, and I would stock up. But now no

such luck. None of my child bearing friends have girls in scouts.

Misparsed the above to read...
"None of my child bearing friends have girls in stock..."

anyway PP, IG is right.. It's definitely a feast or famine type of thing.

[#] Mon Dec 04 2006 13:50:20 EST from LoanShark @ Uncensored

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At my previous job, I only had one coworker who wanted to sell his daughter's cookies, so I haven't experienced the "cookie breeding" effect...

[#] Mon Dec 04 2006 13:54:34 EST from wizard of aahz @ Uncensored

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I rarely buy from the parent.. But I'll almost always buy from the child themselves.

[#] Mon Dec 04 2006 13:57:48 EST from LoanShark @ Uncensored

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As a kid, I was in a group or two that fundraised WAAAY too damn much. I'm sure sick of it, and no doubt the neighbors were, as well. I used to resort to canvassing relatively affluent, recent real estate developments in neighboring towns, selling crap.

That sucked.

[#] Mon Dec 04 2006 14:06:44 EST from Peter Pulse @ Uncensored

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I don't really give a damn about the girl scouts, I just like the cookies.

[#] Mon Dec 04 2006 14:50:28 EST from athos-mn @ Uncensored

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Please keep in mind that the cafe cookies (Cafe Ole) are far far different than the cookies your get The Cafe.

[#] Mon Dec 04 2006 14:50:39 EST from fleeb @ Uncensored

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I, once, went around our neighborhood selling fertilizer for the Boy Scouts troup I was in.

I'm simply not a salesman.

[#] Mon Dec 04 2006 15:02:29 EST from girthta @ Uncensored

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As a parent with a kid in school, I can say that we are CONSTANTLY being asked to do fundraising.

I pretty much have settled on only doing GS fundraising. I can't do it all...and I don't want to ask people all the time to buy shit from my kid. I mean, she's only SO cute. 

[#] Mon Dec 04 2006 15:09:59 EST from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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I rarely buy from the parent.. But I'll almost always buy from the
child themselves.

When we were kids, my sister used to bitch and moan about one of the girls in her troop who always "sold" way more cookies than everyone else, because her father brought the order form to his office, and was in a position to pressure a lot of people there to buy.

That's ok, though, because my sister didn't last long in Girl Scouts anyway.
She went on to become a non-scouting degenerate.

Anyway, as a rule I won't buy fundraising stuff unless the child is present to sell it to me. I'll make an exception if geography gets in the way, but if a parent hands me an order form I won't hesitate to tell them to bring their kid in to do their own selling.

My own experience with fundraising generally involves ignoring fundraisers entirely. More than a few times I found myself involved with groups that purchased stock to sell (such as the $1 candy bars in luggable cardboard boxes) and when confronted by someone asking me why I hadn't picked up my first box to sell yet, I cheerfully explained to them that they didn't have the authority to compel me to sell stuff for them if I didn't want to.

[#] Mon Dec 04 2006 15:16:29 EST from triLcat @ Uncensored

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Was never a girl snout :( wanted to be one.

The one time I did any sort of fund-raising thing, my brother took me around the neighborhood for one of those sponsorship things (They were meant to sponsor me for each book I read.) I then read 21 books, and everyone who'd agreed to sponsor more than 10 cents backed out. It really sucked. I refused to do any of those things ever again.

[#] Mon Dec 04 2006 15:17:28 EST from girthta @ Uncensored

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yea, I can't bring my kid to work and there are people here who want cookies. I can't get her to fit in the damned Ethernet card so you guys have to deal with me.

Other than that, she'll be with me to sell. 

In any event, she'll be going to camp no matter how much she sells because she'll have a great time, it's cheaper than daycare and way better for her. The cookie sale money that goes to the troop is going to be used for our last "hurrah" of the year, which is a family camping trip in June. 

[#] Mon Dec 04 2006 15:23:23 EST from triLcat @ Uncensored

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Hey girl snout cookies are super-yum, though I remember the thin mints being more juicy... (Someone sent me a package about 2 years ago) I remembered them being like a york peppermint pattie with cookie in it and was somewhat disappointed that the inside was all dry.

When I was a kid, most of the supermarket cookies weren't kosher, and girl snout cookies were, so we bought them almost every year.


[#] Mon Dec 04 2006 15:27:12 EST from Peter Pulse @ Uncensored

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Yea they changed the thin mints a while ago. They aren't as good now.

[#] Mon Dec 04 2006 15:30:56 EST from girthta @ Uncensored

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triL- that's BULLSHIT! people like that should be given to grelf for stewmeat.

I give Noodle incentives for things. Right now she's in what we call "Challenges" at home. She's been challenged to take 10 AR tests by Christmas break. (AR= Accelerated Reader). She has to read a book, bring it home and read it to both of us, then go to school and take a test on the computer on it. The class teacher's goal for her was 1 AR test this quarter. (BAH!) but she's a good reader and I know she can do better than that.

If she does it, she gets this thing that stuffs teddy bears. Like a do it yourself Build A Bear. Little does she know she's getting it from her father anyway. *snorkle*

[#] Mon Dec 04 2006 15:42:01 EST from triLcat @ Uncensored

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Now that I'm pondering it, I'm pretty sure that when we lived on army bases, my father forbade me to canvass on the basis that it could be detrimental to his career. I know that when I tried to canvass for that read-a-thon, my parents pretty heavily opposed it, and certainly offered no help whatsoever (which was kind of unfair, because we lived in a neighborhood where I couldn't go ANYWHERE alone). I think they hated these things and made an effort to traumatize us so that we'd hate them too.

I remember all kinds of things that I didn't even bother to try because I knew I'd get zero support from my parents. 

[#] Mon Dec 04 2006 15:45:20 EST from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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Then of course there's Unicef, which is some sort of disease that attacks children in third-world countries in October.

[#] Mon Dec 04 2006 15:46:13 EST from triLcat @ Uncensored

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As for incentives, I think it's great to give kids incentives to do things that they have control over.

My parents used to give us $1 for every A on our report card (but a C canceled out an A and a D canceled out 2).

And when we were beginning readers, they'd give us a quarter for every book we read.

It just was never fair when the school gave us incentives to do things that required our parents to be on board, because mine never were. 

[#] Mon Dec 04 2006 19:31:39 EST from Grey Elf @ Uncensored

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<Insert obligatory joke about girl scout cookies being made with real girl
scouts> Foo </insert>

Thankfully, I didn't sell, nor was I ever asked to raise funds. The one time
in scouts they asked me, I told them in no uncertain terms to go fuck

When Wabe and I have kids, if they want to fundraise, more power to them as
long as I'm not involved.

And for the record, I despise Unicef, and United Way. Every fucking year at
Merrill Lynch, some self-important twat secretary would come by and ask me
how much HR should hold from my check for UW.

Needless to say she got the same response as the scoutmasters.

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